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Geboren op 15 januari 1913

1.Bridges, Lloyd, 15 jan 1913, 10:45, San Leandro, CA (US)
American actor with a successful career for over four decades. He has two [...] (Ascendant Ram)
2.Guieu, Régis, 15 jan 1913, 08:00, Marseille, FR
French aviator, a fighter pilot in World War II. He died in combat on 7 June [...] (Ascendant Waterman)

Geboren op 15 januari met ascendant Ram

3.Chris D., 15 jan 1953, 10:56, Riverside CA, USA
American musician and writer; not well known but [...] (Ascendant Ram)
4.Dupont, Aurélie, 15 jan 1973, 11:30, Paris, FR
French ballet dancer, appointed an Étoile in the Paris Opera Ballet in 1998. [...] (Ascendant Ram)
5.Grillparzer, Franz, 15 jan 1791, 10:30, Wien, AUS
Austrian dramatist who wrote tragedies that were belatedly recognized as the [...] (Ascendant Ram)
6.Jahovic, Emina, 15 jan 1982, 10:10, Novi Pazar, RS
Serbian singer-songwriter, model, and actress. Initially working as a [...] (Ascendant Ram)
7.Lim-Napoles, Janet, 15 jan 1964, 11:00, Malabon, PHIL
Filipina businesswoman who is believed to have masterminded the Priority [...] (Ascendant Ram)

Geboren op 15 januari

8.Albertazzi Avendano, Jose, 15 jan 1892, 08:00, Cartago, CR
Costa Rican journalist and politician. He earned the title first regular [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
9.ATL, Scotty, 15 jan 1985, 08:25, Atlanta, GA (US)
American Atlanta-based rapper, CEO of Cool Club, entrepreneur, songwriter, [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
10.Beefheart, Captain, 15 jan 1941, 16:25, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American musician, popular in the ’60s and ’70s and considered one of the most [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
11.Benaissa, Loubna, 15 jan 1983, 03:30, Ixelles, BEL
Belgian homicide victim, age nine. She was kidnapped on 8/05/1992 at about [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
12.Benedict, Gamble, 15 jan 1941, 12:10, New York NY, USA
American heiress to the Remington Typewriter fortune. She eloped with Andre [...] (Ascendant Stier)
13.Bensimon, Johann, 15 jan 1986, 01:20, Sarcelles, FR
French jockey. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
14.Berkane, Azzedine, 15 jan 1963, 06:15, Bagneux, FR
French homophobe and criminal, implicated in the attempted murder of Bertrand [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
15.Blair, Patricia, 15 jan 1933, 17:26, Fort Worth, TX (US)
American television and film actress, primarily on 1950s and 1960s television. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
16.Blount, Helon, 15 jan 1929, 13:50, Big Spring, TX (US)
American stage actress and singer, who appeared in the original productions of [...] (Ascendant Stier)
17.Bolanos de Prado, Martha, 15 jan 1897, 01:00, Guatemala, GUAT
Actress, pianist, composer and teacher, considered a symbol of artistic [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
18.Breton, Thierry, 15 jan 1955, 08:45, Paris, FR
French businessman and a former finance minister of France. He has been Vice [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
19.Brohier, François, 15 jan 1933, 23:00, Écoquenéauville, FR
French race horse jockey, who won the 1961 Prix d’Amerique on [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
20.Buchwald, Nicky, 15 jan 1940, 00:10, Copenhagen, DEN
Danish astrologer and author of astrological articles. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
21.Buy, Margherita, 15 jan 1962, 12:40, Rome, ITALY
Italian actress who is a seven-time David di Donatello Awards winner and [...] (Ascendant Stier)
22.Caiazzo, Bernard, 15 jan 1954, 04:45, Algiers, ALG
French businessman and leader of Soccer 1. He acceded to the presidency of AS [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
23.Cappuzzello, George, 15 jan 1954, 02:48, Youngstown, OH (US)
American baseball player, a left-throwing/right-hitting pitcher with the [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
24.Chapuis, Michel, 15 jan 1930, 07:45, Dole, FR
French classical organist and pedagogue. He is especially known as an [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
25.Coates, Phyllis, 15 jan 1927, 03:30, Harrisburg (Harris County), TX (US)
American film and television actress, known for her portrayal of reporter Lois [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
26.Debré, Michel, 15 jan 1912, 23:00, Paris, FR
French politician, a minister and author. In youth, Debre entered civil [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
27.Delville, René, 15 jan 1932, 06:10, St.Germain en Laye, FR
French criminal, a murderer and thief sentenced to death and executed. [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
28.Derevianko, Vladimir Ilich, 15 jan 1949, 01:30, Omsk, RU
Russian ballet dancer. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
29.Dieren, Evart van, 15 jan 1861, 12:00, Zutphen, NETH
Dutch physician and writer, subject of the 2008 biography, “Evart van Dieren: [...] (Ascendant Stier)
30.Domingo, Marcel, 15 jan 1924, 16:00, Arles, France
French soccer player. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
31.Donaggio, Elisabetta, 15 jan 1970, 10:20, Venice, Italy
Italian noted family, the daughter of singer Pino Donaggio. [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
32.Doncieux, Camille, 15 jan 1847, 10:00, Lyon, FR
French artists’ model, the subject of a number of paintings by her husband [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
33.Donner, André, 15 jan 1918, 20:00, Rotterdam, NETH
Dutch jurist, judge, professor in Law and the second President of the European [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
34.Duplessis, Marie, 15 jan 1824, 20:00, Nonant le Pin, FR
French courtesan, the best-dressed woman in Paris, a trend-setter, a celebrity. [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
35.Durnbaugh, Bobby, 15 jan 1933, 07:25, Dayton, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed shortstop who played two games with [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
36.Eberhardt, Friedrich-Georg, 15 jan 1892, 08:30, Strasbourg, FR
German military figure, a Generalleutnant in the Wehrmacht during World War II. [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
37.Eibisch, Eugeniusz, 15 jan 1896, 22:00, Lublin, POL
Polish painter, educator, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
38.Faure, Jean-Baptiste, 15 jan 1830, 10:00, Moulins, France
French baritone opera singer, composer and author. He made his debut at the [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
39.Fick, Jakob, 15 jan 1912, 06:30, Ulm, GER
German Nazi Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel), in the Waffen SS during [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
40.Fondriest, Maurizio, 15 jan 1965, 00:45, Cles, ITALY
Italian cyclist who won the world cup racing the streets of Renaix 9/08/1988. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
41.Foulcher, Albert, 15 jan 1951, 04:45, Béziers, FR
French criminal, a former insurance agent and gun enthusiast, who murdered two [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
42.Fraser, Hugh, 15 jan 1903, 15:15, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
He inherited his father’s drapery shop, was appointed managing director in [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
43.Georg, Prince of Saxony, 15 jan 1893, 21:00, Dresden, GER
German royalty, the last Crown Prince of Saxony, who was the heir to the King [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
44.Ghione, Ileana, 15 jan 1931, 13:30, Cortemilia, ITALY
Italian theatre and television actress, who died in Rome on 4 December [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
45.Gilbert, Stephen, 15 jan 1910, 11:35, Wormit, SCOT (UK)
Avant garde Scottish-born painter and sculptor. [...] (Ascendant Stier)
46.Guilloux, Louis, 15 jan 1899, 08:15, St.Brieuc, FR
French writer, literary translator, interpreter and journalist known for his [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
47.Herzog, Maurice, 15 jan 1919, 03:30, Lyon, FR
French politician who was also a mountaineer and alpinist. He led the [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
48.Hetzel, Pierre-Jules, 15 jan 1814, 01:00, Chartres, FR
French editor and publisher, best known for his extraordinarily lavishly [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
49.Hewitt, Dolores, 15 jan 1931, 11:59, New Orleans, LA (US)
American astrologer. She died on December 31, 2011. [...] (Ascendant Stier)
50.Hillesum, Etty, 15 jan 1914, 16:00, Middelburg, NETH
Dutch author and autobiographer. A Jew, she was a victim of the holocaust, [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
51.Hillman, Laurence, 15 jan 1961, 07:48, Zürich, SWTZ
American astrologer, consultant and author, son of Jungian psychologist James [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
52.Holt, Lance, 15 jan 1940, 21:42, Van Nuys CA, USA
American noted family, the son of cowboy star Tim Holt, and grandson of cowboy [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
53.Jah, Carl, 15 jan 1957, 03:26, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American rock musician and co-founder of the novelty band Dread Zeppelin which [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
54.Jones, Andy, 15 jan 1948, 19:18, St. John's, Canada
Canadian actor, playing lead in the film “Faustus Bidgood.“ Jones was a cast [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
55.Junor, John, 15 jan 1919, 15:15, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish journalist and editor-in-chief of the Sunday Express for 32 years, [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
56.Kan, Wim, 15 jan 1911, 01:00, Scheveningen, NETH
Dutch actor and cabaret artist. Wim Kan was born in Scheveningen as the third [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
57.King, Martin Luther, 15 jan 1929, 12:00, Atlanta, GA (US)
American clergyman and inspirational leader of the civil rights movement. A [...] (Ascendant Stier)
58.King, Regina, 15 jan 1971, 07:40, Harbor City, CA (US)
American actress, played the part of Ray Charles’ lover and back-up girl-group [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
59.La Môme Moineau, 15 jan 1908, 01:00, Reims, FR
French singer from the 1920s. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
60.Loncki, Gérard, 15 jan 1905, 03:00, Overpelt, BEL
Belgian cyclist. [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
61.London, Joan, 15 jan 1901, 02:25, Oakland, CA (US)
American author from a noted family, the daughter of Jack London and Bessie [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
62.Lowe, Chad, 15 jan 1968, 23:28, Dayton, OH (US)
American actor, director and noted family. Lowe received his major break when [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
63.Lozano, Ignacio E. Jr., 15 jan 1927, 07:24, San Antonio, TX (US)
American diplomat, who served as United States Ambassador to El Salvador. He [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
64.MacDougall, James Dunlop, 15 jan 1891, 13:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish political activist, best known as John Maclean’s leading supporter. He [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
65.Margaret, Crown Princess of Sweden, 15 jan 1882, 15:10, Bagshot, ENG (UK)
British-born Swedish royalty, the Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Scania. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
66.Maria Alice, Archduchess of Austria, 15 jan 1893, 01:30, Pressburg, SVK
Archduchess of Austria-Teschen, and a member of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
67.Martin, Michelle, 15 jan 1960, 09:50, Waterloo, BEL
French homicide, an accomplice to Marc Dutroux. As a child of six, in [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
68.Matthews, Onzy, 15 jan 1930, 12:40, Fort Worth, TX (US)
American jazz pianist, singer, arranger and composer as well as a television [...] (Ascendant Stier)
69.Mayer-Gross, Willy, 15 jan 1889, 02:30, Bingen, GER
German-Jewish psychiatrist who published the Treaty of Clinical Psychiatry [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
70.Meunier, Raymond, 15 jan 1920, 21:30, Fontainebleau, FR
French actor who appeared in more than thirty films from 1947 to 2005. He died [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
71.Monteil, Martine, 15 jan 1950, 17:45, Vincennes, FR
French senior police official, the first woman to head the ’Brigade des Stups’ [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
72.Morena, Lolita, 15 jan 1960, 12:00, Cantiano, Italy
Italian beauty queen as Miss Switzerland who became host of the Pippo Baudo’s [...] (Ascendant Stier)
73.Novello, Ivor, 15 jan 1893, 14:15, Cardiff, England
British actor in the ’20s and ’30s in both U.S. and British films. His film [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
74.O'Connor, Cardinal John, 15 jan 1920, 14:25, Philadelphia, PA (US)
American ecclesiastic, a Cardinal, the oldest active bishop in the U.S. and one [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
75.Olive, Marlene, 15 jan 1959, 01:00, Norfolk VA, USA
American homicide, the killer of both of her parents on 6/21/1975. Marlene was [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
76.Pasteur, Marie, 15 jan 1826, 10:00, Clermont Ferrand, FR
French scientific assistant and also co-worker of her spouse, the famous French [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
77.Petitjean-Roget, Albert, 15 jan 1903, 10:00, Toulouse, FR
French aviator, a fighter pilot in World War II. He died on 10 April 1946 in [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
78.Phenomena:Angélique Cottin, begin appearances, 15 jan 1846, 20:00, Pervenchères, FR
French girl of Bouvigny near La Perrière (Normandy).Angélique developed,with 13 [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
79.Pierce, Mary, 15 jan 1975, 01:07, Montréal, QU (CAN)
French-Canadian tennis star, the youngest ever to turn pro before 1990. She won [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
80.Policard, Albert, 15 jan 1881, 01:00, Paris, FR
French military doctor and medical writer, a specialist in histophysiology, who [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
81.Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph, 15 jan 1809, 18:00, Besançon, FR
French writer, a journalist. As a socialist and moralist, he covered politics [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
82.Pukas, Karissa, 15 jan 1991, 06:34, Salmon Arm, BC (CAN)
Canadian style and makeup YouTuber who publishes tutorials, reviews, etcetera [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
83.Regeni, Giulio, 15 jan 1988, 13:32, Trieste, ITALY
Italian Cambridge University graduate who was abducted and tortured to death in [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
84.Saalfeld, Martha, 15 jan 1898, 21:00, Landau/Pfalz, GER
German poet and novel writer. She died 14 March 1976. [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
85.Saint-Pol, Roux, 15 jan 1861, 07:00, Marseille, FR
French poet. He died October 18, 1940 in a hospital in Brest, France, age [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
86.Seed, Huck, 15 jan 1969, 02:12, San Jose, CA (US)
American professional poker player best known for winning the Main Event of the [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
87.Segantini, Giovannni, 15 jan 1858, 08:00, Arco, ITALY
Italian artist, painter of the Alps and the hard peasant life. Died from acute [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
88.Silverberg, Robert, 15 jan 1935, 21:15, Brooklyn NY, USA
American author, the recipient of the Hugo award in 1956 and 1969 and the [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
89.Slenczynska, Ruth, 15 jan 1925, 07:45, Sacramento CA, USA
American famous child piano prodigy of the ’30s, a product of her father’s [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
90.Steeman, Stéphane, 15 jan 1933, 12:00, Etterbeek, Belgium
Belgian actor, comedian and television entertainer. With his humorist partners, [...] (Ascendant Stier)
91.Tamberlani, Nando, 15 jan 1896, 15:15, Campi Salentina, ITALY
Italian actor, designer and director who died in Milan on 11 May [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
92.Trautmann, Catherine, 15 jan 1951, 08:40, Strasbourg, FR
French politician for the Socialist Party (France). She served as Minister of [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
93.Trésor, Marius, 15 jan 1950, 02:00, Ste.Anne, GUAD
French football/soccer defender. Trésor’s career began with the French club [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
94.Urdangarin, Iñaki, 15 jan 1968, 11:15, Zumárraga, Spain
Spanish athlete, national champion of handball, noted family member and [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
95.Vallée, Marcel, 15 jan 1880, 08:00, Paris Arrondissement 3, FR
French actor, primarily of the theatre. He began working in films with Max [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
96.Vautier, René, 15 jan 1928, 19:00, Camaret-sur-Mer, FR
French film director. His films, which were often controversial with French [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
97.West, Chicago, 15 jan 2018, 00:47, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital, CA (US)
American noted family the daughter of socialite Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
98.William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, 15 jan 1776, 15:00, Rome, ITALY
British royalty, a great-grandson of King George II and nephew and son-in-law [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
99.Østgaard, Rolf Ramm, 15 jan 1923, 23:20, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian architect. In 1956 he founded his own architecture firm. 1968-1979 he [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
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