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Gémeos-Astrológicos do Astro-Databank

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Nasceu a Abril 15, 1924

1.Fulton, Rikki, 15 Abr 1924, 12:30, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish entertainer of stage and pantomime, actor of comedy. Beginning as a [...] (Ascendente Leão)

Nasceu a Abril 15 com ascendente Leão

2.Brissaud, Édouard, 15 Abr 1852, 13:30, Besançon, FR
French physician, neurologist, anatomist, pathologist and historian of [...] (Ascendente Leão)
3.Capri, Agnès, 15 Abr 1907, 13:00, L'Arbresle, FR
French actress, theatre director, writer, singer and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
4.Espina, Concha, 15 Abr 1869, 12:00, Santander, SPAIN
Spanish writer. Her best known novel is called La niña de Luzmela and describes [...] (Ascendente Leão)
5.Ethridge, Joe, 15 Abr 1928, 14:30, Claude, TX (US)
American football player in the National Football League, who played for the [...] (Ascendente Leão)
6.Fidelsberger, Heinz, 15 Abr 1920, 14:00, Vienna, Austria
Austrian astrologer, physician. [...] (Ascendente Leão)
7.Knoche, Elaine L., 15 Abr 1927, 12:25, Mason City, IA (US)
American astrologer. She joined AFA 8/1973. Died 10/16/1983 Golden, [...] (Ascendente Leão)
8.Le Maire, Bruno, 15 Abr 1969, 13:15, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French politician who served as the French Minister of Food, Agriculture and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
9.Lucas, Philippe, 15 Abr 1963, 11:50, Melun, FR
French swimming coach, reputed to be very demanding. He has gained notoriety [...] (Ascendente Leão)
10.Molony, John, 15 Abr 1927, 15:00, Melbourne, AUSTL
Australian author and ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic Priest. His family [...] (Ascendente Leão)
11.Nakache, Olivier, 15 Abr 1973, 14:25, Suresnes, FR
French film director, most known for the 2011 film ’The Untouchables’, which he [...] (Ascendente Leão)

Nasceu a Abril 15

12.Adams, Irene Love, 15 Abr 1947, 03:15, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament of the Labour party after replacing [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
13.Andrews, Theresa, 15 Abr 1977, 11:24, Ravenna, OH (US)
American homicide victim; nine months pregnant when she was shot and [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
14.Anigo, José, 15 Abr 1961, 00:20, Marseille, FR
French football defender, who played for Marseille (1979–1987) and Nîmes [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
15.Archer, Jeffrey, 15 Abr 1940, 11:45, London, ENG (UK)
British politician and tycoon; in 1969 he became the youngest member of the [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
16.Baass, Mildred Vorpahl, 15 Abr 1917, 05:20, San Antonio, TX (US)
American poet, who served as the Poet Laureate of Texas from 1993 to 1995. [...] (Ascendente Áries)
17.Balasko, Josiane, 15 Abr 1950, 19:45, Paris, FR
French actress and film director of yougoslavian descent, daughter of Ivan [...] (Ascendente Libra)
18.Barbarossa, Luca, 15 Abr 1961, 14:45, Rome, ITALY
Italian singer of popular music. He won first prize at the Festival of Sanremo [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
19.Battle, Doris Conway, 15 Abr 1918, 09:00, Bartlesville, OK (US)
American astrologer, one of the unsung heroes in her field who never became [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
20.Beaucourt, Georges, 15 Abr 1912, 02:10, Roubaix, France
French soccer player who played in the 1934 World Cup matches. He died March 1, [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
21.Blackstone, Avion, 15 Abr 1988, 07:30, Biloxi, MS (US)
American singer, songwriter, poet and pianist who sounds like Lady Gaga and [...] (Ascendente Touro)
22.Boom, Corrie ten, 15 Abr 1892, 15:00, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch heroine and Christian evangelist, famous for the book and the deeds of [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
23.Cannon, Delores, 15 Abr 1931, 14:00, St. Louis MO, USA
American hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist, author and lecturer. She [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
24.Cardinale, Claudia, 15 Abr 1938, 06:30, Tunis, TUN
Italian actress, internationally known. She began as an extra in 1957, went to [...] (Ascendente Touro)
25.Conried, Hans, 15 Abr 1917, 09:25, Baltimore, MD (US)
American comedian, character actor and voice actor. He is best known for [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
26.Cosby, Ennis, 15 Abr 1969, 00:28, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American noted family, the son of Bill and Camille Cosby. On 1/16/1997, Bel [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
27.Crescentini, Carolina, 15 Abr 1980, 09:20, Rome, ITALY
Italian actress, a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, and [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
28.Cullen, William, 15 Abr 1710, 06:00, Hamilton, SCOT (UK)
Scottish physician, chemist and agriculturalist, and one of the most important [...] (Ascendente Touro)
29.d'Orgeix, Jean-François, 15 Abr 1921, 23:15, Cap-d'Ail, FR
French equestrian and Olympic medalist who competed in show jumping at the 1948 [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
30.Davis, Richard, 15 Abr 1930, 18:18, Chicago, IL (US)
American musician, recording artist and classical performer with major [...] (Ascendente Libra)
31.de Blignieres, Herve, 15 Abr 1914, 08:10, Hennebont, FR
French military officer, Chief of Staff in France of the Organisation de [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
32.Debré, Olivier, 15 Abr 1920, 00:15, Paris Arrondissement 7, FR
French painter. He studied architecture from 1938 to 1941 at the Ecole des [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
33.Denier, Lydie, 15 Abr 1964, 06:00, St.Nazaire, FR
French actress, internationally known for her roles in the U.S. TV series [...] (Ascendente Áries)
34.Descrières, Georges, 15 Abr 1930, 09:00, Bordeaux, FR
French actor, appeared in 52 films and television shows between 1954 and 1996. [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
35.Devito, Federico, 15 Abr 1992, 22:00, Buenos Aires, ARG
Brazilian internet personality, a YouTuber who vlogs comedic videos to the more [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
36.Drawbell, James, 15 Abr 1899, 10:30, Falkirk, SCOT (UK)
Scottish novelist, playwright, journalist, autobiographer and newspaper editor. [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
37.Dubost, Michel, 15 Abr 1942, 12:00, Safi, MOR
French Catholic bishop, the third bishop of the diocese of Évry [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
38.Durkheim, Émile, 15 Abr 1858, 00:30, Épinal, FR
French sociologist often called the father of sociology. His work helped lay [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
39.Entwisle, Joseph, 15 Abr 1767, 03:00, Manchester, ENG (UK)
English Methodist minister who published an “Essay on Secret Prayer“ (1820), a [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
40.Euverte, Philippe, 15 Abr 1936, 15:30, Paris, FR
French admiral, commander of French military forces in French Polynesia during [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
41.Evans, Luke, 15 Abr 1979, 18:00, Pontypool, WALES (UK)
Welsh actor and singer who began his career on the stage, performing in many of [...] (Ascendente Libra)
42.Fayed, Dodi, 15 Abr 1955, 06:45, Alexandria, EGYPT
Egyptian-born movie producer and lover of Princess Diana of Wales, killed with [...] (Ascendente Touro)
43.Feild, Reshad, 15 Abr 1934, 06:42, Hascombe, England
British Sufi teacher and author; he travels, teaches and lectures. He was [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
44.Fourastié, Jean, 15 Abr 1907, 03:00, Saint-Benin-d'Azy, FR
French economist, notable for having coined the expression Trente Glorieuses [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
45.Fox, Samantha, 15 Abr 1966, 06:00, London, ENG (UK)
British singer and hot pin-up girl, coming as a strong No.17 in Steve [...] (Ascendente Áries)
46.Gearhart, Sally Miller, 15 Abr 1931, 15:40, Pearisburg, VA (US)
American teacher, feminist, science fiction writer, and political activist. In [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
47.Gedeon, Elmer, 15 Abr 1917, 19:00, Cleveland (Cuyahoga) OH, USA
American baseball player with the Washington Senators. An all-around athlete [...] (Ascendente Libra)
48.Gilhooly, David, 15 Abr 1943, 12:25, Auburn, CA (US)
American artist, ceramicist and printmaker. He died 21 August [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
49.Gomien, Charles, 15 Abr 1808, 01:00, Villers lès Nancy, FR
French portrait painter. He was a pupil of Louis Hersent and Paul Delaroche. He [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
50.Graf, Otto, 15 Abr 1881, 00:30, Lossburg, GER
German civil engineer and materials scientist who headed the Building [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
51.Greider, Carolyn Widney, 15 Abr 1961, 19:30, San Diego, CA (US)
American molecular biologist. She is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
52.Grossi, Pietro, 15 Abr 1917, 00:35, Venice, ITALY
Italian composer, pioneer of computer music, visual artist, cellist and hacker [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
53.Gumilev, Nikolay, 15 Abr 1886, 04:55, Kronstadt, RU
Russian poet, literary critic, traveler, and military officer. He was the [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
54.Guttmann, Julius, 15 Abr 1880, 15:30, Hildesheim, GER
German-born rabbi, Jewish theologian, and philosopher of religion. Guttmann is [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
55.Hallé, Francis, 15 Abr 1938, 18:30, Seine Port, FR
French botanist and biologist. He’s a famous specialist of tropical rainforests [...] (Ascendente Libra)
56.Harvey, Donald, 15 Abr 1952, 05:50, Hamilton OH, USA
American male nurse, gay, who worked at a convalescent-retirement home and [...] (Ascendente Áries)
57.Haudiquet, Philippe, 15 Abr 1937, 20:00, Albert, FR
French film critic and director. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
58.Houin, Pierre, 15 Abr 1994, 09:50, Toul, FR
French rower, he won a gold medal with Jérémie Azou in the lightweight double [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
59.Huddleston, Walter Darlington, 15 Abr 1926, 07:30, Burkesville KY, USA
American politician, he was elected to the US Senate in 1973 and held his seat [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
60.Hutinel, Victor Henri, 15 Abr 1849, 16:00, Châtillon sur Seine, FR
French physician who specialized in pediatric medicine and childhood diseases. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
61.Hyacinthe, 15 Abr 1814, 05:00, Amiens, FR
French actor and operetta singer who joined the Palais-Royal in 1847. He died [...] (Ascendente Áries)
62.Johnson, Patty Jean, 15 Abr 1950, 10:00, San Diego, CA (US)
American track & field champion. Her best finish was the fourth place in the [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
63.Kidd, John Burns, 15 Abr 1919, 09:45, Cleveland (Cuyahoga) OH, USA
American military, a Major-General in the US Air Force, he saw combat duirng [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
64.Kohl, Hermann, 15 Abr 1888, 23:30, Neu-Ulm, GER
German aviation pioneer and pilot of the first transatlantic flight from East [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
65.Kolbe, Georg, 15 Abr 1877, 08:30, Waldheim, GER
German sculptor. At the age of 16 Kolbe left school to attend painting and [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
66.Koolenn, Serge, 15 Abr 1947, 10:10, La Garenne Colombes, FR
French pop singer and songwriter, founder and co-vocalist of the group “Il [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
67.Kremer, Marie, 15 Abr 1982, 19:33, Uccle, BEL
Belgian actress. Her first leading role was in the 2003 movie I Always Wanted [...] (Ascendente Libra)
68.Langton, Steven, 15 Abr 1983, 10:57, Malden MA, USA
American Olympic bobsledder, he was in the 2010 winter Olympics held in [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
69.Laussedat, Aimé, 15 Abr 1819, 08:00, Moulins, FR
French scientist today unknown in France, an astronomer specializing in both [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
70.Lay, Ken, 15 Abr 1942, 18:00, Tyrone, MO (US)
American CEO, former chairman of Enron, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy [...] (Ascendente Libra)
71.Lefèbvre, Joseph-Charles, 15 Abr 1892, 19:00, Tourcoing, FR
French Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of [...] (Ascendente Libra)
72.Lélut, Louis-Françisque, 15 Abr 1804, 02:00, Gy, FR
French medical doctor and philosopher known for his works ’’Démon de Socrate’’ [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
73.Lewis, Ursula A., 15 Abr 1932, 21:55, Berlin, GER
German-American astrologer. A professional astrologer in California, she [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
74.Lillak, Tiina, 15 Abr 1961, 14:20, Helsinki, FIN
Finnish champion javelin thrower, she won a silver medal at the 1984 Los [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
75.Loudières, Monique, 15 Abr 1956, 15:15, Choisy le Roi, FR
French ballet dancer and teacher. A member of the Paris Opera Ballet from 1967, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
76.Lucas, Laurent, 15 Abr 1920, 09:45, Le Croisic, FR
French trade unionist, who served as deputy secretary general of the CFDT. He [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
77.Mandinaud, Jean-Louis, 15 Abr 1928, 21:15, Paris, FR
French freemason, who served as grand master of the ’Grande Loge de France’ [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
78.Marchal, Henri, 15 Abr 1938, 18:10, Rabat, MOR
French chief curator of the National Museum of African and Oceanic Arts, Paris [...] (Ascendente Libra)
79.Meunier, Alphonse, 15 Abr 1857, 10:00, Lessines, BEL
Belgian priest and botanist who specialized in anatomy, cytology and plant [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
80.Milani, Riccardo, 15 Abr 1958, 20:30, Rome, ITALY
Italian film and television director and screenwriter, who began his career in [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
81.Minc, Alain, 15 Abr 1949, 11:00, Paris, FR
French businessman, political advisor, and author. In 1979, he became CEO of [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
82.Montgomery, Elizabeth, 15 Abr 1933, 16:38, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actress who hit her stride on TV, especially in the series [...] (Ascendente Libra)
83.Morote Barrionuevo, Roberto Osman, 15 Abr 1945, 12:30, Cuzco, PERU
Known by the alias Comrade “Nicholas“ or “Remigio“ is one of the members of the [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
84.Ozenfant, Amedee, 15 Abr 1886, 17:00, Saint-Quentin, France
French artist and painter who, along with Le Corbusier, formulated the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
85.Pattnaik, Sudarsan, 15 Abr 1977, 08:00, Puri, INDIA
Indian self-taught sand artist, awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
86.Perry, Linda, 15 Abr 1965, 22:52, Springfield, MA (US)
American rock singer-songwriter, and record producer. Once known as the lead [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
87.Pessa, Fernando, 15 Abr 1902, 14:00, Aveiro, PORT
Portuguese journalist and reporter on radio and television. He died April 29, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
88.Philippe, King of Belgium, 15 Abr 1960, 09:40, Laeken, BEL
Belgium royalty, the first child of Prince Albert and Princess Paola. He [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
89.Pieux, Christophe, 15 Abr 1967, 16:10, Nogent sur Marne, FR
French horse racing jockey, who retired on 1 November 2012. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
90.Piquemal, Michel, 15 Abr 1947, 19:00, Paris, FR
French baritone and choirmaster. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
91.Pleven, René, 15 Abr 1901, 04:00, Rennes, FR
French politician, twice Prime Minister of the Fourth Republic. Pleven was [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
92.Potts, Beverly, 15 Abr 1941, 19:34, Cleveland, OH (US)
American missing child. Ten year old Beverly Potts was last seen at 9:00 P.M. [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
93.Poubelle, Eugène, 15 Abr 1831, 05:00, Caen, FR
French lawyer, administrator and diplomat who as ’préfet’ of the Seine region [...] (Ascendente Áries)
94.Poulidor, Raymond, 15 Abr 1936, 01:00, Masbaraud-Mérignat, FR
French bicycle racer, known as the “eternal second“ because he never won the [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
95.Privat, Jo, 15 Abr 1919, 23:00, Paris, FR
French musician, an accordion player known as the ‘’white gypsy’’ and the [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
96.Reyes Ponce, Agustin, 15 Abr 1916, 04:20, Mexico City, MEX
The first writer on Latin American companies Administration. It is regarded as [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
97.Richard, Marthe, 15 Abr 1889, 23:00, Blâmont, FR
French prostitute and spy, who later became a politician and worked towards the [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
98.Rousseau, Théodore, 15 Abr 1812, 23:00, Paris, FR
French painter of the Barbizon school. He died in the presence of his lifelong [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
99.Schneider, Mirjam, 15 Abr 1977, 15:44, Hannover, GER
German pro astrologer, certified member of Deutscher Astrologen-Verband (DAV) [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
100.Schuba, Trixie, 15 Abr 1951, 19:05, Vienna, Austria
Austrian figure-skating champion who won a Gold Medal at the 1972 Olympics. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
101.Seguin, Armand, 15 Abr 1869, 15:00, Paris, FR
French post-Impressionist painter who is remembered for his involvement in the [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
102.Sérandour, Henri, 15 Abr 1937, 03:00, Le Mans, FR
French international water polo player who was president of the French National [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
103.Serrano, Basiliso, 15 Abr 1908, 17:00, Cuenca, SPAIN
Spanish anarchist militant of the CNT during the Second Republic and the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
104.Slonimsky, Nicolas, 15 Abr 1894, 05:00, St.Petersburg, RU
Russian-born American conductor, author, pianist, composer and lexicographer. [...] (Ascendente Touro)
105.Smith, William Forgan, 15 Abr 1887, 01:00, Dundee, SCOT (UK)
Australian politician, the Premier of the state of Queensland from 1932 to [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
106.Sodja, Joe, 15 Abr 1911, 18:00, Cleveland, OH (US)
American jazz musician, a guitarist, mandolin and banjo player. He worked more [...] (Ascendente Libra)
107.Souvestre, Émile, 15 Abr 1806, 23:30, Morlaix, FR
French novelist who published the ambitious ’’Le Monde Tel Qu’il Sera’’ [The [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
108.Stark, Johannes, 15 Abr 1874, 06:00, Freihung, GER
German Physicist. In 1913 he discovered the Doppler Effect in the radiation [...] (Ascendente Touro)
109.Stevens, Kevin, 15 Abr 1965, 10:05, Brockton, MA (US)
American hockey player, a left-wing for the NHL. He played for the Pittsburgh [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
110.Stolte, Karl, 15 Abr 1881, 09:00, Strasbourg, FR
German internist and pediatrician known for developing a treatment for [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
111.Sykes, Timothy, 15 Abr 1981, 09:26, Orange, CT (US)
American penny stock trader and entrepreneur, best known for earning about $4 [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
112.Taulelle, Jean, 15 Abr 1914, 04:00, Alès, FR
French senior government official, who served as prefect of Dordogne [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
113.Terrorist: Boston Marathon Bombings, 15 Abr 2013, 14:50, Boston, MA (US)
American terrorist attack. Two bombs were detonated during the 2013 Boston [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
114.Thiers, Adolphe, 15 Abr 1797, 05:00, Marseille, FR
French writer, a historian and the author of “Histoire de la Révolution [...] (Ascendente Áries)
115.Tinbergen, Niko, 15 Abr 1907, 23:59, Den Haag, NETH
Dutch-British biologist and ornithologist who shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
116.Vaneck, Pierre, 15 Abr 1931, 04:00, Lang-Son, VIET
Vietnam-born Belgian actor, he made his stage debut in 1952 and his film debut [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
117.Virant, Zoe Katherine, 15 Abr 1997, 11:18, Melrose MA, USA
American child of noted family, her father is John A. Virant, founder and owner [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
118.Wainer, Johny Moritz, 15 Abr 1920, 05:00, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian Jewish toolmaker and victim of the Holocaust. His parents were Jewish [...] (Ascendente Áries)
119.Walker, Robert Jr., 15 Abr 1940, 06:08, Queens, NY (US)
American noted family, the son of Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker. He made his [...] (Ascendente Touro)
120.Walser, Robert, 15 Abr 1878, 15:00, Biel, SWTZ
Notable German-speaking Swiss writer. In the beginning of 1929, Walser, who had [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
121.Washington, Harold, 15 Abr 1922, 23:11, Chicago, IL (US)
American politician, the first black Mayor of Chicago in 1983 despite admitted [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
122.Watson, Emma, 15 Abr 1990, 18:00, Paris, FR
British actress, model, and activist. She rose to prominence after landing her [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
123.Weizsäcker, Richard von, 15 Abr 1920, 18:30, Stuttgart, GER
German politician, the President of Germany 1984-1994. He was formerly a [...] (Ascendente Libra)
124.Wertheimer, Max, 15 Abr 1880, 06:00, Prague, CZ
Austro-Hungarian-born psychologist who was one of the three founders of Gestalt [...] (Ascendente Touro)
125.Williams, Clayton, 15 Abr 1895, 16:40, Fort Stockton, TX (US)
American engineer, geologist, oilman, World War I military officer, rancher, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
126.Zadan, Craig, 15 Abr 1949, 17:15, Miami, FL (US)
American executive producer, director, and writer. Zadan and is one half of the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
127.Zazeela, Marian, 15 Abr 1940, 05:00, New York NY, USA
American singer. [...] (Ascendente Áries)
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