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Astro-Gemelos del Astro-Databank

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Nació el Abril 16, 1962

1.Le Calvez, François, 16 Abr 1962, 11:45, Rouen, FR
French astrologer, author of the book “L’Astrologie et l’être du verseau“ [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
2.Mackaye, Ian, 16 Abr 1962, 00:10, Washington, DC (US)
American singer, guitarist and record label founder. MacKaye sang for [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)

Nació el Abril 16 con ascendente Capricornio

3.Allégret, Catherine, 16 Abr 1946, 02:50, Paris, FR
French actress, daughter of Simone Signoret and Yves Allegret; adopted by her [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
4.Barkin, Ellen, 16 Abr 1954, 01:30, Bronx, NY (US)
American actress and film producer. Her breakthrough role was in the 1982 [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
5.Jackson, Michael (1934), 16 Abr 1934, 01:20, London, ENG (UK)
British-American radio and TV show host and journalist with reports from 1963. [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
6.Quinn, Daniel, 16 Abr 1964, 01:30, Rome, Italy
Italian noted family, the son of actor Anthony Quinn and Iolanda Addolori. [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
7.Schussele, Christian, 16 Abr 1824, 01:30, Guebwiller, FR
American artist and teacher, credited with designing the American Medal of [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
8.Tzara, Tristan, 16 Abr 1896, 23:30, Moinesti, ROM
Romanian-French poet and essayist associated with Dadaism, left substantial [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
9.Whitaker, Scott, 16 Abr 1915, 01:00, Brigham City, UT (US)
American Mormon scriptwriter and director of short films who worked alongside [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)

Nació el Abril 16

10.Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 16 Abr 1947, 18:30, New York, NY (US)
American basketball star and collegiate champion who made his professional [...] (Ascendente Libra)
11.Adler, Margot, 16 Abr 1946, 04:41, Little Rock AR, USA
American leader in the Goddess and Pagan Spirituality Movement. A Wicca [...] (Ascendente Aries)
12.Arup, Ove, 16 Abr 1895, 11:10, Newcastle upon Tyne, ENG (UK)
British engineer who founded Arup Group Limited, a multinational corporation [...] (Ascendente Leo)
13.Badini, Gérard, 16 Abr 1931, 10:30, Paris, FR
French saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist and jazz band [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
14.Bakewell, Joan, 16 Abr 1933, 22:30, Stockport, ENG (UK)
British journalist, television presenter and Labour Party Peer. Baroness [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
15.Bassi, Ettore, 16 Abr 1970, 19:20, Bari, ITALY
Italian actor and television host. In 2010 it was announced that he is the [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
16.Baur, Erwin, 16 Abr 1875, 06:30, Ichenheim, GER
German geneticist and botanist. Baur worked primarily on plant genetics. He was [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
17.Bautista O' Farrill, Gonzalo, 16 Abr 1922, 06:00, Zaragoza (Puebla), MEX
Political and doctor who ruled from the state of Puebla interim way for [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
18.Bazire, Jean-Michel, 16 Abr 1971, 08:50, Le Mans, FR
French harness racing driver. In 1999 he won the Prix d’Amérique driving Moni [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
19.Beaumarchais, Jacques Delarüe-Caron de, 16 Abr 1913, 04:00, Bayonne, FR
French diplomat, who served as Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1972 until [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
20.Benza Pflucker, Manuel, 16 Abr 1944, 12:35, Lima, PERU
Peruvian Sociologist, professor, politician and journalist, belonging to the [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
21.Blackhill, Josh, 16 Abr 1968, 12:50, Santa Fe NM, USA
American actor [...] (Ascendente Leo)
22.Blanc, Michel, 16 Abr 1952, 19:20, Courbevoie, FR
French actor and director noted for playing losers and hypochondriacs (in “Les [...] (Ascendente Libra)
23.Blanckenhorn, Max, 16 Abr 1861, 19:00, Siegen, GER
German geologist and paleontologist who undertook various research trips to the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
24.Boton, Carlos, 16 Abr 1956, 03:00, São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian astrologer [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
25.Bourgnon, Laurent, 16 Abr 1966, 00:40, La Chaux-De-Fonds, SWTZ
French-born Swiss skipper, he started to sail with his parents aged of 4. Nine [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
26.Boxberger, Jacky, 16 Abr 1949, 18:30, Châtel sur Moselle, FR
French track and field athlete, he participated to all Olympics from 1968 to [...] (Ascendente Libra)
27.Brown, Ford Madox, 16 Abr 1821, 16:00, Calais, France
French painter who also dabbled as a craftsman, a designer of glass and [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
28.Brüning, Hermann, 16 Abr 1873, 22:00, Sprockhövel, GER
German physician specializing in pediatrics, who became the first director of [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
29.Capucci, Sabrina, 16 Abr 1963, 19:30, Rome, Italy
Italian noted family, daughter of actress catherine spaak & fabrizio [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
30.Carroll, Julian, 16 Abr 1931, 08:00, Paducah, KY (US)
American politician who from 1974 to 1979 served as the 54th Governor of [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
31.Chamberlain, John, 16 Abr 1927, 03:15, Rochester, IN (US)
American sculptor best known for creating sculptures from old automobiles (or [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
32.Chevrier, Antoine, 16 Abr 1826, 22:00, Lyon, FR
French priest, ordained in 1850, he replaced Camille Rambaud at the “Cité [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
33.Clancy, Joanne S., 16 Abr 1917, 07:00, Erie PA, USA
American publisher and Editor in Chief of American Astrology. Began tenure as [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
34.Colonna, Catherine, 16 Abr 1956, 10:45, Tours, FR
French diplomat and political figure, the current Ambassador of France to Italy [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
35.Cueto Caballero, Mark, 16 Abr 1957, 06:15, Lima, PERU
Peruvian historian and university professor. He has been known for his [...] (Ascendente Aries)
36.Cunningham, Merce, 16 Abr 1919, 07:00, Centralia, WA (US)
American dancer, choreographer, innovator and recognized leader of [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
37.Delarue, Hubert, 16 Abr 1949, 07:45, Amiens, FR
French lawyer. [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
38.Delyle, Lucienne, 16 Abr 1913, 16:00, Paris, FR
French singer. After the very famous song ’Mon amant de Saint-Jean’ (My Lover [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
39.Denisot, Michel, 16 Abr 1945, 12:30, Buzançais, FR
French journalist, producer, TV host and director of a football club and [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
40.Denuit, Désiré, 16 Abr 1905, 06:00, Lasne-Chapelle-Saint-Lambert, BEL
Belgian journalist, writer and Walloon militant (defending French culture and [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
41.Devi, Annapurna, 16 Abr 1927, 21:00, Maihar, INDIA
Indian surbahar (bass sitar) player of Hindustani Classical Music. She is the [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
42.Devlin, Mark, 16 Abr 1948, 07:45, Boston MA, USA
American writer, the author of “Stubborn Child: A Memoir.“ His story is not [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
43.Dewan, Gerard, 16 Abr 1966, 18:55, Boston MA, USA
American firefighter, descended from a long line of firemen that included his [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
44.Dunn, Grant, 16 Abr 1963, 01:10, Argyll, Scotland
Scottish schoolteacher in a private school. Though married to an Italian wife, [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
45.El Yiyo, 16 Abr 1964, 12:05, Bordeaux, FR
Spanish bullfighter. [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
46.Eléonore, Princess of Belgium, 16 Abr 2008, 04:50, Brussels, BEL
Belgian royal family member, fourth child and second daughter born to Prince [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
47.Elzie, Johnetta, 16 Abr 1989, 06:00, St.Louis, MO (US)
American civil rights activist, nicknamed Netta, who is one of the leaders in [...] (Ascendente Aries)
48.Fabre, Pierre, 16 Abr 1926, 18:30, Castres, FR
French pharmaceutical and cosmetics executive and pharmacist, who founded [...] (Ascendente Libra)
49.Feillu, Romain, 16 Abr 1984, 16:35, Châteaudun, FR
French road racing cyclist, who since 2014 rides for UCI Professional [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
50.Fontan, Gabrielle, 16 Abr 1873, 19:00, Bordeaux, FR
French stage and film actress who appeared in 125 films between 1927 and 1959. [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
51.France, Anatole, 16 Abr 1844, 07:00, Paris, France
French writer, a novelist and critic who won the Nobel Prize in 1921. The [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
52.Gonzalez Lujan, Manuel de la Cruz, 16 Abr 1909, 05:30, San José, CR
Costa Rican painter and writer, known for his paintings of abstract art, one of [...] (Ascendente Aries)
53.Graf, David, 16 Abr 1950, 10:45, Lancaster, OH (US)
American actor, best known for his role as the gun-totting Sgt. Eugene [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
54.Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, 16 Abr 1955, 15:15, Betzdorf, LUX
Luxembourgian Grand Duke who has reigned since 7 October 2000. He is the eldest [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
55.Hermant, Alex, 16 Abr 1959, 18:00, St.Amand Mont Rond, FR
French storm chaser and author of the book, “Traqueur d’orages“ (Storm [...] (Ascendente Libra)
56.Hodiak, John, 16 Abr 1914, 16:30, Pittsburgh PA, USA
American actor in radio and film who first worked as a radio actor in Chicago [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
57.Jans, Edouard de, 16 Abr 1855, 04:00, Bruges, BEL
Flemish portrait and genre painter who in 1876 received a scholarship from the [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
58.Kirsch, Sarah, 16 Abr 1935, 14:30, Limlingerode, GER
German poet. She changed her first name to Sarah in order to protest against [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
59.Krief, Bérengère, 16 Abr 1983, 12:45, Lyon, FR
French actress and humorist. [...] (Ascendente Leo)
60.Kristy, Éric, 16 Abr 1951, 03:50, Paris, FR
French novelist and television screenwriter. [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
61.Langstroth, Dawn, 16 Abr 1979, 03:33, Toronto, ON (CAN)
Canadian singer/songwriter and painter. She has released two EPs, self-titled [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
62.Lapointe, Boby, 16 Abr 1922, 10:00, Pézenas, FR
French singer-songwriter, actor and playwright, noted for his humorous texts, [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
63.Lazareff, Pierre, 16 Abr 1907, 08:00, Paris, FR
French newspaper and magazine publisher. He was the publisher of “France-Soir“ [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
64.Leal Hinojar, Aniceto, 16 Abr 1839, 23:45, Soria, SPAIN
Spanish doctor, director of the Hospital of Charity of Soria and briefly mayor [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
65.Legrand du Saulle, Henri, 16 Abr 1830, 21:00, Dijon, FR
French psychiatrist known for his studies on personality disorders, [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
66.Leroy, Laurent, 16 Abr 1976, 21:35, Saint-Saulve, FR
French soccer player, who played at senior level from 1993 to [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
67.Lewis, Steven A., 16 Abr 1947, 23:01, Cleveland, OH (US)
American photographer, teacher, and historian. He works mainly in small format [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
68.Linhart, Virginie, 16 Abr 1966, 18:50, Montreuil, FR
French director of political, historical and sociological film [...] (Ascendente Libra)
69.Linn, Denise, 16 Abr 1950, 02:20, Corvallis, OR (US)
American healer, writer, lecturer and member of the Cherokee Nation, who has [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
70.Lucet, Charles, 16 Abr 1910, 22:15, Paris, FR
French diplomat, who was his country’s Ambassador to the USA (1965-1972) and [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
71.MacCormick, Donald, 16 Abr 1939, 19:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish broadcast journalist. In 1975, he moved to London and became a [...] (Ascendente Libra)
72.MacGregor, Elizabeth Ann, 16 Abr 1958, 21:00, Broughty Ferry, SCOT (UK)
Scottish-Australian arts leader, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
73.Madiot, Marc, 16 Abr 1959, 18:00, Renazé, FR
French road racing cyclist, a double winner of Paris–Roubaix (1985, 1991). [...] (Ascendente Libra)
74.Mailer, John Buffalo, 16 Abr 1978, 08:28, New York, NY (US)
American author, playwright, actor, producer, and journalist. Mailer is the [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
75.Malzieu, Mathias, 16 Abr 1974, 13:50, Montpellier, FR
French pop singer and writer, lead vocalist of “Dionysos“, a band he founded in [...] (Ascendente Leo)
76.Mancini, Henry, 16 Abr 1924, 11:10, Cleveland, OH (US)
American musician, conductor, composer, writer and arranger who created [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
77.Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, 16 Abr 1940, 10:10, Copenhagen, DEN
Danish royal family, the Queen of Denmark, an artist and archaeologist. The [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
78.Marion, 16 Abr 1933, 03:00, Rocourt, BEL
Belgian comedian, host and actress. [...] (Ascendente Acuario) Astro-Gemelos 63%

79.Martinez, Rueben, 16 Abr 1940, 11:50, Miami, AZ (US)
Mexican-American activist and businessman who established ’’Librería Martinez [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
80.McIntyre, Christine, 16 Abr 1911, 14:00, Nogales AZ, USA
American actress of “Three Stooges“ fame. One of five children, she received a [...] (Ascendente Leo)
81.Mélingue, Étienne, 16 Abr 1807, 03:00, Caen, FR
French actor and sculptor who combined his talents with great success when [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
82.Milligan, Spike, 16 Abr 1918, 02:30, Ahmadnagar, INDIA
British director and writer best known for “The Goon Show,“ which began as a [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
83.Montalbetti, Pietruccio, 16 Abr 1941, 06:00, Milan, ITALY
Italian musician, a member of the Italian beat-pop-rock band, Dik Dik, named [...] (Ascendente Aries)
84.Monvel, María, 16 Abr 1897, 00:40, Iquique, CHILE
Chilean poet of national significance whose work was highly praised by Gabriela [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
85.Mosnier, Charles, 16 Abr 1865, 22:00, Bordeaux, FR
French stage and silent film actor. He died on 13 September 1924 in Paris, aged [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
86.Muybridge, Florado, 16 Abr 1874, 16:00, San Francisco, CA (US)
American noted family member, the disowned son of famous photographer Eadweard [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
87.Nicholson, Lorraine, 16 Abr 1990, 06:35, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actress. Besides being known as the daughter of Jack Nicholson, she is [...] (Ascendente Aries)
88.Nucci, Leo, 16 Abr 1942, 12:45, Castiglione dei Pepoli, ITALY
Italian operatic baritone, particularly suited to Verdi roles, having sung the [...] (Ascendente Leo)
89.Oliver, Ruth Hale, 16 Abr 1910, 19:55, Philadelphia PA, USA
American professional astrologer, writer and teacher. An erudite historian, [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
90.Osmond, Jimmy, 16 Abr 1963, 06:23, Canoga Park, CA (US)
American singer, the youngest member of the singing Osmond family, devout [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
91.Palma, Andrea, 16 Abr 1903, 06:30, Durango, MEX
Mexican film stage and television actress. She was considered the first major [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
92.Parat, Pierre, 16 Abr 1928, 20:25, Versailles, FR
French architect. Along with fellow architect Michel Andrault, he owned the [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
93.Peña Tamez, Gonzalo, 16 Abr 1948, 02:34:51, Monterrey, MEX
Mexican pro astrologer and former scientist, seen on Mexican TV and published [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
94.Philippe, Adrien (1815), 16 Abr 1815, 10:00, La Bazoche Gouet, FR
French horologist and cofounder of watchmaker Patek Philippe & Co. of Geneva, [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
95.Piriou, Alain, 16 Abr 1975, 00:45, St.Méen le Grand, FR
French political activist, a former spokesperson for Inter-LGBT, an umbrella [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
96.Pizzi, Nilla, 16 Abr 1919, 13:00, Sant'Agata Bolognese, ITALY
Italian singer, particularly famous in Italy during the 1950s and 1960s. She [...] (Ascendente Leo)
97.Pope Benedict XVI, 16 Abr 1927, 04:15, Marktl, GER
German-born ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic who was elected Pope on April 19, [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
98.Poulard, Mère (chef), 16 Abr 1851, 13:00, Nevers, FR
French chef, aka Anne Boutiaut and nicknamed “Annette“, widely known for her [...] (Ascendente Leo)
99.Poumeau-Delille, Guy, 16 Abr 1902, 02:30, Vincennes, FR
French endocrinologist who wrote the 1953 textbook, ’’Techniques biologiques en [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
100.Puiseux, Victor, 16 Abr 1820, 11:00, Argenteuil, France
French mathematician and astronomer. He studied celestial mechanics and [...] (Ascendente Leo)
101.Rafferty, Gerry, 16 Abr 1947, 10:55, Paisley, SCOT (UK)
Scottish musician, a folk and pop singer, guitarist and songwriter. Rafferty is [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
102.Richaud, Paul, 16 Abr 1887, 23:30, Versailles, France
French ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic priest, Cardinal, Archbishop, Monsignor. [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
103.Rizzati, Ennio, 16 Abr 1894, 13:30, San Possidonio, ITALY
Italian forensic scientist, physician, pathologist and venereologist, who [...] (Ascendente Leo)
104.Rocket, Sizzy, 16 Abr 1992, 06:00, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American musician, singer, and songwriter, who released her debut full-length [...] (Ascendente Aries)
105.Roggenburk, Garry, 16 Abr 1940, 09:54, Cleveland, OH (US)
American baseball player, a pitcher with the Minnesota Twins (1963, 1965-1967), [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
106.Rojas, Benjamin, 16 Abr 1985, 07:20, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentinian actor, singer, musician and former occasional model. He is perhaps [...] (Ascendente Aries)
107.Rosenthal, Richard, 16 Abr 1955, 05:00, Newark NJ, USA
American homicide; a white male, dark haired and serious looking, who strangled [...] (Ascendente Aries)
108.Saint-Exupéry, Consuelo de, 16 Abr 1901, 22:00, Armenia, ELS
Consuelo de Saint Exupéry, officially Consuelo Suncín, comtesse de Saint [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
109.Saker, Todd, 16 Abr 1980, 05:58, Boston, MA (US)
American accident fatality, age 11 when he died in a skiing accident 3/21/1992. [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
110.Salaverria, Elias, 16 Abr 1883, 23:00, Lezo, SPAIN
Spanish painter, the best known of the Basque Country. Most production focuses [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
111.Sallandrouze de Lamornaix, Jean Charles Alexandre, 16 Abr 1840, 23:30, Paris, FR
French naval officer, who served as a French admiral and Chief of General Staff [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
112.Santy, Paul, 16 Abr 1887, 05:00, Die, France
French ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic priest and bishop. [...] (Ascendente Aries)
113.Sauvageot, Jacques, 16 Abr 1943, 07:00, Dijon, FR
French trade unionist, he was one of the main students leaders (with Daniel [...] (Ascendente Aries)
114.Schmitz, Oskar, 16 Abr 1873, 12:00, Bad Homburg, Germany
German professional astrologer and author of “Der Geist der Astrologie,“ the [...] (Ascendente Leo)
115.Sébastien, Prince of Luxembourg, 16 Abr 1992, 21:30, Luxembourg, LUX
Luxembourgian royalty, the fifth and youngest child of Grand Duke Henri and [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
116.Siegel, Martin A., 16 Abr 1948, 01:35, Boston MA, USA
American attorney with a dazzling career until he crashed in a scandal of fraud [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
117.Sirois, Leon, 16 Abr 1935, 22:40, Shelby, IN (US)
American racing driver, nicknamed “Jigger,“ who competed in a variety of racing [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
118.Sitruk, Jules, 16 Abr 1990, 11:35, Les Lilas, FR
French jewish actor, he began acting aged 8. [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
119.Snyder, Joan, 16 Abr 1940, 23:15, New Brunswick, NJ (US)
American artist, a painter. [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
120.Solvay, Ernest, 16 Abr 1838, 17:00, Rebecq Rognon, BEL
Belgian chemist, industrialist, philanthropist and Minister of State. An [...] (Ascendente Libra)
121.Sorin, Olivier, 16 Abr 1981, 02:00, Gien, FR
French football/soccer goalkeeper, who played for Nancy (2000–2007), Auxerre [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
122.Steinheil, Marguerite, 16 Abr 1869, 03:00, Beaucourt, FR
French courtesan, a remarkable woman called the “Red Woman of Paris.“ Married [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
123.Stigwood, Robert, 16 Abr 1934, 03:10, Adelaide, AUSTL
Australian music entrepreneur and impresario, a producer who was instrumental [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
124.Susillo, Antonio, 16 Abr 1855, 23:00, Sevilla, SPAIN
One of the most famous Spanish sculptors of the second half of the nineteenth [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
125.Tex, 16 Abr 1960, 18:40, Le Croisic, FR
French TV presenter of the program “Les Z’amours“, and [...] (Ascendente Libra)
126.Thälmann, Ernst, 16 Abr 1886, 18:00, Hamburg, GER
German politician, the leader of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during [...] (Ascendente Libra)
127.Tindemans, Leo C., 16 Abr 1922, 06:00, Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Belgian Christian Democratic politician and one of the major driving forces in [...] (Ascendente Aries)
128.Titterton, Nancy, 16 Abr 1902, 14:13, Georgetown OH, USA
American homicide victim who was killed by a sex maniac in her own apartment in [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
129.Tonnekreek, Hummie van de, 16 Abr 1945, 07:00, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch editor-in-chief of a gossip magazine in the [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
130.Tovrea, Edward, 16 Abr 1919, 16:00, Tucson AZ, USA
American businessman, heir to the Tovrea fortune, son of Philip Tovrea and his [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
131.Ustinov, Peter, 16 Abr 1921, 11:00, London, ENG (UK)
British actor who won two Best Supporting Actor Oscars for his roles in the [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
132.Van Acker, Flori, 16 Abr 1858, 21:00, Bruges, BEL
Belgian neo-romantic and impressionist painter, engraver, stamp designer and [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
133.Van Hout, Anne, 16 Abr 1944, 06:00, Ixelles, BEL
Belgian writer and neuropsychiatrist specialized in children. [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
134.Venner, Dominique, 16 Abr 1935, 09:30, Paris, FR
French historian, journalist and essayist. Venner was a member of the [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
135.Ventura, Ray, 16 Abr 1908, 17:30, Paris Arrondissement 9, FR
French jazz bandleader. Widely known for his orchestra “Ray Ventura et ses [...] (Ascendente Libra)
136.Vernillat, Francette, 16 Abr 1937, 23:00, Strasbourg, FR
French actress who lent her voice to many movies and cartoons, dubbing the [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
137.Vervenne, Marc, 16 Abr 1949, 11:30, Ypres, BEL
Belgian educator and school administrator. On May 24, 2005 he was chosen to [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
138.Vidal, Doriane, 16 Abr 1976, 11:45, Limoges, FR
French snowboarder and Olympic medalist. She received a silver medal in [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
139.Vinton, Bobby, 16 Abr 1935, 22:45, Canonsburg, PA (US)
American pop music singer of Polish and Lithuanian ethnic background. In pop [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
140.Vittenet, Maurice, 16 Abr 1928, 10:00, Saint-Dié, FR
French accordionist. [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
141.WEN Zoë, 16 Abr 1970, 23:35, New York NY, USA
American-British employee of WEN (Women’s Environmental Network), an ecological [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
142.Wilde, George, 16 Abr 1860, 23:30, Leeds, ENG (UK)
British astrologer at Halifax, Yorkshire, railway employee before turning to [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
143.Wilson, Margaret Woodrow, 16 Abr 1886, 11:30, Gainesville, GA (US)
American singer and editor, a daughter of US President Woodrow Wilson and Ellen [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
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