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nato il Gennaio 8, 1935

1.Presley, Elvis, 8 Gen 1935, 04:35, Tupelo, MS (US)
American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
2.Presley, Jesse, 8 Gen 1935, 04:00, Tupelo MS, USA
American stillborn infant, the identical twin brother of Elvis Presley, son of [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
3.Tribouillard, Daniel, 8 Gen 1935, 01:30, Paris, FR
French fashion designer based in Paris, who is also Chief Executive Officer of [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)

Nato il Gennaio 8 con ascendente Sagittario

4.Albrecht Eugen, Duke of Württemberg, 8 Gen 1895, 04:45, Stuttgart, GER
Duke of Württemberg, as the son of Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg and [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
5.Clark, Dwight, 8 Gen 1957, 05:25, Kinston NC, USA
American athlete, pro football player and wide receiver for the San Francisco [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
6.Lacan, Caroline, 8 Gen 1937, 04:20, Paris, FR
French noted offspring, the eldest child of famous psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
7.Myers, Dale D., 8 Gen 1922, 04:45, Kansas City, MO (US)
American engineer. Myers was the Deputy Administrator of NASA between October [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
8.Rogstad, Anker, 8 Gen 1925, 07:40, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian writer and convicted safecracker. Before he became a writer he spent [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
9.Schierstedt, Klaus von, 8 Gen 1965, 06:10, Hof, Germany
German astrologer, engineer, physicist and software developer of the Hermes [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)

Nato il Gennaio 8

10.Adem, Julian, 8 Gen 1924, 18:00, Veracruz (Veracruz), MEX
Mexican civil engineer, mathematician, geophysicist, researcher and professor. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
11.Albert Victor, Prince, 8 Gen 1864, 20:58, Windsor, ENG (UK)
British royalty, the first son of Edward VII, the Duke of Clarence and Princess [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
12.Almereyda, Miguel, 8 Gen 1883, 15:00, Béziers, FR
French journalist and activist against militarism who was first an anarchist [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
13.Andreasi, Felice, 8 Gen 1928, 14:00, Turin, ITALY
Italian film, television, and stage actor. He appeared in over 50 films in [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
14.Anquetil, Jacques, 8 Gen 1934, 10:30, Mont St.Aignan, FR
French cyclist, winner of the Tour de France in 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963 and [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
15.Arcuri, Manuela, 8 Gen 1977, 13:15, Anagni, ITALY
Italian actress, television personality, fashion model and soubrette, best [...] (Ascendente Toro)
16.Auriol, Jean George, 8 Gen 1907, 20:45, Paris, FR
French film critic and screenwriter, who died by accident on 2 April 1950 in [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
17.Balch, Emily Greene, 8 Gen 1867, 19:00, Jamaica Plain, MA (US)
American economist and writer. A pacifist dissident, Balch was fired from her [...] (Ascendente Leone)
18.Bandaranaike, S.W.R.D., 8 Gen 1899, 09:00, Colombo, LKA
Ceylon politician, the fourth Prime Minister of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) from 12 [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
19.Bassey, Shirley, 8 Gen 1937, 09:00, Cardiff, WALES (UK)
British-Welsh singer noted for her dynamic style and powerful voice. She is [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
20.Battandier, Jules Aime, 8 Gen 1848, 23:00, Annonay, FR
French botanist. He was an authority on Algerian flora. In 1875 he became head [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
21.Beatty, Stephen Ira, 8 Gen 1992, 07:30, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American writer, editor, social activist and noted family member as the eldest [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
22.Bonin, William, 8 Gen 1947, 00:15, Willimantic, CT (US)
American homicide; convicted of sex crimes and the rape of young boys from [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
23.Bothe, Walther, 8 Gen 1891, 08:30, Oranienburg, Germany
German physicist awarded the Nobel Prize, along with Max Born, in physics in [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
24.Bowie, David, 8 Gen 1947, 09:00, Brixton (London), ENG (UK)
British rock star and actor with an exotic image, producing shows that staged [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
25.Busby, Jim, 8 Gen 1927, 02:30, Kenedy, TX (US)
American center fielder in Major League Baseball and right-handed batter who [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
26.Chapman, Graham, 8 Gen 1941, 08:30, Leicester, ENG (UK)
English actor and writer, played in comedy review in Cambridge, wrote scripts, [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
27.Charvet, Heaven Rain, 8 Gen 2007, 14:00, Santa Monica, CA (US)
American noted family, the first child of Brooke Burke, 35, model and her [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
28.Cheney, Marjorie, 8 Gen 1918, 02:00, Burr, NE (US)
American noted family, the mother of Dick Cheney, who was sworn in as [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
29.Christensen, Bab, 8 Gen 1928, 20:10, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian actress. She worked at Det norske teater from 1970 to 1999. Her [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
30.Collins, Wilkie, 8 Gen 1824, 19:45, Westminster, ENG (UK)
English novelist, playwright, and author of short stories. His best-known works [...] (Ascendente Leone)
31.Constant, Eugène, 8 Gen 1901, 16:30, Boulogne sur Mer, FR
French champion rower. He won a silver medal for Men’s coxed fours at the 1924 [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
32.Cook, George, 8 Gen 1918, 04:00, Waterford, Canada
Canadian musician, a guitarist, singer and country [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
33.Cornil, André, 8 Gen 1920, 22:30, Yèbles, FR
French criminal, sentenced to death and executed with his accomplice, Gaston [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
34.Dardel, Jean, 8 Gen 1920, 12:00, Toulouse, FR
French clergyman, who was bishop of Clermont from 1974 to 1995. He died on 5 [...] (Ascendente Toro)
35.Déchelette, Joseph, 8 Gen 1862, 08:00, Roanne, FR
French archaeologist whose first interest was in the iron age and in early [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
36.Dumoulin, Blanche, 8 Gen 1895, 08:00, Liège, BEL
French artist and creator of comic strips, married to artist Robert Velter. [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
37.Elisabeth Marie, Princess of Bavaria, 8 Gen 1874, 10:30, Munich, GER
Princess of Bavaria, a member of the Bavarian Royal House of Wittelsbach, who [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
38.Eubanks, Bob, 8 Gen 1938, 07:04, Flint, MI (US)
American TV personality and entertainment entrepreneur. He started his career [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
39.Felix Gallardo, Miguel Angel, 8 Gen 1946, 09:00, Culiacán (Sinaloa), MEX
Commonly referred to by his alias El Padrino (“The Godfather“), is a convicted [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
40.Ferrer, José, 8 Gen 1912, 22:10, San Turce, PR (US)
Puerto Rican-American actor, director and producer. His family moved to the [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
41.Figueras, André, 8 Gen 1924, 07:15, Paris, FR
French editor, writer and journalist, known for his pamphleteering activity, [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
42.Ford, Arthur, 8 Gen 1896, 10:30, Titusville FL, USA
American clairvoyant and medium, the most amazing exemplar of his era, sought [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
43.Foremniak, Malgorzata, 8 Gen 1967, 22:00, Radom, POL
Polish actress. She is starring in the Polish TV series Na dobre i na złe as [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
44.Gallet, Mathieu, 8 Gen 1977, 10:30, Villeneuve sur Lot, FR
French high ranking civil servant and political advisor for Macron. CEO of [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
45.Gorsuch, Todd, 8 Gen 1956, 16:00, Marysville CA, USA
American homicide; he shot his 11-yr-old sister and her girlfriend to death on [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
46.Gould, Anny, 8 Gen 1920, 20:00, Paris, FR
French singer. She died on 14 November 2013, aged 93. [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
47.Hjelmborg, Johan, 8 Gen 1948, 01:15, Virum, DEN
Well-known professional esoteric and psychological astrologer from Denmark. [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
48.Hunter, Andrew, 8 Gen 1943, 16:50, Harpenden, ENG (UK)
British politician and Member of Parliament, returned at the General Election [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
49.Huntzinger, Jacques, 8 Gen 1943, 22:00, Boulogne Billancourt, FR
French diplomat, who served as French ambassador to Israel, Estonia [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
50.Hyppolite, Jean, 8 Gen 1907, 08:30, Jonzac, FR
French philosopher known for championing the work of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
51.Johnson, Arthur, 8 Gen 1949, 22:58, Steubenville, OH (US)
American astronomer. [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
52.Josephine, Princess of Denmark, 8 Gen 2011, 10:56, Copenhagen, DEN
Danish royalty, the fourth child and youngest daughter of Crown Prince Frederik [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
53.Kenton, Warren, 8 Gen 1933, 08:30, London, England
British Kabbalist and astrologer. He was the author of numerous books, [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
54.Knoblauch, August, 8 Gen 1863, 23:45, Frankfurt am Main, GER
German neurologist best remembered for his research on the cognitive function [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
55.Kolbe, Maksymilian Maria, 8 Gen 1894, 01:00, Zdunska Wola, POL
Polish Conventual Franciscan friar, who volunteered to die in place of a [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
56.Kouassi, Lucien, 8 Gen 1963, 05:45, Prikro, IVC
African singer, musician and songwriter. At 16-17, he learned guitar from a [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
57.Krieger, Robby, 8 Gen 1946, 22:54, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American songwriter, author and musician, known for his guitar and song [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
58.Le Borgne, Yves, 8 Gen 1929, 21:00, Guingamp, FR
French boxer, a lightweight who fought professionally between [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
59.Le Pensec, Louis, 8 Gen 1937, 18:00, Mellac, FR
French politician who is a member of the Socialist Party. Between 1973 and [...] (Ascendente Leone)
60.Lecomte, Paul, 8 Gen 1856, 16:00, Saint-Nabord, FR
French botanist who authored over 15 books including ’’Notions de botanique’’ [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
61.Levinson, Herman, 8 Gen 1918, 04:35, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian Jewish carpenter and victim of the Holocaust. his parents were Jewish [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
62.Lips, Emil, 8 Gen 1953, 19:10, Zürich, SWTZ
Since his 17th year he has been studying the philosophy of religion, esoteric [...] (Ascendente Leone)
63.Louis, Duke of Brittany (1707), 8 Gen 1707, 07:31, Versailles, FR
French royalty, the first son of Louis of France, Duke of Burgundy, and Marie [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
64.Mathers, MacGregor, 8 Gen 1854, 10:56, Hackney, England
British occultist, astrologer, author and translator; the founder of the [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
65.Matthews, Kerwin, 8 Gen 1926, 00:05, Seattle WA, USA
American actor, the dashing hero of adventure pictures in the late ’50s and [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
66.Menthon, François de, 8 Gen 1900, 13:00, Montreuil sous bois, France
French politician, lawyer, jurist, gaullist. [...] (Ascendente Toro)
67.Millowitsch, Willy, 8 Gen 1909, 02:00, Köln, GER
German stage and TV actor and the director of the ’’Volkstheater Millowitsch’’ [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
68.Mimieux, Yvette, 8 Gen 1942, 07:02, Hollywood, CA (US)
American film, stage and TV actress with a debut in “The Time Machine“ in 1960. [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
69.Morlotti, Dominique, 8 Gen 1950, 20:40, Paris Arrondissement 14, FR
French fashion designer. He worked for Pierre Balmain as Artistic Director for [...] (Ascendente Leone)
70.Murphy, Rose, 8 Gen 1913, 07:40, Lima OH, USA
American singer, pianist and club performer known as the Chi-Chi girl. She [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
71.Neihardt, John, 8 Gen 1881, 17:00, Sharpsburg, IL (US)
American author of poetry and prose, an amateur historian and ethnographer, and [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
72.Obispo, Pascal, 8 Gen 1965, 23:25, Bergerac, FR
French singer-songwriter, one of the most honored and popular in France. [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
73.Pailhas, Géraldine, 8 Gen 1971, 11:10, Marseille, FR
French actress, starred with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando in “Don Juan [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
74.Pezzo, Paola, 8 Gen 1969, 22:05, Bosco Chiesanuova, ITALY
Italian cross-country mountain bike racer who won the Olympic gold medal in [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
75.Pretty Jamee, 8 Gen 1986, 21:15, London, ENG (UK)
British-born model, actress, singer, and social media personality, with [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
76.Primo de Rivera, Miguel, 8 Gen 1870, 03:00, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Spanish military man, a member of the army from 1893. He was appointed the [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
77.Reichmann, Viktor, 8 Gen 1881, 12:00, Mühlacker, GER
German physician who became head of the Interior Department of the [...] (Ascendente Toro)
78.Richard, François, 8 Gen 1940, 09:30, Cholet, FR
French Roman Catholic missionary, known as one of the “White Fathers“ (Pères [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
79.Rodriguez, Enrique, 8 Gen 1960, 02:05, Los Angeles CA, USA
American artist, a painter and collagist. He died of pneumonia and AIDS [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
80.Rollo, Zoot Horn, 8 Gen 1949, 11:30, Long Beach, CA (US)
American guitarist who played with Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band between June [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
81.Rudolph, Archduke of Austria, 8 Gen 1788, 23:00, Florence, ITALY
Archduke of Austria, Cardinal and Archbishop of Olomouc, and member of the [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
82.Scavolini, Walter, 8 Gen 1942, 11:30, Pesaro, Italy
Italian industrial entrepreneur, the creator of the modular kitchen called “the [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
83.Sciascia, Leonardo, 8 Gen 1921, 11:45, Racalmuto, Italy
Italian writer, teacher and civil servant. His first book was published in [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
84.Serra, Giovanni, 8 Gen 1894, 20:00, Dimaro, ITALY
Italian doctor, academic, essayist, and scholar of tropical diseases. He died [...] (Ascendente Leone)
85.Smith, Julian, 8 Gen 1975, 03:33, Frankfurt am Main, GER
German-American pop singer, songwriter, nightclub owner, radio presenter and [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
86.Soupy Sales, 8 Gen 1926, 15:00, Franklinton NC, USA
American comedian, clever and imaginative, a popular figure on early TV, raised [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
87.Spence, Gerry, 8 Gen 1929, 00:10, Laramie WY, USA
American attorney, a trial lawyer who was highly visible during notorious cases [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
88.Starbuck, Cliff, 8 Gen 1973, 02:07, Columbus, OH (US)
American musician, the bass guitarist and a vocalist from 1991 to 2009 with [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
89.Straub, Jean Marie, 8 Gen 1933, 17:00, Metz, France
French film director, producer, screenwriter and editor. Straub and his wife [...] (Ascendente Leone)
90.Tadema-Alma Lawrence, 8 Gen 1836, 12:00, Dronrijp, NETH
Dutch-British painter, one of the most famous of late nineteenth century [...] (Ascendente Toro)
91.Timmermans, Jean Émile Charles, 8 Gen 1882, 08:00, Brussels, BEL
Belgian chemist, scientific historian, and a member of the group of professors [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
92.Tozzi, Giorgio, 8 Gen 1923, 15:48, Chicago IL, USA
American singer who began a career as a biologist until detoured by army [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
93.Trecul, Auguste, 8 Gen 1818, 04:00, Mondoubleau, FR
French botanist. Researcher at the National Museum of Natural History and the [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
94.Trémois, Pierre-Yves, 8 Gen 1921, 08:35, Paris, FR
French visual artist and sculptor. He is known for evocative works drawing in [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
95.Vandercammen, Edmond, 8 Gen 1901, 03:00, Ohain, BEL
Belgian poet. [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
96.Vanocur, Sander, 8 Gen 1928, 16:58, Cleveland OH, USA
American broadcast journalist, NBC’s White House correspondent during the [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
97.Vercel, Roger, 8 Gen 1894, 22:30, Le Mans, FR
French writer fascinated by the sea and marine life. Although he virtually [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
98.Vidoni, Giuseppe, 8 Gen 1884, 13:30, San Daniele del Friuli, ITALY
Italian psychologist, who had a long career as a professor at the university of [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
99.Vincent, Prince of Denmark, 8 Gen 2011, 10:30, Copenhagen, DEN
Danish royalty, the third child and youngest son of Crown Prince Frederik of [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
100.Voska, Abigail, 8 Gen 1996, 22:14, Boston, MA (US)
American homicide, a victim of domestic violence, this young girl and her [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
101.Wallace, Alfred R., 8 Gen 1823, 02:30, Usk, Isle of Man
British scientist who collected natural history specimens in the Amazon from [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
102.Watkins, Susan, 8 Gen 1945, 18:16, Elmira NY, USA
American writer who was stated by Jane Roberts to be one of her many “Soul [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
103.Wheatley, Dennis, 8 Gen 1897, 19:30, London, ENG (UK)
British author who, in the fantasy field, was particularly noted for his novels [...] (Ascendente Leone)
104.Wilson, Shirley R., 8 Gen 1922, 12:35, Baltimore, MD (US)
American astrologer who joined AFA in June 1968. Wilson died on 8/04/1969, [...] (Ascendente Toro)
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