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My Astro: User profile overview

Hello Guest User welcome to my astro!

Basic settings for the user profile
  • Create a free registered user profile
  • Create a free registered user profile

    If you do not possess a registered user profile, this link will take you to a page where you can create one.

    There are many advantages to a registered user profile:
    You can log in to your "My Astro" registered user profile from any computer, and use your stored horoscopes even when travelling.

    Registered users can store up to 100 Astro data (birth dates), whereas users who only possess a guest profile can store but 4 sets of Astro data.

    Moreover, as a registered user you have the possibility to choose high security access to your data.

    If you already possess a registered user profile, but you are currently connected to your guest profile, you can also use this link.
    In this case, please just enter the e-mail address and astro.com password of your registered user profile. The data of your guest profile will be transferred and added to your registered profile.

  • View/edit preferences and subscriptions
  • On this page, you can view and modify certain preferences. For example:

  • You can choose a reference place for your Personal Daily Horoscope and for a few of the drawings (for example: the Solar Return, the Composite, and the Relocation Chart). We recommend you to choose your place of residence as reference location.
  • You can check the state of and renew subscriptions you have purchased.
  • You can control some elements of the appearance of the website.
  • Log in to an existing registered profile
  • Log in to existing registered user profile

    If you wish to gain access to Astro data which you have saved in a particular registered user profile, please, click on the link "Log in to an existing registered profile". Then, fill in your e-mail address and your astro.com password, and click on the "login" button.

    Please, use this link too, if you wish to gain access to online services which you have purchased under this registered profile (e.g. the Extended Daily Horoscope).

    If there are already data in your current guest profile, these will be copied to the registered profile. They will not be lost by using this link.

  • Leave this guest user profile
  • Leave this guest profile

    This link allows you to leave your current guest profile.

    Leaving the profile destroys all astro.com cookies placed on your computer.

    ATTENTION! - Please, note that by clicking on this link, all your stored data will be lost, if you haven't bookmarked your horoscope page.

  • Delete my profile and all my natal data
  • Add new Astro data
    Stored Astro Data
  • List of the Astro data
    The topmost data entry is highlighted and in most cases it is useful to put your own personal horoscope data in this place. A horoscope is made with this data as long as you do not select another person. Click on one of the arrows to move the respective entry to the top of the list.

  • Adding new Astro data
    The button "Add new Astro data" takes you to a page where you can enter new birth data and add them to your list. The horoscope data will automatically be saved and included in this list.
  • Editing Astro data
    To edit any Astro data entry, simply click on the "Edit" link at the end of the row. This takes you to a page where you can modify all the properties of that item.
  • Sorting Astro data
    At the bottom of the birth data list, you can select the criteria according to which you want to sort them. This order is also used for selecting birth data on all horoscope pages.
  • Deleting Astro data
    In order to delete any number of Astro data from your list, click the respective checkbox in the column "Mark for deletion" next to the entry. Once you have selected all the entries you wish to delete, click on the button marked "delete" at the bottom of the column.
  • Astrology: Mercury Hour [Adb] (e), 17 April 1974 at 12:20 , Fairlawn NJ, USA Edit  
    To delete the marked data, please click on "delete marked data" at the very bottom of the list. For the deletion process you need your password.
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