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    Declan Fahy (m), 5 June 2008 at 11:52 , Sydney, AUSTL

    You can change your default to any in your list by clicking on the upward arrow next to the entry. The Astro data entry which is highlighted at the top of your list is your default. It is used for generating charts and reports when no other entries have been specifically selected.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt [Adb] (m), 30 Jan. 1882 at 20:45 , Hyde Park (Dutchess County), NY (US) Edit move Franklin D. to top
    Eleanor Roosevelt [Adb] (f), 11 Oct. 1884 at 11:00 , New York, NY (US) Edit move Eleanor to top
    Kevin Lyons (m), 29 Nov. 1929 at 12:00 , Tumbarumba, AUSTL Edit move Kevin to top
    John Lennon (m), 9 Oct. 1940 at 18:30 , Liverpool, ENG (UK) Edit move John to top
    Mum (f), 23 Jan. 1942 at 5:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Mum to top
    Paul McCartney (m), 18 June 1942 at 2:00 , Liverpool, ENG (UK) Edit move Paul to top
    Narelle Haywood (f), 29 July 1944 at 4:26 , Lismore, AUSTL Edit move Narelle to top
    Lee Binskin (f), 11 Jan. 1949 at 15:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Lee to top
    Barbara Lindorff (f), 14 March 1953 at 18:00 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Barbara to top
    Bill Gates [Adb] (m), 28 Oct. 1955 at 22:00 , Seattle, WA (US) Edit move Bill to top
    Deborra-Lee Furness (f), 8 Dec. 1955 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Deborra-Lee to top
    Chris Yum (f), 3 Jan. 1956 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Chris to top
    Craig Zahn (m), 10 July 1956 at 19:30 , Faribault, MN (US) Edit move Craig to top
    Kathie Daniels (f), 19 May 1958 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Kathie to top
    Brett Callender (m), 8 July 1958 at 11:15 , Auckland, NZ Edit move Brett to top
    Steve Tait (m), 2 Dec. 1958 at 12:00 , Tauranga, NZ Edit move Steve to top
    Sandy Crompton (f), 12 Oct. 1960 at 0:15 , Hamilton, NZ Edit move Sandy to top
    Carla Iwata (f), 30 Nov. 1960 at 12:17 , Boston, MA (US) Edit move Carla to top
    Gava Domingo (f), 23 June 1961 at 23:30 , Cape Town, SAFR Edit move Gava to top
    Shirley Scully (f), 16 Sept. 1961 at 12:00 , Bournemouth, ENG (UK) Edit move Shirley to top
    Chris Hirst (m), 20 Sept. 1961 at 12:00 , Manchester, ENG (UK) Edit move Chris to top
    Judy McElroy (f), 23 Oct. 1961 at 14:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Judy to top
    Grant (m), 26 Oct. 1961 at 18:30 , Falkirk, SCOT (UK) Edit move Grant to top
    Shelley (f), 27 May 1962 at 9:00 , Fremantle, AUSTL Edit move Shelley to top
    Heather Nysse (f), 10 Nov. 1962 at 11:30 , Dunedin, NZ Edit move Heather to top
    Fiona Harvey (f), 12 Aug. 1963 at 0:55 , Manchester, ENG (UK) Edit move Fiona to top
    Arienne Van Aalst (f), 11 Dec. 1963 at 3:20 , Hazerswoude, NETH Edit move Arienne to top
    Rozanna (f), 8 June 1964 at 2:02 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Rozanna to top
    Melinda Gates (f), 15 Aug. 1964 at 12:00 , Dallas, TX (US) Edit move Melinda to top
    Susan Hornik (f), 1 Nov. 1964 at 15:40 , Brooklyn Heights, NY (US) Edit move Susan to top
    Chris szabo (f), 18 Nov. 1965 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Chris szabo to top
    Glenn Short (m), 6 Dec. 1965 at 12:00 , Maitland, AUSTL Edit move Glenn to top
    Roger Vaughn (m), 4 March 1966 at 12:00 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Roger to top
    Daniel Cane (m), 7 April 1966 at 9:46 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Daniel to top
    Ruth Daniels (f), 18 June 1966 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Ruth to top
    Annette (f), 21 June 1966 at 3:04 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Annette to top
    Martin Gee (m), 21 Sept. 1966 at 12:00 , Wellington, NZ Edit move Martin to top
    Me (f), 12 March 1967 at 5:36 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Me to top
    Jo (f), 12 March 1967 at 5:36 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Jo to top
    Diane Barnes (f), 21 Sept. 1967 at 3:00 , Glasgow, SCOT (UK) Edit move Diane to top
    Leesa Lyons (f), 21 Aug. 1968 at 5:17 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Leesa to top
    Hugh Jackman (m), 12 Oct. 1968 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Hugh to top
    Robyn Fisher (f), 11 April 1969 at 20:00 , Kuala Lumpur, MLYS Edit move Robyn to top
    Kym Short (f), 1 July 1969 at 10:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Kym to top
    Liz Gilbert (f), 18 July 1969 at 12:00 , Waterbury, CT (US) Edit move Liz to top
    Steve Kemp (m), 28 Oct. 1969 at 4:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Steve to top
    Rebecca McKelvey (f), 6 Jan. 1971 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Rebecca to top
    Narelle (f), 1 Feb. 1971 at 0:45 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Narelle to top
    Deb Wachholz (f), 21 April 1971 at 21:30 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Deb to top
    Michelle Curtis (f), 7 Sept. 1971 at 11:20 , Benalla, AUSTL Edit move Michelle to top
    Cybele (f), 28 Sept. 1971 at 12:30 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Cybele to top
    Glenn Porter (m), 24 Dec. 1971 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Glenn to top
    Melissa Loizou (f), 15 Feb. 1972 at 0:10 , Mordialloc, AUSTL Edit move Melissa to top
    Monique (f), 6 April 1972 at 6:06 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Monique to top
    Steve Tokatlidis (m), 17 Aug. 1973 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Steve to top
    Brooke Wolthers (f), 8 Oct. 1973 at 21:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Brooke to top
    Mick (m), 18 Nov. 1973 at 1:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Mick to top
    Donna Martin (f), 23 March 1974 at 5:40 , Tom Price, AUSTL Edit move Donna to top
    Amanda Gabell (f), 26 Dec. 1975 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Amanda to top
    Michael Ulanowski (m), 21 Sept. 1976 at 23:00 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Michael to top
    James Fahy (m), 3 May 1977 at 13:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move James to top
    Romal Haidari (m), 8 Feb. 1978 at 12:30 , Kabul, AFG Edit move Romal to top
    Andrea Sevastelis (f), 10 March 1978 at 12:00 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Andrea to top
    George Sevastelis (m), 14 March 1978 at 20:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move George to top
    Ben Jokinen (m), 21 April 1978 at 9:15 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Ben to top
    Palak Ray (f), 29 Oct. 1978 at 1:07 , Ahmedabad, INDIA Edit move Palak to top
    Maria Mattar (f), 27 Dec. 1978 at 20:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Maria to top
    Kelly Surtees (f), 28 Feb. 1979 at 6:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Kelly to top
    Izabella Jokinen (f), 16 March 1979 at 3:20 , Sosnowiec, POL Edit move Izabella to top
    N (f), 17 March 1980 at 10:12 , Los Angeles, CA (US) Edit move N to top
    Susan Hornik man (m), 4 Nov. 1980 at 12:00 , Uman', UA Edit move Susan to top
    Andy Lee (m), 21 May 1981 at 12:00 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Andy Lee to top
    Alicia Olson (f), 18 Aug. 1985 at 7:00 , St.Paul, MN (US) Edit move Alicia to top
    Tracey Wedding (e), 7 May 1994 at 15:30 , Canberra, AUSTL Edit move Tracey Wedding to top
    Helaena Short (f), 14 June 1994 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Helaena to top
    Eleanor Short (f), 21 May 1997 at 7:21 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Eleanor to top
    Kate Crompton (f), 22 Sept. 1997 at 22:20 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Kate to top
    Sarah Coen (f), 4 Nov. 1997 at 13:18 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Sarah to top
    Sarah Tracey (f), 24 March 1998 at 0:13 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Sarah to top
    Ellen Fisher (f), 25 March 1999 at 10:35 , Canberra, AUSTL Edit move Ellen to top
    Imogen Short (f), 1 March 2000 at 12:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Imogen to top
    Liam Wolthers (m), 27 June 2007 at 14:55 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Liam to top
    Kali (f), 3 Nov. 2008 at 7:00 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Kali to top
    Job Question (e), 20 Nov. 2008 at 8:54 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Job Question to top
    Mitchell Houreau (m), 1 Dec. 2008 at 18:45 , Melbourne, AUSTL Edit move Mitchell to top
    Michelles Health (e), 9 July 2009 at 8:14 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Michelles Health to top
    Roz launch (e), 5 Dec. 2009 at 2:50 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Roz launch to top
    Palaks Baby (m), 6 April 2010 at 12:33 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Palaks Baby to top
    Hallie Porter (f), 31 Aug. 2010 at 17:18 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Hallie to top
    Indianna Porter (f), 31 Aug. 2010 at 17:22 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Indianna to top
    Mars Return (e), 20 Sept. 2010 at 0:56 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Mars Return to top
    Oliver Chan (m), 15 Dec. 2010 at 1:38 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Oliver to top
    Annette Horary (e), 8 March 2011 at 8:38 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Annette Horary to top
    Horary Question (e), 2 Oct. 2011 at 17:20 , Sydney, AUSTL Edit move Horary Question to top
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