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Stories from the Stars

Free Try-Out Edition
for Ray Bradbury [Adb], born on 22 August 1920
Text by B.Brady & D.Gunzburg, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
I. Introduction

This short extract allows you to get a taste of your personal horoscope "Stories from the Stars" by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. Small samples taken from the individual chapters will give you a glimpse of the horoscope as a whole, which comprises approximately 25-32 pages, and can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or bound booklet in the Astroshop.

The vault of the heavens is a lacework of stars that people find awe inspiring. The starry sky, however, is more than just beautiful. It also carries wisdom contained within stories.

This report explores those stories. It offers you information that enables you to actively work with your stars. Its aim is to help you understand how the stars contribute to your actions, your choices and your attitudes. For by understanding the role of the stars in your life you can step upon a path that allows you to be in greater harmony with them.

This star report contains three sections – the stars that shape your character, the stars that shape your vocation, and the stars that shape the journey of your life.


II. The Stars that Shape your Character

This chapter describes certain qualities that your stars contribute to your personality. They show themselves in your life through parans - a connection of this star with your birth chart. The five stars discussed in the full report can be gifts as well as challenges for you to work with and profit from.

This is the starting point for discovering your stars. Your journey begins with focusing on the stars and their myths that add their unique qualities to your character. Star qualities are particular features that contribute to your seed potential. They become apparent as your skills and resources through your life's experiences, for it is only by using them to deal with problems that you discover the potentials they offer you and how you can handle them wisely.


image Scheat in Pegasus

Scheat, the small red star in the right shoulder of Pegasus the flying horse, is part of four stars that make the Great Divine Square that forms the body and head of the winged horse. The square represented human ideas and design and, linked with the horse, the fastest way a human could travel, these ideas are combined with independence. Scheat reflects these meanings in its associations. Having this star's quality active in your life means you are a free-thinking, independently-minded [...]

[..] You also can make reasoned arguments when it comes to areas of social change, such as education or politics, at the local or wider levels. Although some see your ideas as radical, because you have lived some of these experiences you understand what works and what doesn't work, and therefore your ideas [...]

In the full version, this chapter discusses five stars and more than eight parans, which are the star's connections to your personal birth chart.


III. The Stars that Shape your Vocation

The third chapter of this horoscope gives you information on the stars that are connected with themes you care and feel passionate about in the world, with your vocation.

The themes of your vocation stars are fundamental to your idea of what you stand for and what is important to you and how you spend your life, far more than just your job or career. It could, however, become your career or surface in your life as your passion or a cause to which you devote your free time. Hence your vocational stars suggest how you can lead a meaningful life. Pursuing the themes suggested by these stars may not bring you riches but they will allow you to feel that you are in your proper place, living a life of purpose. No matter what other paths you take in your life, your vocation stars will always pull you back to their themes.


image Vega in Lyra

This star story that touches your life is of a celestial bird, a vulture that carries Orpheus' lyre in its beak and is linked to journeys of transformation and transcending this mortal realm. This starry vulture not only carries the lyre of Orpheus, the musician whose music could tame the wildest of beasts, it is also thought to carry one's soul to the gods. From both these perspectives this bird is a traveler between two worlds, that of the mundane and that of the sacred, and [...]

[..] Jot down insights and perceptions. Exercise the muscle of your ability to sense the future and look for its growth in any area of your life, such as inventions, virtual technologies, social or political ideas, writing, and even art. At heart you understand that what gives meaning to your life is your [...]

In the full version, this chapter discusses two stars and parans.


IV. The Star Stories in Your Life

The star stories in this chapter contain different themes and characters that you recognize and identify with, at different times and to different degrees. Knowing them allows you to use their resources consciously rather than following them blindly.

Your star stories are the narrative which provides the stage for your star qualities and your vocation stars. Some of these stories come from the stars and will make themselves apparent through re-occurring patterns of events. Knowing your star stories enables you to be alert at the beginning of the cycle before you find yourself slipping into old habit patterns with their predictable outcomes.

The Mantle of a Just King: Finding success without revenge image

Your life is intertwined with the story of Regulus, a star that has been associated with kingship since the time of the Babylonian astrologer-priest of the sixth century BCE. It sits in the sky as the heart of the constellation Leo the lion and is linked with power, military might, and the responsibility of good governance. This starry story is of a king who ruled fairly over a prosperous and flourishing realm, a good and just man who, in his old age, decided to divide his empire amongst his three [...]

[..] Some people considered you a dreamer but you are a visionary, putting your ideas into practice, and gaining pleasure from seeing them come to fruition. So strong is your confidence that others hold you in awe. What drains success from your life, however, is becoming angry or holding petty grudges against [...]

In the full version, this chapter discusses three star stories and more than eight parans.


V. Conclusion

In the face of the starry heavens you may feel that you are small, but by understanding your personal relationship with the stars, you can step upon a path that allows you to gain a greater harmony with them. This harmony can give you insights about what it is to be a part of a living cosmos. As you come to understand your stars through this report, go outside on a clear night and learn to see your stars in the night sky. Visually connecting with them can help you to understand their union with your life.

Personal Star Map

The "Stories from the Stars" report contains your personal star map. It shows all interpreted stars in colour and their positions at the time of your birth. The star map of this free try-out version only contains a reduced number of stars, and is reduced in size.

Please read a complete sample report (of a different person) to get an overview of the extent of the complete horoscope, including the full star map.

The upper part of the image shows the eastern hemisphere of the sky, as seen at the time and location of your birth. It is centered on the east point (E).

The lower part of the image shows the western hemisphere of the sky, as seen at the time and location of your birth. It is centered on the west point (W).

The highlighted stars play a key role in this astrological reading. The red ones appear in chapter II, the blue ones in chapter III and the green ones in chapter IV.

The bright halves of the diagrams show the sky above the horizon; the dark halves show the sky below the horizon.

The horizon is indicated by horizontal lines, the boundary circles themselves represent the meridian. The planets (drawn red) move along the band of the zodiac. Dashed lines indicate the celestial equator and circumpolar circles.


These small samples from different chapters convey a glimpse of your personal horoscope Stories from the Stars which comprises 25-32 pages. It can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or bound booklet in the Astroshop.

Please read a complete sample report (of a different person) to get an overview of the complete horoscope.

You may wish to take a look at the large selection of other reports.

Astrological Data used for Stories from the Stars Free Try-Out Edition
for Ray Bradbury [Adb] (male)
birthdate: 22 August 1920 local time: 4:50 pm
place: Waukegan, IL (US) U.T.: 22:50
87w51, 42n22 sid. time: 15:02:20

Planets and Selected Stars and Parans
planet ecl.long. ecl.lat. rectasc. decl. phase paran
Sun 29°29'49 0°00'N 151°37' 11°39'N
Moon 15°55'40 3°01'N 255°03' 19°42'S
Mercury 13°42'17 0°45'N 136°24' 17°26'N
Venus 13°17'08 1°25'N 165°09' 7°52'N
Mars 22°01'01 1°41'S 229°08' 19°54'S
Jupiter 29°04'04 0°50'N 151°30' 12°35'N
Saturn 13°00'30 1°46'N 165°01' 8°18'N
Uranus 51'58 0°48'S 336°04' 10°50'S
Neptune 11°57'54 0°01'N 134°26' 17°13'N
Pluto 29'40 3°33'S 99°00' 19°38'N
Moon's Node 56'36 0°00'N 217°32' 14°48'S
Ascendant 22°40'26 0°00'N 294°29' 21°32'S
Medium Coeli 18°02'52 0°00'N 225°35' 17°13'S


Vega 14°12'55 61°44'N 278°34' 38°43'N cp Moon's Node (Rise-Rise, 0° 6')
Scheat 28°16'31 31°08'N 344°59' 27°39'N cp,ar Venus (LCul-Cul, 0° 2')
Regulus 28°43'25 0°28'N 151°02' 12°21'N Jupiter (Rise-Rise, 0° 6')

Explanation of codes in the column 'phase': "ar/ac/as/al": The star or planet was angular in the birth chart, i.e. it was rising (ar), culminating (ac), setting (as) or in lower culmination (al), within an orb of 1° at horizon or meridian. "cp": The star is in a period where it is above the horizon the whole night through, i.e. it rises before sunset and sets only after sunrise (Ptolemy's "curtailed passage").

Stories from
the Stars

Fixed Star Report by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg

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Authors: Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg
Volume: 25 - 32 pages A4
Available languages: English
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