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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Aquarius with Aquarius

However much passion sparks off your relationship, it is really, deep down, a bond between best friends. Airy Aquarius understands that all emotions change over time, but that true respect, shared ideals, and good communication outlast the most flamboyant sexual attraction.

Both of you need a lot of breathing space in relationship, and can recognise this need in each other. Both of you also know the "rules" of fairness which are preserved even if you are angry with each other. Neither of you likes steamy emotional scenes, and both of you hate any whiff of manipulation or emotional blackmail.

The only problem is that, since you both have certain inhibitions around emotional expression, you may wait for the other to be first to offer the declaration of love or the contrite apology. And you might wait a long time, because you are both proud as well as emotionally self-contained.

You are both independent, unsentimental creatures with a clear view of life. But you are also both human and need, occasionally, to be fussed over. Try to make these gestures without "bargaining", and don't expect the other to be the one who thaws the chilly atmosphere. You will have to do it yourself when you feel it.

You are an Aquarius

You're genuinely interested in and concerned for your fellow humans, and you have a strong need to make some kind of contribution to make the world a better place. Relating to a single individual, however - especially when it involves strong emotions - can be a bit trickier. Aquarius is concerned with ideals, and the ideals of ... read more

The Aquarius partner

Air signs live in the world of ideas, and they're frightened of strong emotions. This is truer of Aquarius than any other sign. They're not the world's most romantic or effusive lovers. They are often extraordinarily naive in matters of the heart, which contradicts the sophistication of their ideas. Sincerity, integrity, fairness ... read more

The Aquarius man

The typical Aquarian man is a thinker, a dreamer, a philosopher, a scientist, a social visionary. He is the least likely person to demand that his partner play a traditional role in the relationship, and he really does strive for equality and openness. But no one is more out of touch with his own feeling nature than the Aquarian ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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