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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Aries with Cancer

Aries is a fire sign and Cancer a water sign, and together they can make a pretty steamy atmosphere in the best and worst senses of the word. You're both romantic and imaginative, and together the two of you can weave the most glorious dreams and conjure the most magical emotional landscapes. Cancer's sensitivity and tact can give ... read more

You are an Aries

You need a cause, a mission, a battle in which you can trounce the enemy. The slightest whiff of a challenge and out comes that old suit of armour, kept clean and polished in case of emergency. Passionate conviction, courage, bravery, vision, a touch of fanaticism - all these things belong to the Aries soul. You just don't feel ... read more

The Cancer partner

For the true Cancerian, love has a lot to do with security. It also has to do with affection, kindness and sympathy and, if the moment is right, intense passion. But most of all, love has a lot to do with Mother. If Cancer becomes truly involved, then Mother enters the scene - although, hopefully, in a psychological sense and not literally. Cancers sometimes badly need to be mothered. Equally, they may need to do the mothering. Show your pain, weakness or vulnerability and you have won Cancer's heart. Show too much strength and independence, and things might not work out so well.

Cancers are emotional people. But don't expect everything to be talked about. If you're involved with a Cancer, it's a good idea to learn to read signals and interpret moods. Sullen sulkiness means he's feeling rejected. Crabbiness means he's feeling unappreciated. An explosion of delightful wit and wacky humour means he's happy and contented. And so on. But if you try to confront the issue, the Crab will slide away from you: "It was only a mood."

If you're a very verbal type who needs everything spelled out in clear, logical sentences, either develop your intuition or choose another sign. The Cancer partner, when in the mood, can out-talk anyone. When in another sort of mood, you may get only stony silence and an atmosphere you can cut with a knife.

This is a changeable sign, and Cancerians are notorious for keeping the home base safe while collecting thrills on the journey. But in the end, the priorities are clear: anything that jeopardises the security of an important relationship just isn't on.

Divorce is often a horrific experience for Cancers. No separation is easy for the Cancer partner, even if the relationship is as extinct as a dodo and both of you know it. Once again, learn to read the signs. Gradual withdrawal and sexual disinterest - when they go on and on, and aren't just a passing mood - are often Cancer's way of saying, "Get me out of here." But Cancer will rarely be the one to make the decision to leave an unhappy relationship. The emotional confrontation is too terrifying. They would rather become quietly, progressively more unpleasant - without even realising it - until you're the one to make the break. But it takes a lot to get a Cancer to this point: consistently trampling on his feelings and dreams, being insensitive or cold or, most devastating of all, betraying him.

Remember that Cancers never wear their hearts on their sleeves. That hard shell they sometimes present on the outside is there for self-protection, not for fun, and even a lifelong companion may never get to see the Crab fully vulnerable. Even after you've lived with a Cancer for decades, you may still never know the depth of feeling he has for you. Sometimes he doesn't know it himself. A Cancer who loves deeply can be shattered if the trust is broken, and he has a long, long memory. He may not leave, and he may forgive you, but he'll never, never forget.

It's easy to love this sign for its gentleness, sensitivity, imagination, subtlety, and quiet courage. The Cancer partner possesses a truly magical ability to heal your fears, your pain, your insecurity and loneliness. He's protective and gentle, and he can make you feel very, very safe and very, very loved. It's harder to tolerate the moods, the emotional games, and the innate egocentricity of the child which is always present in this complex sign.

The Cancer partner also possesses the ability to infuriate and confuse, bewilder and irritate, anger and enrage even an even-tempered mate. If you're looking for consistency and a permanently easy-going personality in a partner, look elsewhere. Whichever role Cancer plays - needy child or protective parent, or both - that need for closeness is always there deep down, even in the midst of a bad mood or a period of emotional withdrawal.

If you are a coolly self-sufficient person and find displays of feeling embarrassing - your own or your partner's - it might be better to choose another sign. But if you have a warm heart and an appreciation of real intimacy, you've found a winner. Cancer's greatest gift is a profound instinctual understanding of human nature and human suffering. And there's no human being walking the Earth who doesn't need a bit of that.

The Cancer man

It may sound simplistic to say that all Cancer men are mother-bound. But it would come close to the truth. This man is tied, one way or another - in love or in hate, and often in both - to Mother. It's his biggest test in life and in love. He can either embody Mother himself and express a wealth of empathy and protectiveness, or he ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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