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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Virgo with Leo

Virgo is earthy and Leo fiery, and in many ways this combination can work really well. Virgo can offer cool perspective, analysis, and order, while Leo can offer vision, imagination, and excitement. Leo can help Virgo to develop greater self-confidence, and Virgo can help Leo to actualise dreams. You could work well together on any ... read more

You are a Virgo

That ubiquitous newspaper portrait of the tidy Virgo soul with a perfectly balanced bank account and an immaculate bathroom no doubt sends you into fits of cynical laughter. Virgos are generally sadly misinterpreted, and understandably you can get pretty irritated about it, especially if you're the sort of Virgo who is untidy, chaotic ... read more

The Leo partner

For Leo, love makes the world go round. Like every other experience in life, love is mythic to Leo, something which must be dramatised to the utmost. Comfortable fondness and affection isn't Leo's style. Leos love to be in love and to play the lover. If you're the recipient, it's probably not like anything you've experienced before.

The Leo partner in love is romantic and magnanimous. One way to show love is to lavish gifts on the loved one. And those gifts aren't just ordinary boxes of dreary chocolates. They're likely to be expensive, exotic and hard to obtain, and usually they're meant to be worn so others can admire them. For heaven's sake, show your appreciation, and show it loudly. A Leo who has gone to a great deal of trouble with a gift can feel crushed and humiliated if the gift isn't received with suitable enthusiasm. Leo is a better giver than a receiver.

For Leo, love is a creative act. Sometimes you can get the odd feeling, in the midst of all that romance, that Leo is so in love with being in love, and so enchanted by a mythic image of love, that somehow you haven't been noticed. It's a common problem in Leo's relationships. You feel sort of left out, if you haven't got the knack of stepping in and out of fairy tales yourself.

But whatever the difficulties, Leo is really the ideal lover. The gift of making a love affair magical and special is one of the Lion's nicest qualities. The Leo partner can make you feel as though no one in the world has ever been in love before. He loves with style and without inhibitions. And it's in Leo's nature to be loyal, too. Although the Lion can be vain and loves to be admired, Leos are essentially constant partners with an idealistic vision of love as something that endures. If they're truly in love, they'll move the earth for you. Naturally they want something in exchange for all that passion.

The Lion is a jealous cat, and won't tolerate lesser creatures pursuing his chosen mate. Leos don't mind a bit of competition. If you're special enough to attract lots of admirers, well, that's a reflection on Leo's good taste. What they can't endure is betrayal, which is deeply wounding and rarely forgiven. Leo has a naive and idealistic heart, and betrayal of trust is, well, dishonourable. That means, by the way, not just sexual betrayal, but betrayal of his ideals, his dignity and his sense of self.

The Leo partner doesn't expect only loyalty and fidelity. He also wants to be treated like a king. Now, that's a sword which cuts two ways. Leo can be so loveable that you want to treat him like royalty anyway. On the other hand, that imperious assumption of specialness can get a bit tiresome, because sometimes it goes with a double standard. It's sometimes difficult for Leo to remember that other people are special too. He's apt to forget it.

In exchange for all that love, loyalty and adoration, Leo offers a wonderfully protective quality. Leo has a generous heart and will fight heroically for those he loves. He can be untiringly supportive and terribly caring, and he's not averse to making some pretty big sacrifices on behalf of his loved ones (it's the little everyday sacrifices that are sometimes harder). He can give up everything and never begrudge it.

Life with a Leo partner is always exciting and alive, but rarely smooth. He's too touchy and temperamental, and his visions and ideals are too big to avoid inevitable conflicts in the smaller realms of living. Leos don't get along with the inconsistencies and limitations of human nature. What they want is the total love, the mythic love, the love that was eulogised in troubadours' songs six centuries ago.

On one level, that kind of love doesn't exist, and Leo usually suffers disappointment somewhere along the line because of this. Yet that mythic love is a reality on another level, and no sign is as capable as Leo of bringing the world of myth into ordinary life and gently reminding you that you're also a heroine or a princess. When you spend time with someone who tries to be a walking myth all the time, you start noticing that myths are all around you, and a relationship with a Leo can convince you that fairy tales can come true after all.

The Leo man

Leo men are larger than life. Even humbler Lions manage this. The Leo man often radiates charisma, and whether you like him or not, you can't ignore him. There are quieter Leo men around who don't make a great roar about their specialness. But when you get to know such a man, you'll find that inwardly he's just the same, with the same ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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