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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Sagittarius with Libra

The two of you are both seekers after a higher reality, and you may share spiritual or aesthetic pursuits which help to build a deep and enduring bond. Fiery Sagittarius is perpetually seeking meaning to the big questions in life, and this inspires Libra's need for an orderly and meaningful cosmos. Airy Libra is idealistic ... read more

You are a Sagittarius

Centaurs are mythic figures, half-horse and half-human, who are always shooting their arrows at some distant target over the horizon and then galloping off in hot pursuit. Sometimes they find the arrow. Sometimes they get completely sidetracked by all the interesting scenery along the way.

You aim the arrows of your intuitive vision at some distant future goal, and most of your time is spent chasing after one arrow or another. The big question is whether or not you've aimed true. The next question is whether you can find the arrow at all. What really interests you is the excitement of the vision and the fascination of the journey. The goal is, after all, insignificant.

For you, life is an adventure, a quest, and the real sport of living is to make the journey as interesting, varied and informative as possible. Arrival is not the point. You can be dignified and majestic, when the play calls for that role. But since you're a consummate actor, you can play just about any part required to get you to the next stage of the journey.

Ideals drive you, and the possibility of something new and exciting just around the corner - the undiscovered treasure, the unexplored mystery, the unobtainable goal, the lover that got away. You're afraid you might miss something if you allow yourself to get too stuck in the present.

Extraverted Sagittarians can always be found where a new club has opened, a new restaurant, a new film, an exciting workshop or group of some kind. Introverted Sagittarians can always be found pursuing a new philosophy, a new alternative treatment, a new political vision, a new creative project. It's as if you somehow sense these things before anyone else hears about them. And you've got a remarkable ability to make the right contacts at just the right moment. This isn't luck, although others might think so; it's your remarkable eye for the sudden opportunity, your intuitive "nose" that can spot a potential or a possibility thirty kilometres away.

Boredom is your great enemy, and you do get very easily bored. It merely takes doing something twice in the same way to push the more restless type of Centaur out after the next arrow. After all, you've done that one. Why do it again? Never mind all those Capricorns and Virgos telling you about the rewards of disciplined effort. For you, it's the exhilaration of the chase, not the kind of prize you can put in the bank vault. And if you do get that sort of prize, you'll no doubt spend it within five minutes anyway.

Limits drive you crazy. Ultimatums are guaranteed to provoke armed resistance. Your restless mind is always seeking unexplored horizons. Frustration can bring out a pretty explosive temper, but once the air is cleared, you don't brood about it afterward. But you sometimes fail to understand why others get hurt by those blunt, hair-raisingly honest remarks. For all your generosity and wisdom, you can be startlingly insensitive, and also pretty gullible if someone flatters you in the right way. This doesn't make you a great candidate for the steady, enmeshed sort of relationship some people crave.

Your heart is true, but you need a partner who can give you genuine friendship and lots of breathing space. Given that kind of freedom, you probably won't abuse it. You can take grand dramatic scenes in a relationship - after all, you generate enough of them yourself - but you can't bear pathos and whining. And the world of safe, unchanging domestic security isn't your idea of fun.

So what is this great quest that drives your spirit? It's a craving to understand life, a longing to comprehend where we are all going, and why. You're looking for the big meaning in things, pursuing the clues to a great puzzle which is never completed because the pieces keep multiplying. That's a huge life task. Fortunately you have both a strong sense of irony and an acute degree of insight. No Sagittarian lacks that wonderful ability to make connections between the ridiculous and the sublime.

The Libra partner

In one sense, Librans are always lovers, even when they're programming computers, making political speeches or designing a garden. Everything they do, they do with refinement, grace and style. They show their best qualities in a civilised relationship which contains plenty of harmony, compromise and clear, open communication. If you ... read more

The Libra man

Libran men usually possess a good deal of taste. They also often possess a good deal of vanity. This is not one of your rough-and-ready macho types who changes his shirt every three weeks and occasionally checks the mirror to see if he's cut himself shaving. Libran men are concerned about how they look. This can produce either a well-dressed, ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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