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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Leo with Gemini

Together the two of you sparkle like a bottle of champagne. Fiery Leo and airy Gemini are a lively combination with plenty of intellectual and creative stimulation. Leo is steady enough to give a firm base for Gemini's restlessness, and Gemini is flexible enough to adapt to Leo's need for centre stage. Both of you are easily bored ... read more

You are a Leo

Leo's public relations staff have made sure that the King of Beasts is presented in newspaper columns as the top of the heap: mane flying, radiating confidence, creativity and self-assurance, ready to outsmart and outshine any foe, loving life and the applause of the crowd.

It's true that you strive for all these things, and spend a lot of energy developing them. But Leo, confident? The reality is just the opposite, which is why you spend so much time thinking about yourself. Deep inside, you're driven by the need to fulfil your own individual myth. And you don't have to look very far to discover that myth: the larger-than-life heroine, however humble the worldly disguise. Beneath the apparent extraversion of this powerful sign there always lies a secret child.

Leos are so idealistic it can make one cry. Even Leos who cloak themselves in cynicism are really romantics to the core. Your idealism can make you cry too. Leo envisions life in a certain way, and that way is usually coloured by the nobility, beauty and romanticism of a fairy-tale royal court. Once you've got that vision, you don't appreciate having to change it.

It takes a lot to convince you that villains don't always wear black, heroines don't always win the battle and rescue the beautiful prince, and the beautiful prince isn't always suitably adoring and grateful afterward. Leos have a kind of black and white perception which is often bruised by the complexities of human nature.

Being a heroine is a tough role to play these days, since people can be so damned unappreciative. But if you can stick to your inner vision without demanding that the rest of the world conform to your ideals, then it may one day dawn on you that you are indeed the heroine, on a quest for your own Self, and that the rich love of life which blossoms in you is not wasted just because you sometimes have to compromise with reality. The tendency to cling to an ideal and become bewildered when it's punctured is most visible in your relationships.

You're perpetually baffled by the pettiness, ambiguity and general nastiness that abounds in the human psyche. Not that you don't have your share of these human attributes. But you usually make an enormous effort to be honourable in your dealings with others. Loyalty and honour are terribly important to you, and these things are hard to find in the marketplace these days.

Leos need to paint their canvas with large, unrestricted strokes. Wherever a new, original idea is needed or some new creative possibility can be envisioned, there Leo is to be found. No Leo likes to be the power behind the throne. Nothing but the throne itself will do. But that's part of your charm - the more distinctive and individual you are, the happier you feel. Some Leos carry this to outlandish extremes. Napoleon, for example, wanted to conquer the world. Whenever it's said that something can't be done, there will be a Leo determined to do it.

The trouble with all those big, bold brush strokes on the canvas of life is that somebody has to clean the paintbrushes afterward. It's pretty certain this won't be you, because you feel trapped and miserable having to deal with the details of everyday life. Of course you can do it; Leos are wonderfully competent. But you don't feel it's your role.

Leo's famous extravagance comes from two sources: first, you love things to be beautiful and luxurious, and second, you can't be bothered to see whether there's enough in the bank account to cover it. Save? Budget? Don't be silly. Your intuition gives you unquenchable optimism. The down side of this is a belief that you should be exempt from all those banal restrictions that afflict mere mortals. Yet your gifts are often so outstanding that others make allowances. You need to feel important to yourself, and often try to find that sense of self-esteem by being important to others. When they don't notice you, you're hurt.

Leos often find it very difficult to share the stage. You're generous to a fault, but you can be insensitive to the emotional currents around you. And as for pride...Well, you invented the word. Leos are often deeply introverted, but you depend so ferociously on the love and acceptance of others that you'll do virtually anything to earn their admiration. It's really a problem of identity.

The big task which challenges you in life is the issue of who you are, why you're here, and why you're uniquely yourself. It's a lifelong challenge. If you can't muster the self-esteem you need from your own inner resources, you'll crave it like a drug from the audience. But the real journey is within, into the source of your own being. It's in the process of creating that you find your real sense of self-value. And the Leo who learns this, and lives it, is indeed heroic.

The Gemini partner

Geminis sometimes have a hard time knowing what they feel, and an even harder time talking about it. The Gemini partner is usually knowledgeable, sparkling and witty about any subject under the Sun except his own emotions. A Gemini in love can be poetic and eloquent, and no sign writes better love letters. In fact, for a Gemini, ... read more

The Gemini man

The Gemini man is in constant motion. He's liable to fidget, and his eyes will move restlessly about the room, checking out every person and thing with immense curiosity. The hour-long intense passionate gaze isn't his style. It's a rare Gemini man who doesn't possess a quick wit and a cursory knowledge of just about everything. Even if ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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