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Astrology for Lovers

Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Scorpio with Sagittarius

When the two of you are together, others might well be excused for thinking they have stumbled into the last act of an opera or a Shakespearean play. When watery Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius meet, steam is an inevitable by-product. Both of you love drama and want to experience the maximum of life's intensity. And both of ... read more

You are a Scorpio

It's said that you can recognise Scorpios by their stare. Enigmatic, penetrating, probing while revealing nothing, even hostile or ruthless. This little cameo, along with the infamous passion usually attributed to the sign, has gone a long way toward making life pretty difficult for you. After all, when someone at a party asks you what sign you are, and you look at them (penetratingly) and reply, "Scorpio", and they give a little gasp and back away, or instantly inquire what you're doing later, well, it can get a little...tiresome.

This is the most perplexing and least understood of all the zodiac signs. You don't help this problem, since you are indeed prone to playing the enigmatic, mysterious type when you're unsure of a situation and are checking out the undercurrents. Yet despite the smokescreens (and you have the best smokescreens of any sign), Scorpio belongs to the element of water, and this is a sign of deep feeling and sensitivity. You're easily affected by the emotional currents inside and around you, easily hurt, compassionate, often intensely lonely, and driven by an almost voracious need for relationship.

Never mind that "loner" business that's always said about the sign. It may be one of your smokescreens, but you're no loner at heart. Just the opposite. You long for a really profound, close soul-union. It's just that you're extremely discriminating about whom you allow into your psychic field, since you're so intensely sensitive. And also, well, to put it euphemistically, you're just a little mistrustful of people.

You have no illusions about human nature, and you've always had an uncanny knack of perceiving what other people don't wish to be known. From early childhood, Scorpios see through hypocrisy and sham. But you can't always formulate these perceptions. More likely you'll have strong, intuitive gut reactions to people, and they're usually accurate.

The trouble is that you smell brimstone just about everywhere. You're privy to one of the most profound and disturbing secrets of human nature: all individuals carry a dark side within them. You can't afford to be gullibly romantic because you know perfectly well that, alongside our human nobility, we are also animals, and not very attractive ones at that. No wonder you sometimes seem deeply cynical.

One of your great challenges is to learn tolerance. You've got compassion in abundance, and the deepest sympathy for pain and loneliness, which is why so many Scorpios are found in the helping professions. But you can't abide laziness and weakness. You believe deeply that, no matter how bad the mess, every human being can do something about it. You're pretty adept at doing that yourself. What you sometimes fail to realise is that people are made differently, and not everyone has your self-honesty and strength. And your pride, which can be downright Luciferian, keeps you from recognising that sometimes it's necessary, and even courageous, to yield.

You have a big problem relinquishing control. This might be self-control (it's the Scorpio who, after the third bottle of wine, is still perfectly coherent) or it might be a need to control your loved ones. Some Scorpios even try to control life itself. Take all that insight and sensitivity, add a liberal dash of fierce pride and a determination to carve your own path through life, throw in a dose of general mistrust of other people, and you don't exactly come up with a "laid back" person.

Because of your great will-power, persistence and insight, you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. You commit yourself passionately to whatever you do, with heart, mind, body and soul. You can rise out of any crisis and reinvent yourself. That's a remarkable formula for success. But material success isn't really what motivates you. Some Scorpios are driven by the craving for power, but that's a distorted expression of the sign, and usually reflects a lot of hurt and humiliation early in life.

The real key to your mystery lies deep in your secret soul. Your heart is always a battleground where mistrust and need of others war within you constantly. You want to find the truth about yourself and about life. You need to know why people act and feel as they do. Ultimately you must understand yourself, and come to some kind of truce with the warring forces of your nature. In the end, it's the life and truth of the soul which are your real goal.

The Sagittarius partner

Sagittarians can exhibit a certain reluctance when it comes to things like marital vows. Since this sign's great love is for future possibilities, they'll quite naturally balk when they're asked to give up all those possibilities for one reality for the rest of their life. "'Til death do us part" is a phrase which resonates ... read more

The Sagittarius man

This elusive and fascinating creature can often be spotted by his tendency to gesticulate wildly and tell very funny stories. One of the nicest things about the Sagittarius man is his sense of dramatic irony. He'll often do his travelling and his wandering on a mental rather than a physical level. This is the philosopher of the ... read more

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG


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