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Short Report - Children and Young People

for Lee Lehman [Adb], born on 9 September 1953
Text by Robert Hand, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2018
Leo Rising *Sun in Virgo *Sun in the First House *Moon in Virgo *Moon in the Second House *Venus in Leo *Venus in the Twelfth House *Mars in Leo *Mars in the First House *Mars Conjunct Ascendant

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This report is a short edition of the Youth Horoscope. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Youth Horoscope which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages.

In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

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Leo Rising

You like to be the center of attention, to appear strong, confident and dominant, even if something is bothering you.

You like to be the leader, and you can be a good one as long as you remember that leadership is a responsibility as well as power and privilege.

You can be stubborn, especially if your pride is involved. You are idealistic, and people have to prove to you that they have integrity.

You like to have rich and elegant things that you can show off to others. But remember that just because something impresses people, it is not necessarily good. You need to learn the difference.

Others may or may not see you as beautiful or handsome, but as you grow up you will develop a regal bearing that will make others feel that you are dependable. Many people will like you, and most will also respect you.

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Sun in Virgo

You are very careful in everything you do, and you put a high value on neatness. You expect others to live up to those same high standards, and you are easily disappointed if they do not. When you see something wrong in someone or something, you don't hesitate to point it out. But you will have to learn to be considerate when you do this, because criticizing others creates bad feelings.

You are very interested in learning as much as possible about the world. In whatever you make or do, you apply the same standards of perfection that you want other people to live up to.

You like to help others because being useful makes you feel good. You are able to put off what you want for yourself in order to help someone you love do what he or she wants. Others will respect you for this.

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Sun in the First House

You have a strong personality that immediately makes an impression on other people. You are very strong willed and energetic. The problem with this is that you may not let the people around you be themselves. Nevertheless, they have the right to assert themselves, and you should give them the chance.

Your high level of self-confidence can be very useful, as long as you know your limitations.

You are physically strong and should enjoy good health. If you can learn to accept your limitations and control your energy properly, you will be able to do a great deal.

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Moon in Virgo

You are a rather serious but usually cheerful person. When you realize that you have to do something, you are willing to go out and do it. You like to make things, which you may become quite good at, because you are a careful worker.

You are neat and like order around you at all times. It bothers you to have anything out of place. You are concerned with your health, and you follow the best health habits you know.

When you are with others, you keep to yourself, for you are somewhat shy. You should learn to recognize your own merits and not be so self-critical.

You like to be useful and to help other people, because it makes you feel more worthwhile. But make sure that you really want to do those favors, because if you do them unwillingly, people won't get much out of them.

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Moon in the Second House

You have a strong need for emotional security, which is reflected by the desire to own things. But you should be careful not to attach too much importance to what you own, because you may become selfish and possessive, especially if you feel insecure and afraid.

If you feel very positive and secure, you may be generous and giving, but when you feel rash and impulsive, you tend to waste money or whatever else you have.

In relationships you form strong attachments to other people, which may make you feel possessive of them. If you are willing to run the risk of losing your friends, you will actually find it easier to keep them.

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Venus in Leo

You like people, and people like you as well. You are very loyal to your friends. You have a strong sense of fairness and justice, which you insist on in all your relationships. For your love is very strongly mixed with pride.

Another side of this aspect is that you may pick friends who make you look good in some way. But be careful not to overlook those who are equally worthy but not so well known.

In relationships, you will have to learn to compromise with other people's desires. You cannot have your own way all the time, and as you get older, you will understand the positive aspect of the give and take. Your basic warmth and friendliness will always make you well liked.

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Venus in the Twelfth House

You are likely to be rather shy and reserved about showing your loving feelings. It is not that you are unaffectionate, for you can be quite friendly and loving to others if you trust them. But shyness can keep you from having many rewarding relationships, because you won't be able to get to know others who are shy like yourself. And they may be the only people who can really understand your sensitivity. Try to be a little more outgoing, so that you can start friendships with people you are attracted to.

On the plus side, this placement means that you can be very giving toward the people you love. At times you may even give in when you should stand up for your own beliefs, in order to maintain the friendship.

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Mars in Leo

You have a great deal of pride, and you enjoy doing things on your own initiative. An appeal to your sense of fairness brings out the best in you, and you will do anything to maintain these qualities.

At times you may act arrogant and domineering toward others. You can't always be first, but you have such a need to be a leader that it may be difficult for you to accept anyone else in this role.

You demand that others let you be yourself so you can run your life as you want.

You probably have considerable self-confidence and even courage, but you are not especially reckless. At best you have a good understanding of yourself, of your limitations as well as your strengths. In fact, you may feel uncomfortable with your emotions and weaknesses.

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Mars in the First House

You are very energetic and self-assertive, and you never retreat from a conflict. In fact, you may even look for a conflict where there is none. Be careful of this tendency, because people will probably dislike you for it.

If you are placed in a position of leadership, which will happen, you will lead very energetically.

You are quite impulsive and extremely restless. However, if you have to work very hard on something that requires a great deal of physical energy, you enjoy it.

Learn to take the time to understand other people's points of view. You tend to see only your own and to become angry when someone challenges your beliefs.

Note: Mars is technically near the end of house 12 and is therefore interpreted in house 1.

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Mars Conjunct Ascendant

You are strong-willed, and people quickly realize that you are not someone to trifle with. You have all the classic qualities of Mars - self-reliance, courage and daring, personal aggressiveness and independence.

You are at your best working by yourself. Usually you are willing to take responsibility for what you do, and you are dependable. Your strong sense of personal integrity and pride makes you somewhat sensitive to comments by others that seem to indicate that they do not take you very seriously.

You are very competitive in every area of life. Your aggressive energies have caused you, even while young, to dislike anything that seems soft and weak. You want to become independent at an early age. You don't like to think that you need anybody, although you can certainly be affectionate in your own way.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Children and Young People
for Lee Lehman [Adb] (female)
born on 9 September 1953 local time: 4:35 am
in Wakefield NE, USA U.T.: 10:35
96w52, 42n16 sid. time: 03:20:15

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Virgo 16°26'45 in house 1 direct
Moon Virgo 28°35'03 in house 2 direct
Mercury Virgo 18°18'27 in house 1 direct
Venus Leo 12°17'54 in house 12 direct
Mars Leo 26°38'20 end of house 12 direct
Jupiter Gemini 24°27'27 in house 10 direct
Saturn Libra 25°01'50 in house 3 direct
Uranus Cancer 22°01'16 in house 11 direct
Neptune Libra 22°17'05 in house 3 direct
Pluto Leo 23°40'41 in house 12 direct
True Node Aquarius 2°31'00 in house 6 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 28°55'22
2nd House Virgo 21°25'46
3rd House Libra 19°14'52
Imum Coeli Scorpio 22°28'25
5th House Sagittarius 27°58'43
6th House Aquarius 0°43'51
Descendant Aquarius 28°55'22
8th House Pisces 21°25'46
9th House Aries 19°14'52
Medium Coeli Taurus 22°28'25
11th House Gemini 27°58'43
12th House Leo 0°43'51

Major aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury 1°52
Sun Sextile Uranus 5°35
Sun Trine Medium Coeli 6°02
Moon Square Jupiter 4°08
Moon Sextile Uranus 6°34
Moon Trine Medium Coeli 6°07
Mercury Sextile Uranus 3°43
Mercury Trine Medium Coeli 4°10
Mars Sextile Jupiter 2°11
Mars Sextile Saturn 1°37
Mars Sextile Neptune 4°21
Mars Conjunction Pluto 2°58
Mars Conjunction Ascendant 2°17
Mars Square Medium Coeli 4°10
Jupiter Trine Saturn 0°34
Jupiter Trine Neptune 2°10
Jupiter Sextile Pluto 0°47
Jupiter Sextile Ascendant 4°28
Saturn Square Uranus 3°01
Saturn Conjunction Neptune 2°45
Saturn Sextile Pluto 1°21
Saturn Sextile Ascendant 3°54
Saturn Quincunx Medium Coeli 2°33
Uranus Square Neptune 0°16
Uranus Sextile Medium Coeli 0°27
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°24
Neptune Quincunx Medium Coeli 0°11
Pluto Conjunction Ascendant 5°15
Pluto Square Medium Coeli 1°12
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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