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    17-Aug-2017, 10:03 UT/GMT
    Venus1936' 5"21n19
    Saturn2114' 6"r21s57
    Pluto1716' 7"r21s38
    TrueNode2413' 4"13n27
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Birth Data Entry

Attention!   You have reached your limit of 4 items in your Astro Data. You will have to delete some items from the 'my Astro' list before you can store a new item, or you can increase your limit to 100 items by upgrading your account to a registered user profile.
If you just want to delete existing data records without turning your guest profile into a registered profile, please click on 'my Astro' in the menu bar above.
It is pointless to fill in data in the current form, because the 'continue' button is missing due to the upper limit of 4 items.
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