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Yogastrology: from the head (Aries) to the feet (Pisces).

Yogastrology, released in 2008, is the creation of yoga therapist Diane Booth Gilliam, MA. Yoga as a discipline of mental, spiritual, and physical exercises should be distinguished from the term yoga in Indian astrology, which is frequently used as a synonym for aspect in western astrology, in the sense of two planets uniting or combining.

There are several ways to use Yogastrology to enhance health, wellness, and understanding of both yoga and astrology.

Zodiac / Body / Yoga / Correlations

Traditional astrology correlates every sign of the zodiac with an area of the human body. Yogastrology brings these correlations together with yoga. The program consists of twelve unique segments of yoga practice, one for every sign of the zodiac (and correlated area of the body). These correlations are:

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

The area of the body correlated with one's sun sign is an area of vulnerability requiring special consideration. Doing yoga especially for the sun sign can transform this vulnerability into a strength. Yoga for the moon sign invites gentleness while working to attune the body to the rhythms of nature. Yoga for the rising sign encourages embracing one's innate worthiness.

Yogastrology is a complete practice for the entire body, beginning with Pisces (feet) to ground the body, then moving through the zodiac and the body to culminate with Aries (head) in the yoga pose shavasana (corpse or sponge pose,) yoga's final relaxation.

Yoga for the Current Sign

Another way to maximize the benefits of yoga is to do yoga for the current zodiac sign. For example, around November 21 when the sun moves into Sagittarius, one might guide energy where it is most effective -- the hips -- at the time of year when this energy is most active (November 21 - December 21).

Sagittarius energy tends to be expansive, exploratory and free. While it is one thing to read the words expansive and free on a page, it is another thing to have the direct experience of expansiveness and freedom in the body; and more importantly, in one's life. Each zodiac sign has special qualities. Yogastrology invites a direct experience of these qualities.

Yogastrology invites astrology students and professional astrologers to explore yoga, and yoga students and teachers to discover the beauty of astrology. Both traditions are deep and rich, with much to share.

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