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Alfred Witte
Alfred Witte 's birth chart.

Alfred Witte, German astrologer and founder of the Hamburg School of astrology, was born on 2 March 1878 at 21:12:44 in Hamburg.[1].
He died on 4 August 1941 at 4:01 CEDT in Hamburg (by suicide).


Witte was a topographer in the city of Hamburg.
The National Socialist's prohibition of astrology had a deep impact on him. Fearing arrest he took his own life at the age of 63 (he worried about his state pension and his family). During the last years of his life he had been prohibited from recording his astrological observations by the Gestapo. He had been considered an enemy of the Third Reich and his main book, the Regelwerk für Planetenbilder (Rulebook for Planetary Pictures[2][3]) was banned on October, 2nd 1936[4] and later burned by the Nazis.


His first teacher was Albert Kniepf.
Building on the basis of classical Astrology, he introduced new technical ideas into horoscope analysis and prediction. He revived and further developed the use of midpoints - (a+b)/2 - and developed a rotatable 360 degree disc.

He was deeply spiritual, too, which influenced his astrological work. For example, the Hamburg School works with hypothetical planets, the so-called Trans-Neptunians which Witte had intuitively "observed".
While modern technology has verified the existence of thousands of Trans-Neptunian objects, the specific Trans-Neptunian objects that are used by the Hamburg School and Uranian astrology have not been validated or disproven yet. Witte did however actually describe the colors of two of his inner Transneptunians, Cupido and Hades.[5]

He also researched the relationship between numbers, colours and sounds, and he documented his theories in numerous essays.

On the other hand, he sought to approach astrology as a science, and the controversy over his assertion of the existence of Trans-Neptunian objects other than Pluto led to widespread ridicule and rejection during his later years.

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  • Uranian System of Astrology (from "Regelwerk" by Witte & Rudolph). Translated by Richard Svehla, Phoenix Bookshop, Cleveland/ Ohio, USA 1939.

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