Thor's Hammer

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Apect figure of a "Hammer of Thor".

Thor's Hammer is a triangle-shaped aspect pattern formed by two planets squaring one another, with both making sesquisquare aspects (135 degrees) to a third planet.
The "Hammer of Thor" is Alice Portman's term for another - more problematic, not so "easy-going" - Kite pattern, along the same lines as the Yod.


Named for the Norse god of thunder, it is a highly volatile, dynamic aspect in a natal chart. Children with a Thor's Hammer may appear very willful and hard to discipline. Adults may continue to act out their stressful feelings and rebel against society. They may attract a lot of criticism from others for their wayward behaviour.

As with the other stressful triangles in a horoscope (the yod and t-square) relief comes from developing constructive outlets for the apex planet.



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