Thor's Hammer

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Apect figure "Hammer of Thor".

Thor's Hammer is a triangle-shaped aspect pattern formed by two planets squaring one another, with both making sesquisquare aspects (135 degrees) to a third planet.
The "Hammer of Thor" is Alice Portman's term for another - more problematic, not so "easy-going" - Kite pattern, along the same lines as the Yod.


The aspect figure is named for the Norse god of thunder. The "thunder hammer" Mjölnir was one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence: a "grinder, crusher". A magical weapon made by dwarves. In a battle it would never miss, and - like a boomerang - never fly so far as not to return to Thor's hand. Its characteristically short handle (a flaw) was due to a mishap during its manufacture.


Thor's Hammer is a highly volatile, dynamic aspect in a natal chart. Children with a Thor's Hammer may appear very willful and hard to discipline. Adults may continue to act out their stressful feelings and rebel against society. They may attract a lot of criticism from others for their wayward behaviour.

As with the other stressful triangles in a horoscope (the yod and t-square) relief comes from developing constructive outlets for the apex planet.

Hammer of Thor[1]


Notes and References

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