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There are two definitions of the quindecile aspect.

  • 1. A minor and unimportant aspect formed by the division of the 360⁰ horoscope into 15 segments of 24⁰ each.
  • 2. A division of the zodiac into 24 sections of 15 degrees each yields an aspect of 165⁰ termed the quindecile by Thomas Ring, Noel Tyl, and Rikki Reeves. ("Quindecile" is the Latin word for 15.)

Nicknamed “the fatal in the natal”, the quindecile is an aspect of obsession and compulsion, to the point where the individual may become separated from reality in the areas of life indicated by the placements of the planets involved.

As with any Minor Aspect, a narrow Orb is recommended. Reeves proposes 2 degrees for most planets, 2.5 degrees for the sun and moon, and perhaps up to 3 degrees in charts showing few other stressful aspects.


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