Prenatal New Moon

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Many practitioners of esoteric astrology and karmic astrology believe that the last new Moon before an individual's actual birth reveals details about his or her karmic background and present life-plan. It is also sometimes called the karmic new moon.

In esoteric astrology, the new moon symbolises death, entrance into the solar paradise and rebirth. The astrologer Dane Rudhyar believed that the lunar phase at the time of birth reveals an individual's approach to life. The starting point for this lunar phase is the last new moon before birth.

The most important factor is the degree of the prenatal new moon and its house and sign positions in the natal chart. This degree is thought to be a sensitive point in the chart. It is also possible to plot the position of any other planet of the New Moon horoscope in the natal chart (Synastry). Swiss astrologers Verena Bachmann and Claude Weiss further developed this method.[1]

They erect a separate chart for the new moon calculated for an individual's actual place of birth. This new moon is then equally valid for all individuals born between this New Moon and the following one (around four weeks later). When a comparison is made between this horoscope and an individual's natal chart, it becomes apparent which themes and planetary aspects the New Moon has chosen to energise in this individual life.


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