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Mars Return [1]

A horoscope erected for the exact moment that Mars returns to its position in the natal chart, i.e. at the moment of birth.
This occurs roughly every two years.


The Mars return horoscope indicates how and where a person is likely to be active in the coming two years.
In short: it is concerned with Mars themes.


Due to its retrograde motion Mars sometimes passes over the same degree of the zodiac three times. Strictly speaking, should this occur at the same time as the Mars return, three different return horoscopes should be erected, although the usual recommendation is to erect a chart for the last time Mars passes over its natal position. It is senseless to erect a Mars return chart if the return occurs at a time when Mars is almost stationary, because its slow movement makes it impossible to accurately calculate the positions of the main axes and house cusps.

More information regarding calculation, location and interpretation can be found under the heading Solar Return Chart which is the horoscope erected for the time that the Sun conjuncts its own position in the natal chart, although it should not be forgotten that, whereas the solar return horoscope is valid for one year, the Mars return horoscope is valid for two years. The planet Mars is naturally the main focus of attention when interpreting the Mars return chart. For example, its house position is especially significant. However, a meaningful interpretation of the Mars return horoscope is only possible in relation to the natal chart.

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  1. Mars' symbol inside the alchemical Ouroboros.