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The Uroboros.[1]

Converse transits are transits that show the relationship between transiting planets and the natal chart, moving backwards in time from the moment of birth - as opposed to the more commonly used transits of planets to the natal chart that occur after the moment of birth, i.e. during the individual's lifetime.

The resulting horoscope is therefore given the prefix pre-natal. In the case of someone who is 37 years and 3 months old, a horoscope is erected for the time exactly 37 years and 3 months before birth.

Converse transits are meant to show pre-natal conditioning and reveal how our (karmic) past continues to influence the present time.

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  1. Alchemical symbol of the still undifferentiated state before birth. In karmic respect, also symbolizing the cycle of succeeding lives/ the chain of births (samsara).