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Eclipses - A Meeting with Destiny

by Izabela Podlaska

EclipseWhen the Sun and the Moon come together to form a solar eclipse, the Sun, from the perspective of the Earth, is covered by the Moon. Because it’s veiled by our planet’s natural satellite, there isn’t enough sunlight, and from Earth we aren’t able to see the source of life-giving energy. Similarly, lunar eclipses form when Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, so that we can see the shadow of Earth in the sky. That’s why eclipses were for centuries, and still are, considered by astrologers as evil and thought to bring nothing but misfortune and trouble. Is that really so?

Eclipses as transits

Eclipses occur several times a year, and there seems to be nothing special about them. But in fact total eclipses of the Sun and the Moon cause a lot of important events – both in the world and in the lives of ordinary people.

We feel the influence of eclipses on us the strongest when they aspect by transit a particular point in our birth chart – an axis or a planet. The tighter the orb of the aspect, the more substantive events an eclipse brings. An eclipse is most powerful when it falls within 1° of our personal planets or axes. In such cases we feel that something decisive is going to happen in our lives, and that we’ll begin a new stage (related to the things that the axis or planet represents) in our lives. The importance of the eclipse increases even more if at the same time slow-orbiting planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are influencing our birth charts. If there are no such important transits taking place, we barely notice the influence of the eclipse, and it’s not that much of a transformative experience.

Around the time of the eclipse (a week before and a week after) even a seemingly insignificant event can create the so-called ‘domino effect’. First we feel the tension rising, then we get ourselves into a new situation, feeling that we cannot turn back any more. That’s why during the time of an eclipse we have to watch what we do, when we do it, and with whom we do it. Generally, a feeling of decisive and irreversible events taking place often accompanies every aspect that eclipses form by transit to points in the birth chart.

An eclipse often causes us to feel confused about what direction we should take. We feel torn, seemingly unable to find the right path in life. We’re groping in the dark, because there’s no Sun (during solar eclipses) to guide our way, so to speak – or because the Moon (during lunar eclipses) awakens our animal instincts. That’s why during those days we have to turn to our inner self for guidance, tune into our souls and trust our intuition.

DominoesDuring those times we feel as though something, or someone, has drained our energy. That’s the reason why eclipses are accompanied by such difficult experiences. As a matter of fact, we feel as though something, or someone, is holding us in place. This is when significant life situations arise that delay our reaching a decision, or render making proper decisions difficult for us. That’s why around the time of an eclipse we sometimes get ourselves involved in arguments, or other people’s personal problems or emotional battles. All it does is distract us from pursuing the right path, or from following the right direction in life, career, etc.; yet, it’s something that’s impossible to avoid, and the best thing we can do is to watch out not to let our emotions cloud what’s really important and prevent us from doing the right thing.

An eclipse is a time when we’re likely to meet our destiny face to face. What does that mean? Things that we don’t have the chance to experience every day, or that we avoid, come into our life precisely when a point of the birth chart is influenced by an eclipse. What seemed to us like a more or less distant possibility suddenly becomes an unavoidable necessity. Our reaction to these events will depend on the individual potential of our birth chart – shall we resist changes or shall we surrender to the unavoidable? It makes us feel as though we’re being carried by a tidal wave of events, caused by cosmic influences, which sweeps us out of our comfort zone and leaves us in new places and situations that challenge our sense of security.

But at the same time we’re aware that the opportunity that we are given may come only once in a lifetime. It’s the reason why we work to achieve our goals with such great determination, once we know what we really want. Sometimes it seems that there’s nothing that can stop us from pursuing our goals – neither common sense, nor other people’s advice. We are aware that these are extraordinary events, synchronicity, lucky coincidences we’re dealing with, and that we cannot miss the chance we are being given. The cosmic insight we receive, and that we have to put to good use, tempts or impels us to take particular actions. It’s hard for us to remain indifferent to the events that take place during an eclipse. The content of this cosmic insight depends on the house the eclipse occupies, and which point of the horoscope (planet, axis) it aspects by transit.

The most important way in which eclipses operate is by activating the potential inherent in our birth chart that was dormant before. It’s a call to fulfil our personal destiny, realise abilities or make our secret dreams or plans come true – the ones that we often don’t realise we have, or that we don’t even want to think about. The reasons for our internal restrictions may be fear, social taboos, traditional family values, or other factors resulting from the way we were raised or from beliefs acquired before entering adulthood.

The types of eclipses

The solar eclipse is a special type of a new Moon. It opens a new chapter in our life and strongly influences our personality. We get to know ourselves better; we learn who we are deep inside, and we discover our needs. We start something new, even though we often don’t know where our life will lead us, or what consequences an endeavour started around the time of an eclipse will have. It’s often a painful experience, because there are so many things we have to leave behind. We feel that something new is going to happen, but we don’t merely let things happen to us – it is we who make the decisions, even the most difficult ones.

The lunar eclipse is a special type of a full Moon. It is when our relationships with others become important. It’s often when romantic relationships, friendships and relationships with our family members are put to the test – what enables us see them for what they really are. It’s the time when we reap what we’ve sown in the past (often during the last eclipse in a series of eclipses, or during a solar eclipse). Lunar eclipses usually bring to a climax and resolve issues that have existed for some time. This type of eclipse produces strong emotions in ourselves and those around us, and causes huge verbal fights, hysteria, fear, or coercion. It is advisable to avoid large gatherings of people, as well as making decisions based on impulses or pressure experienced from others.

old and new An important factor that determines the influence of a particular eclipse is the end of a lunar node axis that the eclipse falls on. The North Node, which has an influence similar to that of Jupiter, attracts new energy, makes us gain new experiences, conquer new areas of life, learn about new fields, and feel that we deserve something new and good. The South Node, which has an influence similar to that of Saturn, makes us let go of old energy, share what we have with others, repay what we owe to society, our family or the previous generations (some prefer to call it ‘karma’). It makes us struggle against limitations and rules. The South Node is considered difficult, even malefic.

Eclipses, which occur several times a year, always fall within a particular house of our individual horoscope. Eclipses that form aspects with planets or axes are different. They occur much less frequently, particularly those that fall within 2°-3° of the planet or axis... and even less so if they form a conjunction. Eclipses that conjoin planets set new directions in our lives, suddenly change our perspective, and awaken dormant and hidden energies associated with a particular planet.

Inner transformation

When an eclipse aspects our planets or axes, we can expect major changes in our lives. The most important aspects are the conjunction, square and opposition; sextiles and trines are aspects we experience in a mild way. Conjunctions cause us to experience inner transformation, and the planet that the eclipse conjoins often shows its hidden, previously dormant, facet. It is when we ourselves become the initiators of changes in our life. The case with squares and oppositions is a little different, because the eclipse that aspects our planets or axes causes external events to happen, or third persons to interfere with our lives. Eclipses that create aspects within 2°-3° of orb exert the strongest influence on us. The weaker the aspect, the less the significance of events that happen in our life because of the eclipse’s influence.

Influence of the eclipse when it falls…

On the Sun

Issues related to our identity and goals in life. Making a difficult and important decision; overcoming difficulties; reinforcing the ego and life force. Positive empowerment; a feeling of strength and power. New ideas to express ourselves – also through our looks. Expressing traits resulting from the placement of our natal Sun, which were dormant before. Engaging in a new activity or sport; a new passion in life. Enlightenment!

Dangers: A crisis of identity; being confused about our goals in life; low self-esteem and a feeling of inferiority; the feeling of rejection. Problems with one’s own masculinity (in a man’s birth chart) or problems with men, for example the father or the husband (in a woman’s birth chart). Decrease in life force, sicknesses (particularly those related to the heart, blood circulation and the chest; heart failure).

On the Moon

Changes regarding the feelings, the family, the house and its affairs. The relationship with the mother or with women become important. Changing nutrition habits and habits at home. Issues related to motherhood, pregnancy, the birth of a child to a family. New romance. Little sorrows and depressions; melancholy. Moving houses, renovating a house or re-arranging furniture; maundering around the house.

Dangers: a domineering mother; depressive states; doubting the honesty and strength of feelings in a relationship; concern for a child or for a pregnancy.

Sicknesses: related to the stomach, digestion, fluids in the organism.

On Mercury

New ideas and doubts. Important news; discovering something new and ingenious. Correctly making sense of crucial information; an important journey. A new, important acquaintanceship. A change in the way of thinking. Difficult negotiations. New profession, new job. An idea for a new book. Signing an important contract.

Dangers: Dangers during travels. Arguments with relatives or siblings; competition in your profession, disadvantageous transaction.

Sicknesses: related to the lungs, throat, arms and brain.

On Venus

indulgenceChanges regarding personal finance, the way we look (change of clothing style), comfort, interior decoration; changes in relationships with people. A desire to acquire pretty items like clothing or jewellery, to look better, to indulge ourselves (food, drink, sex), and to experience new things in a relationship. We spend a lot on ourselves and on satisfying our needs. Luck for meeting the right people, and for money. Discovering our beauty, our assets in looks; plastic surgery. Arousing admiration in people’s minds; good publicity; making a good impression on someone. Important and life-changing relationship. Discovery of new pleasures. A dangerous affair. In a man’s chart: meeting an exceptional woman, significant romantic partner; proposal. In a woman’s chart: a desire to marry; proposal; a very important, life-changing relationship.

Dangers: Financial losses; hidden affairs, divorce, social scandal, suffering caused by another person. A difficult decision regarding a relationship; forced marriage. Divorce. Loss of good reputation; loss of clientele.

Sicknesses: related to insulin, kidneys, throat, jaw; loss of acuteness in the senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing).

On Mars

Finding a new source of life energy. Fighting for what’s ours; finding oneself in opposition to something or someone. Taking a bold step and making a risky decision. A conflict with a man or superior. Difficulty in achieving a compromise; doing only what we want to do. No one can impose anything on us. The need for sexual expression. Finding a new, dream partner (a perfect partner), or even the possibility of marriage – particularly in the case of women.

Dangers: A huge verbal fight; struggle for life and death. Physical exhaustion; contusions; car accidents.

Sicknesses: fractures, physical injuries, muscle pain, head injuries, loss of blood; adrenalin rushes, surgery.

On Jupiter

We want to expand our territory, our place in the world, our influences and wealth. Sometimes we want too much, or we want something that costs too much, or we make promises we can’t keep – that can get us into trouble. Meeting helpful, influential people. Taking our education in a new direction; religious and spiritual inspirations; a fortunate journey, the journey of our dreams. Achieving spiritual or material wealth. Winning an award, receiving honours, a diploma; acquiring documents that enable us to work on a grand scale. Meeting a guru. Attracting all what’s good into our lives. Being under the protection of higher powers or being protected by good people.

Dangers: Financial and business losses, money problems; taking too great risks that end in a fiasco; swimming in debt, solvency problems. Troubles with law, a trial; a dishonest associate.

Sicknesses: related to the liver, thighs and muscles.

On Saturn

We want to change something in the structure of our lives, in our career, and to change our material status. Taking on long-term obligations and making difficult business decisions. Change in direction in career. New responsibilities, but also liabilities. Complete reorganisation of our lives, including the rearrangement of furniture. Being an authority for someone. Fulfilling duties and karmic obligations. Overcoming difficulties and complexes in your life.

Dangers: Trouble with the law, temporary imprisonment, financial losses, punishments and consequences of mistakes made. Helping elderly people; another person becomes an authority for us. Problems with overcoming one’s own weaknesses; mistakes made because of weaknesses related to Saturn’s influence. Complexes.

Sicknesses: Related to the spine, skin, bones, and lack of minerals. Weakening of the organism.

Trans-Saturnian planets aren’t that important (their placements are common to people in the same age-group), unless they aspect personal planets and axes. If that’s the case, the events they produce carry the influences characteristic of these planets.

On Uranus

spiralChanges over which we have no control. It’s hard for us to control ourselves. Unforeseen circumstances, sudden and irreversible changes. A need for freedom, independence; letting go of everything that is old and useless. Sudden infatuation; a new romantic partner, different from the current one.

Warning: this eclipse makes us accident prone. Our nervous system becomes vulnerable. Asthma, allergies and the like are likely to give us a hard time us during this transit.

On Neptune

Having the ground cut from under our feet; we look at situations in life through pink glasses. We’re susceptible to infatuation, influence from others and suggestions. Major spiritual and artistic inspirations. A journey of our dreams. Falling in love. Good fortune and success. Warning! This eclipse makes it easier for others to deceive and to cheat us. We also tend to mistake delusions for reality.

Dangers: psychosomatic sicknesses, addictions.

On Pluto

Feeling the necessity of changes. Deep psychological and intuitive insight into the situation in which we find ourselves, and into our lives. Major challenges, obstacles to overcome; new sources and resources, acquiring new money and becoming more influential.

Dangers: getting involved in organised crime structures; getting involved in relationships from which it is difficult to free ourselves, and which can cost us dearly.

A magical bestseller

Meyer natalStephanie Meyer, author of Twilight, the famous novel saga about vampires, was born during a solar eclipse in the cardinal sign of Capricorn. Although the exact hour of her birth is not known, it is known that on the day of her birth a total solar eclipse took place at 3° Capricorn. People born during an eclipse lead an interesting and often stormy, controversial life. Or, as in the case of Meyer, capture the imagination of the masses through the art they create. An interesting fact about Meyer’s case is that she achieved great success by writing a corny story about vampires who avoid the Sun – and what makes it possible for them during the day? An eclipse, of course.

The eclipse falls within the writer’s birth chart on the South Lunar Node (recursive experiences). Her work is in no way a breath of fresh air into literature. It’s a downright clumsy and naïve copy of what has already been written about romance, love and vampires. Her books, despite being highly sought after by teenagers all over the world, weren’t well received by the critics. Meyer isn’t much of a writer, and has no literary talent. She based her story on two of the darkest and most famous love stories: Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, opposes the eclipse in her birth chart. Since the exact hour of her birth is unknown, we cannot examine whether any other planet, placed more favourably than Mars and Saturn, rules any of the axes in her birth chart. Curiously enough, the premières of subsequent tomes of the saga took place on the days around eclipses! I don’t think it was a coincidence. It’s rather an interesting manifestation of the potential inherent in her birth chart.

Meyer transits 2003The Twilight saga was born during a dream that Stephanie had on the night of 2 June 2003. Meyer took notes of the dream, and later used them as the basis of the thirteenth chapter of the first tome of the saga about romantic vampires. At least, that’s what she keeps telling people. On the other hand, it’s hard to ignore the lawsuit that Meyer’s former roommate based on the claim that Stephanie stole her idea, which ended in a legal settlement. Interestingly enough, two days earlier, on 31 May 2003, an annular eclipse in 10° Gemini took place – and that one formed a supportive trine to her natal Venus and Jupiter (art, inspiration, money)! In 2003, the writer’s birth chart came under the influence of Saturn opposing her natal Sun, and Neptune conjoining her natal Jupiter. The incident, to be expected in the case of Neptune and dreams, was never officially explained – both parties settled the whole thing out of court. In 2004 the writer signed a book deal and managed to get her book published. These events were accompanied by an unusually beneficial secondary progression: the progressed Sun conjoined Stephanie’s natal Venus, which signifies the beginning of a new, happy stage in life, and promises finding one’s path in life.

Meyer transits 2005 The first part of Twilight was published in the U.S. in October 2005, and by November had already reached the fifth place on the New York Times bestseller list. On 3 October 2005 an annular solar eclipse in 11° Libra took place, conjoining Meyer’s natal Pluto and squaring her natal Sun, while transiting Pluto was conjunct her natal Mercury. The social status of the authoress, her reputation, her goals in life, changed over the time of one month. Stephanie wrote a novel that teenagers all over the world read until the small hours. Booksellers couldn’t believe their eyes. After the première of the last part of Harry Potter’s adventures, no one expected another book ever to repeat its record-breaking sales. It turned out to be possible, and the fashion for magical stories continues. The four parts of the series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, have so far sold over 17 million copies worldwide. What’s interesting is that subsequent premières of the parts of the saga about Bella and Edward were planned by the writer herself or the advertising specialists for the days around the dates when eclipses were about to grace the sky! The second part, New Moon, was published on 6 September 2006, and a day later, on 7 September 2006, a partial lunar eclipse took place. The third part of Twilight had its première on 7 July 2007, and the total lunar eclipse took place on 28 August 2007. The final, fourth part of the saga, Breaking Dawn, had its première on 2 August 2008 – a day after a total solar eclipse on 1 August 2008. It couldn’t have been a coincidence. This story shows not only that it’s possible in the 21st century to make a fortune by writing about eclipses, but also that eclipses mark important moments in the lives of every one of us. And when they coincide with life-changing transits of heavy planets, they can cause not only chaos and confusion but also a positive revolution in our lives.

Fate or coincidence?

Polanski natal The famous Polish director, Roman Polański, came to this world just before a solar eclipse. Many decisive and often tragic events in his life took place when eclipses affected the sensitive points in his birth chart. People born on the day, or around the date, of an eclipse have an important mission to fulfil in their lives, but they also have to struggle against difficulties and adversities, which makes them always feel different from others and alienated. That’s why Polański’s life, ever since he was a child, was guided by some sort of fate. His Jewish family moved from Paris to Cracow in 1937 – two years before the outbreak of the Second World War. He had to come to terms with the death of his mother in a concentration camp (while she was pregnant with his baby brother) and endure hardships of war.

Polanski 1968In 1968, Polański married Sharon Tate, moved to Hollywood, and won an Oscar for Rosemary’s Baby (for the best female supporting role). These radical changes in his life were accompanied by a lunar eclipse in 23° Libra which affected his Ascendant and Descendant (13 April 1968), and changed his personality, gave him opportunities to grow, and brought him new contracts and marriage. Later, his birth chart came under the influence of a total solar eclipse (on 22 September 1968) which fell within 29° 30' Virgo, and conjoined Polański’s Venus and Jupiter (money, women, partnership and fertility). The third eclipse in this cycle was a lunar eclipse on 6 October 1968, which fell on the Ascendant-Descendant axis at 13° 14' Aries. Eclipses complemented and reinforced the influence of strong planetary transits to his birth chart in 1968. Transiting Saturn formed a conjunction with his Descendant, and travelled through his 7th house, also squaring his Moon and the Midheaven-Imum Coeli axis and opposing Mars (taking on serious commitments regarding family, the household and relationship). Transiting Uranus formed a conjunction with his natal Venus and Jupiter (relationship changes). But that’s not all – Neptune squared his natal Sun, mobilising his artistic abilities and giving him the hope that he could finally shape his own family life, which he had never had the chance to experience.

On 8 August 1969, when Polański’s wife and her friends were murdered by Manson’s Family, a lunar eclipse was drawing near, which took place on 27 August 1969 at 4° Pisces, opposing Polański’s natal Neptune (having the ground cut from under one’s feet, loss of delusions, becoming a victim). Shortly after this eclipse, on 11 September 1969, a solar eclipse at 18° 53' Virgo took place, again conjoining his Venus and Jupiter. Earlier, his birth chart was under the influence of strong eclipses: an annular solar eclipse on 18 March 1969 in 27° 25' Pisces, opposing his natal Venus; and the lunar eclipse on 2 April 1969 in 12° 43' Libra, which again fell on Polański’s Ascendant-Descendant axis. All these eclipses were a horrific complement to very difficult transits that Polański had to face in 1969: transiting Pluto conjoined his Jupiter and Venus (loss in love, the end of a relationship due to painful – tragic in his case – circumstances).

Polanski 1977In 1977, when he was arrested in the United States on suspicion of raping an underage girl (11 March), his birth chart was influenced by a series of eclipses. On 7 April 1977 a lunar eclipse at 15° Libra took place, conjoining his Ascendant and loosely conjoining his Mars on the 12th-house side (reputation, way of doing things, struggle for independence and freedom, sexual violence, secret enemies, being a victim, imprisonment). On 18 April 1977 a solar eclipse in 29° Libra took place, conjoining his Mars. On 13 October another solar eclipse took place, this time at 20° Libra, and conjoined his Ascendant and Mars. This cycle of eclipses was accompanied in 1977 and 1978 by transiting Pluto forming a conjunction with the director’s Ascendant. In addition, Saturn formed a conjunction with his natal Sun in 1977 and 1978 (a conflict with law, the necessity of taking responsibility for one’s actions, restrictions – in his case manifesting as time spent in prison). Later, when Polański fled to Europe and began to hide from the American authorities, Pluto – from 1979 until 1981 – squared his Midheaven-Imum Coeli axis (public image, basic life conditions) and the Moon (sense of security).

Polanski 2009From 2009 until 2010, Polański’s horoscope was under the influence of a cycle of solar eclipses, which transited his Midheaven-10th house (which represents social status) and the Moon (sense of security). In October 2009, after the solar eclipse that took place on 22 July 2009 at 30° Cancer (on his natal Moon, Pluto and South Node – shaking the foundation of the family and sense of security; fear for one’s life), he was detained by Swiss authorities at the request of the U.S. Justice Department and faced the possibility of being extradited. Strangely enough, Polański was sought on the basis of a European arrest warrant that was issued thirty years ago, and despite the fact that for many years now he has lived in a house in Switzerland where he frequently spent his time, no one ever went to arrest him there. The eclipses were accompanied by transiting Jupiter opposing Polański’s natal Sun (our actions versus the law), and by transiting Saturn conjoining Polański’s natal Jupiter and Venus. Interesting also is the fact that Uranus opposed his natal Venus and Jupiter at the same time as Neptune opposed his natal Sun. Similar transits accompanied in the past both fortunate events (winning the Oscar, marriage) and difficult experiences (the trial, imprisonment), which I described earlier in the text.

Polanski 2010Another solar eclipse occurred on 15 January 2010, falling on 16° Capricorn and on the artist’s Imum Coeli – his lawyers went out of their way to prevent his extradition, and journalists beset his family members as well as his house in Switzerland where he served a house arrest sentence. In February 2010 Polański’s film Ghost Writer won him best director award at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival. The director couldn’t accept even such an important award in person (in 2002, because of the arrest warrant issued in 1978, he couldn’t accept the Oscar for directing The Pianist in person; his arrival in the U.S. would have ended in his being sent to prison). On 12 July 2010, right after the solar eclipse at 20° Cancer which strongly influenced Polański’s horoscope (it fell exactly on his Midheaven – the point ruling his career and fame), he was unexpectedly released from house arrest. Swiss authorities announced that because of the failure of the U.S. to accomplish formalities, they wouldn’t hand the director over to the American authorities. This time the eclipse caused a sudden, but positive, twist of fate.

When does an eclipse empower us and when does it make us vulnerable?

How is it possible that the eclipse had a positive effect on him? Earlier, in 1968 and 1969, eclipses and difficult planetary transits ‘attacked’ Venus, the ruler of his Ascendant, which is really weakly placed in his birth chart – in the sign of her fall, Virgo, and in the weak 12th house, which represents secret enemies and isolation. Eclipse Difficult transits emphasised her negative influences. Something similar happened in 1977 and 1978, when the eclipses exerted influence on the director’s Ascendant, whose ruler, Venus, is in her fall position, which means that she has the least possible potency in the birth chart. A planet in the sign of her fall doesn’t function in accordance with her own nature and expresses her negative traits, or sabotages success in the areas of life and disciplines it rules in the birth chart. In Polański’s case, Venus rules the Ascendant, which is the reason why he had difficult relationships with women throughout his life, and why he had no luck with money (the production of his films was often halted because of exceeding the budget in the very beginning of the production stage – after all, Venus is conjunct his Jupiter, which translates into lack of restraint in spending money), and why despite his many successes, bad luck followed him throughout his entire life (Venus is weak and rules the Libra Ascendant). In 2009 and 2010 the eclipses exerted influence on the artist’s Midheaven-Imum Coeli axis, which is ruled by planets favourably placed in his birth chart. The Midheaven is ruled by the Moon, which is in her domicile in Cancer and is located in a strong angular 10th house, conjunct his Midheaven. The Imum Coeli, on the other hand, is ruled by Saturn (which just like the Moon, is in the sign of his rulership) in Aquarius, and in a strong, angular 4th house. Saturn is weakened by retrogradation, but as we know, things weren’t easy for him back in 2009, because he spent several months under house arrest (it’s amazing how accurately this event reflects the symbolism of retrograde Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th house), before he was released.

Eclipses falling on axes, planets and Luminaries show how blind chance, or fate, leads us in new directions and gives us courage to take another step into the unknown, go beyond the possibilities outlined by our birth chart, or discover hidden talents and dormant needs. Often, even when the birth chart isn’t affected by any important planetary transit, the strong influence of an eclipse shows us a new direction and causes a sudden change in the way we perceive ourselves and our possibilities.

Stephanie Meyer, born 24 December 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, birth time unknown. Rodden rating: X. Source: Wikipedia.org
Roman Polański, born on 18 August 1933 at 10:30 BST (-1:00) in Paris, France. Rodden rating: AA. Source: Astrodatabank.com

First published by: The Astrological Journal, Nov/Dec 2011

Faye BlakeIzabela Podlaska, Polish astrologer since 1998, is co-founder and teacher at the Warsaw School of Astrology. She runs www.astroportal.pl, one of the biggest and most popular Polish astrology websites with very active discussion boards. Her articles on astrology are published in the nationwide press on a regular basis. Her books and TV/radio appearances popularise astrology in Poland. She is co-founder of the Polish Astrological Association. She's an editor of Astrologia Profesjonalna magazine. She has been a member of the British Astrological Association since 2002. She was a speaker at the Astrological Association Conference in 2010 at Wyboston Lakes, UK. She lives in Warsaw.
Her website: http://izabelapodlaska.pl/
Contact: iza.podlaska@gmail.com

Image sources:
Charts provided by author and Astrological Journal
All other images: CC0 Creative Commons, via pixabay.com

© Izabela Podlaska- 2011/2018

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