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I'm looking at a biography of Dane Rudhyar titled "Dane Rudhyar: His Music, Thought, and Life" by Deniz Ertan (University of Rochester Press, 2009.) On page xvii under a heading "Events in the Life of Dane Rudhyar it lists his birth time as 4:42 AM. Deniz does not directly quote the source for the time but he had extensive use of Rudhyar's papers including an unpublished autobiography. Could it be that we have "dirty data" on the greatest astrologer of the 20th century? In case you're wondering the 4:42 birthtime (the date and place are the same as listed in Astrodatabank) gives an Aquarius ascendant with the moon a few degree below the angle. Does anyone have in information about this discrepancy?

Wendell C. Perry