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Economic restructuring is shown by Pluto transiting opposite US Venus, Jupiter and Sun, and by the Saturn return currently happening. Saturn returns are accompanied everywhere by difficult adjustments, and Pluto transits to Venus and Jupiter in a house of economic meaning like the 2nd or 8th, means a broad restructuring of the economy.

This is not just the Great Recession, this is also the Great Reset. A sustainable economy versus an economy based on continuous growth necessitates a revised mindset across the nation and the globe. Venture capitalists are pumping money into Cleantech, because it is the newest approach to technology, but perhaps a broader perspective is required here. Many individuals are now growing what used to be called "victory gardens" or buying their vegetables from community supported agriculture (csa'), and cleantech is just a symptom of a change in values from consumables to sustainables. This will be a long and painful transition, and many businesses that don't have sustainability at their core will fail.