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Nation: USA No.8 Gender: N/A
Ron Grimes chart
born on 1 March 1781 at 15:19 (= 3:19 PM )
Place Philadelphia PA, USA, 39n57, 75w09
Timezone LMT m75w09 (is local mean time)
Data source
Timed, original source unknown
Rodden Rating C
Collector: Rodden
Astrology data s_su.18.gif s_piscol.18.gif 11°41' s_mo.18.gif s_taucol.18.gif 23°24 Asc.s_leocol.18.gif 12°14'


Date of the Articles of Confederation, considered by some astrologers as the chart of the U.S.

Dates for rectification given with U.S. chart No.1.

Grimes Rectification Events (Using Vedic Astrology)

April 12th 1861 – Gunfire at Fort Sumter, marking beginning of Civil War

The nation was in a Mercury-Sun period. This is quite striking as the sub-period lord is the natural ruler of the government, residing natally in the house of death-like situations (8th house). Transit-wise, the nodes were approaching the equal bhava madhya (midpoint of the arc) of the 6/12 house axis, causing an increase in tensions, conflicts, and loss of life. The 6th lord, Jupiter, was in opposition aspect with natal Venus, afflicting the ruler of the 4th house, governing domestic peace, assets, and infrastructure.

October 25th 1929 – Great Crash

The nation was in a Rahu-Mercury period. Rahu represents sudden gains that are eventually torn away. Such was the case in our country. Exuberance was seen and people were making a lot of money in trading until this date. Mercury’s rulership of the sub-period is equally relevant as the natural ruler of commerce and trade. Transit-wise, the malefic 6th lord, Jupiter was casting an opposition aspect on the equal bhava madhya of the 5th house, ruling speculative gains. Also, this placed Jupiter in affliction of natal Mars within the 5th house, creating a sudden blow to the market.

December 7th 1941 – Bombing of Pearl Harbor

The nation was in a Jupiter Saturn period. This is significant as Saturn is the lord of the 8th house, ruling death-like situations. He also has the ruler of government, the Sun, posited in his house as well. So, this speaks to deadly situations befalling the nation. Once again, transit-wise, the nodes were approaching the equal bhava madhya of the 2/8 house axis, causing an increase in problems to the nations status and wealth through war situations. Transit 8th lord, Saturn was at Taurus 00:26 in close conjunction with the natal ascendant lord, bring destruction to the protective forces of our nation.

1960’s and 70’s -Two decades fraught with anti-war sentiment, women's issues and civil rights issues, peace and sexual freedom.

The nation was in a Saturn period that ran from 1955 through 1974. This is relevant as Saturn is ruler of the 8th house, containing Aquarius, but residing in the mystical sign of Scorpio, in the 5th house. This clearly speaks to our involvement in a prolonged war, investigation of alternative lifestyles, interest in eastern meditation techniques, exploration of sexuality, and fighting for rights for the average person.

September 11th 2001 – Terrorist Attack on WTC and Pentagon

The country was in a Venus-Venus period. Natally, Venus is the ruler of domesticity (4th house lord), infrastructure, buildings, etc. Venus is natally afflicted closely by the lord of death, Saturn, from the secretive sign of Scorpio. Transit-wise, Saturn and Jupiter, ruling the 8th and 6th houses, respectively, were in close afflicting aspect to the natal lord of government, the Sun. In addition, Saturn afflicted the equal bhava madhya of the 1st, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses, while Jupiter afflicted the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses.

Predictions: In my view, accurate predictions MUST be made against a proposed USA chart, or the whole process has no validity. In light of this, I offer the following proof that this chart holds up under such criteria and scrutiny. All predictions are backed up by documents that are available to the public and which I have referenced.

ACVA (American Council of Vedic Astrology) Journal - July 1997

What was Predicted (by Ron Grimes):

Predicted that the stock market would crash in Fall 1997 prior to end of November.

What Happened:

Fell a record 554 points on October 27th 1997


Nov 4th 1999 -

Nov 30th 2000 -

May 17th 2001 -

What was Predicted (by Ron Grimes):

1) The market would crash in Spring 2000.

2) Year 2000 would be a bear market year.

3) The recovery would be slow

4) Markets would remain volatile until Spring 2001

5) After Spring 2001 low, markets would climb

6) Move to more conservative funds by 1st half of August 2001 as markets will have serious problems by late August.

7) USA will be in recession by late 2001.

8) By latter half of 2001, angst would affect economies worldwide, and there will be a considerable increase of problems to governments, natural resources, and conflicts.

What Happened:

Every single prediction above happened just as indicated.


Sep 24th 2001 -

What was Predicted (by Neville Lang):

USA would launch attacks against Afghanistan on October 7th 2001 at 12:10pm.

What Happened:

USA launched attacks on October 7th 2001 at 12:30pm

Ron Grimes

Source Notes

Ron Grimes, rectified in 1996 from the Articles of Confederation in which the date is clearly set by the document itself. (For complete text see (

Reasoning: The date associated with the ratification of the Articles of Confederation is, in my view, the only date that can be used, for the following reasons:

1)The Declaration of Independence is clearly a "divorce" decree that our founding fathers handed mother England. It lays out very well a list of our grievances against England, along with a statement that we are now a free and independent people. However, no where does it address the formation of a new nation, nor the laws by which it would operate. There is no more wisdom in using the Declaration of Independence as the birth of our nation than there would be in using a divorce date as the birth of a subsequent marriage.

2)Nor can we properly use a date related to the forming of the Constitution of the United States. As it clearly states, its purpose was to "form a more perfect union", not to create a new union. The union, or nation, had already been officially formed when the Articles of Confederation were ratified. But, the articles were flawed, so the Constitution was a mere rewriting of our rules of operation, but it did not attempt to create a nation. That had already been done on March 1st 1781.

3)We also cannot use the date of the approval of the wording of the Articles of Confederation. Agreement, by concerned parties, on the proper wording of a legal document does not put it into effect. No legal document becomes legally binding until the concerned parties have all signed it. That did not happen until March 1st 1781.


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