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Nation: USA No.12 Gender: N/A
Rick Houck rectified
born on 19 June 1776 at 11:54 (= 11:54 AM )
Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 39n57, 75w10
Timezone LMT m75w10 (is local mean time)
Data source
Original source unknown; untimed
Rodden Rating CX
Collector: Rodden
Astrology data s_su.18.gif s_gemcol.18.gif 28°49' s_mo.18.gif s_leocol.18.gif 10°40 Asc.s_vircol.18.gif 27°35'


Presented by Donna Quinn: Richard Houck gave me a 55 page booklet which outlined in great detail his analysis of his findings. I will briefly go over only 5 of the 11 major events plus more current ones, that he had detailed for this chart and why he believed it had such great accuracy as pertaining to this rectified date.

Since he has different events covered in his booklet in order to back up his rectification process, only 3 of those events match up with the selection of 30, so I will make reference to those three plus 2 more of his own for now, out of the more than 11 events he outlined. In his booklet he writes:

" Having now somewhat scorched the historical trail for basically any US chart, let me begin the astrological argument for my High-Five Chart. The first thing that had repelled me from all prior US charts was the absence of natal planets or angles at 27-29 degrees of the proper tropical mutables where there often seems to be significant activity, including prior eclipses at major national events.

Before giving further technical rationale, let’s stop a moment and just look at this chart while keeping at least one exotic fact in mind. Benjamin Franklin was the publisher of Poor Richard’s Almanac and was said to have elected the moment for George Washington’s inauguration. Suppose Franklin wanted to elect a US chart. As you look at the tropical chart, block out Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all of which were unknown at the time.

What do you see? Five of the seven planets all clustered high at the top two houses of the chart. Assuming he was a tropical astrologer, Franklin would have thought that both Saturn in the 1st and Jupiter in the 10th were both exalted (sidereally they are not, therefore they are not – although the sidereal moon becomes stronger in its own sign). It further turns out that on that exact day (June 19, 1776), both Jupiter and the Sun combined at the single highest degree and minute of northern declination that would be possible for decades to come. Including the MC, all three were conjunct by declination within 8 minutes of orb! This would be a very observable and auspicious, phenomena.

What I found in almost all the cases that I checked was that the tertiary Progressed station for a US birth date of 7/4/1776 occurred 14-15 days prior (depending upon whether you were using am or pm, July 4th chart) to the date that it "should" have been! Example: The P3 date for when America entered WWI based upon 7/4/1776, showed as 8/28/1781, but Mars (war) was stationary by P3 on 8/14/1781. Another example: The P3 date for Pearl Harbor (based on 7/4/1776) showed as 7/24/1782, but a Mercury station (realization) was on 7/10/1782. All of these examples and more were exact station dates!

Venus and Mars were also exactly conjunct by northern declination (with Mercury only one degree from them) and this cluster of three was only one degree from the other three. Only Saturn was hidden and at southern declination and it was only two days beyond a prior station thereby guaranteeing that the country could not progress into a Saturn station during its infancy. Clever. Also, both the Sun and MC would secondary progress (solar arc) to Jupiter within three to four years (3 to 4 months by tertiary) - also very clever. Along with the Part of Fortune in the 2nd house, it could be considered quite a potent chart for world leadership. Yet I only noticed this after I did the rectification!

Let’s look at some of the events while using the following notations: P3 stands for Tertiary progression while a P2 stands for Secondary progression. An "X" means an aspect is exact to the same degree. Actually everything will be exact and often much less. "TTM" means it’s exact "to the minute" (although sometimes it may actually be off by up to 5 minutes of orb). "T" means transiting, "S" means stationary, and "N" means the natal chart of the US (not of any President being discussed). When discussing the nodes (NN and SN), "t" represents true and "m" means node (note that since there is a 2 degree difference, I like to show both types; the north is arbitrarily shown as true and the south as mean). Note further that when I discuss the SN, my implied concept is that it does not promote material ambition and success (such as that of politicians.)

1. America entered WW1 (April 6, 1917)

a) Exact date of a sidereal Uranus sign ingress.

b) P3 Mars station (X on that date) (8/14/1781)

c) P3 Mars square N. Saturn (X)

d) P3 Saturn 3 days from station (8/17/1781)

e) P3 Moon square N. Neptune (X)

f) P3 t.Nodes square N. Pluto (TTM)

g) P2 Mars square N. Mars (X)

h) P2 Mars square P2 Uranus (X)

i) T, Pluto conjunct N. Jupiter (TTM)

2. Stock Market Crash (Oct 24, 1929)

a) P3 Mercury and P3 MC both conjunct N. m. SN (Aqu-08) (X)

b) P3 Saturn conjunct the N. IC (TTM) w/T. Saturn conjunct the same

c) P3 Uranus conjunct the N. Sun (X)

d) P3 Pluto conjunct the N. t.SN (X)

e) P2 Saturn square P2 Pluto (X)

f) P2 Asc conjunct N. t.SN

g) T. Pluto square P3 Nodal Axis (X)

h) T. Uranus to S. on P3 Venus (X)

3. Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941)

a) P3 Mercury station (X on that date)

b) Prior eclipse conjunct/square all angles (X)

c) P3 Asc conjunct N. Saturn (X)

d) P2 Saturn trioctile N. Venus (TTM)

e) T. Neptune square B. Sun (X)

4. JFK Assassinated (Nov 22, 1963)

a) Prior eclipse conjunct N. Pluto (X)

b) P2 Pluto conjunct P2 t.SN (TTM)

c) Prior eclipse square N. Saturn (X)

d) T. Saturn and P3 Mars conjunct P3 Desc.

e) P2 Mars conjunct P2 Desc (X)

f) P3 t.SN conjunct N. Asc (and P3 m.SM in on D.C. Asc) (X)

5. Challenger Explosion (Jan 28, 1986)

a) P3 Venus conjunct P3 Saturn (X)

b) T.Pluto in 2nd square N. nodes (X)

c) A P3 eclipse date on 6/12 Placidus cusps (2/20/1784)

d) Prior transiting eclipses in 2nd and 8th.

e) T. Saturn opposite P2 Uranus (X)

Based upon my experience and if you understand the distribution of stations (and the fundamental symbolic meaning of the planets), the above data argues powerfully for testing a US chart with a birth date 14-15 days earlier than the standard date!"

Richard Houck

Source Notes

Rick Houck, rectified to 11:53:50 AM LMT with a combination of Vedic and Western techniques of tertiary and secondary progressions. He used eclipses and stations and very tight orbs in order to come to his conclusions. Tertiaries were among his favorite type of progressions and he primarily used these techniques combined with the dasa and bindu systems of the Vedic world to come up with his own specialized methodology in which he found great accuracy in his political predictions.


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