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Jenna at as a person or astrologer does not exist. It is a fraud website run by a man in France, and it gives astrology and horoscopes a bad name.

To make it worse, the fake 'Jenna' tries to make it look as if 'she' was related to, the Astrodienst website. A similar domain was chosen, and is made visually to look a lot like 'about'. Astrodienst receives a lot of complaints about "its" Jenna astrologer, because fraud victims are lead to think it was related to

The domain name is registered to: Alexandre Baronnet, Sarl Atoll, AboutAstro, 1 Route De Bordeaux, 33550 Le Tourne, FRANCE. phone: +33 5 56 67 41 98 fax-no: +33 5 56 67 41 99 (Information based on IP address entry in

Other domain names used to do Jenna business:

Please use a search engine to search for 'Jenna astrology' and you will learn more.