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8. Standard Time Zones (meridian sort)

Zone Name Zone Abbr. (Rodden) Zone Abbr. (Taeger) Meridian GMT Offset
New Zealand Standard Time NZT NZT 180 East -12:00
New Zealand Daylight Time NZDT NZT/S 180 East -13:00
Old New Zealand Standard Time ONZT OZT 172:30 East -11:30
Old New Zealand Daylight Time ONZD OZT/S 172:30 East -12:30
Russian Zone 10 Standard Time R11S Z11 165 East -11:00
Russia Zone 10 Daylight Time R11D Z11/S 165 East -12:00
Russia Zone 10 War Time R11W Z11/S 165 East -12:00
Australia South Standard Time ASST ASST 157:30 East -10:30
Australia South Daylight Time ASDT ASST/S 157:30 East -11:30
Australia Eastern Standard Time AEST AEST 150 East -10:00
Australia Eastern Daylight Time AEDT AEST/S 150 East -11:00
Australia Central Standard Time ACST ACST 142:30 East -09:30
Australia Central Daylight Time ACDT ACST/S 142:30 East -10:30
Japan Standard Time JST JST 135 East -09:00
Japan Daylight Time JDT JST/S 135 East -10:00
Japan War Time JWT JST/S 135 East -10:00
Australia Western Standard Time AWST AWST 120 East -08:00
Australia Western Standard Time AWST AWST' 120 East -08:00
Australia Western Daylight Time AWDT AWST/S 120 East -09:00
Java Standard Time JVT JVT 112:30 East -07:00
Java Daylight Time JVDT JVT/S 112:30 East -08:30
South Sumatra Standard Time SST SST 105 East -07:00
South Sumatra Daylight Time SSDT SST/S 105 East -08:00
North Sumatra Standard Time NST NST 97:30 East -06:30
North Sumatra Daylight Time NSDT NST/S 97:30 East -07:30
Russia Zone 5 Standard Time R5T R5T' 90 East -06:00
Russia Zone 5 Daylight Time R5DT R5T/S 90 East -07:00
Russia Zone 5 War Time R5WT R5T/S 90 East -07:00
India Standard Time IST IST 82:30 East -05:30
India Daylight Time IDT IST/s 82:30 East -06:30
India War Time IWT IST/S 82:30 East -6:30
Russia Zone 4 Standard Time R4T R4T 75 East -05:00
Russia Zone 4 Daylight Time R4DT R4T/S 75 East -06:00
Russia Zone 4 War Time R4WT R4T/S 75 East -06:00
Russia Zone 3 Standard Time R3T R3T 60 East -04:00
Russia Zone 3 Daylight Time R3DT R3T/S 60 East -05:00
Russia Zone 3 War Time R3WT R3T/S 60 East -05:00
Iran Standard Time IRT IRT 52:30 East -03:30
Iran Daylight Time IRDT IRT/S 52:30 East -04:30
Baghdad Standard Time BGT BGT 45 East -03:00
Baghdad Daylight Time BGDT BGT/S 45 East -04:00
Kenya Standard Time KET' KET 45:00 East -02:30
Eastern European Standard Time EET EET 30 East -02:00
Eastern European Daylight Time EEDT EET/S 30 East -03:00
Eastern European War Time EEWT EET/S 30 East -03:00
Middle European Standard Time MET MET 15 East -01:00
Middle European Daylight Time MEDT MET/S 15 East -02:00
Middle European War Time MEWT MET/S 15 East -02:00
Middle European Double Summer Time MDST MET/S 15 East -03:00
Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time / Western European Time GMT/UT WET/UT 0 +00:00
Greenwich Daylight Time / Westren European Summer Time GDT WET/S 0 -01:00
Greenwich War Time / Western European Summer Time GWT WET/S 0 -01:00
Greenwich Double War Time / Western European Double Summer Time GDWT WET/DS 0 -02:00
West Africa Standard Time WAT WAT 15 West +01:00
West Africa Daylight Time WADT WAT/S 15 West +00:00
Azores Standard Time AZT AZT 30 West +02:00
Azores Daylight Time AZDT AZT/S 30 West +01:00
Azores War Time AZWT AZT/S 30 West +01:00
Brazil Zone 2 Standard Time BZT BZT 45 West +03:00
Brazil Zone 2 Daylight Time BZDT BZT/S 45 West +02:00
Newfoundland Standard Time NFT NFT 52:30 West +03:30
Newfoundland Daylight Time NFDT NFT/S 52:30 West +02:00
Newfoundland War Time NFWT NFT/S 52:30 West +02:30
Atlantic Standard Time AST AST 60 West + 04:00
Atlantic Daylight Time ADT AST/S 60 West +03:00
Atlantic War Time AWT AST/D 60 West +03:00
Eastern Standard Time EST EST 75 West +05:00
Eastern Daylight Time EDT EST/S 75 West +04:00
Eastern War Time EWT EST/S 75 West +04:00
Central Standard Time CST CST 90 West +06:00
Central Daylight Time CDT CST/S 90 West +05:00
Central War Time CWT CST/S 90 West +05:00
Mountain Standard Time MST MST 105 West +07:00
Mountain Daylight Time MDT MST/S 105 West +06:00
Mountain War Time MWT MST/S 105 West +06:00
Pacific Standard Time PST PST 120 West +08:00
Pacific Daylight Time PDT PST/S 120 West +07:00
Pacific War Time PWT PST/S 120 West +07:00
Yukon Standard Time YST YST 135 West +09:00
Yukon Daylight Time YDT YST/S 135 West +08:00
Yukon War Time YWT YSTS/S 135 West +08:00
Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time AHST' AHT 150 West +10:00
Alaska-Hawaii Daylight Time AHDT AHT/S 150 West +09:00
Alaska-Hawaii War Time AHWT AHT/S 150 West +09:00
Hawaii Standard Time HST HST 157:30 West +10:30
Hawaii Daylight Time HDT HST/S 175:30 West +09:30
Hawaii War Time HWT HST/S 157:30 West +09:30
Nome-Bering Standard Time NAT NAT 165 West +11:00
International Date Line East IDLE IDLE 180 East -12:00
International Date Line West IDLW IDLW 180 West' +12:00

The Zone Abbreviations as compiled by Rodden-McDonough and by Taeger are for the most part similar. The only major discrepancies are:

  • Rodden calls the meridian 0 degrees East / 0 degrees West by the name GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) inasmuch as astronomical calculations for our planet originate from Greenwich observatory. Taeger calls by the name WET (Western European Time). GMT or UT is used by Taeger not as a time zone but as a common basic standard for astronomical calculations related to Greenwich.
  • We may also note that the meridian 15 degrees East is called both MET (Middle European Time) and CET (Central European Time) by different astrologers.
  • For all the time zones, Rodden uses the distinction of DT (Daylight Time) or WT (War Time) when appropriate.
  • Taeger uses the distinction of adding a /S to designate the distinction of both DT and WT.

We recognize that certain standards are in common usage in different parts of the world (such as GMT or WET, and MET or CET) and consider that an educated astrologer is capable of integrating standards that are flexible enough to include alternate zone names, providing that those alternates are not excessive.

With first-hand knowledge of your own zone, you are able to contribute to the education of all of us by correcting any zone flaws. In all the reference material on hand, there are inconsistencies. Until someone takes on the major project of updating all this material, there is some speculation on various time zones. Let us work together to resolve some of these questions. (I, for one did not know that Germany ever used Double Daylight until Hans Taeger pointed it out. Does anyone know if Guam ever used Daylight Time?)