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5. Data Newsletters

  • Cadran Le Lettre du Cadran, B.P. 31-56350 Allaire, France, edited by Patrice Petitallot, eight pages, about 30 data plus errata and updates. The French data is all from B.C. and other data usually states the source; a short bio is included. Available in French and in English. Highly recommended. (Out of print.)
  • Data News Bi-monthly newsletter with 20 or more data plus errata and updates. Pub by Lois Rodden, 100 editions. All data sources are noted and a short bio is included. Highly recommended. Out of print, but the data are included in AstroDatabank.
  • Datanotizie Italian newsletter edited by Grazie Bordoni, four pages or more of data of people and mundane events, in Italian and in English. Highly recommended. Out of print.
  • INFOsophia Asbl Star *L, 19, Avenue P.-H, Spaak, B. 1070 Brussels, Belgium. Belgian newsletter edited by Jany Bessier and Michel Mandl, 25 pages of articles, astrological activities and data. Recommended.
  • Maison III Cedra Astralis, 7, Place des Terereaux, 69001 Lyon, France. Le Lettre d'Information du Cedra. French four-page newsletter, 20 or more data, edited by Annie-Clair and Maurice Charvet, published intermittently. Recommended.
  • Quintile Federation Astrologique Belge, 300 Chausee de La Hulpe, 1170 Bruxelles, Belgium. Belgian newsletter edited by Astrid Fallon with a dozen or more data. Recommended.

Many other magazines, journals and newsletters, books and websites give or quote chart data Caution is recommended when accepting, using or perpetuating data that do not state reliable sources. Astrologers can not validate their findings without validating their material. The astrologer who recognizes, appreciates and practices professionalism uses accurate data from reliable sources and states their data source in all their research work, publications, classes and lectures.