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4. Printed Collections

(For brevity, Longitude and Latitude are given as L&L; published is pub, and Biographical resume as bio).

  • Astrodata 100 Regiesseure and Klassische Filmschauspieler und Filmschauspielerinnen Pub in Switzerland (1989), two volumes with 100 data each of film stars. A full page bio and chart is given for each person, often with a picture. The data includes the date, time and place, with local time and sidereal time but no L&L; the text is in German. The sources are given in the back section. Astrodata AG, Lindenbachstrasse 56, CH-8042 Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Barbault, Andre Themes de Musiciens (1954), Astres Royaux (1995) Date, time and place, source and a bio written in French. For information: 44 rue du General Brunet, 75019 Paris, France. Both volumes are out of print.
  • Bordoni Dati Di Nascita Interessanti Fourteen volumes by 2000, pub by Grazia Bordoni, via Ranzini 30, 27018 Vidigulfo PV, Italy . Close to 25,000 data given with date, time and place, time signature and L&L. The first volume has a one or two word classification, all the following volumes have a brief bio. The text is in Italian; the most common classifications (writer, actor, politician, etc) are given in English in the introduction. Two more volumes deal with Special Groups and with Mundane Data. About half of the data are from Italian B.C. noted as such; however, the data from other sources such as books, magazines or other collectors is unclassified as to accuracy. The tenth volume contains a short bio in English.
  • Clifford, Frank C. British Entertainers: The Astrological Profiles A collection of English and Scottish data, over 800 in total. Many originate from the author's personal collection and have not been published elsewhere. Contains brief bio, full data, sources, Rodden Rating, signatures and L&Ls and many charts. The Scottish data are entirely from B.C. Pub privately; Flare Publications, c/o BCM Planets, London WC1N 3XX, England
  • Clifford, Frank C. The Astrologer's Book of Charts Contains 150 charts with sources. Pub in 2009, Flare Publications, c/o BCM Planets, London WC1N 3XX, England
  • Contemporary Sidereal Horoscopes (1976), compiled by Katherine Clark, Allen Gilchrist, Janice Mackey and Charles Dorminy. A model collection of 150 data entirely from B.C. given with time zone and signature and the L&L; charts in the sidereal zodiac; no bio. This volume was self-published, without an ISBN number, and is no longer available. The data are on disk (see chapter 3).
  • Discepolo, Ciro Gil Astri Del Successo, pub in Italy (1979). Two dozen data are given with the birth information, chart and bio article in Italian.
  • Drew, Marion Meyer 1001 Headline Horoscopes (1941) and 101 Hard to Find Horoscopes (1962). Chart wheels given but full data and source lacking, abysmal accuracy. A half page of bio with each. Out of print.
  • Erlewine, Stephen Circle Book of Charts (1972) 1,300 charts are given, give per page with name, date and time of birth when known with one or two words of identification; no time zone or signature, no L&L. Sources are given in the back when available; most of the charts are solar. Only 185 have birth times.
  • Gauquelin, Francoise et Michel 16,346 data gathered from birth records in France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands (pub 1949-1971).

Vol 1: 2089 Sports Champions

Vol II: 3657 Men of Science

Vol III: 3429 Military Men

Vol IV: 2722 Painters and Musicians

Vol V: 2412 Actors and Politicians

Vol VI: 2027 Writers and Journalists

The birth times are rounded off to the quarter hour. No time zones or signatures nor L&Ls given. An additional collection in the series contains Murderers and Psychotics with no names. There are no bio notes.

  • Gerard, Caroline The House of Commons Collection Several hundred people in the British Government, Members of parliament of the 1987 General Election. Data from Scottish B.C. or from the person. For information, write to: 6 Belford Mews, Dean Village, Edinburgh EH4 3BT, Scotland.
  • Harrison, Jadwiga M. Fowler's Compendium of Nativities 500 data are given with date, time and place with a page, more or less, of bio for each. The sources are listed in the back. Excellent presentation but unfortunately not edited and laden with errors.
  • Harvey, James Martin Nativitas I and II, pub by Triom (1992, 1994), Centro De Estudos Harvey, Rua Aracari 208, 01453-202 Sau Paulo, SP, Brazil. Each volume contains over 300 historical data collected by Harvey. Though poorly printed, the data are prizes. In nearly all cases they include the original Latin or French quotes along with the English translation and Harvey's notes. Conversion Tables for Sun-dial and for Julian-to-Gregorian are helpful (as given later in this workbook).
  • Holden, James H. and Hughes, Robert A. Astrological Pioneers of America, pub by AFA (1988), PO Box 22040, Tempe, AZ 85285-2040. A collection of 1,448 astrologers with birth and death dates when known, time, place and a short bio. No time zones, signatures nor L&Ls given, no charts.
  • Jansky, Robert Here and Now (1975) Astrology and the Feminist Movement (1977), pub by Astro-Analytics; out of print. The first volume has 100 charts, one per page with date, time and place; source in the back. The second volume has 62 charts with date, time and place, source and a bio given along with the chart, a great improvement even though a number of the data came from references that have not stood up to scrutiny.
  • Jones, Marc Edmund Sabian Symbols in Astrology (1953) 1000 data are given with name, date, time and place; no bio, no time zone or signature and no L&Ls. The data was that which were available at the time with no sources; much appears to be speculative and all are filled with errors.
  • Kendal, Shelagh, and Clark, Brian Charting Canada (1982),out of print. A small but excellent collection with some two dozen charts that include date, time and place along with the time zone and signature, the L&L, source and references and a half page of biography. A model collection, accurate, witty and informative.
  • Lescaut, Jacques de Encyclopedia of Birth Data One volume with 600 entries for each sign, pub in Belgium for a decade after 1980. The first few excellent volumes present the date, time and place, a birth time, when known, with the time zone, signature and L&L. A brief bio is given in French and English with data sequential by date, alphabetical names at the back of the book along with source and reference. The succeeding volumes increased in price and in error as they decreased in quality, no bio, names in one section, category in a second section, a chart in the third section and the source in the final section, making the volumes difficult to follow. Due to misquotes and errors, all the data must be classified as "C" unless verified by an outside source, with the exception of data from Lescaut's own country, Belgium, given as B.C. (Data in the Lescaut collections are credible when given by Luc de Marre, an extremely careful, accurate collector.)
  • Leo, Alan 1001 Notable Nativities(1917) A small booklet with date, place and time, no signature of L&L, planet positions are given to the nearest degree in the back of the book. The sources are that which was available at the time; much of the data appears speculative.
  • McKay-Clements, John Canadian Astrology Collection, pub January 1998. Approximately 600 data that include date, time and place along with the time zone and signature, the L&L, source and references. The short bio included over 100 dated events. For information, contact John McKay-Clements, 88 Wellesley St, E, Apt 808, Toronto, Ontario M4Y IH4, Canada.
  • Munkasey, Michael The Birth Data Index Compiled by Michael Munkasey, the index has over 8100 entries that identify where birth data can be located in the printed and published references listed in his index, including the entire 100 editions of Lois Rodden’s Data News. Each entry is accompanied by an occupational code. The complete index is available as a Microsoft Word file from Munkasey. He can be reached at
  • Penfield, Marc An Astrological Who's Who, pub (c.1975) Arcane Press. 500 charts, largely rectified, no source, bio or time signatures.
  • Penfield, Marc 2001: The Penfield Collection (1979). Name, date, time, time zone and signature and the L&L are given, as well as the source. Edited from the records of Rodden and Steinbrecher, 29% were verified as accurate and 22% as erroneous, the rest are speculative, "personal" or from sources which can not be traced. The abbreviation PC in source notes refers to this collection.
  • Rodden, Lois M. Astro-Data Series Five volumes of 4,800 data with 2,100 charts; date, time and place, time zone and signature, L&L and Rodden R

Astro-Data I: Profiles of Women Over 1300 data of women, many with charts. in addition, the first section describes each sign of the zodiac, with lists of women born under that sign.

Astro-Data II: American Book of Charts, 1200 data

Astro-Data III: Occult/General Collection, 700 data

Astro-Data IV: Culture Collection, 750 data

Astro-Data V: Crime Collection, 750 data

  • Spahn, Karen K. Pioneers of Tomorrow, pub by Astro-Analytics (1980). An excellent history of the N.A.S.A. space program with the charts of blast-off times and the charts of 43 astronauts. Approximately a third of the data of the astronauts were later updated with documentation.
  • Specht, Heinz Astro-Digest, pub by Verlag Ebertin, Germany (1987). Over 400 data given with time zone and signature, and L&L. Sources are given or reference of other astrologers and magazines.
  • Taeger,Hans-Heinrich Internationales Horoskope Lexikon, pub by Verlag Bauer, (1992), Kronenstr. 2.-4, D-79100 Freiburg, Germany. Three volumes, hard cover, 6,000 data, four charts per page. Each data gives the date, place, time in local time and in GMT, time zone and signature and the L&L. The introduction and classification is in both German and English and the brief bio for each case is in German. The source or multiple sources are listed along with the chart and data. Beautifully presented, the series culls the best of the Gauquelin, Bordoni, Rodden and other prior collections. Taeger supplied Errata Booklets to update the errors of the original volumes; it is not known whether these volumes are still available on request.
  • Tobias, Sylvia M. From the pages of Mercury Hour, pub privately (1990). A collection taken from a popular magazine with date, time and place, time zone and signature and L&L. The contributor of the data is listed; many of the sources as well as the data are later updated.
  • Wemyss, Maurice Famous Nativities, pub London (1938) 204 data with date, time and place, the source when known; planet positions given in the back of the book. Out of print.
  • Wright, Paul A Multitude of Lives, pub Edinburgh ParlandoPress (2009). This work contains a collection of AA-rated birth data, the majority of it unpublished before. There are times, dates and places of birth for around 2800 individuals taken from Scottish records. Available here