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3. Disk and Online Collections

The following data collections are on CD or online or both. This is not meant to be a complete list; it is simply a list of those collections reviewed by the editors.

  • Blackwell Collection 500 data on disk of historical figures. The late Arthur Blackwell was a fastidious collector. The disk contains biographical notes with most of the data. Astrolabe, P.O. Box 28, Orleans, MA, 01653. Alabe Formats: Solar Fire & Nova $50
  • Bordoni Collection Archives of more than 70,000 data of important persons, events, factories, natural phenomena and more. The program can provide gender, vocation, health condition and date and cause of death, or astrological combinations. Address queries to Grazia Bordoni, Via Ranzini 30, 27018 Vidigulfo PV, Italy. (0382) 614856. Formats: NOVA and DBASE III Plus.
  • Clifford Collection Available as a complimentary feature with Solar Fire 5. 500 timed charts with source notes, Rodden rating and a one-paragraph biography. Clifford posts data on Facebook under The London School of Astrology.
  • Contreras Collection 2001 The Contreras Collection 2001 contains over 6,800+ charts of sports (team charts, championship games, historical events, season data with scores, notes, sources). Sports included are baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and miscellaneous sports (golf, tennis, auto racing, horse racing, boxing, marathons, Olympics). Also includes chart files of television shows, and an atlas with locations for 1,100+ sports venues. Last known information: Jack S. Contreras, P.O. Box 427365, San Francisco, CA 94142 Format: Win*Star Price:$100.00/US On CD-ROM Add $6.00 for Shipping and Handling.
  • Erlewine, Stephen Circle Book of Charts (1972). 972 data. Most of the charts are solar. Only 185 have birth times. Formats: WinStar. This collection is no longer available in CD form.
  • Gauquelin, Michel and Francoise The data collected by the Gauquelins for their statistical studies are available in book form (see chapter 4) as well as online at the Cura website. The Cura website allows access to thousands of data collected from birth certificats.
  • Mackey-Saunders Contemporary Data Collection (1990) Over 600 data include the prior 150 from Contemporary Sidereal Horoscopes and Contemporary American Horoscopes, all from B.C. There are minimal data errors. The data have date, time, place, time zone and signature, L&L and an extensive bio on the majority of cases that includes many dated events. An outstanding collection. Astrolabe. P.O. Box 28, Orleans, MA, 01653. Alabe website Formats: SolarFire & Nova $50.
  • Niehenke, Peter Horoscope Database of the DAV (Germany Astrology Club) 30,000 data formerly on CD-ROM, now online. A compendium of data from other collections; references are made to the collections, but not data sources. Searchable by category code, planetary placement, and aspect. The error level is high. Available at the DAV Website
  • Netherlands For computer data, check with Aries Astro-Services, Plaat 2, 1261 LH Blaricum, The Netherlands. Aries Website
  • Steinbrecher Data Collection A superb private collection of close to 30,000 data with sources. The data are classified for accuracy with the Rodden Rating system and contains date, time, place, time signature and L&L, with the profession, date of death when known, and a short bio. Many of the data are included in the AstroDatabank collection.
  • Taeger, Hans-Heinrich Disk version of the Horoscope Lexikon (6,000 data). A reprint is available at Astronova. A list of data in the data archives can be found at the bottom of this page. For more information, we suggest writing to Taeger himself. The last known email address is
  • Wright, Paul the Wright Collection on computer disk or printout (1989), Scotland 1,100 data entirely from B.C. with a notation of the vocational category of each person. The accuracy is superb but the collection may require some encyclopedia research into the identity of the subjects. Be warned that all the data has been converted to GMT so the original time signatures are not used. Available from Astrocalc, 67 Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP3 8ER, England. Astrocalc website