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The following Data Source Codes exist in Astro-Databank:

Numerical Code Data Source (Rodden Rating) Comment
1 BC/BR in hand (AA)
2 Quoted BC/BR (AA)
3 From memory (A)
4 News report (A)
5 Bio/autobiography (B)
6 Accuracy in question (C)
7 Orig source not known (C)
8 Rectified from approx. time (C)
9 Conflicting/unverified (DD)
10 Date w/o TOB (X)
11 Rectified w/o TOB (X)
12 Date in question (XX)
51 Timed official source (AA)
52 Timed documented source, news (A)
53 Timed historic source (B)
54 Timed, original source unknown (C)
55 Dirty data, conflicting times (DD)
56 Official source; untimed (AAX)
57 Documented source; untimed (AX)
58 Historic/organizational source; untimed (BX)
59 Original source unknown; untimed (CX)
60 Conflicting dates, AAX/AX sources (DX)
99 Undetermined (XX)