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The following Data Source Codes exist in Astro-Databank

Numerical Code Data Source (Rodden Rating) Comment
1 BC/BR in hand (AA)
2 Quoted BC/BR (AA)
3 From memory (A)
4 News report (A)
5 Bio/autobiography (B)
6 Accuracy in question (C)
7 Orig source not known (C)
8 Rectified from approx. time (C)
9 Conflicting/unverified (DD)
10 Date w/o TOB (X)
11 Rectified w/o TOB (X)
12 Date in question (XX)
51 Timed official source; 00:00:01 legal (AA)
52 Timed documented source, news (A)
53 Timed historic source (B)
54 Timed, original source unknown (C)
55 Dirty data, conflicting times (DD)
56 Official source; untimed (AAX)
57 Documented source; untimed (AX)
58 Historic/organizational source; untimed (BX)
59 Original source unknown; untimed (CX)
60 Conflicting dates, AAX/AX sources (DX)
99 Undetermined (XX)