Swiss Ephemeris Professional License contract


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This license is intended for the licensee's product or development project with the code name __________________

[ ] Placalc was already licensed by the licensee.


1.           Parts of SWISS EPHEMERIS
The software library Swiss Ephemeris consists of

·          a Windows-DLL (dynamic link library) in 32-Bit version which allows astrological and astronomical calculations,

·          the C source code out of which the DLLs have been compiled,

·          a documentation of the interface to this DLL,

·          demo programs with source code which demonstrate how to use the most important functions,

·          the graphical labels SWISS EPHEMERIS andSWISS EPHEMERIS Inside,

·           the Swiss Ephemeris data files containing compressed numerical data in a proprietary format.

These items are downloaded by the user from the Astrodienst website or ftp server.

2.           Use: The licensee develops software for which the copyright is held by the licensee. In this software he uses calls to functions of the Swiss Ephemeris for calculating astrological or astronomical positions.
The licensee distributes software which includes parts or all of the Swiss Ephemeris, or he uses his developed software to offer to the public a service or a product.

3.           License bound to distinct software: This license covers only the software mentioned above, in its current version as well as in future versions sold under the same name.
If the licensee wants to use the Swiss Ephemeris in other software he develops, he needs to purchase an additional license for the second and for the third such software project. Once a licensee has acquired three licenses (first license and two additional licenses), his license is valid for developing an unlimited number of distinct software projects without any further payment.

4.           Distribution: The licensee has the right to distribute the Swiss Ephemeris in compiled form as part of his software and to duplicate the required files for this purpose.

5.           Distribution of source code:
The licensee is permitted, but not required to distribute the Swiss Ephemeris source code together with his software.
If the licensee chooses to distribute the source code, he must include the complete Swiss Ephemeris source code. If he has made changes to the original source code, he is subject to the same conditions for those changes as laid down in the GPL.

6.           Graphical label: The licensee can use the labels SWISS EPHEMERIS and SWISS EPHEMERIS Inside on the packaging, in the handbook and in the promotion of his software or service to show that in his software the Swiss Ephemeris is used and contained.

7.           Reference copy: The licensee gives to Astrodienst free of charge a sample copy of his software, if it is sold or distributed in public and contains the Swiss Ephemeris. All parts like handbooks, Dongles and later updates, as a normal customer receives them, are given as well free of charge. The software will be sent automatically by the licensee to Astrodienst within three months after the first delivery to customers or resellers.
Astrodienst can use this free sample software only in within its own companies operations, the software cannot be sold or given away for free to third parties. Astrodienst can however give the software to an employee with the same restrictions of use.
The licensee can either send the software and each update in a complete package, or he can inform Astrodienst in writing about the availability of the software or update. In this case the physical delivery will be made at any time that Astrodienst wishes.

8.           Features and Quality: The content and the features of the software are described in the documentation (file swisseph.htm on the Internet and swisseph.doc on the download area). Astrodienst is however not bound by this description. Astrodienst is free to change features and implementation at will. The licensee accept the Swiss Ephemeris as it is. Astrodienst doe not guarantee the correctness of the calculation or the fitness of the Swiss Ephemeris for any purpose. Astrodienst will however make a reasonable effort to fix bugs in the software module.

9.           Use of author's names: The licensee will refrain from mentioning Astrodienst AG, Dr. Alois Treindl, Dieter Koch or other authors of the Swiss Ephemeris in the context of his software, neither in the documentation, the software itself or in advertising and promotion. All exceptions require permission by Astrodienst in writing for each distinct case.

10.       Copyright: The licensee must not remove or modify any copyright notices placed by Astrodienst or other contributors in source files, library files or binary ephemeris files.

11.       Production of published Ephemerides: If the Swiss Ephemeris is used to create ephemeris tables for publication (as a book or electronic publication) covering a time range of more than five years, then Astrodienst is entitled to 3% royalties from the sales price of this publications. If Astrodienst wishes, it will be mentioned in the publication and permitted to publish a self portrait or advertising on two pages.
The licensee informs Astrodienst at least three months ahead of the publication date about such a project and prepares a special agreement for the legal details involved.

12.       Support: The licensee receives support from the Swiss Ephemeris user community via the mailing list at (mailing list location may change in the future).

1.           Additional asteroid files: These can be downloaded from the Astrodienst website.

2.           License fees
The licensee pays the license fee within 10 days after receiving the signed Swiss Ephemeris contract. A licensee outside Switzerland or Germany allows Astrodienst to charge his credit card, with the detail given below.

The license fee for the first professional license is CHF 750.- ; for each additional license purchased by the same licensee the fee is CHF 400.-. The license fee for the unlimited license is CHF 1550.-.

Upgrade from Placalc: For a licensee who has already licensed the software module Placalc, the fee is CHF 400.- for the first professional license of the Swiss Ephemeris

3.           Duration: This contract is concluded for a period of 20 years. If the licensee violates the conditions of this contract and the violation continues after a reminder in writing has been sent, Astrodienst can withdraw the rights granted in this contract. A withdrawal does not affect the use of the Swiss Ephemeris in software packages which have already been received by customers of the licensee.

4.           Place of court for disagreements arising from this contract is Meilen, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland.


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