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Lilith and Priapus

h13 Osculating Lunar Apogee ("True" Lilith / Black Moon)
h21 Interpolated Lunar Apogee (Lilith), also called 'Natural Apogee'
h22 Interpolated Lunar Perigee (Priapus), also called 'Natural Perigee'

Hypothetical Planet Names

Please note, it is known with certainty that these planets do NOT exist.

"Uranian planets" (Hamburg School):

h40 Cupido
h41 Hades
h42 Zeus
h43 Kronos
h44 Apollon
h45 Admetos
h46 Vulkanus
h47 Poseidon
hh all of them together

Other hypothetical bodies:

h48 Transpluto-Isis
h49 Nibiru
h50 Harrington
h55 Vulcan
h56 Selena/White Moon
h57 Proserpina
h58 Waldemath Black Moon
h59 Great Christ Comet (Colin R. Nicholl)
h60 Hypothetical Planet 9 (Batygin/Brown/Fienga/Laskar)