Current Planets
    19-Jun-2018, 07:06 UT/GMT
    Moon1311' 7"9n29
    Mercury130' 6"24n46
    Uranus136' 3"11n32
    Pluto2034' 9"r21s40
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The Zodiac and Why There Are 12 Signs, Not 13
The Full Circle - Spirit in Matter
"I Want It All" - Power, Corruption and Lies
Asteroid Goddesses and the Mystic Way
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The Immortal Horoscope
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Neptune and Jimi Hendrix
Comets in Astrology
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Out of the Shadows: Scorpio Elevated
Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2012-2015
Responsible Astrology of the Future
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Robert Hand: An Astrologer for all Seasons
Poetry in Motion: MC-IC
Christopher Milne: a snapshot
The Role of Astrology in a Civilization in Crisis
The Mountain Astrologer
Decoding the Most Elevated Planet in the Horoscope
The New Solar System
The Mars Return: Getting on Board
When Transits Bring Suffering
Articles in 2017
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The Dragon's Tale: Symbolism and the Lunar Nodes
Prince Harry's Journey of Healing
Global Uprisings and the Uranus-Pluto Effect
Celestial Bodies at Home: On Parenting Using Astrology
Relocated Chart Basics
Why Astrology Doesn't Work
Alchemists of Soul
Elsbeth Ebertin - Germany's Forgotten Powerhouse Astrologer
Ceres and Pluto
Jupiter in Libra - Putting Flesh on Symbolic Bones
Stargazing - Returning to the Roots of Astrology
Articles in 2016
The Horoscope Lives Forever
Speaking Your Chart: Political Speeches
Why Your Bad Moon May Actually Be Your Best Friend
In Defense of Scorpio's Dark Side
A Generation on the Move
Re-Visioning the Lunar Nodes
Where Music and Astrology Meet
Stellar Elixirs - Astrology and Flower Essences
Science Reborn - Can Astrology Help?
Life to Live and Dreams to Dream - Saturn-Neptune Cycle
Uranian Adventures in Internet Dating
Articles in 2015
The Astrological Road Ahead
Eclipse Mechanics and the Saros Series
Teleology for the Modern Astrologer
Astrology's Next Step: The Power of Peer Group Work
Holding a Lighted Candle - Autism Research
Saturn-Uranus Aspects in the Birth Chart: Grounded Excentrics and Sane Weirdos
Progressing the Moon - Notes of a Predictive Astrologer
Shadow Transits - A Hidden Forecasting Tool
Venus, Mary Magdalene, and the Re-emerging Sacred Feminine
Virgo the Maiden
The Astrology of Pregnancy
The Davison Relationship Chart
Articles in 2014
Uranus Square Pluto, Close Up and Personal
1905: The Greatest Single Achievement
Wheels of Change
Infinity Astrological Magazine
How can Saturn help us live from the heart?
Data Collecting: History, Importance and Unsung Heroes
Chiron and Steve - The Hybrid and His Sacred Hands
"Jelena, the Woman Who is Not..."
Chiron the Soul Wanderer
Articles in 2017
The Transits of Pluto: Transmute or Die!
Forecast in 2015: White House, 22° Gemini and Donald Trump
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
Astro-Walk from A to Z Through My Allotment
Moon Swings - The Lunar Standstill Cycle
Medical Astrology: Prostate Cancer - A Case Study
Dr. Ruth Drown: Crucified by the FDA and the AMA
After the Transit - Neptune
Burning Down the House
Embracing my Inner Weirdo
Loop! Astrology & News
Loop! Nov. 2013
"Little Man Can't Get Out!"
Crash: Tragedy of the Gemini Pilots
The Heart of a Demon
The Boy Who Was His Dead Uncle
Loop! Oct. 2013
Retrograde: Beware of Wrong-Way Drivers!
The Lion Queen: Everything in Nothing
Loop! Sep. 2013
The White Widow and the GC
Amon, the Girl, and Courage
The Woman Who Lived in Pain
Voyager - Beyond the Magic Boundary
They Loved and They Hit Each Other
Loop! Aug. 2013
Venus in a Fever: The Wave of Separations
Fukushima: There's a Hole in the Bucket
Pluto Posthumous: Lady Di and the Accident
The Quadrature of The Moment
Loop! July 2013
Start and End: The Zeroth Degrees
Welcome, Little King!
Countdown: God Save The Baby!
Egypt - End of the Spring?
Loop! June 2013
Jupiter in Cancer: Everything Will Be Alright in the End
The Man Who Dances with Numbers
Who Rules the World? [1]
Time Reaches for a Murderer
Methuselah: Long Life Made Easy
Loop! May 2013
Tornados - Chaos and Destruction
Angelina Jolie: When Mars Cuts the Moon
Missing for Years - Suddenly Back Again
Venus-Saturn: The Power of Money
Loop! April 2013
Skywatch: Astronomy for Astrologers
Uranus' Aquarium: Fish in Outer Space
The Dark of the Soul
The Origin of Culture
Film review: Gladiator
Through the Looking Glass The Magic Thread
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