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for Patti Smith,
born 30 Dec 1946

Horoscope for Patti Smith

More Information about "Psychological Horoscope Analysis"

These text extracts are taken from "Psychological Horoscope Analysis" by Liz Greene. Many aspects of the horoscope report are only relevant for the person concerned. Therefore we have decided to limit the publication to those aspects which are of interest to the wider public. You can find unabridged versions of other celebrity horoscope reports on our sample horoscopes.

Text: Liz Greene
Programming: Alois Treindl

The struggle against banality and mundane limits

If you attempt to live entirely in your imagination, you may run the risk of losing your connection with ordinary life - and with it, the capacity for contentment. Because of your resentment of boredom and routine, you may secretly yearn for an alternative life which is more glamourous, exciting or meaningful - without actually doing anything concrete about your craving for wider horizons. You also dislike having to select one thing to which you must apply yourself, preferring to live in a kind of provisional world - the "one day when I grow up..." syndrome, where all possibilities remain open to you. Yet if you pursue this approach to life exclusively, you will, with the passing of the years, feel increasingly unreal, as though you have somehow wasted your potentials and accomplished nothing solid in the end. Another manifestation of your conflict between the romantic, mystic realm and the hard world of facts and objects is your complex relationship with your own body, which often seems mysterious and frightening and which you may periodically neglect. You may resent having to fill your time with tasks like servicing the car and doing the monthly accounts, not to mention the dentist and the doctor; but your lack of attention to worldly and instinctual matters can result in constant irritations with mechanical objects breaking down, and also in problems with your health - not because you are intrinsically unhealthy, but because you tend to be sporadic in your care of your own body. You tend to swing between excessive and punishing diets and exercise routines to "master" the body, and times when you are not even aware that it exists.

Sensitivity to others combines with a creative imagination

Your imaginative abilities are supported by a deep instinctive insight into human behaviour and motives. You have a profound response to the world of symbols, myths and images, and may excel in one of the arts, such as music, painting, dance or theatre, where your ability to intuit character and mimic it in plastic forms may give you exceptional talents.Or you may combine your imagination and your sensitivity to the handling of others' problems, offering much sympathy and vision to loved ones or to those whom you might choose to counsel or help. Your grasp of the potentials of a situation combines with sensitivity and compassion for the needs and problems of others, and this lends a human touch to the strange and often uncanny abilities of your intuition...

...Your deepest challenge in life, however, still remains the problem of earthing your vision and sense of human potential within the confines of material reality; and here your dependency upon human contact may make it even more difficult for you to cope with the restrictions and responsibilities that the world imposes upon you. Life sometimes requires a tough survival instinct and a capacity to cope alone if necessary. Your need to express your creative imagination through relationships with others may cause you to fear the cold self-sufficiency that situations sometimes demand of you. Occasionally too empathetic and idealistic for your own good, you have difficulty in drawing boundaries around yourself, and perpetually take on the burden of others' problems - not only because you are compassionate, but also because you do not know how to be firm about your own limits...

A determination to hold the centre of the stage

Nothing is as fascinating, as irresistibly exciting, or as endlessly interesting as you.You have made a career out of your own style and image, and although this may seem selfish and egocentric to some, there is a highly creative dimension to your eternal self-preoccupation. You possess great quantities of sheer unadulterated vitality, and serve as a vivid example to others of the importance and value of living out one's own desires and fantasies regardless of whether they fit into conventional ideas of proper behaviour. You spend considerable time working to improve your image - which includes things like your personal appearance, your manner of speech and movement, and the impression you are trying to make on others in any social or professional situation - and you are also likely to spend a lot of money on it as well. It is natural for you to put energy into yourself, although this may not be mutually exclusive of a strong dedication to your profession, your loved ones, or your philosophical or ideological beliefs. But if all the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players, then you intend to be the star - or, at the very least, the villain, if you cannot obtain the hero's or heroine's role. You would rather be disliked and thought badly of than pass through life unnoticed. You have no intention of leaving an epitaph that reads, "Here lies a nice person, pity we can't remember the name or face." ...

The craving to be first, best and incomparable

However much you try, you do not make a good follower or minister to others' needs; and you are not particularly talented at being one of the group either,for you possess a rather fierce competitive instinct which demands that you be first, best, and unquestionably on top. Committees, group discussions and cooperative planning can irritate you enormously, for your mind is quick and intuitive and you can see farther than most people; and moreover, you are usually convinced that you know best how to do things, and are impatient with slower people. Also, you bitterly resent not being able to have your own way. You are not a true democrat, whatever political philosophy you espouse, for you have the aristocrat's natural sense of superiority; and even if you take up the role of championing the underdog, you enjoy it because you are the champion and not because you would ever consider yourself one of the underdogs you go to such great lengths to protect....

Life as grand theatre and love of the impossible

You perceive everything, including yourself, in grand, highly coloured and theatrical terms. Your imagination is perpetually active, injecting into ordinary life a sublime vision of a bigger and more exciting world; and you find it hard to be imprisoned in what others call reality without some hope of an adventure around the next corner. You have a penchant for stirring up trouble, but this does not frighten you as long as you can ride through the crisis without losing face. Danger carries a certain excitement for you, and often it is when you feel most alive - whether the danger is physical or emotional....

... At heart you are an actor or actress, preferring Shakespearean tragedy to a more subdued comedy of manners, and you would love your life to read like a novel. The chances are that it will, at least for a time. You believe that you should be exempt from life's more boring confines so that you can pursue your grand destiny unimpeded. There is an inherent inflation or secret arrogance in this attitude. But the odd thing is that you seem to have plenty of luck, and your liveliness and magnetism and vivid imagination attract you loyal friends, so that you stand a very good chance of achieving your desired exemption from the monotony which enslaves so many lives. You fear being trapped and having your spirit stifled, and thus have a certain difficulty in committing yourself - both to relationships and to a profession - unless some quality of unobtainability is inherent in both the person and the job. For if you can never wholly possess and dominate something or someone, then you might possibly stay around.

A humbler and more selfless character lies in the shadow

In contrast to the rather flamboyantly energetic personality which you habitually show the world, there is another protagonist in your inner psychic drama;and this more shadowy side of you contains all those qualities which you have excluded from your conscious goals and behaviour in order to preserve the theatrical ambience of your lifestyle. Your shadow-side is a good deal more humble, more ordinary and more rooted in the affairs of mundane life than it might seem; and it might be summarised by the image of the good person (good in the sense of nice, decent, and the hardworking servant of others). Naturally all this goodness and decency is offensive and demeaning to your more colourful image of yourself, for you have a deep fear of being boring and therefore cling to a certain naughty panache.....

The importance of finding inner values without audience applause

Thus your shadow-side is rooted in ordinary mundane life, mortal rather than godlike, humble rather than arrogant, and deeply dependent on the love and validation of others.More importantly, it is also deeply dependent on validation from an inner, rather than an outer, source; and this is really what is meant by a spiritual or mystical aspiration. The sense that you serve something higher, and that the world's notice is a by-product rather than the source of your value in life, is the gift that your shadow-side can provide - if you are able to face and accept it. You are both more ordinary and more extraordinary than you realise. The nice, decent, boring dimension of your shadow is really your link with common humanity, and the antidote to your chronic hidden feelings of loneliness, emptiness and isolation; and it is also a link with that sense of a higher purpose which can offer your life value even when you are not performing. If you can find the inner experience of being a vessel for something, then some of your surface arrogance may peel away, for with such an experience comes the knowledge that one's talents are not one's own, but rather, the property of an Other. They are on loan, and it is up to you to discover why and from whom. And the vessel is worthy in itself, even when not producing.....

Hidden sensuality and materialism

In contrast to the bright light of your mystical aspiration, there is dark figure in your inner psychic drama.This hidden dimension of your personality contains all that you have excluded from your conscious values and behaviour in order to pursue your higher ideals; it encompasses the domain of your body, your sensual nature and the repressed materialism which you prefer not to acknowledge. This shadow-side can be an inner enemy if you deny it value, working against you through difficulties with health, money and mundane circumstances. This inner enemy, because you turn your back on it within yourself, may appear to belong to others in the world outside - individuals who make life hard for you because of their physical demands, their lack of appreciation for finer values, and their coarseness or brutality, emotional or physical. What a person cannot deal with in himself or herself inevitably is attracted from the environment.

Domestic intimacy is not enough

You have the gift of offering real friendship to those you love; and ultimately this may mean more to you and them, and endure longer, than more conventional or sentimental declarations of affection.You know how to let your man exist as a separate individual independent of your need of him, which means that you are deeply tolerant - even when you are feeling angry or offended. Your partner's idiosyncrasies do not surprise you, for you know that it takes all kinds to make a world; and whether or not you are in an established relationship or marriage, you are not likely to limit your human contacts to one person alone. If you have a partner who is by nature more emotionally dependent or domestically focussed than you, this open and friendly quality can cause some problems; and you need to be very clear and honest with yourself about just what kind of relationship arrangements you need, for you are not a good liar and would be happiest not having to resort to deception. But it is not sexual promiscuity that drives you; rather, you are truly interested in people of both sexes and all social backgrounds, and if your work and your personal life can include enough interesting contacts to feed your need to be a citizen of the world, you can be happy in a stable and enduring relationship.

More Information about "Psychological Horoscope Analysis"

Patti Smith
photo: Beni Köhler from Finland (en:User:Skit ineb), license gfdl
Patti Smith
Patti Smith, born 30 Dec 1946, 06.01am, Chicago, IL (US)
Source: Astro-Databank

Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith (born December 30, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist, who became a highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 début album Horses. Called the "Godmother of Punk", she integrated the beat poetry performance style with three-chord rock. Smith's most widely known song is "Because the Night", which was co-written with Bruce Springsteen and reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1978.[1] In 2005, Patti Smith was named a Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture, and in 2007, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Source: Wikipedia - Patti Smith

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