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Psychological Horoscope Analysis

for Niki De Saint Phalle, born 29 Oct 1930

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More Information about "Psychological Horoscope Analysis"

These text extracts are taken from "Psychological Horoscope Analysis" by Liz Greene. Many aspects of the horoscope report are only relevant for the person concerned. Therefore we have decided to limit the publication to those aspects which are of interest to the wider public. You can find unabridged versions of other celebrity horoscope reports on our sample page

Text by Liz Greene
Programming by Alois Treindl

"...Romantic vision and a rich imagination
You are one of life's true romantics, because your reality is the inner world of fantasy and imagination. The limitations of daily life can bore you, and you try at every available opportunity to inject into mundane situations a note of the mythic and the meaningful. However, your romanticism is constantly being challenged by another side of your personality: your fear of disruption to your material security. Although you dislike being tied to routines which seem inconsequential and stifling, life perpetually intrudes upon your dreams, forcing you into conflict between your vision and your practical limitations and needs. The great strength of your nature lies in your relationship to the creative power of the imagination, which enables you to peer into the future and envisage new possibilities which are not immediately apparent in the present. Because of this, you tend to see opportunities which others miss. You live in a world of potential, always looking toward the next project and the next enthusiasm. But there is a strong cynicism and worldliness beneath your romanticism which perpetually questions these hunches and dreams, making you feel restless and discontented whichever side of yourself you try to live. ..."

"...Sensitivity to others combines with a creative imagination
Your imaginative abilities are supported by a deep instinctive insight into human behaviour and motives. You have a profound response to the world of symbols, myths and images, and may excel in one of the arts, such as music, painting, dance or theatre, where your ability to intuit character and mimic it in plastic forms may give you exceptional talents. ..."

"..Uncompromising loyalty to individual values
Nothing and no one will ever dictate to you who you should be or what you should do with your life; for you live from a conviction of the sacredness of your own individuality. Although you enjoy the company of other people, and attract them easily because of the vitality of your personality, you are quite incapable of compromising your ideals, beliefs and freedom of action for very long in order to please anyone - even those you love most. You are often at odds with what might be called the collective norm, both because you are an idealist who refuses to accept that things cannot be changed, and because you resent having your liberty curtailed by rules which have been designed by the herd for the herd. ..."

"...Ambition is fuelled by the need for public recognition
Everything you do, both in your chosen sphere of work and in your personal style, bears the stamp of your intense sense of individuality. You can and should aim high in your professional goals, for it matters a great deal to you that you receive validation and respect from that very collective which you often despise because of its conservatism and timidity. It also matters that there are people in the world who, like you, can stand as examples of self-actualisation without compromise, for in a way you are a kind of hero or heroine on a psychological level: You have been given a challenge by life to express yourself as completely as possible through a vocation which touches the lives of others, and nothing less will ever fulfill you. ..."

"...The drive to be yourself dominates all other needs
Because you are so loyal to your inner vision, you are likely not only to appear and feel different; you are also likely to make a valuable contribution of some kind, possibly through creative work, which acts like yeast on the imaginations of others because it stirs up in them their own longing to define themselves as individuals. This is the psychology behind the "star", whether this is an actor, a writer, a politician, a painter or any other person who seems to have greater vision and farther-seeing eyes, and who embodies a goal of some kind that others can model themselves after. ..."

The image of the father in a woman's chart:
"...Eine selbstbewusste und willensstarke Figur
The subjective image of your father portrayed in your birth horoscope is a forceful one - an aggressive personality, full of competitive and wilful spirit, and resentful at having to compromise with anyone else's needs and wishes. However, this powerful portrait may describe the emotional life of your father rather than his outer behaviour, and it is possible that he sometimes maintained, on the surface, a relatively agreeable personality. He may even have seemed to you on occasion weak and ineffectual rather than strong, angry and determined. But you should look more closely at him, for your father had a dilemma about the expression of anger and overt aggression. Whether he acted his problem out through violence or appeared passive and suppressed his real feelings, your experience of him is of a powerful and rather frightening figure..."

"... The problem of aggression
It is particularly important to understand your father's dilemma about aggression because it is also your dilemma. You may have feared his anger in childhood, whether it was expressed or not; and in adult life you may fear your own aggressive urges, not realising what positive potentials they can offer. Confrontation with others is difficult for you; for at the root of your fear of other's anger lies your fear of the potent and threatening image of your father. Thus you have inherited a great challenge from your father - the creative use of a naturally aggressive spirit, without which you cannot actualise your potentials to the fullest extent. Your father may have been unable to handle his own force and power, and was physically or emotionally violent. If so, this poses you with an additional challenge - the problem of learning to understand and accept the roots of such violence, and recognising that it arises from an inner conflict rather than from aggression alone. ..."

The image of the mother in a woman's chart:
"...Selflessness and self-sacrifice
The subjective image of your mother portrayed in your birth horoscope is a poignant one. There is much of the mythic or archetypal Suffering Woman contained in this image, and probably your mother experienced many difficult circumstances in her life - either in her own childhood or in her marriage, or through illness or financial difficulty, or through the necessity of sacrificing her most cherished desires in order to look after others. Although your mother may have made sacrifices willingly because of her love and need of her family, nevertheless you have within you considerable guilt about her unhappiness, and a deep unconscious conviction that you are in some way responsible for redeeming her sacrifices through your own self-sacrifice. This places a great inner obligation on you, which you may carry without realising it, yet which has probably led you to choose a field of work where you have to deal with and help the pain or confusion of others. The experience of passive suffering and sacrifice which you have inherited through your relationship with your mother gives you a deep well of compassion, sensitivity and responsiveness to the emotional needs of others. This receptivity is a gift, which can be expressed either in an artistic field where sensitivity to the moods of the audience is required, or in the helping professions where it is so obviously needed. ..."



Short Biography of Niki de Saint Phalle

Birth Name: Catherine-Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle
Born on: 29 October 1930 at 06:40 (= 06:40 AM )
Neuilly sur Seine, France, 48n53, 2e16
Source: Astro-Databank

1930 – 1937
Born in Paris on October 29, 1930 as the daughter of the French banker Comte de Saint Phalle. Niki lives alternately in Nièvre with her paternal grandparents and with her maternal grandparents in Château Filerval, in Greenwich, Connecticut and in New York. Enters the Sacré-Coeur convent school in New York.

1937 – 1947
Frequent changes of school and associated relocation because of rebellious behaviour. Graduates from Old Field School, Maryland.

1948 – 1955
Marries the American writer Harry Mathews. Works as a model for "Vogue", "Life" and "Harper's Bazaar". 1951: daughter Laura is born. Moves to Paris. First drawings and paintings following a nervous breakdown in 1953. Travels to Spain and Italy. 1955: son Philip is born.

1956 – 1965
First one-person show of her plaster reliefs and assemblages in St. Gallen. 1960: divorce from Harry Mathews. Lives together with Jean Tinguely; first shooting pictures ("Tirs"). In 1961, she takes part in the "Nouveaux Réalistes" exhibition in Paris and Nice and in the "Art of Assemblage" exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 1962: first one-person show in New York. Works on the DYLABY (Dynamic Labyrinth) with Raysse, Rauschenberg, Spoerri, Tinguely and Ultved for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 1963: moves to Paris, takes part in the second "Festival du Nouveau Réalisme" in the Neue Galerie of the Künstlerhaus Munich. 1964 – 1965: exhibitions in London, Brussels, Geneva, Paris and New York, where the first Nanas are shown in the "Galerie Iolas".

1966 – 1969
Giant Nana "Hon – en katedral" (She – a cathedral) with Jean Tinguely and Per Olof Ultvedt for the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Costume designs for "Lysistrata" in the City Theatre Kassel. 1967: design and creation of the "Paradis Fantastique" with Tinguely for the French pavilion at the Montreal EXPO. 1968: takes part in the "Dada, Surrealism and Heritage" exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Creates the stage play "Ich" in collaboration with Rainer von Diez for the City Theatre Kassel. 1969: retrospectives in Hanover, Lucerne and Ludwigshafen.

1970 – 1974
Exhibition of a group of Nanas in "Les Halles" in Paris. Shooting sessions at a festival during the 10th anniversary of the "Nouveaux Réalistes" group in Milan. 1972: construction of the "Golem", a giant house with three slides for a kindergarten in Jerusalem. Idea, script and direction of the film "Daddy" with Peter Whitehead and Rainer von Diez. 1973 – 1974: installation of three monumental Nanas in Hanover. Idea for the "Giardino dei Tarocchi" (Tarot Garden).

1975 – 1990
Idea, script and direction of the film "Camélia et le Dragon" with Jean Tinguely, Eva Aeppli, Bernhard Luginbühl and Daniel Spoerri. Large one-person shows, i.a. in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, where she creates the "Stravinsky Fountain" in 1983 together with Tinguely. 1989: works on Tinguely's life's work and masterpiece "Fontaine Château-Chinon". Outsize sculptures such as "Sun God" in San Diego (1983) and the giant bird "L'Oiseau" (1990).

1991 – 2000
1991: death of Jean Tinguely. Niki begins the construction of kinetic sculptures called "Meta-Tinguelys". In 1993 she completes the sculpture "Les Footballeurs" for the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. 1996: completion of the "Giardino dei Tarocchi" (Tarot Garden) in Garavicchio in Tuscany. Since 1994 Niki de Saint Phalle has lived in San Diego, California, where she is working on new projects for the public sector.

21 May 2002, Niki de Saint Phalle has died in a hospital in San Diego at the age of 71.

Source: Museum Jean Tinguely (www.tinguely.ch)

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