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for Mick Jagger, born 26 July 1943

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More Information about the "Child's Horoscope"

These text extracts are taken from "the Child's Horoscope" by Liz Greene. Many aspects of the horoscope report are only relevant for the person concerned. Therefore we have decided to limit the publication to those aspects which are of interest to the wider public. You can find unabridged versions of other celebrity horoscope reports on our sample page.

Text by Liz Greene
Programming: Alois Treindl

"... Living in the upper air
Intelligence and clarity shine from Mick Jagger's eyes, for he is a child who looks out at life with profound curiosity and an urgent desire to learn everything he can about the world and the people in it. He is likely to find the challenges of schoolwork exciting and stimulating, and he deserves the best educational environment available to provide sufficient stimulus on the intellectual level. This does not mean he should be pressured into academic excellence, but itdoes mean he needs real knowledge taught by well-trained minds. He is likely to see through and become bored by anything less. Because Mick Jagger tends to process external experiences as well as feelings through a framework of developing concepts and ideals, he is likely to display from quite an early age a tendency toward reflective, self-contained and precociously civilised behaviour. Being a naturally tolerant child, quick to recognise in principle that the feelings and opinions of family, teachers and friends are as valid and important as his own, he will make every effort to be fair in his ways of interacting with others. In turn nothing is likely to upset him more than a sense of unfairness in others' behaviour. It might therefore be wise for parents and family to be as clear, fair and reasonable as possible in their explanations, requests and impositions of discipline. Every effort should be made to avoid the kind of favouritism or emotional game-playing which so often occurs unconsciously in family life. If an older sibling is given special privileges, make sure Mick Jagger is given a reasonable explanation. If there is no reasonable explanation, equal privileges should be given to both. This child needs to be treated as ethically as you would treat an adult friend, for on this level he may well be wiser than many adults. And at all costs avoid emotional manipulation as a means of getting him to behave. As Mick Jagger develops, he will probably display an unnerving tendency to ask, "Why?" if things are not made clear, for he has an unerring nose for dishonesty and emotional blackmail...."

"... Problems with accommodating everyday needs
Mick Jagger's great strength lies in his wonderful mental abilities, evident in his growing ability to handle difficult concepts and articulate his ideas, and these deserve as much support and encouragement as possible. However, his innate fear of his very powerful feelings will continue to be a challenge throughout his early years. Control is unusually important to this child, and he may sometimes display efforts at self-control which make him seem strangely precocious and aloof compared with other children. In fact these efforts are not strange at all, but are part of his instinctive need to preserve his autonomy and protect his vulnerable feelings. Also, there are innate ideals in Mick Jagger which are likely to become increasingly important as he learns to articulate them - ideals such as fairness, truthfulness and kindness to others. This ethical core contributes to a decent, kind and highly attractive personality. But his outer surface of amiability will often conceal very powerful feelings and needs - particularly an urgent need for emotional support and reassurance which Mick Jagger may not be able to express but which may lie behind a great many of his efforts to be "good" and "perfect" in the eyes of others..."

"... A rich imagination and a lively mind
All this imagination and breadth of vision, however, are challenged by the perennial dilemma which Mick Jagger is likely to encounter throughout his childhood - the difficult realm of his emotions and personal needs. His marvellous gift of creating a rich and complete fantasy-world of his own design may in fact further alienate him from difficult feelings which he would rather avoid. Mick Jagger may make up a story rather than confront his feelings of anger, need or loneliness. It may therefore be important for parents to recognise that his methods of communicating his feelings will not always be direct. He may exaggerate, infer or disguise what is happening inside him, not because he is untruthful but because he does not understand what is really troubling him. The physical world may also prove somewhat problematic for Mick Jagger because his rich imagination and identification with the figures of myth and fairy tales will cause him to rebel against too many boundaries, rules and restrictions. Routines and the necessity of waiting are likely to be experienced as enemies, and he may show a tendency toward restlessness and refusal to perform "boring" activities and tasks which could arouse annoyance or anger in parents and family members. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that Mick Jagger is "spoiled" or lazy. He has a warm and generous heart and a great willingness to please, and he is also capable of plenty of effort to achieve his dreams - provided the promise of the future justifies present boredom. Understanding, support and encouragement are needed to help this child come to terms with mundane reality and difficult emotions, because his real allegiance is to the inner world of ideas and dreams. This radiant inner world will need to be balanced by a greater appreciation of the material world as he grows up, but it should never be crushed through secret envy on the part of parents or family members, oppressive routines imposed without a purpose, or blindly authoritarian attitudes which attempt to break his spirit. Mick Jagger may be slower than some children to adapt to external requirements and limits. But with enough love and support he will eventually achieve such adaptation, which will provide a strong and well-grounded base for his unique mental and imaginative gifts.. ."

"... A child who sees the drama in life
Nothing is as endlessly fascinating to Mick Jagger as the continuous stream of images which pours from his fertile imagination. His real abode is the dramatic realm of myth and fairy tale, and he will seek to express all the larger-than- life melodrama of his fantasies in every way possible. He possesses great quantities of sheer unadulterated vitality,and the intensity of his imaginative assault on ordinary everyday life may sometimes prove extremely tiring to family members and friends. Everything must be big and exciting and full of extreme emotion. Mild irritation in Mick Jagger is transformed into global rage, and love will be expressed as a passionate and all-consuming attachment. Frustration may lead to really flamboyant tantrums, and whatever he finds interesting will possess his whole heart - for a time, until something more exciting comes along. Then the old interest will be forgotten as though it had never been. He is also acutely conscious of himself as the protagonist in all these dramas, and will therefore appear quite self-centred and concerned with the image he conveys. There is great style and flair in everything he does, but sometimes he may pose a little and "milk" a situation for everything he can - all for the purpose of infusing boring old reality with some of the magic and grandeur of the mythic realm. He can be intensely loving and loyal, and has a courageous and generous heart. But it is natural for him to be interested primarily in himself. If all the world is a stage, as Shakespeare once wrote, and all the men and women (and children) merely players, then Mick Jagger intends to be a star - or, at the very least, the villain if he cannot achieve the main heroic role. He would rather be thought badly of - the chief troublemaker at home, for example, or the "terror" of the neighbourhood children - than not thought of at all. He carries within him the deep sense of a special destiny, and has no intention of being deflected from what he fantasises as a great and wonderful future. From the earliest months of life he will contrive to draw everyone's attention to himself, sometimes at the expense of quieter, more self-effacing siblings. Mick Jagger may need to learn that other people are important in their own right, and not just supporting roles in his own drama. Yet his sunny charm and magnetism are irresistible, and his periodic bouts of undisguised egotism will always be forgiven...."

"...The vision of a courtly world
Mick Jagger's perception of the world is full of high drama. He has no intention of being one of the cast of extras standing along the roadside watching the main action.He can sometimes be very aggressive in claiming centre stage, and much tact may be needed to help him recognise the needs and rights of siblings. If he is the eldest child in the family, he may express intense and prolonged jealousy at having to share parental love with a new arrival. If he is a younger child he may resent the special privileges accorded older siblings. He will need a great deal of loyalty, affection and affirmation of his lovability until he is old enough to formulate his own goals. Then he will begin to seek attention and admiration through his accomplishments. For this reason Mick Jagger should be encouraged to be actively creative and take pride in doing things well, so that he does not resort to manipulative tactics in order to get the reassurance he craves. As he gets older he will not mind the envy or competitiveness of other children, for such envy can be a measure of his importance just as much as adulation can. He has an instinctive understanding of this basic human mechanism and is therefore not afraid to shine. Winning gives him great satisfaction even if the losers are annoyed...."

"...The craving to be first and best
Mick Jagger possesses a fiercely competitive spirit which demands that he is unquestionably first and best. He may therefore resist sharing love, time and space in a large family, and may also have difficulty in group participation at school.He is a solo performer, and in early life this may cause many storms because his combustible temper and intense self-will ensure the loudest possible protest if he does not get what he wants immediately. Being naturally quick and bright, he may also be impatient with slower siblings. As he gets older, his enormous reserves of energy can be encouraged to take more constructive channels. He needs a lot of physical activity and may enjoy sports or competitive games. If he shows an inclination toward such pursuits, encourage him to learn the patience necessary to develop winning skills. If he shows intellectual aptitude, his competitive spirit can be encouraged to develop academically - or along artistic lines if he displays interest in playacting, storytelling, painting or dance..."

"...Everything in excess
Mick Jagger perceives everything, including himself, in grand and intensely theatrical terms. His imagination is perpetually active, injecting into ordinary life a sublime vision of an exciting world where more is always better.He finds it hard to be imprisoned in what others call reality without some hope of an adventure around the next corner. A domestic environment entirely focussed on material security and daily routines will prove heavily oppressive to him. For this reason parents need to provide him with some excitement and change - even if this is simply a regular supply of new books or a walk to a different place each day - so that his inquisitive and restless mind can discover something new. Mick Jagger may enjoy stirring up trouble if he becomes bored - not the serious kind, but small acts of mischief such as practical jokes. Even a good quarrel is more interesting than day after day of interminable domestic sameness. Danger may carry a certain excitement for him, although he has an excellent instinct for self-preservation. But parents may have some hair-raising moments when they find him clambering over a forbidden fence to steal the neighbour's apples or paint graffiti on the school wall..."

"... A wealth of artistic gifts
Socrates once spoke about his "daimon" - an inner creative spirit which propelled him toward the fulfillment of his destiny. Mick Jagger might be said to have this kind of "daimon". Such a powerful creative force can be a burden even for a wise adult, and Mick Jagger has not yet developed a mature capacity to formulate and channel it. The result may be many outbursts, tantrums and periods of hyperactivity, as well as friction and rivalry with siblings as he seeks to impose his will on the environment. However, as he gets older it will gradually become easier for him to cope with his turbulent inner world - particularly if parents and family members are prepared to support his fertile imagination and developing creative interests. Whatever the presiding family values, it is not likely that Mick Jagger will ultimately adhere to any values other than his own. These are the values of the artist and the visionary rather than those of the collective. If parents are prepared to accept his highly individualistic nature and can combine ordinary everyday guidance and discipline with empathy and respect for his need for myth and magic, he will be able to develop a solid sense of self-worth, enabling him to be less stubborn and impenetrable. He is not innately gifted with the ability to recognise the separate needs and natures of others. But with the loving support of family members, his innate nobility and loving heart will allow him to meet this greatest of life's challenges..."

"...Making an impact on life
Mick Jagger loves to infuse reality with the images of his inner world, and his mind is attuned to future potentials and possibilities. The need to express his developing ideas to others is highly important to him. He will try to inject a note of individuality into any subject he studies. Because he is likely to be more interested in the broader picture than in one highly specialised area of knowledge, he needs an educational environment where teachers can recognise that music has something in common with mathematics, and that one cannot study history without studying human nature as well. This holistic and far-ranging quality of mind may make Mick Jagger do extremely well in subjects which inspire him, while he may do surprisingly poorly if the subject or the teacher are too narrow or mundane. The operative word here is inspiration - he needs to feel his understanding is growing through discovering meaningful connections, not shrinking through memorising too many facts. So intuitive and imaginative is his mind that he may have a hard time settling down to ordinary school routines. He dislikes the more boring aspects of learning and may have a tendency to procrastinate and daydream rather than getting down to doing homework. If possible it would be worthwhile considering a more progressive and creatively focussed type of school for him. If impossible, try to make provision for his highly active imagination through encouraging creative hobbies and interests outside school. Academic prowess may prove less important for his future than the chance to find appropriate avenues for creative self-expression ..."


Mick Jagger
photo: Original uploader was Kronos at it.wikipedia, license gfdl

Mick Jagger
Born 26. July 1943, 06.30h WET/DS, (04.30 GMT) Dartford/GB
Source: Taeger

British guitarist, musician and lead singer superstar with The Rolling Stones. One of the pop world's biggest stars, he has also appeared in over six films, including movies based on his life and band. Specializing in guitar and lead vocal, the band has been active since the early '70s and recently started a world tour in 1997.

Their music draws crowds of all ages and their concerts are noted for showing rock culture at its worst, causing orgies of violence, drugs, victims of injuries and a few deaths. Each band member is a multi-millionaire many times over. Jagger reportedly earned $25 million from 1971-1978 alone.

A middle-class street kid, Jagger was always driven, always felt that he was special. He pushes himself to exhaustion on every tour, worries about every record release, redlines every budget sheet, keeps up on every detail of the production whole, controlling every facet. Complex, unsettled, always controversial, he has sampled multiple relationships, brief affairs with some of the groupies who follow the band and two marriages. He had a daughter, Karis, with actress Marsha Hunt in 1972. He married model Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, then 21, in 1973; their daughter, Jade, was born five months later. In 1979 the nuptials ended in divorce.

In May 1976 he first met tall, blonde model Jerry Hall. They re-met the following year at Studio 57 and began their romance.

Steady companions from 1978, they had four children, including Elizabeth, 1984, James, 1985 and Gabriel Luke Beauregard, 12/9/1997. Hall and Jagger married on 11/21/1990 in an Indonesian ceremony in Bali.

Their 21-year relationship folded when rumors that Brazilian model Luciana Morad was carrying his baby hit the papers on 1/12/1999. Those rumors proved true when, on 7/27/1999, the results of a blood test were announced, proving that Morad's baby, Lucas, was Jagger's child. Hall, who has weathered Jagger's indiscretions over the years with disgruntled tolerance, had enough and filed for divorce in mid-January. At stake is the 55-year-old rocker's estimated $230 million fortune, including a half dozen houses, and the well-being of their four kids. When Jagger made a feeble attempt to declare that they had never been legally married, a judge remarked that "Living together with four children sounds married to me." Hall sued for a reported $50 million, but settled out of court with Jagger the day their trial was supposed to start for $15.5 million.

Jagger has never pretended to maintain monogamy. His masseuse said, "He looks like an old raisin but he's still wicked sexy. He has this giant Grand Canyon ego and it just can't be filled by one woman."

Jagger's mother, Eva, died of a heart condition, 5/18/00 in London. She was 87. In San Francisco, 7/01/2000, Karis Jagger, his first born daughter by Marsha Hunt, was married to Jonathan Watson, a film-production assistant.

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