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for Tendzin Gyatsho (Dalai Lama), born 6 July 1935

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These text extracts are taken from "Psychological Horoscope Analysis" by Liz Greene. Many aspects of the horoscope report are only relevant for the person concerned. Therefore we have decided to limit the publication to those aspects which are of interest to the wider public. You can find unabridged versions of other celebrity horoscope reports on our sample page

Text by Liz Greene
Programming by Alois Treindl

"....Reliance on time, tradition and experience creates a solid nature
You have a deep respect for the wisdom that is distilled from experience, and the traditional values which have been tested by time and have proven themselves viable. You fear and despise wanton anarchy and chaos, and will never willingly destroy something simply because you disapprove of it; rather, if you feel that something needs changing, you will work slowly and carefully to inaugurate better conditions while still preserving what is of value from the past. You do not lack imagination, or appreciation of the new and the innovative; but you are inclined to be cautious about most things, preferring to wait and see whether an idea, a feeling or a person are really what they seem, or whether they are a brief "flash in the pan" without substance. You trust those relationships which may admittedly lack flamboyant passion, but which have withstood hardship and testing; and you are profoundly suspicious of the grand infatuation which may turn out to be merely illusion. Although it may seem to others that you sometimes deny yourself many pleasures in life, it is no pleasure to you to be bounced about by unpredictable fantasies and feelings. Your deepest gratification comes from savouring experiences and people that you know you can rely on; and you are conventional enough to appreciate the security and solidity offered by acceptance within a community. . ..."

"...Security in traditional ceremonies and social rituals
However "modern" you try to seem, you are really rather sentimental about the past, and very attached to those collective symbols which represent security within a timeless tradition: the engagement ring, the wedding ceremony conducted with dignity and care in a church or synagogue, children playing on the well-groomed lawn, the Sunday roast with the family. You love the fashioned ways of doing things, especially those rituals and routines which give you the feeling of being contained within the warm circle of a loving family or group of friends. Although you can manage most social situations with grace and apparent openness, you are actually a quiet and withdrawn person, and tend to keep your real feelings to yourself - both because you do not like hurting people and upsetting the pleasant atmosphere, and because you are slow to trust new people and situations due to your extreme sensitivity. Despite this vulnerable shyness, however, you can be extremely tough and tenacious when it comes to defending your security and protecting your relationships; and you are capable of resorting to all kinds of maneuvres, including very subtle and sophisticated emotional manipulation to make sure that you keep what you believe to be yours. You only enjoy change if you have initiated it yourself, or if you are protected by the company of others who can cushion you if anything goes amiss. . ...."

"....Deep mistrust of human nature
Your shrewd and cautious approach to life springs not only from your general disposition, but also from some painful lessons you have learned in childhood. You are what is known as a survivor, and although you are sometimes intensely guarded and self-protective, this is because you are realistic about what you can and cannot expect from others; and generally you do not expect much. ..."

"...The rewards of a strong, tenacious and cautious nature
Thus you are one of the enduring souls of the world, without whom nothing would have any cohesion or any lasting worth. Although you may take a long time to mature, formulate your values and goals, and achieve your potentials, you move steadily and slowly toward your mountain peak, realistic enough to understand and accept failures and disappointments, and disciplined enough to do your homework and pay your dues in order to earn what you want from life. You nurture and protect all those traditions which respect human dignity and the peaceful and ordered workings of family and society; and you possess enough healthy selfishness and caution to mistrust violent change and the destruction of personal values in the name of abstract ideals. ...."

"... Exploring the mystery of faith
There is one area of your life where any effort to gain more insight will result a greatly increased feeling of self- respect and confidence - for this is the domain of your deepest anxieties as well as, paradoxically, your greatest strength. It is your faith in life, and what might be called your religious or spiritual world-view, which is so important to explore ..."



The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) Biography

Birth Name: Lhamo Dhondrub
Birth Date: 07/06/1935 (July 6, 1935)
Birth Time: 04:38 (4:38 AM) LMT (-6.45)
Birth Place: Tengster Village, Tibet
Source: Astro-Databank

His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people. He was born in a small village called Takster in northeastern Tibet. Born to a peasant family, His Holiness was recognized at the age of two, in accordance with Tibetan tradition, as the reincarnation of his predecessor the 13th Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lamas are the manifestations of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, who chose to reincarnate to serve the people. Dalai Lama means Ocean of Wisdom. Tibetans normally refer to His Holiness as Yeshin Norbu, the Wish-fulfilling Gem, or simply, Kundun, meaning The Presence.

In 1950, at 16, His Holiness was called upon to assume full political power as Head of State and Government when Tibet was threatened by the might of China. In 1954 he went to Peking to talk with Mao Tse-Tung and other Chinese leaders, including Chou En-Lai and Deng Xiaoping. In 1956, while visiting India to attend the 2500th Buddha Jayanti, he had a series of meetings with Prime Minister Nehru and Premier Chou about deteriorating conditions in Tibet. In 1959 he was forced into exile in India after the Chinese military occupation of Tibet. Since 1960 he has resided in Dharamsala, aptly known as "Little Lhasa", the seat of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

Unlike his predecessors, His Holiness has met and talked with many Westerners and has visited the United States, Canada, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Mongolia, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Vatican, China and Australia. He has met with religious leaders from all these countries.

Since his first visit to the west in the early 1970s, His Holiness' reputation as a scholar and man of peace has grown steadily. In recent years, a number of western universities and institutions have conferred Peace Awards and honorary Doctorate Degrees upon His Holiness in recognition of his distinguished writings in Buddhist philosophy and of his distinguished leadership in the service of freedom and peace.

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