Money and Success

for Angelina Jolie, born on 4 June 1975
Text by Markus Jehle, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2016
EMOE 6212.502-23, 18.11.16

I. Introduction

II. Your Approach to the World

A Protective Hand * Looking After Number One

III. Your Personal Attitude Toward Money and Possessions

Being and Having * Worthwhile Investments for You * Worthwhile Trends * Ideals That Promise Success

IV. Developing Talents and Making the Most of Resources

A Talent Incubator * Success Through Networking * What You Are Worth to Yourself * Humanitarian Concerns and A Team Spirit * What Is New? * What You Appreciate * Sympathy and Elegance * Nostalgic Feelings

V. Other People's Money

Entrepreneurial Freedom * Rewarding Intuition

VI. The Risk of Failure

Retreat and Regeneration * The Strengths in Your Weaknesses * The Opportunity for Success * Your Sore Spot * Unreliable Successes

VII. The Happy Life

Secret Happiness * Aiming High

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Money and success are considered key to attaining satisfaction in our society. Those who are blessed with them do not typically need to worry about how to make a living or where their next meal will come from. However, how financial success is viewed is chiefly determined by the culture, and does not inevitably lead to personal happiness or a sense of well-being. So instead of discussing investment planning and career prospects, the following horoscope analysis offers a view of your personal traits and the inner resources that make it possible to develop your individual potential. Whether or not you are granted happiness as a result will partly depend on you and on the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Knowing what kind of prosperity to strive for and which investments are bound to pay off will make you better equipped to take action in line with your values rather than be influenced by other people's standards. I would like to invite you on a personal journey of discovery that will allow you to become better acquainted with yourself. Because attaining financial success also has profound psychological underpinnings, being well-equipped in this respect will offer you the best starting point for productively asserting yourself in an increasingly complex world.

I wish you wealth and success that is in keeping with your nature and procures you long-lasting fulfillment.

Sincerely, Markus Jehle

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"It is not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It is because we dare not venture that they are difficult."

Your personal money and success horoscope starts with a description of your fundamental attitude toward life. This aspect of your makeup has an important influence on how well you succeed on both your individual path and in asserting yourself in life. The report initially discusses your distinctive way of tackling and coping with challenges.

In later sections, you will learn about personal strategies that you can use to attain success. But first allow yourself to become familiar with the particular traits that equip you to navigate life's highs and lows.

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A Protective Hand

You have a very caring disposition and like to look after people who are close to you. Contributing to the emotional well-being of others is one of your major assets and for this reason, you would never fail anyone to whom you feel connected. The protective hand that you hold image over your loved ones is a blessing to them, for you make sure that they feel safe and secure and at their best. You are also happy when your affection is valued. This is especially the case if your care and attention are taken the right way. This is because your devotion, as lovingly as you may intend it to be, can sometimes have a smothering effect on your loved ones. Whoever you take under your wing may also have difficulty in becoming self-reliant again. So try to give the people entrusted to your care only the support they need.

As much as you like to look after others, you should remind yourself that you should also take good care of yourself, retreat when you need it, and approach others replenished with fresh energy. Do not make your personal well-being wholly dependent on whether the people close to your heart feel secure and well cared for. You have a great deal to give. Just make sure to nurture yourself along the way.

Your feeling nature is a gift and you have the duty to safeguard it so it can serve others as well as yourself. You have a strong intuition and can sniff out when something is up. You will do well acting on your gut feeling. To be sure, you can rely on your intuition when it comes to fulfilling your creative potential, and achieve major success as a result. You are an emotional person and you can harness your feeling nature to garner the satisfaction in life that you desire.

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Looking After Number One

When you feel close to someone you show your affection in a spontaneous and direct way. "Go ahead and take it" is your motto, which oftentimes has you offering your support without careful thought. This offer often conceals a healthy egoism because your first concern is typically for yourself and your way of expressing your needs to others may be abrupt and demanding. Yet, you are also far more reliable than most people assume. Although your nature may have a certain restlessness to it, you are immediately on the spot when help is required and know intuitively what to do. You also do not put up with anything that rubs you the wrong way. One of your major strengths is that you do not think twice about standing up for yourself and others with resoluteness. This quality garners you many sympathies and enables you to bank on the help of others in difficult moments.

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The value that things are assessed varies from person to person. What money means and possessions are worth depend on your attitude toward them. There are things that you may treasure but may be meaningless to image others. What you may see as just a little investment may seem a large sum to others and vice versa. We all have our own, highly individual "currency" on the basis of which we assess what something is worth to us.

The following section describes your personal values. It provides clues as to how they impact your attitude toward money and possessions, and what you would rather spend your money on.

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Being and Having

When it comes to dealing with money, you cultivate an entirely individual style. Your approach takes into account goals and personal values that harmonize with your character. In a certain sense, your finances show who you are and what is near and dear to your heart. This approach sometimes results in you very much defining yourself through your assets and allowing your self-esteem to depend on what you call your own. Even though the sense of satisfaction that you derive from your property is very strong, you also have plenty of other values that are at least as important as your material assets.

You like to show how generous you are, especially when you are bound to reap praise for your magnanimity. In your eyes, money represents a means for drawing the attention of others. As long as you give from the heart, your joy is usually unclouded. But if you give generously only to feel important, your pleasure may quickly give way to a deeply felt remorse about money gone down the drain, since this approach may cost you dearly. In the long run, you cannot buy self-worth, as tempting as it may seem. What is good for the soul comes from the heart, an insight that can save you from making costly outlays.

One of your greatest challenges when it comes to the topic of finances is that you take everything personally and lack the required distance for making sober decisions. In a sense, you are always fully committed and this makes it extremely hard to cope with possible losses. It is as if you feel personally liable for anything that concerns money. Your outlook can bring you a certain amount of success as long as you are in good shape and have the required confidence. But even little setbacks may cause you to feel others are questioning your self-worth and elicit self-doubts about your aptitudes. You should therefore try to find the objectivity needed to deal with money. If you solely use any financial success that comes your way to boost your ego, you will not just feel insecure but also become prey to people who believe your insecurity will give them the upper hand.

Healthy self-confidence is your key to financial success. If you do not hesitate or feel unsure, you can assume that you will not chalk up major losses and the numbers will add up in the end. If you are not feeling confident but have doubts, it would be best to remain conservative when making financial decisions. On the other hand, if you stand up for yourself and prioritize your well-being, you will be in good hands financially.

You like to cultivate a lavish lifestyle that gives you the feeling of being someone of great prominence. You take pride in your assets, not just because they are of value to you, but because by extension they make you feel like an individual of great standing. Consider, however, that the following also applies: the most valuable acquisitions are the ones chosen by your heart without regard for how influential they make you appear in the eyes of others.

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Worthwhile Investments for You

"How many things there are which I do not need!" (Aristotle)

Your horoscope does not recommend which stocks or real estate to buy and which to avoid. However, the planetary constellations give important indications in symbolic form as to where you can gain and image which "investments" are bound to pay off for you. A person may want to "invest" in a relationship and get much benefit from it while another may prefer to focus on education or appearance. The following section describes the areas of your life in which investments would be most worthwhile and pay off in terms of financial gain, accrued self-confidence, or an augmented sense of security.

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Worthwhile Trends

You are quite practiced at building a diverse network of friends and associates that will help you develop your talents and assist you in many ways. When you get involved in a group or become part of a team, your talents come to full fruition. For this reason, it is worth your while searching out allies who share your ideals and who can pull together effectively. Even if you occasionally give the impression of being above things, you have an innate tolerance and generosity of heart that you can use to great advantage. Your key strength lies in closely cooperating with others. Through the support of like-minded individuals, you gain the necessary confidence to realize your promising ideas.

You want to be as free as possible to express your individuality and need a jester's license to anchor yourself in the world and create a stable foundation in life. Although with your personal idiosyncrasies, you can be strikingly different from the norm, it is still worth your while to develop your talents in an autonomous and unconventional way. Moving at will in various social circles gives you the freedom you need to attain success, even on the material level. You also know that continuously expanding the range of your social activities will help you receive various kinds of support and assist you in implementing your goals. Since you are usually somewhat ahead of the times, you can help shape future trends and make good profits as a result.

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Ideals That Promise Success

You are a natural alpha female, who is highly skilled at motivating people to commit to a plan that is mutually beneficial. When you are involved in projects whose significance extends beyond personal concerns, you can freely develop your talents. You are virtually image exemplary at personifying the ideals that connect people with each other and encouraging their cooperation. Although you like to play the leading role and occasionally stand in your own way when you do so, the courageous and spirited way in which you throw yourself into projects with a promising future pays off for you in any number of ways. You also have a good eye for the kinds of projects that are worthwhile, even though they may initially seem like pie-in-the-sky schemes to others. Your delight in risks and in innovative thinking, in particular, enable you major successes, including financial ones. With your optimism and dedication, you are likely to make a large contribution to the social circles you move in. Courageously move forward and you will see how it pays off for you well into the future.

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"The capital of the rich is in the safe. That of the wise is in the mind."
(Turkish saying)

Just like everyone else, you have inherent talents and the better you develop and express them, the "richer" you will feel. The sort of wealth generated from these talents springs from within and is key to engendering a sense of personal satisfaction in life. Knowing how to enhance your aptitudes and manage your inner resources also allows you to bring your strong points into play. The following sections show you the ways in which you can make full use of your talents.

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A Talent Incubator

You are very confident when it comes to your abilities and do not hesitate to openly display them. This is one of your key strengths. The development of your potential is one of your main concerns because you sometimes feel that you are no one without your expertise. To an extent, you believe you earn the right to be alive by honing your abilities to the fullest. You are extremely creative and aim to infuse whatever you handle with a personal touch. You have taken the time to literally forge the expertise you now enjoy, and the people around you immediately recognize your input in the process.

You also know what your skills are worth and you promote them with great self-awareness. No one should think that they could easily challenge your expertise or even try to copy your style. Individuality and a personal touch are your forte when it comes to actualizing your potential. You are also quite unconventional and cultivate your own style in your approach to your own resources. Although the results are occasionally somewhat peculiar, it nevertheless contributes to your unmistakable signature in every sense.

You identify completely with your talents. It gives everything you create enormous authenticity, and in return gives you great credibility – two key components when it comes to making optimal use of your abilities. When you get into gear, it brings out the best in you. However, this tenacity may sometimes lead to overexertion. So truly consider when it is worth putting your nose to the grind. Sometimes you lack the necessary distance for assessing whether your efforts will pay off. When you master the art of holding off when needed, you will attain the success you desire.

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Success Through Networking

You find much support for actualizing your talents in your close circle of friends and acquaintances. The better you communicate and network with like-minded individuals, the more your unique talents will have an impact. Through joint projects and constructive teamwork, image you enrich your experience. You are ultimately concerned with spurring new achievements. In relation to your area of interest, you are always one step ahead of the times and you co-create trends and set innovative processes in motion.

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What You Are Worth to Yourself

In the following section, you will learn more about the goals and ideals that are of financial import to you. Rather than an investment plan put forth by your bank advisor, however, this section speaks to values that serve your personal fulfillment. All of the standards that you use for assigning worth to material things will be discussed. Even if often said that it is not possible to buy happiness, you can still find meaning and satisfaction in what is described here.

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Humanitarian Concerns and A Team Spirit

You are an unconventional and freedom-loving person, even if it is not always immediately obvious. In certain ways, you take yourself less seriously than the matter you are concerned with. For you, personal success means acting according to humanitarian ideals and implementing innovative concepts. You are not as interested in recognition for yourself as much as arriving at new ideas for the benefit of all. Your satisfaction in life is nurtured by having a hand in whatever is innovative and future-oriented and has social significance that extends far beyond you. You want to usher into the world the sort of spirit that allows for what is mutually beneficial and connects others in society, as well as what is new and unusual in outlook. You are often a bit ahead of your time, and your main concern is finding like-minded people to implement your objectives.

It is easy for you to define yourself through your role on a team or in a social group. However, be sure not to lose yourself when doing so. For your happiness in life, it is important for you to network with others but not sacrifice your individuality in the process. Your tolerance towards different and diverse lifestyles is a major asset for you in this regard. You collaborate with others and ensure that every person contributes his or her individual best with you. It will assure you of leadership responsibilities in every area that requires a good team spirit and in which the goal is success for the whole.

The character traits that have been described up to now emphasized your behavior. In the following section, additional facets of your personality will be discussed. It is quite possible that this section contradicts to some extent what was previously said. It nonetheless image serves as a valuable supplement to the preceding segments.

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What Is New?

You have a distinctly analytical mind and see life from a mostly rational perspective. Your logical mind is the most important thing to you because you believe that the world consists of puzzles that need solving. In no case would you want to make the mistake of getting into a situation in which you are at a loss. Your trump card is your curiosity, which makes it possible for you to experience many things within a brief time and optimally find your way in whatever environment you find yourself in. You aspire to have a voice in various matters - even when you do not have anything important to say. So try to avoid squandering your time with superficial chats. Instead, focus your alert mind on what really interests you and that with which you can earn money in the quickest way possible. You easily become bored, a state of affairs that can occasionally be costly for you.

You have a snazzy saying on hand for every situation. A lot must happen before you are left speechless. Furthermore, nothing would be more embarrassing to you than suddenly having egg on your face. Even in seemingly hopeless situations, you still have your gallows humor to rescue the day. Thanks to your expertise in the communication arts, you benefit from most situations. Your skill in this arena also pays off for you materially. You are often more interested in negotiating and bargaining, and in the discussion that it entails, however, than in material profits. Your mental acuity is nonetheless a form of capital with which you can score points and secure certain advantages for yourself. So allow yourself to invest in gaining knowledge and in sharpening your communication skills, because they will pay off for you in multiple ways.

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What You Appreciate

The following section is about the little joys that sweeten life for you. It will tell you what you allow yourself and the things you especially appreciate. The focus here is less on what you actually spend every day and more on the large and small pleasures you would image like to afford every now and then. It is about your preferences and the things that appeal to you. The voice of your heart, rather than that of your rational mind, demands to be heard here. Be open to the kinds of investments conducive to finding happiness and fulfillment. Keep this motto in mind as you read the following section: "I am worth this to myself."

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Sympathy and Elegance

Arousing the sympathies of others and making a good impression on those around you is extremely important to you. As a result, you enjoy having a well-groomed appearance and pay special attention to dressing according to your personal tastes. You have style, and you also like to spend for its upkeep. You like feeling attractive and desirable, as well as garnering compliments for your looks. So it is not surprising that you should want to invest time and money to maintain a pleasant appearance.

It is invaluable for your sense of self-worth to look good and be well liked for your appearance. You may find it enticing to absentmindedly make purchases that serve to preserve the beautiful illusion that you seek to present to the outside world. However, it is not absolutely necessary for you to do so because you can confidently trust in your natural charm, and achieve the same effect by making sure you feel at ease in your skin. You have a clear sense of what makes you feel good. This means that you want to be liked just as you are. After all, you will never find a greater treasure than yourself.

The preferences described above had to do with your behavior. The attitudes that this behavior is based on will be discussed in the following section. It is quite possible that the material here contradicts to some extent what was previously said. It nonetheless serves as a valuable supplement to the preceding segments.

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Nostalgic Feelings

You enjoy things that you associate with beautiful memories. The material value of an object is therefore less important to you than the emotional significance the object has for you. Over the course of your lifetime you end up collecting quite a few treasures. You prize image these objects because of the emotional value they have for you. Once you become particularly fond of something, you do not want to let go of it. So make sure that your home does not become a museum of memories. Instead, relinquish the things that you cling to emotionally but no longer serve you.

You are a romantic at heart. A lovely, slightly nostalgic atmosphere is where you feel at your emotional best. So go ahead and allow yourself the luxury of lingering in places where you can revel in beautiful memories. And be mindful that anything that brings you a feeling of security can also turn into something that you end up cherishing.

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"Money from others has sharp teeth."
(Russian saying)

Human beings do not live only for themselves nor earn their living without input from others. They benefit from the values they have "inherited" from others, what their ancestors have created, and what the people around them have accomplished.

The following section describes your ability to tap the values, possessions, and money handed down from others. It sheds light on your attitude toward what you have "inherited" during the course of your life. Each individual has a different way of sharing in the assets of others, whether through business transactions, inheritance, and gifts or loans, mortgages, and joint accounts.

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Entrepreneurial Freedom

To do justice to bequests and the assets of others, you expect to garner the greatest independence for yourself possible. This also applies to business dealings. You greatly dislike making hard-and-fast commitments. Therefore, an important requirement for you in business is the ability to opt out on short notice. If these commitments appear to be necessary at some point, then you will only work on a voluntary basis, or require termination clauses that will take immediate effect. If you do not pay enough attention to this area, you run the risk of getting involved with the wrong people and being left empty-handed at some point. So stand up for your need for autonomy. Otherwise, you will never be completely safe from surprises in your financial dealings.

If you feel that you are personally obligated to do something because of an inheritance, you may actually turn it down instead of burdening yourself with it. The same applies to joint investments, which you should ideally make voluntarily and with the intention of creating more personal freedom for yourself. You are capable of achieving a great many things with other people's capital and also set far-reaching changes in motion for yourself. So, joint finances will work best with like-minded people and with projects that serve a greater cause.

Since you are basically indifferent to money that comes from others, you can deal with it in a comparatively carefree way. However, do not be tempted into careless speculation - especially not with assets that are not yours. Although a certain willingness to take risks usually pays off for you, it only applies when you do not overdo things. Otherwise, you may enter into ruinous transactions by backing the wrong horse and incur in losses that you may not be able cover. Extreme fluctuations and reversals may also be typical of your dealings with assets, especially those that are jointly owned. A certain degree of confidence is therefore required on your part to keep the upward and downward swings that come with these transactions within acceptable dimensions.

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Rewarding Intuition

Getting involved in business deals with others is a highly private affair for you, even a matter of kinship. When it comes to other people's money, emotions also play a pivotal role. In this respect, you were born with an ability to administer financial matters, image especially family bequests, and finding solutions that feel equally good to everyone involved. When it comes to real estate transactions, you often prove to have a lucky hand and find great peace of mind through joint ownership of assets. Trust in your instincts, particularly since your well-honed intuition offers you the best guarantee for getting your money's worth. Do not get involved in business deals that your gut feeling warns you about, even if upon rational consideration you should be amenable to them. Always make sure you bring your sixth sense to the table, because you have the right nose for business deals that will pay off. It is therefore only sensible for you to trust in this gift.

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Success has its price. It not only takes effort and fortitude, but harbors risk. Although you may overcome obstacles through hard work and discipline, you should at times expect not all plans to proceed apace and not all goals to be achievable. The reasons are usually complex, yet it is also useful to learn the role that personal flaws play in such unraveling. In the following section, you will learn more about your Achilles heel.

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Retreat and Regeneration

One of the main reasons for the prospective failures you may experience in life is the presence of an authority in the background that breathes down your neck and acts like a gray eminence by subtly holding the reins of your life. Indeed, you may be less free than you believe. You lack the structure and support that would enable you to overcome inner chaos and help you cope with tasks and obligations. So you need phases of retreat and contemplation every so often to inwardly collect yourself and focus on what is really essential in your life. Even if you feel profoundly lonely and isolated at times, you should very consciously create moments of solitude and calm for yourself so that you can withstand the world's demands over the long haul.

Any prospective failures may also have something to do with feelings of self-reproach that you are not even aware of but lead you to believe that you must sacrifice your personal aspirations for the benefit of others. It almost seems as if you are not allowed to want anything for yourself that does not serve interests of a higher order. Even what you have earned for yourself, and for which you have worked hard, often does not seem to entirely belong to you. As long as you assume that you are not allowed to be successful, you will always have the painful experience that what you have accomplished will be taken away from you at some point or will slip through your fingers in a way that is difficult to understand.

You are not responsible for all the misery and pain in the world - even if it may sometimes seem like you are. So reserve the right to adhere to your ideas about things and follow your own plans. Since you sometimes lack a sense of your own boundaries and tend to have a hard time coping with rules, you need clearly delineated parameters and values that provide you with a sense of bearings. You can only find these bearings within yourself. Above all, you need one thing to accomplish this: retreat and give yourself sufficient time. So do not allow for failure and give yourself a break from the demands of everyday life on a regular basis.

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The Strengths in Your Weaknesses

It may seem paradoxical but the above-mentioned weaknesses also have certain advantages. Because of your social conscience, you are peerless at taking responsibility for tasks of a higher order that serve the common good. You also offer stable support to others, even if it is from the background. Even if your accomplishments remain hidden, you will nonetheless also receive appreciation. You have the potential for setting standards that are valid far beyond your personal concerns. As you do so, your life will follow rules that you have developed for yourself and that allow you to serve as a role model for others. Over the years, you will find increasingly more inner support and the strength to shape your life according to your own values. You will then become an authority whose judgment has weight and stands the test of time.

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The Opportunity for Success

A mature approach to the challenges discussed above can also stabilize your relationships and give you the desired depth.

Otherwise, your relationships could suffer. You would be much more reserved when dealing with others and would have fewer contacts than image you desire.

In addition to the factors described here, there are facets of your personality whose dynamic also influences your prospects of success.

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Your Sore Spot

The following section discusses one or other sore spot that may lead you to counterproductive behavior and reduce your prospects for success.

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Unreliable Successes

You probably know the strange feeling of having scored a long-desired success and still not really feel happy about it. Something like this can easily happen to you time after time because what would be a true and genuine success for you has a contradictory aspect to it. Although in the eyes of the world you are quite ambitious and achievement-oriented, at heart you are an individualist who would prefer to not give a damn about social recognition. So the successes you achieve on the social and professional fronts prove to be a double-edged sword because, as nice as they may be, in a sense you are also being a traitor to your own cause.

You can try to prevent this form of failure by following your true calling. This approach has nothing to do with convention and requires that you have the courage to go your own way. You may even need to forego a bit of success in exchange for authenticity and moral credibility. As long as you are hesitant to express your individuality, every success will ultimately be connected to deep-seated pain.

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"Happiness is not wanting to do what we would like to do but liking what we do." (Leo Tolstoy)

There is a popular saying that money alone cannot make us happy. But for most, money has a calming effect when there is enough of it. Nonetheless, much of what enriches life and brings lasting fulfillment cannot be bought with money.

The following section deals with what allows you to be happy and feel content based on your innermost nature. Instead of financial and material well-being, this segment speaks to overarching goals that are critical for you to actualize, even if you are not thoroughly conscious of it. Although the topics discussed here may run like a thread throughout your entire life, they are not always obvious at first glance. Allow yourself to be surprised by insights that can maximize your potential for satisfaction in life.

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Secret Happiness

You find your happiness in secrecy. Above all, you desire to savor it in peace and quiet. It is not in you to showcase yourself, unless you do it to represent others. When fighting for major causes, you can also make a powerful statement when putting in an appearance. However, image you prefer to be more reserved when it comes to your own concerns.

To the people around you, it may occasionally seem like you have something to hide. But your discrete behavior is usually based on other reasons. You enjoy the feeling of staying in the background and holding the reins from there. Above all, your strengths come to bear behind the scenes and this is where you also find the greatest fulfillment.

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Aiming High

Endeavors that are imbued with meaning are a source of happiness for you. You are filled with great satisfaction when you can improve existing conditions for others. The key to your success is the confidence that you show in your profession and when assuming responsible social positions. You aim high. With your sights set on the right goals, your prospects for success and moving forward in gigantic steps are also considerable. Above all, you combine lofty ambitions with high moral standards, which serve as steppingstones for your success and also garner you great satisfaction. You can rightfully take pride about the fact that you easily surpass average standards and excel far beyond others time and time again.

Astrological Data used for Money and Success
for Angelina Jolie (female)
born on 4 June 1975 local time: 9:09 am
in Los Angeles, CA (US) U.T.: 16:09
118w15, 34n03 sid. time: 01:05:55

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Gemini 13°25'20 in house 11 direct
Moon Aries 13°05'04 end of house 9 direct
Mercury Gemini 22°19'40 end of house 11 retrograde
Venus Cancer 28°09'20 end of house 12 direct
Mars Aries 10°42'26 in house 9 direct
Jupiter Aries 17°25'28 end of house 9 direct
Saturn Cancer 17°23'13 in house 12 direct
Uranus Libra 28°47'59 in house 4 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 10°20'24 in house 5 retrograde
Pluto Libra 6°31'24 in house 3 retrograde
Chiron Aries 26°46'09 in house 10 direct
True Node Sagittarius 0°53'20 in house 5 direct
Lilith Pisces 13°21'25 end of house 8 direct
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Cancer 28°53'13
2nd House Leo 20°49'20
3rd House Virgo 16°36'12
Imum Coeli Libra 17°52'12
5th House Scorpio 23°14'57
6th House Sagittarius 28°00'28
Descendant Capricorn 28°53'13
8th House Aquarius 20°49'20
9th House Pisces 16°36'12
Medium Coeli Aries 17°52'12
11th House Taurus 23°14'57
12th House Gemini 28°00'28

Major aspects
Sun Sextile Moon 0°20
Sun Sextile Mars 2°43
Sun Sextile Jupiter 4°00
Sun Opposition Neptune 3°05
Sun Square Lilith 0°04
Moon Conjunction Mars 2°23
Moon Conjunction Jupiter 4°20
Moon Square Saturn 4°18
Moon Trine Neptune 2°45
Mercury Sextile Jupiter 4°54
Mercury Sextile Chiron 4°26
Venus Square Uranus 0°39
Venus Square Chiron 1°23
Venus Conjunction Ascendant 0°44
Mars Trine Neptune 0°22
Mars Opposition Pluto 4°11
Jupiter Square Saturn 0°02
Jupiter Conjunction Medium Coeli 0°27
Saturn Square Medium Coeli 0°29
Uranus Opposition Chiron 2°02
Uranus Square Ascendant 0°05
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°49
Chiron Square Ascendant 2°07
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).