Yearly Horoscope Analysis

from January 2011
for Joanne K. Rowling, born on 31 July 1965
Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
EJAE 6212.502-6, 24.2.15

Contents of the Yearly Horoscope Analysis * January 2011 until December 2011

I. Introduction

II. The year's main themes

The dominant energy * Chafing at the bit * New faces, new places * Another important theme * Intense feelings * Sorrowful thoughts

III. Significant trends in each sphere of life

1. The sphere of emotions
The importance of relationship * Conflict and tension * Fog and confusion * A self-indulgent mood

2. The sphere of the physical world
Coping with an unreceptive world * Losing the road map * Curb your impatience

3. The mental sphere
Finding your voice * Sudden inspirations * Untangling knots * Mixing fantasy and reality

4. The spiritual sphere
Making ideals work in the world * Living in a dream world

5. The sphere of the Inner Self
Digging deep * Sobering up * Not getting what you want * Old wounds are hurting * Feeling uprooted

IV. Conclusion

Suggested further reading * Technical Information

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Chapter I

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Many people assume that astrology is used to predict events, and that a recognition of astrology's validity implies an acceptance of fatalism and a denial of individual free will. Over the centuries, astrological prognostications have certainly played an important role in the lives of world leaders and the fate of nations. But predictability, and the fate which it implies, are far more complex issues than simply a destiny written "in the stars", about which the individual can do nothing. In the following pages, your birth horoscope is analysed according to the planetary movements which are occurring over the next year. On one level, it is a "predictive" analysis. But its purpose is not a foretelling of concrete events. It is an exploration of the inner changes and cycles which occur in every individual and which often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. These planetary movements will not tell us what WILL happen. They describe the stage the individual has reached in his or her life, and what kind of responses can be expected to external situations which might occur at any other time, but mean something special because of the special time at which they are occurring.

The German poet Novalis once wrote, "Fate and soul are two names for the same principle." This profound perception of the identity of inner and outer worlds is often difficult for the person unfamiliar with the deeper psychological dimensions of astrology to recognise. Carl Jung echoed Novalis' sentiment when he said that a person's life is characteristic of the person. We are complex creatures, made up of many facets, and all the different dimensions of the human psyche will seek, sooner or later, to find their place in the light of day and achieve expression in the outer world. But some aspects of the personality are inherently in conflict with other aspects. Some will elbow others out of the way because we identify with these at the expense of other, less developed attributes. Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes. When the time is right, certain aspects of the individual will strive for expression. In order for us to achieve that expression, we may need to create, or find ourselves drawn to, external situations which make us conscious of what we were unaware of before.

Some life events are not the expression of any individual need, conscious or unconscious. They reflect great collective movements into which we may all be swept up. Wars, plagues, famines, and holocausts may supercede any individual effort at self-awareness or choice. But in those spheres where our lives are our own, and not merged with the collective, we may have many levels on which to fulfill the expression of our individual horoscope patterns. We cannot be certain whether particular events are inevitable, or whether, with foresight, they might be avoided or transformed. We cannot be certain of the extent to which we are required to act out or redeem conflicts which have been part of the family psyche over many generations. These things contribute to what we loosely call "fate". Also, the choices we make at any point in time may have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences on the kind of events which occur later on. Cause and effect may play more of a role in "fate" than we realise. What is clear from the study of astrology is that no outer event is devoid of meaning, or unconnected with individual psychological issues. "Good" luck and "bad" luck are not luck at all, but reflections of what in ancient Greece was known as kairos - the right moment.

Analysis of the year's planetary movements by computer is necessarily limited, primarily because no computer can ascertain what an individual has learned from experiences which have occurred in the past. Every stage in life is processed by individual consciousness, and the degree to which we are self-aware, and have some understanding of our deeper needs and conflicts, may have a powerful effect, not only on how we respond to events, but on the events themselves. Consciousness, rather than fate, may determine whether we are able to turn a painful or difficult time into one of inner strengthening and self-knowledge, and whether we can take advantage of the right moment to develop abilities or pursue goals which previously we might not have realised were possible. Our choices may be circumscribed by our genetic inheritance on the physical level, and by social and collective factors which place limits on our possibilities for growth. We may also be circumscribed by our own self-doubt and blindness, and wind up fating ourselves through reacting blindly to the emotions which a particular situation stirs in us.

The paragraphs which follow only sketch in the barest fashion the possible areas in which outer events might occur, according to the year's planetary movements. They focus primarily on the inner developments, conflicts, changes and realisations which reflect the real meaning of the time. We perceive the outer world through deeply subjective eyes, and interpret events in accord with our own highly individual psychic constitution. One person might look at a glass of water and say, "Ah, it's half full, there is plenty for me to drink." Another might look at the same glass and declare, "Oh, it's half empty, there isn't enough for me to drink." One person might view rejection by a loved one as a reflection of the other person's failings. Another might view it as an opportunity for a deep examination of his or her expectations and assumptions in matters of love. When a group of people describe the same event, they describe it in as many ways as there are people in the group. What matters in the end is the meaning of the time for each of us as individuals, and what the time can offer us in terms of the greater unfoldment of the essential self.

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Chapter II

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The paragraphs which follow describe the main planetary themes which are likely to dominate the year, and which may permeate virtually every area of your life. They are like the bass line in a piece of music, and set the underlying tempo and key. Although other planetary movements may form a musical counterpoint, highlighting specific issues in different ways at different times over the next twelve months, these main themes provide the overall backdrop for this particular stage of your development.

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The dominant energy

Because vision and intuition are often as real to you as concrete objects, you may find the underlying energies at work over the next year deeply inspiring and uplifting. Religious or mystical feelings may run very strong, and you may feel profoundly connected to the rest of humanity and part of the larger life of the planet or the cosmos. Your innate idealism may seem affirmed and verified by external circumstances, and opportunities for creative work or a deeper spiritual commitment may give your life renewed purpose and meaning. Don't let optimism and a sense of inner rightness preclude good old-fashioned hard work to make your ideals real. There may be a danger that you may spend so much time feeling life is wonderful that you let it slip by without taking the opportunities which will probably come your way. And don't forget that others may not see what you see, and may find it hard to fly with you if you do not take the time to share your feelings and intuitions with them. A little patience and circumspection would be extremely useful to you during the next twelve months, as you may leap too high too soon, or ignore personal responsibilities which need attending to. During this period a great many doors could open, on many levels and in many areas of your life. If you are willing to back up vision with planning, persistence, and sensitivity, this could be one of the most rewarding times you have ever experienced.

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Chafing at the bit

prog. Sun square Jupiter: Mid-July 2010 until end of July 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Jupiter square Sun: Beginning of July 2011 until mid-March 2012

Jupiter trine Sun: Mid-February 2011 until beginning of March 2011

You are probably feeling very restless and expansive right now, and your eyes are likely to be fixed on distant horizons. You may feel you could accomplish anything, if you could just escape the constrictions of your present life; and your future plans are likely to be big and even grandiose, while the small details of how to actually get there may not seem worth dwelling on. This could be an extremely creative time, but it may also be a precarious one because you are probably not very well connected with the mundane requirements and consequences of your aspirations. If you want to make your dreams concrete, you will need to balance optimism and enthusiasm for the future with plenty of patience and common sense. Otherwise, you may find that you have wasted a great deal of time, energy and resources on projects or endeavours, material, emotional or intellectual, which, because they were badly planned or simply too unrealistic, turn out to disappoint you in the end.

At the moment you are probably eager to travel the world, learn more about life, and explore 'higher' subjects such as religion, philosophy and spiritual disciplines. You are likely to experience a profound intuitive sense that life is on your side at the moment, and that your future path has purpose and meaning. You may also feel particularly 'lucky', but although the combination of increased intuition and optimism may prove highly beneficial, you may need to be careful of gambling with resources you cannot afford. This is not the time to wager your life savings against the right horse. Spend only what you can spare, and don't get caught by the fantasy that heaven will drop a pot of gold in your lap. Heaven - or someone who thinks well of you - may send you an opportunity, but you will have to work hard to turn that opportunity into real rewards. Yet the opportunity is likely to be there, and you are probably feeling positive enough to take it. A few years ago, you might not have believed it possible.

This may also be an excellent time to explore spiritual or religious issues. You will need faith in life and in yourself to take advantage of this time, and you might benefit from deeper insight into what you really do believe in. It is also a good time to travel and learn more about the larger world in which you live. The most difficult challenge confronting you is likely to be the problem of handling intense restlessness and grandiose dreams in sensible, constructive ways. Repressing your discontent may make you unconsciously drive others away, so that you wind up with the breathing space you secretly wanted but were too afraid to ask for. If someone close to you decides to leave, try to see whether you yourself might secretly welcome the change. You may also blame feelings of frustration on those close to you, and you may wish to seek more exciting relationships to help you open doors and make life seem more vibrant. But other people cannot give you meaning or purpose. You will have to find that within yourself. In an excess of enthusiasm and impatience you may inadvertently treat those you care about with callousness and insensitivity. Nothing is holding you back but your own fears; and although new contacts made at this time may bring many good things into your life, it is unlikely that they can provide any future stability or fulfillment. You are not looking for stability right now, and you will attract those who respond to the signals you are giving. For this reason, don't gamble with your emotional life either; spend only what you can afford to lose.

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New faces, new places

Jupiter conjunction Descendant: Beginning of March 2011 until end of March 2011

You may be seeking enhancement of your life through new relationships right now, and you will probably meet new people, on both the personal and professional level, who can open up your vision and provide opportunities for you to expand your world. You may also feel especially restless in an existing relationship, and you might need to exercise realism and patience in terms of just what you expect from your partner. Because you are likely to feel a little confined and eager for new horizons, you may blame him or her for not generating enough excitement in your life, when in fact it is your own responsibility to find greater meaning in what you do. You could also enter a new relationship at this time, which promises to change your world-view and open many doors. This might prove extremely positive in terms of opportunities on many levels, although there may be no guarantee of future stability. The people to whom you are presently attracted are likely to be exciting not because they are stable and steady, but because they seem to conjure distant horizons. For this reason it might be wise to pursue friendships and new professional contacts with confidence, but to exercise caution and discrimination in any romantic encounter.

Although many good things may now come to you through the agency of others, on a deeper level it is your own nature which is changing and expanding. You may want to develop your initiative and innovative thinking, and your choice of companions and colleagues right now may reflect this process of developing unlived potentials within yourself. This time is likely to prove exciting, interesting and rewarding in terms of what others can bring into your life, and also in terms of a greater involvement with the world around you. You may find that you have a much higher public profile at the moment, or that efforts to get creative work recognised now meet with success. But try to recognise that others cannot be made responsible for any quest for meaning and purpose in life. Along with an expanding social and professional world, you may need to make room to develop those inner qualities which you might have undervalued or ignored in the past, and which you are probably now finding so attractive in others. This can make your sense of your own identity much deeper and broader, and could also allow others to be themselves, rather than mere carriers of opportunity.

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Another important theme

There is another important dynamic at work this year, which may sometimes support and sometimes contradict the energies described above.

Because other people are so extremely important to you, this year could prove immensely fulfilling and inspiring. Certain experiences you encounter over the next twelve months may spur your idealism, open your heart, and make you more receptive to beauty all around you, both in form and in the world of ideas. Your dealings with others are likely to be particularly inspiring and happy, and you may have the chance to discover what truly makes your heart sing. Equally, you may have to face what makes you unhappy as well, which is sometimes necessary in order to define your personal values. Thus you might have to deal with certain relationship dilemmas which are somewhat uncomfortable, such as rivalry, jealousy, or the necessity for compromise. But even if such experiences sometimes seem disappointing or disillusioning, they are likely to prove valuable all the same, because you have the chance to establish a greater sense of self-worth as well as deeper and more fulfilling relationships with others. Love of a particularly harmonious kind may change your sense of what human beings are all about, and your natural care and concern for others is likely to be enhanced by a deepening appreciation of the importance of all human interaction. Creatively this may also prove an inspiring time, when your tastes and aesthetic sense are heightened and you are attracted to those who can bring beauty and grace into your life. Any unhappiness you encounter is likely to be "for the best", since it will serve to demonstrate to you what you really need, and deserve, to be happy and content.

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Intense feelings

Pluto trine Venus: End of February 2010 until beginning of October 2013

Your attitudes toward love and relationship are likely to undergo radical changes during this time. On some level you have reached the end of a chapter of your personal life, and are ready to embark on a new one. In the process, certain old attitudes, patterns, and perhaps even individuals with whom you have been involved, may pass from your life - either through your own choice, or through events which impose change on you from without. You may sometimes feel as though you have no real control over what is happening. Even if you yourself have elected to end a relationship or begin a new one, it is likely that your feelings will be intense and compulsive, and that you will be more driven by your passions than by any rational consideration of the choices available to you. You have always had an intense emotional nature and a capacity for deep and powerful attachments, even if you have fought against exhibiting these qualities and have preferred to remain cool and controlling in close relationships. However, at the moment coolness may not be possible, and control may also elude you. Try to accept and explore what you are feeling, and allow your experiences to enrich you. You may discover emotional depths which you have never recognised before, and you may also experience your sexuality in an entirely new and richer way. However, you might also experience a loss, separation, or relationship conflict which forces you to face the darker dimensions of human nature and human love. Learn to bow gracefully to what you cannot alter.

Your values are also likely to change and deepen during this time. What you love in others reflects what you consider most worthwhile in life, and qualities and things which once seemed attractive and fulfilling may no longer touch your heart because they now appear superficial or naive. In the past, you may have associated happiness with a lively social life and a sense of belonging. You will not lose these values if they are heartfelt. But you may understand and express them on quite different levels, free of naivety and overidealism. The deeper, more primitive levels of life and human emotion need to be accommodated in the framework of your ideals of love. One way or another, through what you experience during this time, you will probably have the chance to face and understand much of what lies beneath the surface of human interaction. This could leave you feeling more genuinely self-confident because you know yourself better, including those aspects of your nature which you might, in the past, have tried to avoid. You may also be able to offer love and compassion of a profound kind, because you are also able to understand others better. If you experience pain or loss during this time, you may need to recognise it as part of a larger pattern at work in your life. This inner design governs those times when endings and beginnings must occur, even if your rational consciousness does not yet recognise the necessity.

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Sorrowful thoughts

Chiron opposition Venus: Mid-April 2011 until end of February 2013

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Chiron trine prog. Venus: Beginning of March 2010 until mid-December 2012

Many old wounds may be healed during this time, especially in the sphere of love and relationship. But as part of this healing process, you might experience emotional unhappiness of some kind. Equally, you may just feel depressed and moody, without apparent cause. If you do not experience painful events in your external life, you are still likely to feel loneliness, rejection, and hurt on the emotional level. Whatever occurs right now, try to be as conscious of the process taking place within you as you are of what is happening around you. All your ideals of love are being challenged at the moment, and the trigger for change may be an experience of unfairness or disappointment in an important relationship. But although you may find this time difficult, the inner changes are likely to prove healing and constructive. The realities of life, and the limits of human nature, may be colliding with a dream of a perfect future. You may be facing the fundamental complexities of human nature and the inevitability of flaws in any close bond, rather than someone else's insensitivity or intent to injure you. If you are being hurt at this time, it could be because there really is no other option based on the personalities involved. It could be most important that you try to recognise this, rather than casting blame or sinking into a trough of self-denigration and self-pity.

This period is likely to challenge not only the authenticity of your values, but also the viability of your relationship expectations. It may not be easy preserving a sense of self-worth while letting go of what is no longer viable or valid in your life. Try to maintain faith in yourself and your ideals in love; but recognise at the same time that no person is without wounds or problems in one sphere or another, including you. You may feel rather unlovable at the moment, and you are likely to be low in energy and optimism. This may be partly linked to what you experience through others, because they may find it difficult to respond to you as you might wish. But a conviction that others are letting you down may contribute to their letting you down, because they might feel they simply can't get it right with you, and won't bother to try any more. Try to be conscious of a critical, angry, or resentful attitude within yourself, which could taint your emotional life even without external cause. Such an atmosphere could trigger others' withdrawn behaviour. And so could a tendency to blame them for not loving you, when in fact you might not love yourself enough.

You may be drawn into a new relationship at this time. If you are, keep your eyes open. Because you are likely to feel inadequate and unsure of yourself, you may be peculiarly fascinated by those who are themselves wounded and need your support and care. Such people may make you feel needed and valued. However, once your confidence has returned, you may find yourself involved with someone who proves to be a heavy burden because he or she needs your constant support and devotion. You may feel deeply compassionate toward others' hurts right now, because you are so deeply connected with your own. This could be fruitfully channelled into helping or healing work, if you are so inclined. But taking on the role of the healer might not be the most suitable frame of mind in which to enter a new love relationship, because you may wind up with a patient rather than a partner. The experience of your own woundedness could help you to see your life with greater objectivity and compassion, allowing you to relate to others in a more open and honest way. If you do not expect too much from others right now, you can direct your energies within, where, at the moment, they probably belong.

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Chapter III

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Because the cycles of the planets create a complex and intricate pattern in the heavens, not every movement in your horoscope will dance to the same rhythm at the same time. There may be periods when the year's main themes seem to fade somewhat, because some special issue has brought other feelings, attitudes and responses to the fore. Some of these trends and patterns may be brief and some longer-lasting, giving variety to your life experience during the course of the year.

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1. The sphere of emotions

There may be periods during the year when matters concerning your emotional life take priority in a particularly fulfilling way. When your heart is happily stirred, other, more difficult issues may recede in importance, and perhaps rightly so; for if you are at peace on the emotional level, you can cope with other areas of your life in a more open and confident way.

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The importance of relationship

prog. Moon conjunction prog. Descendant: End of June 2011 until end of August 2011

You may feel a powerful longing to experience closer emotional contact with others during this time, and relationships may now assume enormous importance in your life. Your usual diplomacy and tact may give way to a greater need for honesty and directness in relationship, and you are likely to seek - and perhaps find - someone who seems to provide these qualities and can help you to develop them within yourself. You may have marriage on your mind; or, on a less personal level, you may feel you want to share who you are and what you can create with a wider audience. You are probably increasingly aware of the importance of others, and of the need to adjust your own attitudes and ideas in order to interact with them more deeply. On the inner level you are becoming more whole, through recognising that you are incomplete without others' intellectual and emotional input.

Your increasing awareness of the emotional reality of others could open up and enrich your personal life; but on a more profound level it could also connect you with the larger world of which you are a part. Social issues may begin to concern you more right now, and you may be conscious of your need to contribute something individual to the rest of life - not through practical efforts alone, but through a deepening empathy with other human beings. The English poet John Donne once wrote that no man or woman is an island, and you may be very aware of this great truth at the moment. You cannot develop as an individual without emotional interaction with others, for otherwise nothing you believe in or aspire to has any application to real life. You have reached the beginning of a new and promising emotional cycle, in which your inner development is deeply and inextricably bound up with the lives of others.

There may also be periods when emotional difficulties arise, which you would be wise to deal with in the most honest and generous way you can.

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Conflict and tension

prog. Moon square Sun: Beginning of January 2011 until end of February 2011

You are likely to be in a somewhat turbulent state. You may be acutely aware of yourself as a separate individual, but these feelings are likely to conflict with your need for harmony and closeness. Thus you may find yourself inclined to assert your ideas, feelings and desires in a forceful or even aggressive manner, while at the same time trying too hard to accommodate the needs of others. Right now, however much you may wish to please others, your primary need is to affirm yourself - not in a destructively egocentric way, but as a statement of the person you feel you have become at this stage of your life, and as a reflection of the talents and abilities you have developed. Your sense of self is deeply connected with your place in society, and your sense that you have achieved your ambitions and made your individual mark, however small, on the world around you. At this time you may be more aware than ever that you have a unique contribution to make and that you need, and deserve, the respect and acknowledgement of others.

You may meet others who in some way epitomise a strong spirit of self-affirmation, but your attraction toward them is liable to be ambivalent and composed of a curious mixture of fascination and annoyance. This does not mean that such relationships are inauthentic or 'bad'. But you probably need to live out your own special gifts and talents, rather than turning yourself into the devoted acolyte of a charismatic or gifted personality. This is a time when you could, despite some tension and emotional unease, experience a renewed sense of confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. Try to take advantage of such feelings by developing your creative abilities as much as possible. You may discover new creative avenues which you didn't think existed, or which you were afraid to pursue because others needed your emotional time and energy. This period may not be especially pleasant on the emotional level, because you may experience internal conflict. But it is an important time because you could recognise on an emotional, not merely intellectual, level, the outlines of your unique individuality and the deeper sense of purpose which can allow that individuality its fullest expression in life.

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Fog and confusion

prog. Moon opposition Neptune: Mid-September 2011 until mid-November 2011

This may be a confusing time, for your changing emotional needs are in conflict with a childlike longing for perfect love in a perfect world. Your increasing recognition of your individual emotional nature and needs is now challenging something within you that doesn't want to be an individual at all. This may make you prone to seeking escape routes from the challenges confronting you in your personal life, and you may overidealise another person or deceive yourself about your own needs and intentions because you are not able to distinguish your fantasies from the reality around you. Be very careful about how you deal with any new relationship at this time, because you may be rather gullible and prone to being exploited through your idealisations. This applies not only to a potential love relationship, but also to any involvement with a guru or spiritual teacher who enters your life. And you may also need to be careful of any business contact who seems to promise you an instant solution to all your financial difficulties, for there is likely to be some element of dishonesty or illegality about it which, at the moment, you may not notice because you want so badly to have everything magically come right.

You are probably unusually open and sensitive right now, and your boundaries may not be very strong, especially in terms of financial matters. Because on a deeper level you are needing to learn how to be more self-sufficient, there is a kind of internal backlash which makes you more dependent and not very inclined to face honestly any issues which require greater self-definition and a sense of separateness. If you do not keep your feet on the ground, you may experience some very painful disillusionment. It may also be that someone close to you seems to be deceiving you, or is not giving you clear emotional messages. But when such issues arise in a relationship, there are usually deeper roots which concern the emotional interaction of both people, not just the 'bad' behaviour of one.

You may have been too idealistic or dependent in the past, and now you are having to discover that other people have failings and limits of a human kind and cannot offer you perfect, unconditional love all the time and forever. If this period proves to be painful in this way, try to see where your own unwillingness to stand on your own as a separate individual may have contributed to the present confusion. The deeper meaning of this period of your emotional development is not negative or destructive; you are, in effect, being asked to grow up. But that is of course much easier said than done, and you may, at the moment, be paying the price for your own very human longing for perfection.

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A self-indulgent mood

Jupiter opposition prog. Venus: End of May 2011 until mid-February 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Jupiter trine Venus: End of June 2011 until mid-March 2012

You are likely to be in the mood for romance and emotional excitement right now, and rather indulgent in your personal habits as well as the ways in which you pursue your personal goals. Your values are changing at the moment, and so are your ideals in love; and this may make you discontented and hungry for a particularly dramatic, larger-than-life kind of emotional experience which can give your life meaning and drama. It is possible that you might begin a relationship at this time which seems to inject the necessary excitement into your life, and may, at least for a while, make you feel your life has a higher meaning and purpose. However exalted you might feel, try to keep your feet on the ground. Although new contacts made at this time are likely to prove stimulating and rewarding, they may not be stable in the long term, and it would probably be most unwise to threaten an existing bond because of a transient state of emotional excitement. Because you yourself are changing, you may be drawn to those who can offer you opportunities to grow, rather than those who can respond on a long-term basis to who you are and what you deeply need. Enjoy any relationships you encounter now, romantic or otherwise; but be careful about making commitments which you may change your mind about before much longer.

You are unlikely right now to turn your back on a chance for pleasure and self-indulgence. There is no harm in this, other than that you may overeat, drink too much, or spend too much on things which, in a few weeks' time, may leave you wondering why on earth you ever wanted them in the first place. But such excesses are not likely to cost you too dearly, unless you combine them with deception or dishonesty. If you play about in ways which are less than straight, with either money or other people's feelings, you are likely to set yourself up to get caught; and then you could wind up paying much more than you intended. Look before you leap, keep possible consequences in mind, don't make promises you can't keep, and try to contain your excesses within reasonable limits. And if you cannot find room in your life to pursue your dreams in a balanced manner, you may find that creative outlets can help to keep you out of harm's way. This would be an excellent time to enjoy theatre, music, and the other arts, not only as an observer but perhaps also as a performer, whether amateur or professional. For it is not so much a perfect love that you are likely to be seeking, as the rush of energy and vision which accompanies any contact with the mythic world. To find that contact, you do not need to risk the security of valued relationships and resources which have been in your life for a long time.

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2. The sphere of the physical world

Matters concerning your physical and material life are also likely to prove important, but some of these may turn out to be quite difficult. You may have to face challenges over the next twelve months which make you question your work and your place in the world, and frustration - with yourself, with money issues, or with employers or colleagues - may bring your temper to boiling point, or generate an unhappy sense that you have failed in some way. Try to keep your mind focused on what you can learn from such situations, and what your own contribution to the difficulties might be. With patience, effort, and consciousness, you could turn mundane difficulties into opportunities for developing strength, commitment, and tenacity. Later on, when the time of difficulty has passed, these qualities, because they have been hard-won, could help you to anchor your talents and abilities firmly in the world.

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Coping with an unreceptive world

Saturn square MC: Mid-November 2010 until end of September 2011

Frustration in your work, obstacles in the path of cherished professional and social goals, and conflicts or increased responsibilities in your domestic life may all conspire at the moment to make you feel deeply challenged. This could help you to discover a new resource of strength and self-discipline. At work you may be trying to offer sensitivity, tact and concern for others, but it may seem that no one wants what you are attempting to give, or is willing to reward you fairly for your efforts. You may experience setbacks or opposition from colleagues, or may find that you must work extremely hard to prove yourself. You may also experience conflict with those in authority, or may feel that collective or social expectations are preventing you from expressing who you really are. On the home front you may feel equally unappreciated or blocked, and you may feel unhappy in your environment, disappointed with those you live with, or stifled by domestic routines and duties. Yet despite possible difficulties with the outer world, your real conflict at the moment is chiefly within yourself. You may have to adapt your particular abilities to the requirements of mundane reality, and this could mean making compromises you may feel are humiliating or destructive to your long-term plans. You may also need to formulate your goals more clearly, and aim for what is possible rather than what you could have if the world were ideal. All this may hurt and anger you, leaving you with a sense of personal failure and defeat.

Yet this could prove an extremely beneficial and constructive time. You are being challenged to define who you want to be in the world, with respect both for your own desires and the nature of the reality around you. This may require a fine balance between ideals and an acceptance of human nature. You may need to make important choices about your career goals, which should be made slowly and carefully and with due regard for the rules of the marketplace, rather than rashly or in a spirit of angry rebellion or depressed passivity. Most importantly, the role you choose to play may need to be more flexible at the same time that it reflects your deeper values, rather than an image which is conventionally acceptable but leaves you feeling unreal or false, or a rebellious stance which is full of emotion but expects too much of life. If you have been acting a part in the past, you will probably not be able to do so for much longer; the world requires authenticity and commitment from you at the moment and you are being challenged to give it. Thus you may be laying foundations for your future path in life, and if you move slowly and with insight you will be able to lay those foundations solidly and reap the rewards over the years to come.

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Losing the road map

Neptune conjunction prog. IC: End of March 2010 until beginning of January 2016

You may experience a strange and disturbing feeling of rootlessness and confusion right now, as though you have lost your bearings and don't know where you belong. External circumstances, such as a loss in the family or a change of environment, may provide a trigger for these feelings. But they may also arise from within you, without any outer catalyst. On a deeper level you may be experiencing the gradual breaking down of a particular self-image and role you have been playing in the world, and this could leave you feeling extremely vulnerable and unsure of yourself and your direction. You may feel that your intuition and ability to "read" others have mysteriously vanished into a hole somewhere, and you may wonder how you have wound up working in the job you do, or in the social position you presently occupy. All your previous values and efforts to make an impact on the outer world may be up for review. But however hard you try, at the moment you may find you simply cannot feel certain of anything, least of all your own judgement.

Try not to struggle against this situation of passivity and confusion by adopting escapist manoeuvres or aggressive efforts to regain control over your life. You are in a process of inner flux, and if you are able to be patient while still maintaining loyalty to your own needs and values, you will probably discover that a more flexible and authentic person gradually emerges from the fog. If you do experience a painful loss or uprooting in your external life, try not to let this destroy your faith in your own potentials. Whatever grieving you must do for the past - even if the past constitutes an ideal or a set of attitudes, rather than a person, physical object, or familiar place - don't let self-pity or depression erode your sense of self-worth. On the most profound level you are leaving behind a completed chapter of your life, and this could mean relinquishing certain expectations which stem from your childhood and belong to your family background. You may need to "reinvent" yourself, and discover who you are as an independent entity with goals and values of your own. This may be the last thing you wish to do at the moment, since you are likely to be feeling vulnerable and needy right now. But with realism and patience, you could experience this time as a kind of rebirth.

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Curb your impatience

Jupiter opposition Mars: End of March 2011 until mid-April 2011

Your energy is likely to be extremely high right now, and you may be feeling restless and rebellious, and eager for change and excitement. You have always had great bursts of energy available to you, even if erratic, but in the past you may have sometimes frittered these away in unprofitable ventures or unfocused rebellion against the status quo. You have no shortage of stamina, but at the moment it is important that you learn to direct your energy. This could be a very positive time if you are able to channel any restlessness you might feel into new creative projects, travel, or work ventures which allow you to run your own show, do things your own way, and meet exciting challenges which really test your mettle. If you try to stay within the usual circumscribed limits of your everyday life, you may find yourself becoming extremely irritable and explosive because you are likely to feel so bored and resentful. This could be a very good time to express more independence in your close relationships, by learning to say "No" clearly and directly. If you feel your partner is threatening your autonomy, perhaps you need to consider that you might be giving it away yourself. You probably need to do something positive - intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual - with the high energy at your disposal now, for otherwise it may do something to you, in the sense of proving too volatile and disruptive in your everyday life.

Although this is a time of change and exciting new possibilities, you may also need to exercise a great deal of patience. You are likely to be resentful of limits right now, and may be particularly angry if you have to compromise or adjust to someone else's needs, rules or schedule. But if you become too pushy and self-assertive, or are unable to adapt your vision and energy to the world around you, you may provoke conflicts, particularly with those in authority. Make sure you stay within legal bounds, for you are not exempt from the laws which govern the society in which you live. If you push against these laws now, you will probably land yourself in a mess. Be very careful when driving or handling mechanical implements, for impatience could cause you accidents or minor injuries. Most importantly, you may need to learn how to wait and take your opportunities when they are ripe, rather than rushing to grab them while elbowing others out of the way. You are likely to have plenty of courage, optimism and energy at your disposal at the moment, and these resources could help you to aim for and achieve high goals. Use these gifts sanely and sensibly, and you could reap the rewards for many years to come.

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3. The mental sphere

The development of your mind, and the cultivation of new skills, may also occupy a lot of your energy at different times during the year. The life of the mind is as important as the life of the heart and the life of the bank account, and this time could prove very important in enhancing your level of knowledge and the application of your talents. Try to take advantage of any opportunity to pursue new areas of study and new spheres of interest, and if you have the chance to acquire useful skills on the practical level, make use of the time in the best possible way. Such opportunities may not always be available, and you might be surprised at how life opens up when your perceptions are changed and expanded.

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Finding your voice

prog. MC conjunction Mercury: End of August 2009 until beginning of August 2011

This is likely to be a productive and interesting time, when you can achieve important professional goals through the use of your intellect, organising capacities and communication skills. Your mind is probably functioning quickly and shrewdly, and new opportunities may come your way because others can recognise your abilities. This may also be an excellent period for furthering long-term ambitions through improvements in your education and training. If you have always wanted to go further with your schooling, do it now; you would not only find it rewarding but you would also be planting seeds for future success. This could also be a fine time to publish if you are a writer, or to develop teaching skills, or to become involved with media or publishing. And if you are inclined to set up a business or commercial enterprise, you have your wits about you now and can make sound decisions.

You have probably always been interested in the broad sweep of ideas, and in sharing knowledge with others - both for your own satisfaction and in order to make some contribution to the intellectual life of the community or collective. At this time you may meet many like-minded people who share your particular ideas about life, and you may also become involved in a group or team effort of some kind orientated toward humanitarian goals. Your social milieu is likely to change because you may feel you have outgrown the friends and contacts with whom you have associated in the past. Whatever you have been doing with your life until now, you have always needed to open your mind to more universal ideas, and have probably never really been contented with only the goings-on of your immediate neighbourhood or community. Even if you have not had the educational background for this kind of mental exploration, nevertheless you have needed it; and at this time you may receive many excellent opportunities to discover the world of ideas and the pleasures of translating ideas into concrete form.

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Sudden inspirations

prog. Mercury conjunction Uranus: End of August 2011 until mid-September 2012

There is enormous mental energy being released in you right now, of a particularly inspirational and progressive kind. You are likely to be open to all kinds of new ideas, especially those which are ahead of their time or considered "fringe" by more conventionally minded people. You may develop a strong interest in astrology, psychology, or "esoteric" ideas; or you may have inspirations of a political or scientific kind. You are breaking free of old structures which may have inhibited your choice of friends and social milieu, and you may feel you can no longer think or behave as others wish. You could be feeling so rebellious, and so inclined to adopt an independent stance, that you may run the risk of precipitating quarrels with others if they do not listen to or accept your transformed thinking. You might be a little like a new convert, who must declare the truth to everyone he or she meets. And you are likely to be so full of inspiration that you may forget that others want logical, detailed explanations of what you intuitively know to be true - no matter how you try to convince them that such trivial examination may be irrelevant and unnecessary.

On the mental level this could be an enormously creative time. Not only your ideas, but the whole way in which you interpret life, are undergoing profound changes. But beware of mental overload. You may be so full of the electricity of the new world you are discovering that you could forget how to relax and anchor yourself in the mundane world again. You are inclined to be high-strung and nervous right now, and not terribly well coordinated in your physical life. It might therefore be wise to take special care when driving or handling mechanical or electrical implements. You are probably rather oblivious of the earth-world at the moment, and you may need to remind yourself to eat and sleep properly. If you are called upon to explain yourself to others, try not to be impatient because they are so slow or unwilling to see the bright light of illumination that has so suddenly struck you. Take your time, and learn to laugh a little at yourself. Some of the new ideas you discover may prove valid and transformative in many areas of your life. But some may be merely cranky, and you may discard them later. Enjoy and use the creative inspiration you are experiencing, but let the dust settle before you change your career or your partner too abruptly, or launch yourself into the blue in pursuit of the new world or the new cosmos which you have just discovered.

However, you may also encounter some problems, especially in communication with others and in the general tenor of your mental attitude during this time. If you find yourself unusually negative, critical or depressed, try to find out what is really troubling you, rather than taking it out on others or inadvertently causing difficulties in material affairs because you are not conscious of your own negativity.

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Untangling knots

Chiron opposition Mercury: End of February 2010 until beginning of January 2012

This could prove a thoughtful and deepening time. On the mental level you may be prone to rather dark thoughts and a negative outlook. External circumstances may contribute to this negative attitude, especially misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and quarrels. But while you may have no control over external events which are not your responsibility, you could inadvertently contribute to an atmosphere of isolation or anger through your own negative responses. Your attitudes and world-view are being challenged right now, by a profound sense of the unfairness of life. This is likely to prove a major challenge, because it may threaten many of your established beliefs and convictions. Confrontations with others, problems and delays in business matters, unexpected mishaps while travelling, or financial worries may be some of the possible experiences you could encounter. If any of these occur, your way of dealing with such experiences is critical. You could turn this time into a vindication of your worst convictions about the nastiness of life and people. Or you could experience a profoundly creative reevaluation of views and attitudes which you have taken for granted as right or correct, but which may now be past their sell-by date.

Disappointment with friends or colleagues could make you critical and defensive, and you should keep a careful watch on any tendency to speak sharply and hurtfully to others. Try to contain resentment and negativity; unleashing it at those around you will not help you, outwardly or inwardly. You may be inclined to lash out at the slightest provocation, and may regret it later because you could alienate those you need most. Make the effort to achieve some degree of objectivity, regardless of how badly you feel or how justified the feelings might be; turn inward and examine just what it is within you that feels so threatened. It is likely that something deeper than an external situation has got you down; you may be suffering from a sense that you can no longer trust what you thought to be the truth. And it is in this area that you could turn this difficult time into a period of growth, because it is your definitions of truth which probably need careful reevaluation.

The nature of your experiences at the moment may reflect the fact that life can deal unpredictable and unfair blows. Whether someone has said or done something to hurt you, or whether you are simply more aware than usual of human failings, you may need to accept the existence of things which do not fit into neat and well-ordered rational categories. Try to expand your understanding, in order to accommodate situations which make no logical sense or "should" not be happening. This time may test your flexibility and capacity to cope with what you cannot rationalise or explain away. Your thoughts may be very serious and profound at the moment, and even if they are dark they may be focused on universal issues which you might not ordinarily bother with when things are going well. That might not be a bad thing, as you could deepen your perceptions and develop a broader-based vision of life which combines understanding with a compassionate acceptance of what you cannot change. This might be an excellent time to explore your inner world through psychotherapy. You may be able to face complex or painful issues which at lighter, happier times you might be inclined to sidestep. Rather than feeling bitter and resentful because things seem to be going badly, turn inward, and you could emerge from this period wiser, more compassionate, and more flexible.

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Mixing fantasy and reality

Neptune opposition Mercury: Beginning of April 2010 until end of January 2013

Your mind may not be at its clearest right now, and you may need to be careful about all financial matters, contractual and travel arrangements, and practical plans. In all these spheres, lack of concentration, or insufficient attention to details, could cause problems. What you think you perceive in others may not in fact belong to them; it may belong to your own fantasy world. In consequence, your judgements may not be sound right now, and you could confuse facts with a highly subjective interpretation of facts, or misunderstand or misread what others are saying as well as communicating your own thoughts in an evasive or unclear way. Communication problems are likely both in personal and professional life, and you may need to be especially watchful of any dealings with the collective. Friendships and group involvements could be tricky right now, and you may need to exercise plenty of realism and discrimination about any ideological or political group or cause with which you become associated. Your imagination is likely to be overactive at the moment, and your perceptions attuned to many hidden things. If you are involved in artistic work this could provide you with rare inspiration and creative power. But you may misinterpret what you experience on the inner level as well as what you encounter in the outer world, and in spiritual and psychological as well as material matters, unusual care and discrimination may be required.

Although there are certain dangers accompanying this strange time, there are many positive potentials as well. Because your imagination is particularly alive, you could channel your ideals and fantasies into creative forms, particularly writing or music; and you may discover talents you didn't realise you had. Your vision of life may be more universal, and you may be drawn to spiritual or esoteric subjects which previously you might have overlooked, underrated, or simply rejected because they seemed "irrational". Such inner receptivity could greatly enrich your world-view, connecting you to life as a whole and allowing you to enter into the emotional states of others with ease. This might also be an excellent time for self-exploration, especially through working on dreams and fantasies. But because you are prone to misinterpreting both yourself and others, try not to rush to conclusions or base decisions on what you believe to be the truth. Truth at the moment may be peculiarly multifaceted and elusive, and you may need to wait until a clearer pattern emerges before you can integrate your subtler perceptions into everyday life.

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4. The spiritual sphere

What gives meaning to any emotional, material or intellectual challenges and changes you might encounter is your spiritual life, and here too you may experience certain important changes in perception and attitude. Such changes may be subtle and slow to register on your awareness, but they may profoundly influence the way you experience and interpret what happens to you over the next year. Never underestimate the importance of the meaning you assign to events, because the clearer your vision, the more likely you are to work with the time in constructive and creative ways. You may experience a deeper sense of connection to the greater whole of which you are a part, although such a feeling may not remain with you all the time. You may also be open to new ideas and ways of looking at life which make the world seem bigger, richer, and more meaningful.

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Making ideals work in the world

Saturn trine Jupiter: Beginning of October 2011 until beginning of August 2012

There is an unusual harmony between your aspirations and your acceptance of limits right now, which means that you can approach life with both optimism and realism. Your plans for the future are adapted to what you can actually achieve, not what you might ideally hope to get; and a willingness to work hard and apply yourself may reflect an enthusiastic commitment to ensuring that your future is stable and materially rewarding. Your philosophical and spiritual convictions are also likely to be sound and balanced right now, with one eye on heaven and the other firmly on the ground in front of you. If you have been inclined to either extreme cynicism or extreme mysticism in the past, you are not likely to find these extremes at all attractive now. This might be not an especially dramatic time, but it is extremely important because you are able to make peace with the world and with your own limits, without sacrificing vision, hope or a sense of future potentials waiting to be explored. In the past you have probably tended to swing between overoptimism and entrenched pessimism, and you may have an innate tendency to exaggerate both good and bad experiences and read meanings into them that they might not actually contain. At the moment you can find solid ground in the middle, which can allow you to respond to life in a more serene and self- contained way.

You may enjoy both external and internal benefits through travel, research and the furthering of your formal education. An intuitive approach to life may need to be tempered by discrimination, mental discipline, and an appreciation of facts and rational thinking. You may find that during this time your hunches are particularly reliable, especially in practical matters, and that you can make sound investments and choose wisely with regard to your material affairs. Creatively you may discover that your technical skills and abilities are enhanced because you have the patience to polish and refine what you produce. This could be a highly productive, if unexciting, period which you could use to the best advantage if you are willing to apply yourself to activities and projects in the outer world. Whatever you set out to achieve right now, you will probably succeed; and this is why you should act rather than sit back and feel pleased with yourself. At the moment you are probably very good at handling real life, without losing your imagination, enthusiasm and originality of thought.

However, you may also experience times of doubt and disillusionment, and you may wonder whether what you believe in is really worth the investment of energy and faith. Such periods of spiritual depression could, however, prove rewarding in the long term, because they may provide valuable insights into unrealistic expectations or too rigid a world-view or spiritual perspective. If you can reflect on what is happening, rather than falling into cynicism, the testing times you experience may ultimately help to shape an enduring faith in yourself and in life.

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Living in a dream world

prog. Mars conjunction Neptune: End of June 2010 until beginning of June 2013

You may feel curiously passive and lacking in initiative right now, and you may prefer spending time in the realm of fantasy to dealing with everyday decisions and obligations. Your imagination is probably overactive and your dreams may be particularly vivid, both in sleep and in the daydreaming state which, at the moment, you favour. Your creative faculties are also being constellated, and this could be a period when you can express marvellously imaginative images and ideas in artistic forms. Don't interfere with this potential by using alcohol or drugs to try to escape from life or enhance your creativity. You are imaginative enough already, and you would defeat the very purpose of the process you are undergoing. Powerful primal images, feelings and longings are being activated within you, and you may need to find vehicles for these rather than being swamped by them. You may sometimes feel weak, listless, ineffectual and helpless, because the inner world is flooding the outer one. But creative activity is not only possible for you; it is urgently needed.

You have always been very idealistic in terms of your expectations that the material world will somehow look after itself, and it is here that you may experience particular confusion and indecision at the moment. You may feel swamped by others' aggression or strength, unable to stand on your own, and very vague and indecisive about what you want. For this reason you may try to escape from difficulties which you feel you cannot cope with. You may also feel victimised by others who appear to be exploiting you. This is not a time to search for a redeemer who will provide you with answers, because you are not inclined to be very discerning about whom you choose. It is also not a time to be drawn into any dishonest or illegal activity of any kind, for it is likely that you will unconsciously ensure you are caught. No matter how badly you want others to come and bail you out, try to stand on your own feet right now, and find your way through the fog through your own merits and resources.

At the root of your present passivity and confusion is a childlike and deeply vulnerable aspect of your nature. This is being strongly activated, and you may feel lonely, helpless, and in need of being looked after. This is why patterns of self-victimisation may occur if you do not watch what you are doing. Yet this vulnerable child is also the seat of some of your most beautiful and moving feelings and dreams, which is why it is so important that you find creative vehicles through which you can express what you are experiencing. This may not be a time for action and decision-making, since your emotions may be too volatile and intense to allow you to see the outer world clearly. Yet you need to find a way of expressing what is inside you, for you are in contact with something profound and delicate within your own soul. Even if you have never thought you had any creative talent, try taking up a creative hobby now - drama, music, writing, photography - which can give you a sense of magic as well as productivity, while not forcing you to be tougher than you actually feel. You may also experience mystical feelings at this time which open up an entirely new world to you. Take them seriously, although you may need to exercise discrimination in terms of those you meet who offer you instant spiritual enlightenment. Anything you glimpse now will need to be processed later through your own experience, once the fog has cleared away.

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5. The sphere of the Inner Self

Deeper and more profound than events occurring in any of these spheres is the development of the Self, which underpins everything that happens to us in life. This is the real heart of the mystery of fate, because if there is truly a destiny at work in individual life, it lies within, and the astrological configurations only reflect, at any given time, opportunities for this hidden development pattern. You may only experience glimpses of this inner pattern at work, through realising that some experience is vitally necessary even if it is painful. You may also sometimes sense the purposefulness of what is happening around and within you, even if you cannot find a rationale for what you sense. Through particular feelings and situations which make you grow, you can establish a strong connection with the inner world, even if your heart is sore or you are encountering trouble on the mundane level. But this kind of connection depends on how willing you are to look inward at the deeper pattern of your life, regardless of how you are feeling at the time, or toward whom you feel it.

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Digging deep

prog. Ascendant sextile Pluto: End of December 2010 until mid-November 2013

Your outlook on life is likely to change and deepen over the next months, more through a subtle shift in your perceptions than through any particular event or crisis which might force you to alter your viewpoint. The way you experience and "read" others, and the manner in which you interact with them, may be gently but inexorably transformed because you are more able to look beneath the surface and instinctively understand the complexities of human behaviour. Although you may not be fully conscious of the process at work, when you look back on this time you may feel as though a curtain was lifted, revealing a deeper and richer level of life. Your relationships are likely to be enhanced because of this change, although if you are in a relationship based primarily on superficial affinity or purely practical considerations you may begin to find it frustrating, and may feel it is time to move on. Deeper truths are likely to concern you right now, and you may also find yourself reevaluating your goals and seeking greater commitment or a direction which can provide you with a feeling of purpose.

You may also discover that your attitudes toward the welfare of others, and your place in the group, have changed because you are aware of deeper levels of meaning and cannot approach these spheres of life from a conventional perspective. Where your concern for these matters might once have been unconsciously displayed in certain compulsive behaviour patterns, now they may begin to form part of a new world-view and a sense of direction which helps you to feel there is a higher or deeper reason for living. You may feel you need to weed out superfluous or outworn attitudes, and certain relationships or structures may have to go as well because these might reflect values or viewpoints which you have outgrown. Such changes are likely to be gradual and will probably not necessitate major upheavals. But whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, you have reached a new chapter in your life, and are likely to emerge from this time more committed, aware, and sensitive to the deeper patterns at work in life.

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Sobering up

Saturn conjunction Ascendant: Mid-October 2010 until end of August 2011

This is likely to be a rather sober period, for you are in the process of consolidating who you are and what you want, and may not feel especially expansive or fun-loving. A deep reflective process is taking place within you, and your personality is crystallising and taking on a much more solid and defined form. Even if you have spent a lot of time in the past trying to adapt to others, now you may find that you cannot do so, for your own values, needs and personal identity may now be too real and definite to allow such compromise. In fact you are likely to benefit greatly from this process, even if you don't feel especially spontaneous or contented, because you are becoming a much more authentic person. The process itself is positive, constructive and will leave lasting benefits. The feelings, however, may not be quite so pleasant, and you may feel restricted or deeply dissatisfied in close relationships in which your increasing sense of authenticity challenges previous patterns of too much placation and self-sacrifice. You may also feel anxious that those close to you will reject you if you establish strong boundaries, and this could make you act in overly compromising ways when you are actually feeling the reverse.

You may discover a powerful will and strong ideals, and you will probably not be able to mask these qualities or hide them from those close to you, no matter how hard you try. If your loved ones can accept and accommodate these important facets of your personality, which are now crystallising and requiring more scope for expression, you will be able to enjoy a deeper sense of commitment and stability. But if you are involved in relationships in which you have maintained harmony by stifling these dimensions of your nature, you may find that certain bonds are no longer viable in your life. You may feel restricted, hurt or simply misunderstood by those around you, and may feel you have to choose between loyalty to self and dependency on others. In this sense the present time may prove difficult and challenging, for in becoming truer to yourself you may have to let go of people and situations which are not right for you. Yet if such difficulties occur, try to remember that you cannothide what you are indefinitely. The qualities you are integrating more firmly in your personality are deeply important to you, and need to be part of any relationship you enter or maintain in the future.

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Not getting what you want

Saturn conjunction Mars: Beginning of December 2010 until beginning of October 2011

The same themes are also emphasised by:

prog. Mars trine Saturn: End of February 2009 until beginning of February 2012

Frustration and anger may make this time rather difficult, although its end result is likely to be greater discipline, tenacity and self-confidence. You may find that increased responsibilities and obligations, failure to achieve particular goals, or a lowering of energy which makes work more difficult, contribute to your sense that you are not being allowed to do what you want in life. During this period you are likely to feel particularly resentful if circumstances or people get in your way. It is probable that someone or something may indeed curtail your freedom of action, and you may need to understand why this might be happening and how to deal with it in the most constructive way. Because you are inclined to feel irritable and impatient, you may provoke quarrels with others or make sudden, impulsive decisions for very questionable reasons. You may also be careless in your dealings with the material world, and if you are not alert to your own mood your impatience might make you drive recklessly or take risks which you would avoid or handle differently at other times. The most irritating thing one can say to an impatient person is, "Be patient!" - but this is exactly what you need to tell yourself, several times a day.

Your sense of frustration is likely to be focused on your immediate environment and your ability to get others to recognise your needs and wishes. It is here that, if you are not conscious of suppressed anger, you may inadvertently provoke others' anger or incur opposition to your wishes and plans. If you do encounter hostile people who appear determined to thwart you, consider first whether they really are trying to oppose you, or whether you are interpreting their behaviour in this way even though their requests or wishes are perfectly appropriate and justifiable. Consider also whether any quarrel that erupts may be as much a reflection of your own obduracy as the other person's. You are not the most amenable or receptive of people at the moment, and you may not be fully aware of hidden resentment which communicates itself to others in subtle but powerful ways.

The deeper meaning of this time is concerned with the development of inner discipline and the capacity to harness and direct your will and energies toward realistic and achievable goals. If you can view your situation from this perspective, you may be able to turn an otherwise frustrating period into one of hard work with good, solid results and rewards. Your self-will may be colliding with some fundamental laws of mundane reality, and you may need to develop a spirit of compromise and patience. Try not to become aggrieved and bitter. If someone else seems to be treating you with insensitivity or harshness, it may be important for you to learn to withdraw quietly and wait, rather than reacting just as insensitively and harshly out of wounded pride. You are probably learning one of life's simplest but hardest lessons: We cannot always have or do exactly what we want. You might also discover something very important about whether you have truly been decisive and self-motivated in the past. Perhaps you have a pattern of putting yourself into situations where you wind up failing, or doing what others want. If so, this could prove a valuable discovery because you can only change what you are conscious of within yourself. With reflection and patience, this could be an enormously strengthening and maturing time, when you really begin to take charge of your life.

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Old wounds are hurting

prog. Sun opposition Chiron: Beginning of March 2010 until end of March 2012

This may be a challenging time on many levels, because a deep desire to grow and develop yourself seems to be running up against some inflexible obstruction. Although the obstuction may seem to exist in the outer world, it is also within you. Before you allow yourself to sink into a trough of despondency and self-pity, or come out fighting furiously against everyone and everything you feel is treating you unfairly, you may need to explore some relevant inner issues. Somewhere within you, as in most human beings, there are probably areas of your personality where you have been hurt or bruised by life, probably initially in childhood and possibly again in the same way in early adolescence. This pattern of repeating hurt or disappointment may have resulted in an accumulation of unconscious bitterness or negativity, toward yourself and toward life. In this vulnerable place you are likely to be defensive, cynical, and resentful; and you may not be able to grow because you trust neither life nor yourself. It is this unhappy 'pocket' within you which is being activated now.

External circumstances may trigger the old wound, and many of your feelings in the present could be linked not to your immediate circumstances but to the past. This area of hurt and vulnerability may reflect a fear of being helpless or incompetent in dealing with the challenges of the physical world, resulting in a sense of depression and weakness or a need to rigidly control your material environment. At the moment life may seem to be hurting you in just this area. But despite the likelihood of external disappointments, you may also be increasingly conscious of something within you which needs to be healed. This could open the door to a totally different attitude toward yourself and life. You may need to carefully explore your responses to the past, and the ways in which your interpretations of life, coloured by your own hurts, might have led you to make choices which have in some way contributed to your present situation. In being willing to develop a more detached or philosophical attitude where previously you might have felt only anger or resentment, you can free yourself of a lot of old, destructive psychological baggage which you are now ready to leave behind.

This is not a good time to try to expand your outer life, for it is likely that you will encounter obstructions or separations which prevent you from moving forward. Yet what you are presently experiencing may be necessary and appropriate, because there could be something inside which needs to be faced and healed before you can continue to develop and pursue your aspirations. If you can understand your situation in this way, it can help you to avoid the extremes of passive depression or blind rage. If you feel you need some help in achieving that understanding, don't let false pride stop you from seeking counsel, advice or healing from someone competent to work with you. You may learn much greater compassion for yourself, and greater wisdom in interpreting the motives and behaviour of others, as you discover that perhaps your understanding of the past as well as the present has been too distorted by injured pride. Use this time for introspection rather than fighting life or denigrating yourself. You will emerge a kinder, more compassionate and more insightful person, with a lighter load to carry into the future.

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Feeling uprooted

Chiron conjunction prog. IC: End of April 2009 until end of January 2012

This is a time of endings. They may be actual ones - perhaps a loss or separation which you did not wish, or a parting from old friends or community. But they are more likely to be psychological endings, for you are now completing a chapter of your life and preparing to begin a new one. The image you have projected to the outside may be sharply challenged, and this may have important ramifications in terms of your work and the goals you have been pursuing. You may feel blocked or thwarted in what you are trying to achieve in your professional life, and you may sometimes wonder whether the outer world and the people in it are all against you. This is not a good time to try to expand your working life. It might be better to tread water right now, and do what is necessary without trying to fight too strenuously against what you do not like or approve of. Try not to call disaster down on your own head by alienating those in authority through angry behaviour. You may be challenged to let go of the role you have been playing, so that you can discover other, less developed dimensions of your personality. These may need to be integrated into your outer life, so that your future direction is a true reflection of the whole of yourself. If you can focus on your inner life right now, and look at what might need changing or exploration, you will be able to use this time constructively, and avoid many potential self-engendered difficulties.

In exploring your inner world, you may need to look back to the background from which you come, and the family expectations and assumptions which you have probably carried since your early life. Perhaps you have tried to be too sympathetic, tactful, and responsive to others, when in fact you have a much more self-sufficient and independent side to your nature which needs to be expressed more fully. The realisation that there is a gap between who you are and how others see you may cause you considerable pain at the moment, and you may be deeply aware of how important dimensions of your personality have been undermined, suppressed, or unappreciated during the course of your life. However, rather than blaming others for making you what you have become, it is up to you to recognise, honour, and express what you discover within yourself. You may encounter difficulties with family members, or experience a loss of or separation from someone close to you; and this could provide the trigger for some painful realisations. Try to work with what is happening inside you, rather than attempting to push ahead in the world. Give yourself time to heal, and you will find that you can leave the past behind at last, and bring with you all that you truly are, but were perhaps unable to live before.

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Chapter IV

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The Greek philosopher Herakleitos once wrote that nothing is permanent except change. The human psyche is always in a process of change and unfoldment, and the planetary configurations which reflect your pattern of development over the next year will change to new configurations which reflect new patterns over the years to come. When we miss opportunities, they usually come back again in a different form and on a different level, because life not only changes but moves in cycles, reflected by the planetary cycles in the heavens. Whatever "fate" might be, it is not a rigid design which denies us freedom to choose, grow, make mistakes, re-choose, and grow again.

Each of the sections given above describes planetary patterns which, at core, will be shared at some time and in some way by other human beings. What we experience is not as unique as we might think; we all go through joy, pain, good fortune, loss, loneliness, togetherness, light and darkness, and we all have certain needs and drives in common. But the timing and distinctive expression of your constantly changing growth pattern is unique to you, and so too are the individual heart, mind, body and spirit which experience that pattern. Whatever might occur in your outer life over the next year, finding meaning in it, and connecting that meaning with who you are and what you really seek in life, can unlock previously unsuspected funds of energy and creativity, and can give you a greater range of choices in the future. We are taught as children to "use time wisely". What does this mean? Perhaps the most profound meaning is that time has qualities, and each moment of time has a special meaning for us as individuals. And understanding and working with these qualities and meaning can transform how we experience the circumstances of our lives.

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Suggested further reading

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«The Gods of Change» by Howard Sasportas (transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)
«Transits: The Time of Your Life» by Betty Lundsted
«Transits» by Rob Hand

On individual planets and their meaning:
«The Astrological Moon» by Darby Costello
«Prometheus the Awakener» by Richard Tarnas
«Venus and Jupiter» by Erin Sullivan
«The Inner Planets» by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
«The Luminaries» by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
«Exploring Jupiter» by Stephen Arroyo
«The Outer Planets» by Liz Greene
«Saturn» by Liz Greene
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On the subject of fate:
«Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle» by C. G. Jung
«The Astrology of Fate» by Liz Greene

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Technical Information

In order to create this analysis, the following astrological factors have been examined:
- major progressed aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile) of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC, Mercury, Venus and Mars to natal planets and angles.
- major aspects ( conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile) of transiting Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, and Jupiter to both natal and progressed planets and angles.
- conjunctions and oppositions of transiting Mars to both natal and progressed planets and angles.
- aspects between progressed planets, especially progressed new and full Moons.
Special importance is given to stations of transiting planets close to natal planets and angles. Importance has been given not only to the nature of the specific progressed or transiting planet and aspect, but also to natal configurations which echo the progressed and transiting aspects, to house positions of natal, transiting and progressed planets, and to the overall balance of elements and configurations in the birth chart. Internally the results of the Psychological Horoscope Analysis are used for the evaluation of each chart.

Because the importance of any transit or progressed aspect is not limited only to the time of the precise aspect, but extends for some time before and after, orbs of aspect have been used. These recognise the buildup and gradual diminishing of the energy of a particular planetary movement. Consequently some configurations are described which may not reach exact aspect until the following year, but which are already beginning to show their effects, or which have already made an exact aspect in the previous year.

The report which results from these considerations is assembled from selected interpretation text sections. Not all transits or progressions which occur during a year are included in the printed report, only those selected by Liz Greene's model of interpretation. As in all works by Liz Greene the Placidus house system is used.

Astrological Data used for Yearly Horoscope Analysis from January 2011 until December 2011
for Joanne K. Rowling (female)
birthdate: 31 July 1965 local time: 11:45 am
place: Yate, ENG (UK) U.T.: 10:45
2w25, 51n32 sid. time: 07:10:43

planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 8°00'17 in house 10 direct
Moon Virgo 19°41'32 in house 11 direct
Mercury Leo 29°59'48 in house 11 direct
Venus Virgo 7°02'44 in house 11 direct
Mars Libra 17°44'19 in house 1 direct
Jupiter Gemini 22°20'45 in house 9 direct
Saturn Pisces 16°20'24 in house 5 retrograde
Uranus Virgo 12°54'40 in house 11 direct
Neptune Scorpio 17°13'59 in house 2 stationary (D)
Pluto Virgo 14°46'12 in house 11 direct
Chiron Pisces 22°00'19 in house 6 retrograde

Ascendant Libra 12°27'23
2nd House Scorpio 7°45'19
3rd House Sagittarius 9°16'00
Imum Coeli Capricorn 16°18'05
5th House Aquarius 21°33'04
6th House Pisces 20°09'43
Descendant Aries 12°27'23
8th House Taurus 7°45'19
9th House Gemini 9°16'00
Medium Coeli Cancer 16°18'05
11th House Leo 21°33'04
12th House Virgo 20°09'43

prog. Sun square Jupiter Mid-July 2010 until end of July 2012
Jupiter conjunction Descendant Beginning of March 2011 until end of March 2011
Pluto trine Venus End of February 2010 until beginning of October 2013
Chiron opposition Venus Mid-April 2011 until end of February 2013
prog. Moon conjunction prog. Descendant End of June 2011 until end of August 2011
prog. Moon square Sun Beginning of January 2011 until end of February 2011
prog. Moon opposition Neptune Mid-September 2011 until mid-November 2011
Jupiter opposition prog. Venus End of May 2011 until mid-February 2012
Saturn square MC Mid-November 2010 until end of September 2011
Neptune conjunction prog. IC End of March 2010 until beginning of January 2016
Jupiter opposition Mars End of March 2011 until mid-April 2011
prog. MC conjunction Mercury End of August 2009 until beginning of August 2011
prog. Mercury conjunction Uranus End of August 2011 until mid-September 2012
Chiron opposition Mercury End of February 2010 until beginning of January 2012
Neptune opposition Mercury Beginning of April 2010 until end of January 2013
Saturn trine Jupiter Beginning of October 2011 until beginning of August 2012
prog. Mars conjunction Neptune End of June 2010 until beginning of June 2013
prog. Ascendant sextile Pluto End of December 2010 until mid-November 2013
Saturn conjunction Ascendant Mid-October 2010 until end of August 2011
Saturn conjunction Mars Beginning of December 2010 until beginning of October 2011
prog. Sun opposition Chiron Beginning of March 2010 until end of March 2012
Chiron conjunction prog. IC End of April 2009 until end of January 2012