Yearly Horoscope Analysis
from January 2011
for Barack Obama, born on 4 August 1961
Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2011
EJAE 6212.502-19, 10.1.11

Contents of the Yearly Horoscope Analysis January 2011 until December 2011

I. Introduction

II. The year's main themes

The dominant energy Conflict in love Hearing otherworldly music Another important theme Great expectations The sky is the limit

III. Significant trends in each sphere of life

1. The sphere of emotions
Pleasure in companionship Sorrowful thoughts Emotional disappointments A time of instability

2. The sphere of the physical world
New directions Frustrated goals Questioning the future

3. The mental sphere
Fresh inspirations Burdensome thoughts Too many ideas

4. The spiritual sphere
Clouded vision Losing direction

5. The sphere of the Inner Self
The meaning of the story The repetition of the past Danger: high explosives Building character Learn to respect restrictions Friction and fruition

IV. Conclusion

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Chapter I

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Many people assume that astrology is used to predict events, and that a recognition of astrology's validity implies an acceptance of fatalism and a denial of individual free will. Over the centuries, astrological prognostications have certainly played an important role in the lives of world leaders and the fate of nations. But predictability, and the fate which it implies, are far more complex issues than simply a destiny written "in the stars", about which the individual can do nothing. In the following pages, your birth horoscope is analysed according to the planetary movements which are occurring over the next year. On one level, it is a "predictive" analysis. But its purpose is not a foretelling of concrete events. It is an exploration of the inner changes and cycles which occur in every individual and which often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. These planetary movements will not tell us what WILL happen. They describe the stage the individual has reached in his or her life, and what kind of responses can be expected to external situations which might occur at any other time, but mean something special because of the special time at which they are occurring.

The German poet Novalis once wrote, "Fate and soul are two names for the same principle." This profound perception of the identity of inner and outer worlds is often difficult for the person unfamiliar with the deeper psychological dimensions of astrology to recognise. Carl Jung echoed Novalis' sentiment when he said that a person's life is characteristic of the person. We are complex creatures, made up of many facets, and all the different dimensions of the human psyche will seek, sooner or later, to find their place in the light of day and achieve expression in the outer world. But some aspects of the personality are inherently in conflict with other aspects. Some will elbow others out of the way because we identify with these at the expense of other, less developed attributes. Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes. When the time is right, certain aspects of the individual will strive for expression. In order for us to achieve that expression, we may need to create, or find ourselves drawn to, external situations which make us conscious of what we were unaware of before.

Some life events are not the expression of any individual need, conscious or unconscious. They reflect great collective movements into which we may all be swept up. Wars, plagues, famines, and holocausts may supercede any individual effort at self-awareness or choice. But in those spheres where our lives are our own, and not merged with the collective, we may have many levels on which to fulfill the expression of our individual horoscope patterns. We cannot be certain whether particular events are inevitable, or whether, with foresight, they might be avoided or transformed. We cannot be certain of the extent to which we are required to act out or redeem conflicts which have been part of the family psyche over many generations. These things contribute to what we loosely call "fate". Also, the choices we make at any point in time may have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences on the kind of events which occur later on. Cause and effect may play more of a role in "fate" than we realise. What is clear from the study of astrology is that no outer event is devoid of meaning, or unconnected with individual psychological issues. "Good" luck and "bad" luck are not luck at all, but reflections of what in ancient Greece was known as kairos - the right moment.

Analysis of the year's planetary movements by computer is necessarily limited, primarily because no computer can ascertain what an individual has learned from experiences which have occurred in the past. Every stage in life is processed by individual consciousness, and the degree to which we are self-aware, and have some understanding of our deeper needs and conflicts, may have a powerful effect, not only on how we respond to events, but on the events themselves. Consciousness, rather than fate, may determine whether we are able to turn a painful or difficult time into one of inner strengthening and self-knowledge, and whether we can take advantage of the right moment to develop abilities or pursue goals which previously we might not have realised were possible. Our choices may be circumscribed by our genetic inheritance on the physical level, and by social and collective factors which place limits on our possibilities for growth. We may also be circumscribed by our own self-doubt and blindness, and wind up fating ourselves through reacting blindly to the emotions which a particular situation stirs in us.

The paragraphs which follow only sketch in the barest fashion the possible areas in which outer events might occur, according to the year's planetary movements. They focus primarily on the inner developments, conflicts, changes and realisations which reflect the real meaning of the time. We perceive the outer world through deeply subjective eyes, and interpret events in accord with our own highly individual psychic constitution. One person might look at a glass of water and say, "Ah, it's half full, there is plenty for me to drink." Another might look at the same glass and declare, "Oh, it's half empty, there isn't enough for me to drink." One person might view rejection by a loved one as a reflection of the other person's failings. Another might view it as an opportunity for a deep examination of his or her expectations and assumptions in matters of love. When a group of people describe the same event, they describe it in as many ways as there are people in the group. What matters in the end is the meaning of the time for each of us as individuals, and what the time can offer us in terms of the greater unfoldment of the essential self.

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Chapter II

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The paragraphs which follow describe the main planetary themes which are likely to dominate the year, and which may permeate virtually every area of your life. They are like the bass line in a piece of music, and set the underlying tempo and key. Although other planetary movements may form a musical counterpoint, highlighting specific issues in different ways at different times over the next twelve months, these main themes provide the overall backdrop for this particular stage of your development.

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The dominant energy

Because you tend to live in an imaginal, romantic world, you are likely to gain a deep satisfaction and fulfillment from the underlying energies at work over the next year. Even if you encounter some disappointment or upset in your personal life, this is likely to be accompanied by increased confidence in yourself and a renewed appreciation of your worth as an individual. Your senses may be unusually alive and open to everything beautiful in life, and your encounters with others will probably be deep and meaningful, although not necessarily always harmonious. During this time you can refine your tastes, open up new creative or artistic channels, redefine your values, and focus on what really makes you happy. Such self-definition may also involve discovering what makes you unhappy, since one makes no sense without the other. This is why you might have to face certain challenging relationship issues, and deal with such important matters as compromise, rivalry, and the question of commitment. But even if the ride is occasionally bumpy, this is not likely to prove a sad or depressing time. You are opening up on emotional, sexual and aesthetic levels, and you have the opportunity to discover what truly makes your heart sing. Even if more universal matters have preoccupied you in the past, during the next year you are likely to understand at a profound level why your personal contentment is an essential part of any aspiration toward higher levels of experience.

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Conflict in love

prog. Sun square Venus: Mid June 2011 until end of June 2013

Feelings of frustration are likely to disturb your personal life right now, and you may experience disappointment, indecision or hurt in your close relationships. Your developing individuality has now come into conflict with long- held ideals and preconceptions about love, and you may be called upon to either change those ideals, or leave behind relationships and values which you have outgrown. The problem is that you may not fully realise that it is you yourself who are changing. You may blame your unhappiness on a loved one who seems to be moving away from you or seeking affection elsewhere. Yet it is possible that, deep down, you yourself are needing breathing space or the chance to find a happier life, for the values which you once held may have proven, over time, to be no longer viable for you to live by.

Your ideals in love have probably tended to be focused on the uninhibited expression of high romantic dreams. It is not that your ideals are wrong. But right now you may be striving for greater freedom and definition as an individual, and this may be intrinsically incompatible with those ideals in the form in which you have espoused and lived them. You do not need to abandon values which matter deeply to you. But you may need to change the structures and levels on which those values have been expressed in your life. If you are unable to do this, you may have to face a parting of the ways with someone who acts out for both of you the need for change and growth. A sense of deep disillusionment may accompany the changes you experience during this time. But be careful not to jettison all that you have believed in. If your dream of love has been sound and right for you, you will be able to go on living it - within an existing but much improved relationship, or with somebody else.

Try to avoid extremes of anger and jealousy. Jealousy may be a major issue at the moment, since one of the ways in which you may be called upon to face the dichotomy between your individuality and your past values in relationship could be an 'eternal' triangle in which you come face to face with a rival, or are torn between two people with whom you feel strong bonds. Issues of rivalry in relationship are always difficult and painful, but they can also serve to illuminate those qualities which you yourself might need to develop but which, at the moment, appear to belong to someone else. Rather than blaming others for spoiling your life, try to remember that no third party can destroy what is solidly built between two people; but virtually any third party can topple an edifice built on weak foundations. You may have a bumpy ride for a time, but it will pass. And although you may feel hurt and angry now, you may discover that happiness is possible for you in the future only if you are prepared to accept the overhaul your personal life is now likely to undergo.

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Hearing otherworldly music

Neptune trine Venus: End of March 2011 until mid January 2014

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Neptune opposition prog. Venus: Mid April 2009 until end of January 2016

This could be a magical time in your personal life, for your romantic imagination is being powerfully stimulated and you may be seeking a union of souls which transcends ordinary physical and emotional needs. Your feelings are likely to be quite mystical and deeply compassionate, and you may experience pity as an important dimension of love during this time. You may be deeply attracted to those weaker than yourself, or those who have suffered in life in some way. Your open heart may also be extremely responsive to music, poetry, and other media which communicate the ineffable dimensions of love and human longing. If you are involved in creative work, this could be an immensely productive time, for such heightened feelings can bring depth and universality to anything you create, as well as increasing your appreciation of beauty on all levels. On the romantic side, while the time may be magical, it may also be deceptively enchanting. Your ideals of love may be too high, and you may believe you have found perfection. But when the enchantment has passed, you will need to come to terms with a real human being, and you may risk deep disillusionment if you believe you have found something superhuman instead.

Your feelings may contain a strongly self-sacrificial element right now. This propensity for self-sacrifice has always been part of your ideal of love, and it is likely to be especially intense at the moment - perhaps too much so for your own good. You may wish to transcend any love of pleasure, and put more energy into making others happy. While such feelings, and the actions and decisions which could arise from them, could bring you a profound sense of peace and unity with life, you might be wise to remember that you will not always feel quite so much disregard for your own individual value and needs. At the moment, your ideals of love and human relationship are probably heavily weighted on the side of self-abnegation, perhaps because of spiritual convictions, and perhaps because it feels so good to be taken out of yourself. But as time passes, you may regret giving away quite so much of your own needs, resources, and boundaries. Try to keep things in balance right now. Follow your vision, honour your sense of higher realities, and give your heart and loyalty where you feel you must. But try also to honour your own self, the body you have incarnated in, and the material world into which you have incarnated; for these too deserve your love and devotion. And don't expect redemption through a loved one. You may glimpse salvation and immortality in your beloved's eyes. But the vision may fade, and eventually you will need to deal with an ordinary person, as human as yourself.

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Another important theme

There is another important dynamic at work this year, which may sometimes support and sometimes contradict the energies described above.

You tend to live close to the world of myth, and life needs to be larger than life for you to feel you are truly alive. For this reason you will probably respond positively and creatively to the new perceptions and experiences you are likely to encounter over the next year. Your sense of future potentials may be strongly activated, and you will probably find the necessary confidence and spirit to try out all kinds of new ventures and possibilities. You are not usually afraid of taking a gamble with life, and over the next twelve months you may need to take some risks to make the most of the opportunities likely to come your way. This does not mean that everything will come up roses, without any effort. You may have a tendency to feel so special and lucky that you lose contact with reality, and get yourself in trouble through carelessness, extravagance, arrogance, or a tendency to make an exhibition of yourself in a bid for attention. Try to be aware of your weaknesses as well as your strengths right now. This could be a time of golden opportunities and a great burst of creative energy. A little restraint, and a semblance of humility, could help you avoid angering others who might feel you are treading on their toes.

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Great expectations

prog. Sun trine Jupiter: Beginning of July 2010 until mid July 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Jupiter square Sun: Beginning of August 2011 until beginning of April 2012

Jupiter opposition prog. Sun: Mid May 2010 until beginning of February 2011

You are likely to feel full of hope and confidence right now, but not in an excessive or naive way. Your aspirations and dreams for the future are in harmony with your real capabilities at the moment, and this means that what you aim for is likely to be an authentic reflection of who you are. You may therefore encounter many excellent opportunities during this time, as well as benefitting from the support and encouragement of those around you. Your intuition is probably working well and you are inclined to take a positive view toward life. These qualities, in combination with a tolerant and generous spirit, are likely to win you many rewards and advantages. Most importantly, you are likely to believe in yourself, and this may go a long way toward healing any hurts, disappointments or failures from the past. You may be realising not only that you are acceptable just as you are, but also that you can create a better life through your own talents, efforts and vision. You may understand at a profound level that you are not limited by the circumstances in which you find yourself; nor are you likely to be frightened by the prospect of following your hunches to pursue a goal others might not have the courage to seek.

You may feel particularly self-assured and expansive in your sense of connectedness with a higher or deeper reality and life-source. Creative inspiration or a profound spiritual commitment may open the doors to a feeling of compassion for and unity with others. At the moment you are probably feeling more than usually generous, tolerant and understanding of others' foibles, and this could be reflected in renewed warmth and affection in long-standing relationships as well as the possibility of new bonds. If you enter a new relationship now, it is likely to prove extremely positive for you in the future, whether or not it is romantic or endures indefinitely. This is because, whatever other aspects might enter the equation, you are likely at present to form deep friendships, based on intellectual or spiritual affinity, which will retain their sincerity and mutual respect even if the romance eventually grows cold. People who enter your life now may prove to be in some way connected with the pattern of your future and your continuing growth; and whether your involvement with them is emotional, sexual, intellectual, material or spiritual, the course of your life may be changed for the better.

This could prove an extremely rewarding time, and unpleasant crises are unlikely because of your own balance and inner soundness. If you do encounter difficulties, you will probably handle them with a high degree of confidence, faith and good judgement. Try to take advantage of the opportunities which come your way, rather than merely sitting back and feeling good. Any seeds you sow now will probably yield a fine harvest later on, and it is worth combining enthusiasm, optimism and intuitive vision with some hard practical work in order to ensure that this time of seeding and expansion is anchored in solid reality. Any sense of renewed faith you experience is not likely to be based on blind belief or the promise of future rewards. It is probably soundly anchored in a sense of your own unique identity and destiny, and in a positive but realistic appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses as an individual. Your judgement is therefore likely to be sound right now, and your sense of life's essential goodness can, like a magnet, attract the goodness that is all around you.

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The sky is the limit

Jupiter square Jupiter: End of May 2011 until beginning of February 2012

A time of restlessness and "itchy feet" is likely to occur now, and you may be conscious of all the potentials you haven't developed and all the opportunities you have passed by. Although such discontent is neither negative nor entirely unfounded, nevertheless you may need to carefully review your life over the next weeks to determine whether you really need to make radical changes. You might need to rethink the ways in which you treat spiritual matters, and relate to the inner world. This may involve spiritual or psychological exploration of a nonorthodox kind. Although you may be full of intuitions and hunches about possible future directions, this is probably not the moment for action and decision-making. It is a time when you can expand your viewpoint and look at life from a broader perspective; and this can help you to see where you may have been too identified with old structures, or too closed in your thinking.

Don't be too impulsive right now, however restless you might feel. You are in a state of flux, and although new ideas and new visions may emerge, nothing is likely to take clear shape for a while. Examine those areas where you might need greener pastures and broader horizons. Travel might be good for you right now, not just for enjoyment, but also as a way of getting a new perspective on people and life. Exploration of ideas and subjects which help to expand your intellectual and spiritual viewpoint could also prove inspiring. You may feel very bored with the status quo, and inclined to feel restricted even if no one is restricting you. This could be because something in you has grown beyond your previous confines, leaving you feeling as though your life isn't fitting into its usual container any more. This time is a kind of antechamber, in which you may need to pause and take seriously the feeling that there are more chapters unwritten and more paths to explore. The real time for action may come a few months later. But seeds for the future are being planted now, in your mind and imagination, and you should try to be conscious of just what kind of seeds they are.

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Chapter III

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Because the cycles of the planets create a complex and intricate pattern in the heavens, not every movement in your horoscope will dance to the same rhythm at the same time. There may be periods when the year's main themes seem to fade somewhat, because some special issue has brought other feelings, attitudes and responses to the fore. Some of these trends and patterns may be brief and some longer-lasting, giving variety to your life experience during the course of the year.

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1. The sphere of emotions

There may be periods during the year when matters concerning your emotional life take priority in a particularly fulfilling way. When your heart is happily stirred, other, more difficult issues may recede in importance, and perhaps rightly so; for if you are at peace on the emotional level, you can cope with other areas of your life in a more open and confident way.

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Pleasure in companionship

prog. Venus sextile Venus: Beginning of September 2011 until end of April 2013

This may be a time of deep emotional contentment. You have reached a period of your life when you are able to value who you are and what you have achieved; and this increased sense of self-worth can help you to relate to others in a more open and generous way. This in turn is likely to attract the spontaneous support and affection of those around you, and you may be able to lay many old conflicts to rest and repair relationships which have been damaged in the past. You may also make new relationships which bring harmony, pleasure and companionship into your life, and this is likely to be a happy time for socialising, enjoying the company of friends and family, and taking pleasure in the beauty of the natural environment.

You may experience a time of creative productivity. Such inner serenity and confidence could heal many old insecurities and doubts, and could renew your faith in life and in yourself. Whatever difficulties you may have experienced in your emotional life in the past, over the next months you have the chance to make peace with your own and others' mistakes and shortcomings, and to establish a new level of trust and openness in all your future encounters.

There may also be periods when emotional difficulties arise, which you would be wise to deal with in the most honest and generous way you can.

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Sorrowful thoughts

Chiron opposition prog. Venus: Beginning of April 2009 until end of January 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Chiron trine Venus: End of March 2010 until beginning of February 2012

Many old wounds may be healed during this time, especially in the sphere of love and relationship. But as part of this healing process, you might experience emotional unhappiness of some kind. Equally, you may just feel depressed and moody, without apparent cause. If you do not experience painful events in your external life, you are still likely to feel loneliness, rejection, and hurt on the emotional level. Whatever occurs right now, try to be as conscious of the process taking place within you as you are of what is happening around you. All your ideals of love are being challenged at the moment, and the trigger for change may be an experience of unfairness or disappointment in an important relationship. But although you may find this time difficult, the inner changes are likely to prove healing and constructive. The realities of life, and the limits of human nature, may be colliding with a certain romantic idealism. You may be facing the fundamental complexities of human nature and the inevitability of flaws in any close bond, rather than someone else's insensitivity or intent to injure you. If you are being hurt at this time, it could be because there really is no other option based on the personalities involved. It could be most important that you try to recognise this, rather than casting blame or sinking into a trough of self- denigration and self-pity. Although you have probably managed the semblance of acceptance of limits in love, deep down early experiences of hurt may have made you secretly negative in your expectations of personal happiness. Try to see where such expectations from the past are affecting your objectivity in the present.

This period is likely to challenge not only the authenticity of your values, but also the viability of your relationship expectations. It may not be easy preserving a sense of self- worth while letting go of what is no longer viable or valid in your life. Try to maintain faith in yourself and your ideals in love; but recognise at the same time that no person is without wounds or problems in one sphere or another, including you. You may feel rather unlovable at the moment, and you are likely to be low in energy and optimism. This may be partly linked to what you experience through others, because they may find it difficult to respond to you as you might wish. But a conviction that others are letting you down may contribute to their letting you down, because they might feel they simply can't get it right with you, and won't bother to try any more. Try to be conscious of a critical, angry, or resentful attitude within yourself, which could taint your emotional life even without external cause. Such an atmosphere could trigger others' withdrawn behaviour. And so could a tendency to blame them for not loving you, when in fact you might not love yourself enough.

You may be drawn into a new relationship at this time. If you are, keep your eyes open. Because you are likely to feel inadequate and unsure of yourself, you may be peculiarly fascinated by those who are themselves wounded and need your support and care. Such people may make you feel needed and valued. However, once your confidence has returned, you may find yourself involved with someone who proves to be a heavy burden because he or she needs your constant support and devotion. You may feel deeply compassionate toward others' hurts right now, because you are so deeply connected with your own. This could be fruitfully channelled into helping or healing work, if you are so inclined. But taking on the role of the healer might not be the most suitable frame of mind in which to enter a new love relationship, because you may wind up with a patient rather than a partner. The experience of your own woundedness could help you to see your life with greater objectivity and compassion, allowing you to relate to others in a more open and honest way. If you do not expect too much from others right now, you can direct your energies within, where, at the moment, they probably belong.

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Emotional disappointments

Chiron square Moon: End of April 2010 until mid December 2012

This is potentially a formative and deeply strengthening time. But the process at work may make you feel a little vulnerable, and you are likely to be unusually sensitive to hurt and rejection at the moment, and you may even imagine it where it is not being inflicted. Your feelings may be rather raw, and you may unconsciously expect to be rejected even if loved ones are trying to show you their support and appreciation in every way they can. Because mistrust and defensiveness may cause you to inadvertently strike out at those you feel are behaving in an insensitive or unfeeling fashion, you may find yourself doing to them exactly what you accuse them of doing to you. Thus you may provoke the very rejection you fear, because your emotions are likely to be in turmoil and your perceptions of others' motives and actions may be distorted by your own fears. Moreover, this is probably not the first time in your life that you have unwittingly created the very hurt you have been seeking to avoid. You may carry within you an association of emotional dependency with pain, which probably springs from childhood experiences and may subtly colour your assumptions and expectations in close relationships.

Your emotional security is largely dependent on a safe and containing home and family life, and it is in this sphere that you may feel threatened, undermined, isolated, or let down. Your pride may also be at stake, and you may be acutely sensitive to being seen as weak or dependent by others right now. In short, you are likely to feel very touchy and insecure, and perhaps more than a little sorry for yourself. But you could take this time and use it as an opportunity to discover where excessive dependency - overt or unconscious - has prevented you from learning how to nourish and validate yourself. Perhaps you have expected others to provide you with a feeling of worth which you need to discover within yourself. At the moment you are likely to feel anything but worthy, because others are probably not willing to play the game. If you try to extract reassurance from them by manipulative means, you may find that it backfires badly.

At the moment you may interpret the actions and words of others through the lens of your own experience of past hurts. This may cause you to deeply misunderstand what others are doing, and why they are doing it. You may wind up hurting them, by accusing them of wounding you when they are simply trying to be themselves. You may be critical, demanding, irritable, angry, and perhaps even downright childish. Yet there is a healing process at work within you, which could increase your understanding of yourself and your needs, as well as helping you to be more tolerant and compassionate toward others who possess a temperament and emotional nature different from your own. This may not be an easy period emotionally, but it could be a deeply constructive one - if you can resist the indulgence to vent your resentment on those whom you feel should love you more than you love yourself.

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A time of instability

Uranus conjunction prog. Moon: Beginning of October 2011 until mid June 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Uranus sextile Moon: Beginning of April 2011 until end of January 2013

Emotional tension may disturb your life during this time, and you may need to struggle to break free of old patterns of relating. Frustration with existing relationships, or a vague sense of some imminent explosion or unpredictable upheaval, may make you anxious and uneasy. Such feelings of anxiety and imminent change are probably familiar to you, and may be particularly disturbing at the moment. Certain emotional patterns, inherited from your family background and first formed in childhood, are now likely to be challenged. You have probably outgrown many habitual responses which have long been taken for granted, and you may now be waking up to new emotional experiences and a strong desire for greater freedom of emotional expression. Over the years you may have developed a tendency to rely on a sense of family or community for your emotional security. This may be a reflection of instability in early life, which might have made family bonds and a secure domestic environment essential. But you may be too dependent on others for your sense of safety. Now you may have to learn to discover inner security, so that you can relate to loved ones in honest and spontaneous ways.

You may experience an important separation during this period. You might be the one who initiates it, or it could be forced upon you by others or by circumstance. Such an experience could prove particularly disturbing, because any relationship which ends now has probably constituted a source of emotional security. The prospect of living without it may fill you with anxiety and negative forebodings about the future. But if any person passes from your life during this time, try to remember that, on the most profound level, this may be necessary for your development. Whatever pain you might experience, you are being challenged not only to learn greater emotional self- sufficiency, but also to move beyond old ways of interacting with others. You may not have to face such an obvious upheaval in your external life. But psychologically you are undergoing a process of emotional separation which is analagous, on the most profound level, to a child leaving its mother and venturing out into the bigger world. Such a new beginning is bound to cause anxiety, even if you also feel exhilaration and excitement at the prospect of change.

You might also enter a new relationship which seems fascinating, exciting, and full of future possibilities. While it may be right for you to follow your feelings into such new encounters, you may also need to be aware of the turmoil and confusion that are likely as old emotional patterns are broken down and long-buried needs begin to express themselves. What you feel now may not be what you feel in six months' time. People coming into your life now may only be there for a short time, and could act as catalysts who open the doors to change but who will not prove compatible in the long term. Try to be open to change, but equally, don't bind yourself too tightly at the moment through decisions which cannot be undone later. Probably the most productive attitude you could take during this unpredictable time is one of receptivity to the new individual who is emerging from within, leavened with a good dose of common sense. Impulsiveness and extreme mood swings may trouble you for a while, and you may need to flow with these yet still maintain emotional containment while you discover who you really are as a feeling individual.

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2. The sphere of the physical world

Matters concerning your physical and material life are also likely to prove important, and some of these may prove very rewarding over the next year. You may enjoy the fruits of a long period of hard work. Or new opportunities, arising as if out of nowhere, may give you the sense that things are really working for you on the worldly level, and that you now have a chance to express yourself in ways that create tangible, financially and professionally satisfying results. Try to make the most of these opportunities; you may surprise yourself by what you are able to achieve.

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New directions

Uranus trine MC: End of March 2010 until beginning of January 2012

Opportunities may come your way to claim greater independence in your working life during this time, and your goals are likely to change and broaden. You may need more freedom to run your life according to your own rhythms and timing, but you may also need greater involvement with the world around you. Ideals and spiritual convictions could assume greater importance for you right now, and you may seek to express an innate desire for challenge and struggle in ways which can make some positive contribution to the world in which you live. Unexpected support may come to you through those you have just met, and you may also benefit from contact with a group of like-minded people with whom you can share your ideas. Try to take advantage of any opportunities which come your way, for you are ready for a change in direction - even if this does not constitute a change in job - and you may also be seeking some sense of participation in the larger human family. Therefore new ideas and new areas of study, particularly of an unconventional and progressive kind, may prove well worth pursuing.

On a deeper level, this period marks a time when you are "leaving home" in a psychological sense. Although you may have physically moved away from your roots and family background long ago, you may still have unconsciously transferred expectations from your early life into your adult life and into the ways in which you define your professional objectives and role in society. In this sense, you may not yet be free to be the person you are, and have been circumscribed by the necessity of fulfilling obligations placed upon you by your family inheritance. Now you can affirm your right to be an individual, without having to antagonise or alienate those close to you. Inwardly, you are likely to have more confidence in yourself, and are probably able to demand your right to live according to your own ideals and aspirations. This does not mean repudiating the legacy of the past, or the people who have helped to support you. But it may mean acknowledging that your future is in your own hands, and your worldly objectives need to be truly your own.

However, you may also have to deal with some less pleasant mundane issues. You may have to face challenges which make you question your work and your place in the world, and frustration may bring your temper to boiling point or generate a sense that you have failed. Try to keep your mind focused on what you can learn from such situations, because you could turn them into strengthening lessons which, when the time is right, help you to achieve what you want later on.

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Frustrated goals

Chiron square MC: Beginning of May 2009 until beginning of December 2011

You are being challenged to define who you are on the world's stage. Because this is a formative process, you may experience difficulties at work or with those in authority right now. You may feel as though your goals are being blocked or undermined, by others or by unfair circumstances which leave you feeling angry and humiliated. It may sometimes seem that any efforts you make to get others to recognise your need for emotional involvement with your work are doomed to failure. Because of this, you may feel very discontented in your work, or hemmed in by social or financial factors which seem unjust. You may also encounter conflict with an employer, or experience a painful social rejection or snub which leaves you feeling very unsure of your acceptability in the eyes of the world.

Despite their unpleasantness, you could turn such experiences into a constructive process of learning and change, if you are prepared to look hard at your present goals and question how authentically they reflect who you really are. The image you present to others may be designed solely to please, or might, over the years, have gradually become too rigid or false. You may also need to face life's unfairness and inequality in a more tolerant and compassionate spirit. This is not a good time to indulge in a full-scale battle with those in authority, or to make a public statement of your rights in a spirit of anger or rebellion. You may wind up feeling even worse, because your judgement and timing are not likely to be very sound at the moment, and you may be full of an anger whose roots lie not in the present but in the past. It is possible that you may need to examine where old expectations, going back to your childhood, are colouring your present dealings with others, and also the role you have chosen to play in the world. During this time you could let go of unhealthy or unrealistic expectations, your own or those of others, which have made you disloyal to your deeper needs and nature. Before you pick a fight, start a crusade, or walk out of a job in a huff, try to look inward and understand what kind of internal conflict may be reflected in the external circumstances with which you may now be dealing.

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Questioning the future

Jupiter square Saturn: Beginning of May 2011 until end of May 2011

Thoughts of mortality and feelings of life's sadness may be with you much of the time right now, and you are likely to swing between feeling the future is just opening up and feeling it is closing down. You may experience a depressing mood which saps your energy and leaves you feeling tired and vaguely ill and unhappy. But you may also realise that a certain fear of losing control might have made you bottle up your emotions, and that beneath depression might lurk powerful feelings of anger and passion. You have probably always had some difficulty in reconciling natural optimism and enthusiasm with a defensive emotional withdrawal following difficult experiences, and this conflict may have contributed to your being both foolhardy and excessively cautious at different periods in your life. Now you may be trying to come to terms with a gap between your faith in life's bounty and your awareness of life's limits, and there are moments when you are likely to feel deeply dispirited, fearful, depressed, or cynical about beliefs and ideals you once held. Try to take plenty of time to make decisions of any kind, since your swings in mood may make you feel overly optimistic one moment and overly pessimistic the next. Many opportunities may lie waiting for you to take them, yet unreal expectations or indecision may make you overextend yourself. Equally, you may have to keep on going, even if a cynical inner voice tells you to quit. You will probably have to make important decisions during this period, particularly in relation to your working life or a domestic situation which you find restrictive or limiting. Yet you are not likely to find such decision-making easy.

Although it may seem that others are responsible for any feelings of hurt or restriction you experience at the moment, you may discover that it has really been you, at least in large part, who has secretly ensured you could not be hurt through adopting rigid or defensive attitudes. Experiences of loss, separation or financial or professional difficulty may be the triggers for deep insights. Try to see whether or not you might have contributed to a present crisis - or are responding to challenges in ways which are more negative than they need to be. Something deep within you is being freed from bondage right now. Your sense of your own failings and limitations may be too great, and you may have denied yourself many emotional and creative outlets because you feared failure or rejection. Now you may be able to see where these blocks lie. You are growing and moving beyond the structures, internal and external, which you have built around yourself for reasons of security and social acceptability. You may need to pursue a new field of work, or a new relationship; but such changes, if they are required, need to be made with care and reflection, not impulsively out of frustration and anger. Try not to indulge your impatience; you are more likely to need calm reflection and a recognition of your own contribution to any present impasse. This could be an immensely fruitful time, if you can maintain the balance between a realistic assessment of your limits, needs and abilities, and a growing sense that life holds many possibilities which have previously been denied you and which you may now be urgent to pursue.

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3. The mental sphere

The development of your mind, and the cultivation of new skills, may also occupy a lot of your energy at different times during the year. The life of the mind is as important as the life of the heart and the life of the bank account, and this time could prove very important in enhancing your level of knowledge and the application of your talents. Try to take advantage of any opportunity to pursue new areas of study and new spheres of interest, and if you have the chance to acquire useful skills on the practical level, make use of the time in the best possible way. Such opportunities may not always be available, and you might be surprised at how life opens up when your perceptions are changed and expanded.

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Fresh inspirations

Uranus trine Mercury: Beginning of June 2010 until end of March 2012

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prog. Mercury sextile Uranus: Mid September 2009 until beginning of June 2011

Your mind is likely to be highly stimulated right now, and you could be drawn to new subjects, new studies, and an entirely new way of viewing life. Old attitudes which you have been carrying around like surplus baggage over the years may be overhauled or abandoned, and you may find yourself attracted to unconventional or so-called "New Age" subjects which give you an entirely different view of human nature, society, the world, and yourself. You are probably quicker and sharper than usual, and also able to take an overview and see the connections between diverse issues. You are able to think universally and inclusively at the moment, and you may find yourself deeply and genuinely tolerant of differing opinions and attitudes because you can see the common ground between them. Broad-mindedness, tolerance, inspiration, and a willingness to explore rewarding new spheres of interest are likely to be some of the most creative aspects of this time.

During this period you might benefit from exploring ways of restructuring your everyday use of time and energy, and developing new skills which can enhance your relationship to your body and your environment. Whatever you have believed in before, your world-view is likely to change - but not in a rigid or fanatical way which might make you feel trapped or torn. The awakening which may occur on the mental level is harmonious and constructive, and you may be able to build a new vision of life and the future, while preserving those values and attitudes which have proven themselves sound over the years. Although you may be thinking in an inspired and unconventional manner right now, you are not likely to be cranky or fixated in your opinions. For this reason you are likely to make many new contacts with whom you can agreeably share and discuss the themes which interest you. Take your interests and inspirations seriously during this time; for the energy at work within you is extremely creative, and any efforts to apply it can greatly enhance your life.

However, you may also encounter some problems, especially in communication with others and in the general tenor of your mental attitude during this time. If you find yourself unusually negative, critical or depressed, try to find out what is really troubling you, rather than taking it out on others or inadvertently causing difficulties in material affairs because you are not conscious of your own negativity.

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Burdensome thoughts

prog. Mercury square Saturn: End of September 2009 until mid June 2011

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Saturn conjunction prog. Mercury: Mid November 2011 until beginning of October 2012

You may be passing through a sober and serious time, when your thoughts are heavy and deep and you are called upon to deal with irritating problems in your external life. Financial or health issues may worry you, or you may experience a communication breakdown with someone close to you. Or you may simply feel burdened, tired, cynical, or inclined to mistrust others' motives. Yet even though you are likely to encounter difficulties of one kind or another, this does not have to be a destructive period. On a deeper level, you have the opportunity to discover many areas in which old patterns of thinking, and old defences from much earlier in your life, have been restricting your ability to interact freely with others and remain open to new ideas. Your mental attitudes are changing, and at the moment a conflict seems to be occurring between your deepening perceptions and certain rigid inner structures which may be reflected by structures in your outer life. If the outer ones are threatened, it may be because the inner ones are past their sell-by date.

You may feel very lonely and misunderstood right now, and you may be inclined to be extremely critical of those close to you. Such feelings are probably not new to you; nor is the serious outlook which you are now likely to have toward life. You may experience a separation of some kind, and you might have to say goodbye to a past chapter of your life. Events of this kind, even if transient, may trigger deep feelings of inadequacy about your mental and physical balance and well- being, and such feelings may have their roots in early experiences of hurt, deprivation, or isolation. At the moment the past and the present are merging. If you are honest with yourself, you may recognise that what you are feeling right now is not new. You have been here before, and this could account for the unusual negativity which may now afflict you. This is a time for deep reflection and introspection, and for concentration on difficult or complex studies or tasks which require you to withdraw from involvement in the outer world. Don't try to fight against any feelings of depression you might experience; explore them instead. Try not to feel sorry for yourself. Self-pity will not help you to sort out external problems, and it may block your ability to see the importance of the inner process which is occurring. You have the opportunity to face certain areas where you may have unconsciously defended yourself against life, and closed down communication with others. It is only through facing such inner inhibitions that you can open the doors to a freer and more spontaneous life.

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Too many ideas

Jupiter square Mercury: Beginning of June 2011 until mid February 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Jupiter opposition prog. Mercury: Beginning of May 2011 until end of May 2011

Your mind is probably seeking new challenges and new horizons right now; and this may make you mentally inattentive, restless, lacking in concentration, and inclined to come up with exciting new ideas which, an hour later, are forgotten as even grander ones arrive to take their place. During this time you could expand your intellectual perspective and explore new subjects and fields of learning. But because you may be reluctant to pay too much attention to the fine details, it is not a particularly good time to work on projects or business ventures which require thoroughness and concentration. Preparing accounts for the taxman might be a bad idea at the moment. Go for the big picture, in spheres where your interests will not suffer because you have overlooked some important detail or planned carelessly. There are many positive elements at work in your life right now, for you are likely to be open to new and expansive ideas and probably eager to explore the world, literally or intellectually. This could lift you from humdrum routines and stale attitudes, and give you fresh creative inspiration. But you may also need to be realistic about your capacities at the moment; and patience and concentration are probably not among them. In fact, it is likely that they never have been; for you have a restless and inquiring mind which may be best suited to making broad connections and generating progressive and inspired ideas for which others can provide the detailed backup. You will probably need to work particularly hard right now to ensure that you keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Your mind may be occupied with how to change or enhance your practical knowledge and skills, and you might benefit from developing new interests and activities along these lines. Travel might also be just what you need at the moment, particularly if this involves learning a new language or encountering unfamiliar customs and beliefs which open your mind to other world-views. But be careful in all your financial dealings, as well as in your judgement of others. You might not be watching where you are going right now, and may exaggerate or simply ignore important facts and feelings which could cause difficulties later. Most importantly, don't gamble -either with money or with emotions. You will probably back the wrong horse at the moment, or exaggerate your idea of your own or someone else's infallibility. In any speculative matters, move slowly and cautiously, or, better still, don't move at all. This is a fertile and creative time for ideas and exploration, both through travel and study. Make the best use of it by working within the limits of the kind of energy available to you; and stay away from pots of gold at the end of rainbows, which could cost you a lot more than you thought.

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4. The spiritual sphere

What gives meaning to any emotional, material or intellectual challenges and changes you might encounter is your spiritual life, and here too you may experience certain important changes in perception and attitude. Such changes may be subtle and slow to register on your awareness, but they may profoundly influence the way you experience and interpret what happens to you over the next year. However, you may find yourself in some difficulty. You may experience moments of doubt and disillusionment, and you may wonder whether what you believe in is really worth the investment of energy and faith. Such periods of spiritual depression could, however, prove rewarding in the long term, because they may provide valuable insights into unrealistic expectations or too rigid a world- view or spiritual perspective. If you can reflect on what is happening, rather than falling into cynicism, the testing times you experience may ultimately help to shape an enduring faith in yourself and in life.

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Clouded vision

Jupiter opposition Neptune: Beginning of July 2011 until mid March 2012

This is likely to be a time of enchantment and great idealism, and your thoughts and feelings may often be exalted and otherworldly. You may feel particularly concerned with human welfare, and especially compassionate toward those who are unfortunate or suffering; and you are likely to be unconcerned with your own welfare and interests. This is an ambivalent time, when your heart and spirit are probably open to many hidden levels of life. But you may also be unusually gullible and open to exploitation. You could also be unrealistic about your own luck, and you could feel inclined to gamble with resources you cannot afford to lose. You have always had an intuitive sense that you can put your faith in the invisible, and this has probably worked for you sometimes and got you into trouble at other times. Your innate idealism, even if cloaked with a more pragmatic attitude, is a valuable quality which has no doubt been vindicated, at least some of the time. But at the moment you need to be especially careful to watch where you are going, and with whom. Your ideals will not protect you from self-deception or misplaced trust. The line between feeling connected with a higher or spiritual source and feeling exempt from life's rules and requirements is in fact a thin one, and at the moment you might not be paying sufficient attention to where it is drawn.

You may need to be especially careful in matters that concern your religious and spiritual ideals. You may be on the lookout for a redeemer or a saviour at the moment, and your faculties of discrimination may not be functioning very well. Because you are likely to be feeling very idealistic right now, you may be seeking perfection or redemption through another person, or through an opportunity which looks as though it could solve all your material problems. If you give away responsibility for your own life in this way, you could be opening yourself up to great disappointment and disillusionment later. The ideals which you espouse right now, and the deep sense of connection with life you may experience, are important and valuable, and a feeling of unity with your fellow humans could be one of the richest and most rewarding aspects of the time. But your feet may not be on the ground, and you may need to learn to keep at least one of them there so that you can spare yourself disappointment and loss later. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but at the moment you may expect this -and free dinners too. Try to be realistic about yourself and the people you meet; avoid deception, which is likely to get you in a mess; and don't gamble, emotionally or materially, with what you cannot afford to lose.

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Losing direction

Neptune square MC: Beginning of March 2010 until end of December 2012

This may be a poor time to make important decisions regarding your professional advancement or direction in life. You are likely to be in a state of confusion about where you are going and what role you are expected to play in the world, and you may mistake fantasy for reality and underestimate or overestimate your actual abilities and limits. Perhaps the image of intensity and dedication which you tend to project to the outer world is not being expressed in the right ways, or is proving too limited in the manner you are living it. You are changing at the moment, and this may require the pursuit of new possibilities in order for you to feel fulfilled through your work. But you may not wish to acknowledge this need for change, for it may require certain sacrifices. Moreover, your rational ego is not wholly in charge at the moment. Circumstances of an unpredictable and unusual kind may interfere with carefully made plans, and you may also unconsciously sabotage yourself by making poor decisions or involving yourself with the wrong people. A sense of discomfort and annoyance that you are not fully in control may make you retreat into fantasies of how you want things to be. This could make you unrealistic and cause problems in your dealings with those in authority if you expect too much too quickly. For this reason it might be wise if you did not try to make any major changes just yet. If changes are unavoidable because of external circumstances, try not to react impulsively, and keep any feelings of anger or self-pity in check. And above all, don't involve yourself in any scheme or plan to improve your position which is anything less than open and honest.

On a deeper level, you are being challenged to let go of the past. Many aspects of the image you project to others may be rooted in expectations and assumptions from your family background, and you may, without realising it, be trying to fulfill others' hopes and dreams rather than your own talents and aspirations. You are moving beyond these patterns at this point in your life, but this could cause you guilt if your family made many sacrifices so that you could become what you are now. To relinquish a role chosen by your family may hurt, and could make you feel very lonely and separate - especially if you are not fully conscious of what is happening. You may also, on some profound unconscious level, project your past onto your present, and perceive those in authority as parental figures who will oppose or undermine you if you make any effort to move in an independent direction. This could make you evasive and secretive, as well as extremely insecure and unsure of yourself. Try to be aware of such patterns at work at the moment. The greater the clarity you are able to maintain about any deeper emotional issues which might lie behind your present confusion, the better equipped you will be to recognise clearly which changes are required and which choices can lead to the right course for the future.

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5. The sphere of the Inner Self

Deeper and more profound than events occurring in any of these spheres is the development of the Self, which underpins everything that happens to us in life. This is the real heart of the mystery of fate, because if there is truly a destiny at work in individual life, it lies within, and the astrological configurations only reflect, at any given time, opportunities for this hidden development pattern. You may only experience glimpses of this inner pattern at work, through realising that some experience is vitally necessary even if it is painful. You may also sometimes sense the purposefulness of what is happening around and within you, even if you cannot find a rationale for what you sense. Through particular feelings and situations which make you grow, you can establish a strong connection with the inner world, even if your heart is sore or you are encountering trouble on the mundane level. But this kind of connection depends on how willing you are to look inward at the deeper pattern of your life, regardless of how you are feeling at the time, or toward whom you feel it.

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The meaning of the story

Pluto trine Pluto: End of February 2010 until end of December 2012

During this time you are likely to experience a subtle but pervasive sense that your life has a deeper purpose or "destiny". Your attitudes toward marriage and partnership may be profoundly affected by a sense of inevitability, or a feeling that something other than your conscious ego is gently moving events toward an unseen goal. Whether or not external circumstances provide a trigger for such changing perceptions, you are likely to spend a lot of time thinking about life's mysteries, and trying to understand the complexities of human nature with greater insight.

However, although changes are likely in your personal outlook and attitudes toward life, you are also experiencing a shift which is affecting many people of your age group. Certain values which you hold in common with others of your generation may assume new meaning, new forms, and a greater emphasis in your life. This may be partly because you have arrived at an age when maturity is deepening your perspective, and partly because the collective, like the individual, undergoes changes in consciousness at various junctures in time. Although you may not spend time thinking about it, your sense of survival, like others of your age group, depends on a harmonious relationship with nature, and an orderly life which respects the material environment. This "bottom line" of survival may rarely, if ever, be fully mobilised, except in crisis situations when you must fight to maintain your material or psychological ground. But at the moment circumstances in the larger world may constitute such a crisis point, leading you and many others to look more deeply at what matters most to you - in terms of your ability to survive and cope with life, and your capacity to develop new resources which help you to express your values in creative ways.

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The repetition of the past

Chiron conjunction Chiron: Beginning of April 2010 until mid February 2013

During this time you have the opportunity to leave behind you many difficult experiences from earlier phases of your life. Echoes of the past may haunt you at the moment, particularly incidents and experiences which left you feeling unhappy, hurt, or powerless in the face of life's unfairness. This is not likely to be an easy period emotionally. You may lose self-esteem, or be acutely aware of the difficulties you have often had in expressing yourself confidently to the outside world. It is likely that some incident or situation in the present is serving as a trigger for certain past hurts. Feelings of angry disappointment may be extremely powerful, because there could be a backlog of past grievances and resentment spilling over into your present life. On a deeper level, you have a chance to confront and work through old wounds which may have been covered up but never really healed. But first you may have to recognise what these wounds are, and a lack of inner awareness may be the reason why hurtful situations in the present are having such a powerful effect on you. Instead of reacting with rage, resentment, or self-pity, try to see where you have been through similar experiences before. You may need to follow a long path which winds back to the early part of your life, when events may have taken place which left you with an ongoing sense of inadequacy or self-blame.

At the moment you are completing an important life cycle, although you may not realise it. Every individual experiences some kind of hurt through the fundamental unfairness of life, and such hurts usually lie beneath the threshold of consciousness and are only activated when a similar situation repeats itself. But these hurts can also affect us profoundly, making us inadvertently defensive and closed to life in certain ways. This may be true of you now. Early encounters with human failings and human suffering may have made you determined to protect yourself, so that you never feel so vulnerable again. Such defensiveness might have made you close off to life. Now you have the chance to open the door and express yourself more freely and openly. Discovering healing through hurt is a process which requires a lot of self-honesty and self-awareness. Armed with these attributes, you will be able to turn what may initially seem an unhappy situation into one which can help you develop as a more confident and compassionate person.

A philosophical attitude can be of help right now. Such an attitude does not imply cynicism, but is a willingness to look beyond personal losses or grievances to a deeper and more universal pattern at work in life. You may realise through this kind of objectivity that there are many things in life about which individual human beings can do nothing. Such circumstances are beyond our control, although our responses are our own and subject to our free choice. A philosophical outlook is not the same as resignation either, however. It implies a willingness to recognise that the human ego is not the most powerful force in life. Whether your present circumstances open up the possibility of deeper spiritual or psychological questioning is up to you. But this is an excellent time to explore such terrain, so that you understand more about yourself and can define more clearly what you really believe in. If you feel you need help in understanding your own complexity, do not hesitate to seek it. Pride, particularly of the stiff-necked variety, may not prove a very helpful quality at the moment, and you may need to know that others have been burned by the same fire as you. If you are willing to look within during this critical time, you may discover that beneath the surface of present events lies a profound process of freeing and healing.

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Danger: high explosives

Chiron opposition Pluto: Mid April 2011 until end of February 2013

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Pluto sextile Chiron: Beginning of January 2010 until end of October 2012

This is likely to be a disturbing time. You may encounter powerful emotions within yourself which threaten to upset your self-image, your view of life, and certain structures on which you have based your security. External circumstances of an unpredictable and possibly hurtful kind may trigger these feelings in you. But the feelings may be out of proportion to the event, revealing deeper dimensions of your inner world which you may have tried to avoid facing in the past. Your fundamental survival instincts are being activated at the moment, and this could make you react to external pressure or disappointment as though everything were a life-and-death struggle. If you let yourself be overwhelmed by such feelings, you may try to assert power over others to defend yourself. Or you may sink into a black mood of passivity and martyrdom. Neither response would be very helpful to you at the moment. You could discover hidden resources of strength and tenacity right now, as well as profound insights into your deeper nature. Life is likely to challenge your previous assumptions, and require that you examine the emotional undercurrents and "hidden agendas" in your close relationships. You are not likely to gain anything by responding to the world as though it were trying to hunt you down. Newly awakened survival instincts need to be put in the service of your own well-being and self-understanding, rather than utilised to control or do battle with others.

It may prove tricky to hold your own ground without taking the role of the aggressor. If you strike first, or indulge in retaliation, you may incur strong opposition which could leave you feeling defeated and humiliated. Try to cultivate detachment, and a perspective which can allow you to recognise and honour your feelings while containing their more primitive elements. On a deeper level, the discovery of such inner intensity and power could transform not only your view of yourself, but also your understanding of human nature. But such a transformation depends on your being able to accept the darker elements in yourself and in life. You may be particularly aware at the moment of life's unfairness, and of how easy it is for human destructiveness - including your own - to be unleashed. While this may not be a pleasant revelation, it is a realistic one, which could give you the objectivity and strength to cope with life situations which are distressing but which happen to even the nicest and most decent of souls.

There is no easy formula which can tell you what to do right now. You are being challenged to accept dimensions of life which may conflict with your personal values, religious convictions, or ideology. But you might benefit from acknowledging such issues even if you don't like them. Try to tap your own resources of strength and integrity without joining the power games which occupy the time and energy of so many people. You may feel very angry, hurt, or betrayed because of external events occurring in your life at this time. Your feelings may be totally justified. But it is where those feelings lead which is so critical, and you probably have many more choices than you realise. Pretending that everything will be fine if you just think positively may be too naive a response. Telling yourself that any means are justified by the end may be cynical and destructive. This is a profoundly important time, when subtle choices are being offered to you which can lead to the firming up of values and ethics which truly matter to you.

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Building character

Saturn square Saturn: Beginning of October 2011 until end of September 2012

You have arrived at an important turning point in your cycle of development, and life is likely to test the solidity and authenticity of your goals and sense of personal identity. You are now in what is called the 'prime' of life - young enough to have many productive years ahead of you, yet old enough to have been burned by, and learned from, past experience. Although the outer world may see you as having 'arrived', inwardly you probably feel anything but clear and confident at the moment; for you may be recognising all those areas where you have had to betray yourself in order to achieve security, as well as those spheres where you have not sufficiently prepared, emotionally as well as physically, for the process of growing older. You may need to give up certain old attitudes and patterns, and begin new ventures or new relationships at thistime, based on an increasing sense of self-sufficiency and more mature goals and aspirations. But you are likely to be challenged not only by the outer world but by your own fears, and what you begin now may have to prove itself in the face of competition or difficulty. You may experience opposition or obstruction to what you are trying to achieve, and certain external situations may trigger deep insecurities. Yet if you are able to stand firmly behind what you know to be right for you, you will emerge from this period with a much deeper sense of your strength and survival capacities, and a greater acceptance of your human limits.

You may have to define yourself more clearly in terms of your relationship with the inner world. Health difficulties or irrational worries, moods and fantasies may make you look more deeply into yourself, and you may need to examine the ways in which hidden fears springing from childhood might have made you overly controlled and frightened of your spiritual, emotional and intuitive side. Issues of personal boundaries may need to be dealt with, and also the question of just how self-sufficient you truly are. You may experience a strong sense of separateness, even if you are in a stable and loving relationship, and this could leave you feeling lonely and isolated. You may also have to let go of defences or props which you have been using to give the illusion of strength and competence, so that you can develop greater authenticity and more genuine self-respect. Don't pretend that you are something you are not. If you discover areas of weakness within yourself, or find that external situations are not as valid or stable as you thought, you may need to be prepared to face this honestly and do what is necessary to build better foundations. And if some area of your personal or professional life proves to be truly unviable, you may need to let it go.

This is a time of weeding out, consolidating, and defining your ground. It might be better if you don't rush into new relationships or new ventures until you feel more solid and secure within yourself. Don't be afraid of the challenges of this period. Life is not trying to be malevolent; any difficulties or obstructions you experience are highlighting where you need to work on your life, and if you understand the message you can establish much stronger foundations for all your future choices and endeavours. This is also a time when you may experience a kind of psychological separation from your family background and the collective around you - regardless of your age. You may have to define who you are even if it means severing the unconscious fusion or identification with others which previously made you feel safe and secure. Hopefully, this process of separation will not involve actual physical parting from those you love. But if it does, it could mean that such a relationship has fulfilled its purpose, or can no longer allow you to grow and mature as an independent individual. The most painful issue you may now be facing is a profound and archetypal sense of aloneness. If you can learn to cope with this, you will be able to use this time creatively and constructively to build a better future.

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Learn to respect restrictions

prog. Mars square Saturn: Beginning of October 2010 until beginning of October 2013

You may be feeling rather like Hercules right now, with the Augean stables to clean out and only a spoon with which to do it. This could be an aggravating time, and you may feel beset by obstacles and problems which make you feel extremely angry and constellate your desire to fight blindly against the limits you experience. However, it might be wise, before you call out the armed forces, to reflect on what is really going on. The sense of frustration and restriction you are likely to feel may be due only in part to external factors. You may be confronting some rigidity or defensive pattern within yourself, which makes you act erratically, like someone trying to drive the car with the brakes on. You may be pushing and pulling at once, urgent to assert your will and take charge of your life yet fearful of failure and humiliation if you try. Although in the past you may have found it easier to accept limitation because of a fundamentally realistic and self- disciplined attitude, nevertheless you have probably always experienced some frustration and conflict between your fears and your desire to assert yourself. The deep sense of anxiety around your efforts to get ahead may, at the moment, also cause you to doubt your effectiveness as a man, and may even cause you unnecessary worry about your sexual potency or capacity to maintain your independence in close relationships. The more you are able to see where your own conflict might be exacerbating - or perhaps even causing - any external difficulties, the better you will manage this difficult but potentially very creative period.

You have probably always been rather fearful, albeit secretly, about your own forebodings, moods and feelings of physical and emotional unease, and you might not have realised how entrenched you have become in particular ways of protecting your vulnerability from the onslaught of the outer world. You may not appear anxious or fearful; in fact you may have overcompensated, and convinced others and yourself of your strength and self-sufficiency. But that apparent strength may now be challenged, and you could discover that beneath it you are not really sure how to cope. There may be many complex factors at work behind your anxiety, particularly early experiences of hurt or frustration which have left you determined that no one will ever hurt or control you again. Now you could be realising that, in order to get what you want in life, you may have to face these fears and move beyond them.

You will not achieve this by engaging in battle with those around you. If you become defensive and aggressive, you may antagonise others and cause yourself problems with authorities and employers as well as with loved ones. You may also need to keep firm control of your temper, so that you do not attract aggression or violence from others and do not behave clumsily when handling a car or other mechanical equipment. But at the same time, don't try to suppress your anger, for it might emerge in covert ways which prove destructive to your health as well as your relationships. You could discover great tenacity and endurance in yourself during this time, which could give you greater confidence and self-esteem in the future. But you will need patience to contain your anger, and also compassion for those fears which may have secretly made you avoid or defend yourself against necessary life experiences. Your real battle is with the past, and with those elements in your own nature which have responded to life's inequalities and unpredictability through attempting to control the world around you. Stick to your deepest convictions, and put your energy into achievable goals. But try to recognise when life is telling you to slow down, compromise or let go; and don't manufacture enemies outside when they are not really there.

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Friction and fruition

prog. Moon opposition prog. Sun: Mid October 2011 until mid April 2012

You are reaching the peak of an emotional cycle which began around fourteen years ago, when your needs and emotional attitudes underwent deep changes and seeds were sown for an entirely new way of responding to life. Emotionally, you may not find this period especially easy, since you may be acutely aware of how far you have moved from the patterns of the past and, perhaps, the people who have been in your life for a long time. You may need to integrate what you have become with what you were, and this may require adjustments, compromises or the airing of long-standing tensions and conflicts. But although you may not always feel at peace within yourself, this is potentially a time of emotional flowering, when you may be acutely aware of your own individuality and can perceive others with unusual objectivity and sensitivity. The issues on which you are likely to be focused are your material and emotional self-sufficiency versus your need to share with others and rely on their support. Although conflicts and changes are likely in terms of your material security and ability to express financial and emotional independence, these may reflect values and needs which have been developing for the past fourteen years.

If you have allowed your need for closeness with others to obstruct your need to be a separate individual, you may be challenged to assert your own values and ideals with greater honesty and openness. External conflicts and relationship issues may highlight the fact that you need to achieve a new and more creative balance between these two sides of yourself. Although you may experience tensions or friction with those close to you, this could prove an extremely productive period which will put to the test all the efforts you have made in the past years to honour and express both aspects of your personality. And if you have not got the balance right in the past, you will have ample opportunity to do so now, laying the groundwork for a more flexible and more honest way of interacting with life in the years to come.

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Chapter IV

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The Greek philosopher Herakleitos once wrote that nothing is permanent except change. The human psyche is always in a process of change and unfoldment, and the planetary configurations which reflect your pattern of development over the next year will change to new configurations which reflect new patterns over the years to come. When we miss opportunities, they usually come back again in a different form and on a different level, because life not only changes but moves in cycles, reflected by the planetary cycles in the heavens. Whatever "fate" might be, it is not a rigid design which denies us freedom to choose, grow, make mistakes, re- choose, and grow again.

Each of the sections given above describes planetary patterns which, at core, will be shared at some time and in some way by other human beings. What we experience is not as unique as we might think; we all go through joy, pain, good fortune, loss, loneliness, togetherness, light and darkness, and we all have certain needs and drives in common. But the timing and distinctive expression of your constantly changing growth pattern is unique to you, and so too are the individual heart, mind, body and spirit which experience that pattern. Whatever might occur in your outer life over the next year, finding meaning in it, and connecting that meaning with who you are and what you really seek in life, can unlock previously unsuspected funds of energy and creativity, and can give you a greater range of choices in the future. We are taught as children to "use time wisely". What does this mean? Perhaps the most profound meaning is that time has qualities, and each moment of time has a special meaning for us as individuals. And understanding and working with these qualities and meaning can transform how we experience the circumstances of our lives.

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Suggested further reading

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«The Gods of Change» by Howard Sasportas (transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)
«Transits: The Time of Your Life» by Betty Lundsted
«Transits» by Rob Hand

On individual planets and their meaning:
«The Astrological Moon» by Darby Costello
«Prometheus the Awakener» by Richard Tarnas
«Venus and Jupiter» by Erin Sullivan
«The Inner Planets» by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
«The Luminaries» by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
«Exploring Jupiter» by Stephen Arroyo
«The Outer Planets» by Liz Greene
«Saturn» by Liz Greene
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On the subject of fate:
«Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle» by C. G. Jung
«The Astrology of Fate» by Liz Greene

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Technical Information

In order to create this analysis, the following astrological factors have been examined:
- major progressed aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile) of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC, Mercury, Venus and Mars to natal planets and angles.
- major aspects ( conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile) of transiting Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, and Jupiter to both natal and progressed planets and angles.
- conjunctions and oppositions of transiting Mars to both natal and progressed planets and angles.
- aspects between progressed planets, especially progressed new and full Moons.
Special importance is given to stations of transiting planets close to natal planets and angles. Importance has been given not only to the nature of the specific progressed or transiting planet and aspect, but also to natal configurations which echo the progressed and transiting aspects, to house positions of natal, transiting and progressed planets, and to the overall balance of elements and configurations in the birth chart. Internally the results of the Psychological Horoscope Analysis are used for the evaluation of each chart.

Because the importance of any transit or progressed aspect is not limited only to the time of the precise aspect, but extends for some time before and after, orbs of aspect have been used. These recognise the buildup and gradual diminishing of the energy of a particular planetary movement. Consequently some configurations are described which may not reach exact aspect until the following year, but which are already beginning to show their effects, or which have already made an exact aspect in the previous year.

The report which results from these considerations is assembled from selected interpretation text sections. Not all transits or progressions which occur during a year are included in the printed report, only those selected by Liz Greene's model of interpretation. As in all works by Liz Greene the Placidus house system is used.

Astrological Data used for Yearly Horoscope Analysis from January 2011 to December 2011
for Barack Obama (male)
birthdate: 4 Aug 1961 local time 7:24 pm
place: Honolulu, HI (US) U.T. 05+24
157w52, 21n18 sid. time 15:46:38

planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 12°32'53 in house 6 direct
Moon Gemini 3°21'27 in house 4 direct
Mercury Leo 2°19'54 in house 6 direct
Venus Cancer 1°47'22 in house 5 direct
Mars Virgo 22°34'36 in house 7 direct
Jupiter Aquarius 0°51'31 in house 12 retrograde
Saturn Capricorn 25°19'51 in house 12 retrograde
Uranus Leo 25°16'15 in house 7 direct
Neptune Scorpio 8°36'21 in house 9 direct
Pluto Virgo 6°58'40 in house 7 direct
Chiron Pisces 5°19'01 in house 1 retrograde

Ascendant Aquarius 18°02'41
2nd House Pisces 25°53'53
3rd House Taurus 0°17'21
Imum Coeli Taurus 28°53'07
5th House Gemini 23°58'28
6th House Cancer 19°01'00
Descendant Leo 18°02'41
8th House Virgo 25°53'53
9th House Scorpio 0°17'21
Medium Coeli Scorpio 28°53'07
11th House Sagittarius 23°58'28
12th House Capricorn 19°01'00

prog. Sun square Venus Mid June 2011 until end of June 2013
Neptune trine Venus End of March 2011 until mid January 2014
prog. Sun trine Jupiter Beginning of July 2010 until mid July 2012
Jupiter square Jupiter End of May 2011 until beginning of February 2012
prog. Venus sextile Venus Beginning of September 2011 until end of April 2013
Chiron opposition prog. Venus Beginning of April 2009 until end of January 2012
Chiron square Moon End of April 2010 until mid December 2012
Uranus conjunction prog. Moon Beginning of October 2011 until mid June 2012
Uranus trine MC End of March 2010 until beginning of January 2012
Chiron square MC Beginning of May 2009 until beginning of December 2011
Jupiter square Saturn Beginning of May 2011 until end of May 2011
Uranus trine Mercury Beginning of June 2010 until end of March 2012
prog. Mercury square Saturn End of September 2009 until mid June 2011
Jupiter square Mercury Beginning of June 2011 until mid February 2012
Jupiter opposition Neptune Beginning of July 2011 until mid March 2012
Neptune square MC Beginning of March 2010 until end of December 2012
Pluto trine Pluto End of February 2010 until end of December 2012
Chiron conjunction Chiron Beginning of April 2010 until mid February 2013
Chiron opposition Pluto Mid April 2011 until end of February 2013
Saturn square Saturn Beginning of October 2011 until end of September 2012
prog. Mars square Saturn Beginning of October 2010 until beginning of October 2013
prog. Moon opposition prog. Sun Mid October 2011 until mid April 2012