Long-Term Horoscope

from January 2011
for Roger Federer, born on 8 August 1981
Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
EHME 6212.502-13, 24.2.15

Table of Contents * January 2011 until December 2016

I. Introduction

Embracing the Future * The advent of the Aquarian Age

II. The planetary configurations
Pluto in Capricorn * Digging at the roots * Unlocking the inner child
Neptune in Aquarius * Neptune in Pisces * Earthing the imagination
Uranus in Pisces * Uranus in Aries * New insights

III. Inner Changes
The Years 2011 and 2012 * Carrying the weight of the world * An instinct to fight * Broadening your horizons * The will to power

The Years 2013 and 2014 * Obstacles and anxieties * Feeling loved and loving * Struggling against limits * Growing up * Seeking the impossible

The Years 2015 and 2016 * Defining the boundaries * That homeless feeling * A time of fruition * Time to learn * Verbal fireworks * The urge to explore

IV. Your generation group
The generation with Uranus in Scorpio * ... with Neptune in Sagittarius * ... and with Pluto in Libra



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Chapter I.

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Embracing the Future

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once wrote that nothing is certain except change. In the last two decades we have been forced to acknowledge this ancient truth, for many of our time-honoured and reliable religious, economic and social structures and definitions of reality have undergone major upheavals. Because human beings instinctively fear change, we imagine enormous disasters such as the effects of global warming or the great tsunami of December 2004; or we fix our hopes on global redemption, or profound changes in the nature of society which could somehow miraculously restore peace and our faith in our fellow human beings. Is this new century really a special time, spiritually and materially? Is there really a New Age waiting in the wings? Or is this a construct, a way of alleviating our omnipresent anxiety while the world keeps changing faster than we ourselves seem to be able to do?

Astrological cycles do not take account of human calendars, and the movements of the planets have their own logic and timing. If we were to take any six-year period in history, we might find any number of possible planetary configurations which give a particular flavour and meaning to that time. But the fact that we place such importance on our recent entry into the 21st century means that we will perceive the flavour and meaning of this time through specially orientated vision. We expect a great deal from the next decades, for either good or ill; and therefore, from a psychological perspective, we are particularly attuned to the currents of the time and perhaps able to respond more acutely, with greater hopes and increased creativity. In a sense it does not matter whether our division of time into centuries and millennia is artificial. The human psyche makes it significant, and that is what counts.

What is the special flavour of this time? What can astrology tell us as we move further into the 21st century? Astrologers often refer to the incoming Age of Aquarius, but what does it really mean?

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The advent of the Aquarian Age

The changing of the ages is governed by the movement of the spring equinoctial point (the first degree of the zodiac) into a new constellation. This happens roughly every two thousand years. It is presently shifting from the constellation of Pisces to the constellation of Aquarius. At the dawn of the Christian era it shifted from Aries to Pisces. Such huge cosmic movements are reflected in human affairs first and foremost through the ways in which we perceive God, and the world-view which we deem to be "true". If we look back through history, it is obvious that at the dawn of the Age of Pisces the perception of reality shifted in a radical way, reflected in the birth of new religions (both Christianity and Islam) and a profoundly different vision of life's essential meaning and purpose. Vast changes such as these do not occur on Thursday at 3.00 PM, but stretch over a period of a couple of centuries, and the transition time is often one of chaos during which old values and old gods begin to lose their value and meaning, and new ways are sought by an increasingly anxious and disorientated human family.

What, then, might this shift from Pisces into Aquarius mean for us all? Aquarius is a sign belonging to the astrological element of air, and this signifies that mind, rather than heart, is likely to begin to assume the highest value. Human ingenuity and human inventiveness, reflected in technology and a greater understanding of how the cosmos works, are important dimensions of the Aquarian ethos. Human brotherhood is also immensely important. The values which propel nations into recognising not only each other's rights but also each other's similarities is likely to be reflected in an increasing sense of globalism, of being "citizens of the world". Aquarius is also the sign of the mass, and this means a levelling of extremes and a seeking of common denominators in education, money, fashion, the arts, and all other spheres in which human creativity and effort can make their mark. Is this then a "good" or "bad" age? That depends on what we make of it. Each of us, as we move further into the 21st century, has the individual challenge of responding to and working with the new energy which is presently causing such profound changes in science, religion, communications, and social and political structures.

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Chapter II

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The planetary configurations

Each of us has an individual horoscope which will be affected by the shifting planetary pictures made by the slow-moving planets. These planetary configurations, although not directly linked with the changing of the astrological ages, need nevertheless to be seen as markers of important shifts and changes in the collective psyche, visible more on a social than an individual level. The three outer planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - reflect changes in our attitudes toward progress, spiritual aspiration and survival. Their configurations occur whether or not a "New Age" is incipient, but when important configurations occur during a time when we are so psychologically primed with expectations - both of disasters and miracles - our responses take on a special flavour. What does this mean for us all? After the Second World War, a new spirit was abroad, fuelled in part by the darkness and suffering with which so many people were afflicted, but fuelled also by a fiery spirit of hope and innovation, and an airy dream of harmony and peace in the world. There is a similar spirit abroad now. These three outer planets, all concerned with collective movements and trends, seem to be offering us a vision of a reformed and brighter world.

This does not mean that we will all sail into the future full of joy and free of problems. In many areas of the world there is a great deal of suffering and terrifying uncertainty, and individuals may still have to cope with challenges which may prove painful and frustrating. Also, the kind of vision which is presently infecting so many people is not necessarily congenial to everyone. Idealism and vision may also be accompanied by a lack of recognition of individual rights and feelings, and collective aspirations toward progress, while strong on rhetoric, may occasionally lack an appreciation of time and human frailty. Some people may feel pressured and overloaded by the qualities of the time, as though they are expected to learn everything all at once and give up hard-won values and security because the collective demands it. To understand and get the best from the upcoming configurations of the outer planets coinciding with the changing of the ages, we need first to understand ourselves, and how these planets will affect us individually.

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Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn: 2008 until 2023

Pluto is the great bass drumbeat of the planetary pantheon, taking a leisurely 249 years to travel around the zodiac. It entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and will not enter Aquarius until 2023. Thus the second decade of the 21st century is dominated by this important movement of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn the Goat, concerned with structures, hierarchies, authority and the nature of government. Pluto symbolises those deep underground forces in the collective psyche which break down and renew that which is old, outworn and past its time. It works like a machine dredging the bottom of a pond, bringing to the surface everything which is rotten and ready for the compost heap, so that new life can emerge cleaner, brighter and stronger than before. While it moved through Sagittarius we experienced an impassioned focus on our definitions of God and morality. Now we have reached a point where we are seeking changes in the authoritative structures which establish coherence and law in our world. On the global level, we may expect many changes - some consenting and some through struggle - in the sphere of politics, finance, and the laws by which we are governed. Abuses of power which were once taken for granted are now likely to be challenged, and so too are the ways in which we elect our leaders and assign them authority over us. National boundaries and collective political entities may shift radically as idealism is replaced by a more realistic assessment of what human beings need. We may also expect new attitudes toward the environment, and new laws through which we can conserve and protect it - including the animal life of the planet, so long relegated to the bottom of the hierarchy.

The profound dilemmas around personal and collective responsibility which Pluto raises as it travels through Capricorn may be seen on many levels in the outer world. They may also challenge you in very personal ways, and you may not initially realise that the issues you are confronting are not only your own, but also shared by many people struggling in their own individual ways to redefine what they understand as authority. Even if Pluto's movement affects very personal spheres of your life, it may be worth ultimately asking the question, "What is the deeper meaning of what I am going through? What am I meant to be learning? How can I use this time to redefine my responsibilities to myself, my community and my country? And how truly self-sufficient am I, in a world which requires me to find new ways of standing on my own feet, firmly on my own ground?"

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Digging at the roots

Pluto in 4th house: 1998 until February 2014

Deep at the roots of your life, the cleansing and transforming qualities of Pluto may be evident in the sphere of your family interactions and your sense of belonging. This is likely to affect not only where you live, but more importantly, how you feel about living there. Slowly, imperceptibly, but inexorably, your relationships with those bound to you by blood, as well as your feeling of bonding with your community and perhaps even your country, are changing. You may feel you have outgrown a phase of your life, and it is possible that at some point during this critical time you may want to relocate, emigrate, utterly renovate where you are living, or build or buy a new place to live where you feel you can be more truly yourself. The deep and inexorable changes which this long transit of Pluto through the tough and tenacious sign of Capricorn symbolises may impel you to break old ties and rebuild the foundations of your life from the roots up. As time passes you may also find that you see your family background differently, and can let go of certain old hurts and grievances. Or, if you have been putting up with difficulties for a long time, you may feel you are now emotionally strong enough to leave the past behind and create a new life for yourself.

You may sometimes feel a little isolated or rootless, because such deep changes are taking place within you. Home and roots on the concrete level are also symbols of what we feel to be the deepest values and beliefs at the foundations of our lives, and you may find yourself asking some profound questions of a spiritual and psychological nature about where you have come from and what purpose you are here to fulfil. A sense of fate may sometimes make you question traditional beliefs, and you may glimpse deeper patterns at work in your life which make you re-evaluate the past. All this constitutes a deep cleansing which could leave you freer, wiser, and with a profound sense that your life contains many mysteries and a highly individual path which, consciously or not, you have always been following. Sometimes you may feel that forces beyond your control have parted you from the past, and you may not immediately see where you are going in the future. But this does not have to be a negative feeling, and if you can let go and try to trust the slow, quiet, but powerful currents that are closing doors on what has gone before, you will discover a renewed faith not only in yourself, but in what underpins the path you will be taking in the future.

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Unlocking the inner child

Pluto in 5th house: February 2014 until 2032

During the long movement of Pluto through the tough and tenacious sign of Capricorn, one question is likely to resonate over and over again in your life: Who are you, really? What makes you a special individual? The transformative nature of Pluto is most likely to express itself in the sphere of your expression as an individual, and this includes those ways in which you are able to be creative and find suitable vehicles for giving form to what you feel matters most deeply to your heart. This time may reflect a new creative birth, when you discover a talent you didn't know you had, or find new artistic ways of expressing what is within you. New business enterprises, new creative projects, and new confidence in your right to be yourself may be some of the finest fruits of this process. Whether the children which are born of this time are physical or imaginative, it is, on the most profound level, a time of birth, and although the gestation may be a long one, you are likely to emerge with a profound sense of your unique value as an individual.

No birth can take place without some struggle, however, and it may be that certain patterns in your life need to come to an end. Matters of love, even if they are happy rather than distressing (and happiness is just as likely as crisis during this time) may require you attend to old psychological attitudes inherited from your family background - attitudes which you might do better without. You may also need to think long and deeply about what kind of parent you are or would like to be, and what kind of child you once were, and what you expect and need from your own children. It is really the child within you which is being activated and brought to the surface by the processes reflected by Pluto's movement, and you may need to face all those issues concerned with the blocking of childhood needs and the stifling of childlike dreams and inspirations. Your ability to express the child within is a measure of your ability to be creative and joyful in life. Do you know how to play? Can you experience the joy of a child, the sense of wonder at life, and the confidence to express your vision in creative forms? Or are you hemmed in by worrying about what others think, or by unrealistic expectations and standards which paralyse your self-expression? This ability to express yourself without material gain or ideological justification reveals who you most truly are, and it is this which you are likely to discover over the next few years. Every human being has some sphere where he or she can be creative, and you may need to discover this on new levels.

Pluto square Saturn: End of January 2010 until end of November 2012

Old psychological baggage - fears, anxieties, and defences from the past - may give way to a new and more self-confident attitude, for you are outgrowing the limits which may have circumscribed your life thus far. This may mean some honest soul-searching, and also some rearranging or changing of the material or professional base on which your worldly affairs rest. In fact, anything which constitutes security - emotional and intellectual as well as material - may need to be re-evaluated. Don't fight change; welcome it, because it can give you greater inner and outer freedom. Think hard about where you want to go, and what might have prevented you from having what you wanted in the past. Provided you are willing to be honest about what you have built so far, and why you have built it, the chances are that you will discover a new sense of security and self-reliance, and new opportunities which help you to achieve both worldly and emotional goals.

Pluto square Jupiter: Mid-March 2010 until end of October 2013

Some deep shifts are occurring in your views about life and the kind of aspirations which motivate you. You may feel you have at last found goals which stir you spiritually as well as materially, and it is possible that you could achieve a great deal at this time because passion is fuelling your external decisions and actions. You have the intensity and determination right now to aim high and reach your goal. In fact you could even be a little obsessive about it, because there seems to be a need arising within you to prove that you can move beyond your limits and claim what you desire in spite of opposition. This could be an enormously creative and productive time. But go gently with yourself, for you have a tendency to overdo things right now, and perhaps also to lack the wisdom to take periods of rest and reflection. All human beings have limits, and you need to bear your own in mind - even if, for a time, you feel as though you could conquer any obstacle and climb any mountain peak.

Pluto opposition Mars: Mid-January 2014 until beginning of December 2016

You may not have known how fiercely passionate and determined you could feel about things; but you will probably know it now. Life is somehow stirring your deepest desires, and you have a chance to find new inner resources of tenacity and commitment which could transform your image of yourself and radically alter your goals and wishes for the future. However, balance is very important right now. Try to recognise when it might be wiser to wait or compromise with the wishes of others, or when it is clear that you must let go. This may not be easy, because your passions are especially strong and your will particularly powerful at the moment. But you could push others too hard and incur some opposition, and it might be better to combine willpower with careful reflection about the limits of others - and, indeed, your own limits as well. Don't overdo it. You probably have greater reserves of physical and emotional strength than usual, and this could allow you to work long and hard to achieve some cherished objective. But be kind to your body, and don't push it beyond its natural limits. Your willpower is so great right now that you may forget when to stop and take a break. You could achieve an enormous amount, and learn a great deal about your own power and potency - provided you also exercise some common sense and some sensitivity to the feelings of others. If you have to wait for what you want, learn to do so gracefully. And if you have to let go of something despite all your efforts, try to accept that too with as much grace as possible. There is as much courage in learning to relinquish as there is in pushing hard to achieve a goal.

Pluto trine Venus: Mid-January 2016 until beginning of December 2018

The same themes are also emphasised by:

prog. Venus conjunction Pluto: A transit approaching its end, from mid-July 2009, remaining until end of March 2011

A quiet coming to terms with your values and relationship goals is likely at this time. You know a good deal more about who you are and what you need to feel happy and fulfilled, and you are better able to accept the truth of what you have rather than chasing rainbows, indulging in excessive romanticism, or wallowing in resentment because life isn't perfect. Your feelings are deepening and maturing, and this will probably give you a great deal of insight into others' feelings and motives as well as into your own. You may find that your own changing attitudes are reflected in changes in your outer life. New people may enter your life with whom you can interact on much deeper and more emotionally honest levels, and you may also feel more confident in your power to attract. You might also be ready to let go of relationship patterns - and perhaps certain relationships themselves - which you have outgrown or which have never been deeply rooted in your innermost heart and values. This probably isn't a time of external crisis. But it is extremely important nevertheless, because you are better able to accept the dark as well as the light sides of love, and take people as they are rather than as you want them to be. You have always been excited by potential; now you may find that human reality is just as exciting. And that could mean greater contentment and a richer and more rewarding emotional and sexual life.

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Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius: 1998 until April 2011

Neptune takes 165 years to make its cycle around the zodiac, and it is now in Aquarius for the first time since 1834, having entered the sign in 1998. It leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces in the spring of 2011. This planet reflects the constantly changing and constantly repeating cycles of collective dreams and aspirations, and we can see its subtle emotional effects in those things which seem to promise redemption, peace, perfection, and freedom from suffering. Neptune reflects our longing to merge with a greater whole and lose the painful sense of isolation which accompanies any individual journey in incarnation. Thus the sign through which Neptune passes describes, on many different levels, those qualities, objects and people which we believe will lift us out of pain and loneliness and lead us into the Paradise Garden which we lost once upon a time long, long ago. What we perceive as fashionable is also reflected by Neptune's current zodiacal sign, and music, art, and interpretation of beauty all change and shift like Neptune's waters as we alter our vision of what will satisfy our eternal longing.

When Neptune moved through Aquarius in the 19th century, it was the first time the phrase "United Europe" was used in a political sense. During that earlier transit, dreams of an end to global conflict were accompanied by a heightened feeling of brotherhood and spiritual unity among men and women of every different race and nation. At the same time, a passionate spirit of nationalism swept Europe and America, putting an end to the dreams of global unity. As Neptune moves through Aquarius once again, we are once again dreaming dreams of a worldwide unity which will end all conflict. Sadly, not all of Neptune's dreams come true, and sometimes there is bitter disappointment as our heightened perceptions of what could be possible collide with the reality of the world and the limitations of human nature. For the first time in over a century and a half we are filled once again with a vision of human unity which could yield many immensely creative results. But such a vision could also make us blind to recognising our limits, and our impassioned dreams of what "ought to be" good for everyone may trample over the rights and feelings of the individual. What we see as beautiful, fashionable and desirable is also changing. As a collective we are losing our sentimentality about the past and focusing on that which is new, innovative, technologically advanced, and able to create a more efficient and interconnected society.

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Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces: April 2011 until 2025

Neptune enters Pisces in 2011 and does not leave until 2025.

Neptune's movement through Pisces in the 19th century presided over the birth of the spiritualist movement in America, which quickly spread throughout Europe and awakened a new sense of alternative levels of reality and the existence of continuing life after death. Even discoveries in science were influenced by this magical passage of Neptune through its own zodiacal sign: hypnosis was discovered, and explorations began into the nature of the unconscious psyche which led to the birth of modern depth psychology and psychotherapy. At the same time, a passionate spirit of romantic nationalism swept Europe and America, putting an end to previous dreams of global unity. As Neptune enters the sign of the Great Deep, we are once again dreaming dreams of penetrating the secrets beyond the veil of material reality, and finding our redemption in romantic visions of a new society and a new world. For the first time in over a century and a half we are filled once again with a vision of the mystery and beauty of the eternal. But such a vision could also make us blind to the requirements of the earthly world, and our impassioned collective dreams of sacrifice and transcendence may require a more realistic and objective eye. What we see as beautiful, fashionable and desirable is also changing. As a collective we are losing our trust in the omniscience of science and the efficacy of social legislation, and are focusing on the mysteries of the human heart and soul.

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Earthing the imagination

Neptune in 6th house: 2004 until April 2016

You may be feeling rather uncertain about your work direction, and the usual order of your mundane life may seem as though it is slipping. This is a characteristic expression of Neptune, which gently breaks down rigid structures and reveals a mysterious and magical world beneath. Its effects are most likely to be expressed in your working life, and in the ways in which you relate to material reality, including your body, on an everyday level. If you are locked into a rigid work structure, you may well find that you long for something more fluid and meaningful, and this could be a fruitful time to explore avenues of expression which involve artistic work or helping others through developing healing or counselling skills. You may have little patience for mundane details, and may find that your mind is miles away in a world of fantasy when you are supposed to be doing ordinary mundane chores. But the deeper impact of this time involves a gentle and subtle opening up to hidden levels of reality, and this may be true not only of your relationship to everyday life, but also of your awareness of your physical body and how intimately it is linked to emotional and psychological states.

If you experience any difficulties in these mundane spheres of your life, try to look beyond the immediate problem to the meaning underneath. Perhaps you need to see your role in life differently, and use your skills and talents in the service of something more meaningful. If this is so, you are likely to experience dissatisfaction and restlessness at work, and even problems with employers or employees which reflect your own deep longing to involve yourself in something which contributes more to others. If you experience material difficulties of a health or financial kind, the same applies - try to understand what is really being said by your deeper psyche. A new and more profound attitude toward physical reality is the great gift which could emerge from this long, subtle, but powerful movement of Neptune, and you have the opportunity to adjust and change the outer forms of your life to reflect more truthfully what you are within. The deepest significance of Neptune's transit through the idealistic sign of Aquarius and the mystical, poetic sign of Pisces is, for you, the possibility of discovering the unity of inner and outer. Although this is a profoundly spiritual experience, you are likely to encounter it on a more everyday level, and you may feel it as a deep connection with nature, with the body, and with the rituals and rhythms of everyday life.

Neptune trine Mars: End of May 2016 until beginning of December 2019

A craving for harmony and peace is likely to make you seek kinder, less stressful ways of pursuing your goals and interacting with others, and the spirit of unity which is presently at work in the collective is likely to affect you personally by bringing out all that is gentlest and most peace-loving in your nature. Goals of a more altruistic kind may affect your future aspirations, and you may wish to become more involved in human welfare in direct and practical ways. You may also want to spend a lot of time dreaming, and this might not be a bad thing, since your intuition and creative capacities are likely to be heightened. All artistic projects could benefit from the imaginative stimulation which you are presently experiencing. Although it might not be too good idea to be too passive or indolent - after all, you still live in the world! - the ability to flow with the time can help you to deal with any necessary changes and challenges in a serene and tactful way.

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Uranus in Pisces

Uranus in Pisces: 2003 until May 2010

Uranus takes seven years to transit a zodiac sign, focusing the collective on a new sphere in which to inaugurate changes and express ideals of progress. As Uranus moves through Pisces, the new century is well underway, and the earlier collective sense of excitement about the new era inaugurated by the Millennium, the gifts bestowed by science and technology have given way to a subtler, deeper shift in collective thinking. Because Pisces is concerned with the realm of the spirit and those levels of reality which lie beyond the mundane world, we may find that religious and spiritual concerns become a priority on a global level. We may also experience major new artistic movements, for Pisces is the sign of the creative imagination. Changes in the structures of orthodox religions are likely as the collective psyche is awakened to a quest for more inclusive spiritual values. There is some anxiety reflected by this seven-year transit of Uranus, because its disruptive, innovative energy, moving through Pisces, affects us on emotional rather than intellectual levels. This means not only shifts in the ways in which we perceive God, but also a potential time of artistic flowering as the human imagination seeks new forms and vehicles through which to express itself.

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Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries: 2010 until 2018

As Uranus moves through Aries, the awakening of new spiritual values and the enriching of the creative imagination give way to a more extraverted and disruptive energy. Because Aries is concerned with the crusading spirit in human beings which seeks to change the world according to a grand and fiery vision, there are likely to be many movements erupting within the collective - political, religious, scientific and artistic - which seek to utterly overturn and transform existing structures and ways of thinking in order to achieve a clear dream of progress. This is likely to be a time of revolutions in thinking, and perhaps also revolutions on a more mundane level as collectives seek to assert their individual values against the threat of a uniform globalisation. There is some turbulence reflected by this seven-year transit of Uranus, because its disruptive, innovative energy affects us on intuitive rather than practical levels. This means not only shifts in the ways in which we define freedom and individual rights, but also a potential time of new scientific discoveries as the human mind seeks new forms through which to inaugurate progress.

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New insights

Uranus in 8th house: May 2011 until 2019

The collective spiritual and artistic awakening and the urgent need for change reflected by Uranus moving through Pisces and Aries may show itself in subtle ways in your life - especially in the sphere of your emotions and your relationship to your deeper passions and hidden motives. It is possible that you may sometimes find this a little uncomfortable, especially if you have little psychological experience. You are likely to experience strong feelings and shifts in emotional attitudes which are unfamiliar and which leave you wondering whether you have as much control of your life as you thought. But try not to become anxious or alarmed if you begin to discover depths in yourself which you didn't realise you had. Because the energy of Uranus is concerned with expanding vision and developing broader perspectives on life, the experiences you have on the emotional level will probably lead to a deeper and more inclusive understanding of yourself and other human beings. And this could open the door to a genuine interest in and desire to study the realm of the human psyche and the mysteries of life. Anything which rises up to awaken you from within has always been there; it is not as if something new from "outside" is invading your life. You are becoming more conscious, and this is the most positive and dynamic dimension of this planetary movement in your life.

You may also find that certain patterns change in your relationship life. You may achieve a greater detachment and recognition of the necessity of endings and new beginnings, and you may also learn a great deal about when and how to let go when it is time to move on - both materially and emotionally. This could result in greater emotional freedom and a growing capacity to objectify your feelings rather than being swamped by them. You may also find it easier to define your boundaries within close relationships, with less fear of loneliness and a greater ability to experience your separateness without a sense of loss or threat. These are all changes which may occur in your basic emotional attitudes, and it could free you from old family patterns that might have imprisoned you in the past and restricted your emotional expression. Most important for you during this critical time is a willingness to be open to change, especially in the ways in which you deal with others and the attitudes you take toward deep relationships. Any changes which occur in your personal life during this time are likely to be necessary and ultimately enlightening and freeing.

Uranus opposition Saturn: Beginning of June 2011 until end of March 2013

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Saturn conjunction Uranus: Mid-February 2014 until beginning of December 2014

Instability is the theme of the moment, although it is likely to be the kind of creative instability which ushers in a new and more productive phase of life. You yourself may have made certain decisions which involve letting go of the past and relinquishing situations or attitudes which previously made you feel secure, especially on the material level. But whether chosen or apparently unforeseen, the outer events occurring right now reflect a deep need within you to break free of inner restrictions and fears, and move into life with more confidence and a broader perspective. Don't worry if you experience some anxiety; this is natural and human and the inevitable accompaniment to all major change. What is important is that you can let go of what has grown stale in your life, and can welcome the changes which need to be made. You may discover that many things which you have been hanging onto are not really satisfying you, but are in your life because they provide the semblance of safety. But safety, although important, may also block the flow of energy and dam up creative possibilities. If you keep your eyes open and your mind clear, you will see what things need holding and what things need letting go of. Later you will look back on this time and see how very freeing and releasing it was on many levels, inner and outer.

Uranus opposition Jupiter: Beginning of April 2012 until end of January 2014

The sky may seem like the limit right now, and you are likely to be particularly inspired and full of new ideas and new possibilities for the future. A sense of release and new-found freedom is in the air, and this could be exhilarating. Some of your ideas may well turn out to be viable and lead the way to a new direction in work, creative pursuits, or spiritual commitment. Some of your ideas may be interesting but unpractical; and some may be simply wild. Take some time to reflect on all that inspires you, so that you can discriminate and contain your restlessness and make sound choices which could transform your future in the right way. You may experience many new intuitions and inspirations of a spiritual kind right now, and you are likely to be particularly receptive and open to unusual new ways of thinking. This could prove immensely creative for both your intellectual and spiritual life. It might not be the best time to speculate materially, however, as what is inspiring on the mental level may turn out to be rather risky on the financial one if you do not take due care. Curb your impulsiveness for a while, and you will get the best from this potentially extremely creative and inspiring time.

Uranus trine Mercury: End of May 2013 until mid-March 2015

Unusual new ideas and creative inspirations are likely to make your outlook much broader and more inclusive, and you may be especially open to subjects such as astrology, psychology, or exciting new research in scientific or technological spheres. Your usual common sense is beautifully combined with inspiration and intuition at the moment, and this could be an excellent time to engage on new projects, especially those involving communication skills. The subjects you are interested in may prove to be catalysts for transforming your world-view, and you may also discover new talents which are worth developing for the future. Take advantage of this potentially enormously productive time by applying your mind to new things and taking seriously the expanded vision which you are likely to experience.

Uranus square Mars: Beginning of June 2013 until end of March 2015

You are probably feeling particularly self-willed at the moment, and more than usually impatient with anyone or anything that slows you down or interferes with your pursuit of certain goals and ideals. As long as you exercise some common sense, especially in situations where a hair-trigger temper would be inappropriate (such as dealing with authorities, or driving your car), you may find tremendous resources of energy and enthusiasm to put into new projects, especially those which involve working with groups or which are motivated by particular ideals or beliefs. There is a freeing process going on within you which may also make you more able to express your own wishes to others. If in the past you have found it difficult to show anger or assert yourself easily, you may find that you have no problem doing so now. The release of energy at this time could prove immensely productive. Make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground and practise patience, so that you can get the best use of it.

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Chapter III

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Inner Changes

Not everything happening within and around you is linked with the great cycles occurring in the heavens. You also have your own highly individual pattern of development, and certain challenges and changes are likely to occur because it is the right time for them to do so. This profound inner pattern of growth is unique to you, and although there is likely to be some overlap with the changes going on in the world, in this sphere you may find that your experiences are entirely your own and the creative possibilities inherent in them depend almost wholly on your understanding and willingness to work with who you are and what you are becoming.

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The Years 2011 and 2012

The themes reflected by the planetary movements in your birth chart during the next six years are given below in chronological order. Some are themes with which you have already become familiar in the last year or two, and they may last for many more years; we will begin with these. Some themes are new, entering your life only now, and are of shorter duration - although they may seem very intense at the time.

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Carrying the weight of the world

prog. Mercury conjunction Saturn: End of September 2010 until mid-February 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Saturn square Mercury: Mid-January 2013 until mid-November 2013

Saturn sextile Mercury: End of October 2010 until beginning of September 2011

Your thoughts may be ponderous and deep right now, and this could be an excellent time to engage in thorough research or deal with tasks that require patience, concentration, and thoroughness. On the worldly level you can achieve a great deal in areas where long-term work must be finished, and where you need tenacity to achieve your goals. You are capable of an enormous concentration of mental energy right now. However, you are not likely to be in a light mood, and you may lose your sense of humour for a while. Your view of life may be a little dark, and your view of yourself unnecessarily self-denigrating. You may feel isolated, misunderstood, touchy, and rather rigid and defensive in your thinking. You may even prove to be quite a "wet blanket" to those close to you, if you do not learn to laugh at yourself a little. Yet on a deeper level such seriousness is probably appropriate, for there are important inner changes taking place which may require a time of introversion and reflection.

You have always had a tendency to be somewhat defensive about your long-term security needs, and some of your attitudes and responses in this area may be overly rigid and controlled. You may also have certain feelings of uncertainty or self-doubt which have contributed to a defensive or oversensitive attitude in your dealings with others. You are now in a position to see these behaviour patterns more clearly, and to understand the way in which they probably spring from much earlier experiences in your life. This means you can be much more conscious of your ways of interacting with others and with life. Although you may be somewhat disturbed by the degree to which you might unconsciously need to maintain control over situations in which you feel vulnerable, such insights can allow you to loosen up a bit and let others come closer. Try to curb any tendency to mistrust everyone at the moment, for you could be prone to misunderstanding them - even though you may feel it is they who misunderstand you. Harsh words right now could provoke alienation or even a separation which you do not really want or need. Use care and thoroughness to complete outstanding work projects, and use your serious outlook to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself.

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An instinct to fight

Saturn square Mars: End of October 2010 until beginning of September 2011

The same themes are also emphasised by:

prog. Mars sextile Saturn: Mid-August 2014 until end of October 2017

Circumstances may seem to be hemming you in at the moment, and you may feel extremely frustrated. You may be struggling with difficulties and conflicts with friends or in your social or professional group, and your inclination may be to come out fighting and push forcibly against what restricts you. However, the harder you push, the more likely you are to arouse enmity, particularly with those in authority. If you lose control of your temper, you may be careless when driving or handling mechanical or electrical implements, and cause minor accidents and injuries. Before you explode, try to stop and reflect on what is happening inside you. This could be an extremely productive time, and you could discover new resources of inner strength and tenacity. You may also be increasingly aware of a need for greater autonomy, and may want to take more control over your life. But you may become so impatient and impulsive that you defeat the very thing you want.

You may need, first of all, to examine carefully where your own unconscious actions and attitudes in the past might have contributed to any present feelings of being constrained and blocked. It is possible that you have not been able to express your wishes clearly and honestly, and have compromised yourself because of security needs or fear of alienating others. Now the structures you yourself built may have become too tight, and you may be kicking against them. But if this is so, you will need to change your own attitudes before you are free; for if you remain still ambivalent and unsure of who you are and what you want, you will only build new structures which, in time, will cage you as you are feeling caged now. It is your sense of self, and your belief in your right to have what you want from life, which need encouraging. Examine this issue first, before you react blindly to what you experience as oppression or limitation in the world around you.

You will need a lot of patience during this period, and a capacity to adapt your goals to the reality of the outer world. Here too you may not have developed sufficient ability to compromise. Life may have been black and white to you, with some people dominating and others submitting. Now you may be determined not to submit; but perhaps the solution does not lie in trying to dominate. You have always had a strong will and the capacity to work hard toward achievable goals. But you have probably also been afflicted by a deep lack of confidence which has made you fearful of failure, and this may have created either too much passivity (masking deep anger) or too much aggression (masking deep anxiety). At the moment these old feelings of inadequacy, fear and resentment may be making it hard to view the present with objectivity. You may need to carefully weigh your own desires against what is really possible, rather than what inflamed emotions or wounded pride tell you you want. You may feel as though you are engaged in mortal combat and must prove your potency and effectiveness or suffer a humiliating defeat. Try not to identify too much with conventional definitions of masculinity, for if you do, you may go around feeling impotent and inadequate because you aren't able to live up to a collective image. Your sense of manhood needs to be individual and rooted in an understanding of your own individual strengths and weaknesses, not on a television or cinema caricature of strength. It may be your own perceptions which are turning challenging outside factors into threatening or oppressive forces. Try to see where you might be too rigid and inflexible in demanding things all your own way. You may be culpable of the very thing of which you are accusing others. If you are willing to make certain adjustments, and can move within realistic limits, you can progress slowly and firmly toward your goals, and achieve much with the energy and discipline now at your disposal.

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Broadening your horizons

prog. Mercury conjunction Jupiter: Beginning of July 2011 until end of November 2012

Your interests and mental attitudes are expanding and changing right now, and this could be an ideal time to further your education or develop new skills and studies which reflect an increasing enthusiasm and curiosity about life. Even if you have not placed particular importance on mental development in the past, it is likely to prove important to you now - not necessarily in the academic sense, but on any level which can help you to learn about a wider world and a wider universe. Travel may also be especially valuable and rewarding at the moment, and any opportunity you have to explore the world should be seized upon and enjoyed. It is not merely physical travel on which you could be engaged, for the need to find a deeper meaning in life is likely to infuse any physical exploration with a sense of exploring deeper or higher issues at the same time.

This might be an excellent time to put energy into taking your special skills and talents to the marketplace and developing them into materially viable projects. Your intuition is likely to be particularly active at the moment, and you may be able to see connections and opportunities with a clarity you have not experienced before. But you must act on these opportunities, for all the wonderful intuitions in the world are likely to mean little unless they can be anchored in your actual everyday life. You may need to apply some hard work, and you may also need to cultivate patience in order to see the fruits of what you begin now. New contacts who enter your life at this time may prove extremely helpful and supportive to your goals, and any effort you make to ground your expanding vision through discipline and practical effort will be amply rewarded. You can probably see higher and further right now, and the future may seem unusually clear to you. Try to make it the future you want and deserve, through making the best possible use of the new ideas and talents you are presently likely to discover.

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The will to power

Saturn conjunction Pluto: Beginning of October 2011 until beginning of August 2012

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Pluto square Saturn: End of January 2010 until end of November 2012

You are likely to feel inexplicably uneasy at this time, as though the world were full of people intent on thwarting you or obstructing your future plans and goals. What is really happening is that a deep-rooted instinct for survival is being activated in you, along with a sense that it is time for your life to change radically. The ending of a chapter of life, and the beginning of a new one, inevitably mobilises those basic instincts to ensure one's survival during the period of change. The problem is that you are probably also experiencing fear - that the future will not work out, that others will block or humiliate you, that everything will go wrong. It is these fearful feelings which may make you experience others as unhelpful or downright aggressive. Try to recognise how your own suspicions may trigger others into defensive behaviour. If you react without reflection because of your anxieties and forebodings, you may aggressively, although inadvertently, push or bully others so that they retaliate and do indeed try to thwart you.

During this time you could discover a surprising source of strength, tenacity and instinctive wisdom within yourself. You might never have realised how much of a survivor you can be if cornered. In spheres of your life concerned with security and material stability, you have - willingly or unwillingly - had to learn to go your own way without relying on others' support. Now you are being asked once more to find your own path from the past into the future. Others might not be unhelpful; loved ones may offer their support; but something within you may not want their help. You may need to discover what you truly are and want from an understanding of your own emotional needs, not from the advice others give you about the 'right' way to live and be. This could be a lonely and anxiety-ridden process, which is not easy for anyone. A willingness to look at your life more seriously, and to try to understand more about the psychological issues which have shaped you in the past, can be of great help on the journey you are presently undertaking.

Periods of transformation such as this one are not inevitably reflected in an external crisis or upheaval. Or one might encounter or be drawn to people who reflect with strange accuracy the feelings and attitudes one carries within oneself. At the moment 'survivors' - individuals whom life has battered but who have somehow managed to struggle on undefeated - may be particularly attractive to you. On the emotional level you are likely to feel uncertain, more negative than usual, and mistrustful not only of others but also of yourself and your capacity to navigate rough currents. In fact you are quite able to handle whatever situations arise right now - but you must listen to your instincts, and understand yourself better, rather than relying either on rational answers or the easy black-and-white formulae of the collective. You may discover a source of wisdom and power within yourself which could affect all your future actions and allow you to achieve greater psychological independence. You may also be within reach of material or professional goals which you have worked long and hard to achieve, but which may in themselves seem somehow threatening because success may isolate you from others whom you have left behind. Try to let go of whatever in your past has been outgrown. You are carrying excess baggage which you are better off relinquishing.

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The Years 2013 and 2014

The planets do not stand still, but continue to reflect new themes entering your life. Some planetary movements began in the preceding year and are still relevant and merit further mention; others are fresh and will bring you many new experiences during this period.

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Obstacles and anxieties

prog. MC square Saturn: Mid-June 2013 until end of August 2015

This is a time of great challenge and opportunity, providing you with a chance to test your strengths on the world's stage. But it may sometimes seem hard - you may experience frustrations in your work during this time, and encounter obstacles in the path of cherished professional and social goals. These difficulties may trigger deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and anxiety about your future material stability, and it may seem that no one wants what you are attempting to give. You may experience setbacks in your work, or may find that you must work extremely hard to prove yourself or earn the respect and recognition you merit. You may also experience conflict with those in authority, or may feel that collective or social expectations are preventing you from expressing who you really are. And your home life may not be a bed of roses either, since your inner uncertainty, combined with others' behaviour, may cause you to feel rejected or isolated from loved ones. Yet despite difficulties with the outer world, your real conflict at the moment is within yourself. You are trying to learn how to adapt your particular abilities and needs to the requirements of mundane reality, and this could mean making compromises you may at present be in no mood to make. You may also need to formulate your goals more clearly, and adapt them to what is possible rather than what you could have if the world were ideal. All this may irritate and frustrate you, leaving you with a sense of personal failure and defeat.

Yet this could prove an extremely beneficial and constructive time. You are being challenged to define who you want to be in the world, with respect both for your own desires and the nature of the reality you encounter. You may need to make important choices about your goals and your career, as well as about where you live and whom you want to live with. Such choices should be made slowly, carefully and with confidence rather than in a spirit of angry rebellion or depressed passivity. Most importantly, the role you choose to play at home and in the world may need to be more flexible and reflect your deeper values, rather than being a superficial or compensatory image which you hope others will believe in. If you have been acting a part in the past, you may not be able to do so for much longer; the world requires authenticity and commitment from you now and you are being challenged to give it. Thus you are laying foundations for your future work, and if you move slowly and with insight you will lay those foundations solidly and reap the rewards over the years to come.

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Feeling loved and loving

prog. Sun conjunction Venus: Mid-October 2013 until beginning of November 2015

On the inner level this period is likely to prove one of the most important years of your life. You will probably be challenged to become aware of and stand by your deepest and most important values. Perhaps in the past your values - what you love and respect in others and yourself, how you define love, what you consider worthwhile in life, what makes you happy - have not truly been your own, but have been subtly or directly influenced by your family background and social environment. This may have been inevitable and natural, but the time has now come for you to define what matters to you. During this period each area where a lack of real self-value might have put you into imprisoning or unhappy situations is likely to be spotlighted. Your personal image may have been based not on what you are really like, but on what you have hoped would please the outer world. The process of affirming yourself as a worthwhile individual may involve some degree of pain if, for example, you are involved in a relationship which cannot accommodate such a change. But it is more likely that you will encounter happy experiences at this time which reflect back to you what matters most deeply in your life. You may discover that you are discontented with people and pleasures which in the past seemed perfectly satisfactory. You may also discover a new pleasure and peace in people and things you might previously have overlooked.

Most of all you are likely to discover what really matters in your interaction with others. This may involve a new relationship in which you discover a contentment which you previously never experienced. Your ability to value yourself means that you are likely to break through old patterns of self-denigration which may have created certain relationship problems in the past. You may also find that a long-standing relationship comes to an end - by your own choice, because the other person wishes it, or because circumstances make it unavoidable. But even if you are not the one who initiates the separation, you are probably the one who is most in need of it - even if you experience feelings of pain, anger or hurt pride in the process. It is likely that your unconscious expectations in love, and your definitions of giving and receiving, like those of most people, have been deeply influenced by what you saw in your parents' marriage, and in your family background in general. During this period you can move beyond any destructive patterns from the past to discover your own capacity to give and receive love. This may bring you a new love, or it may mean you must relinquish an old one - or perhaps both. The new love may not be a sexual partner - it might be a child, or a deep friendship. Because this is a period when your values are becoming truly your own, whatever happens will leave you a more authentic, understanding person.

A stronger sense of self-worth may have repercussions in other spheres as well. Human beings define their values not only through relationships, but also through material things. At the moment you may find that you are better off materially than you have been in the past, in part because a belief that you deserve better may communicate itself to the outer world and influence how you interact in your field of work. You may also find that you are able to enjoy what you have, and can give yourself permission to indulge yourself and refine personal tastes through clothes, artistic interests, physical appearance, home furnishings or lifestyle. This is a time of inner flowering. You may have experiences which are sad or difficult. But if you do - particularly any disappointments in love - try to remember that such changes may reflect the breaking down of old conceptions and expectations in relationship. Perhaps you have not been sufficiently true to yourself, or have underrated your lovability and therefore accepted situations which are destructive to your self-esteem. Allow what is within you to blossom. If anything or anyone must be relinquished, you will probably be able to recognise that only now are you on the threshold of being able to allow real contentment and self- acceptance to enter your life.

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Struggling against limits

Saturn square Sun: End of October 2013 until end of August 2014

You may be struggling hard at the moment to handle burdens which are making you feel trapped. The outer world may seem to be conspiring to keep you confined, and you may feel frustrated or depleted. Yet at the same time you are probably discovering new reserves of strength and tenacity, and may feel determined not only to prove that you can manage your load, but that you can also turn it into something constructive. You are undergoing a process rather like steel being tempered. You may be taking a bit of a pounding, but it will leave you much tougher, more realistic and better able to make your own way in life. And you could also discover a much greater sense of self-confidence if you reflect on the paradox of your situation. You are probably finding out just what you really want through having it denied you. This is often a more effective way of discovering values and objectives than any amount of idle speculation or dreaming when things are going well.

You may be intensely aware of yourself as a separate individual responsible for your own life, and this awareness could prove extremely important in helping you to use this time to lay groundwork for the future. Things are not likely to go smoothly or easily, but every inch of ground you gain, you will keep. You may experience a powerful need to affirm your identity through a deepening relationship with the inner world through creative and spiritual endeavours. At the moment something may always seem to obstruct your path when you pursue these aspirations. You may sometimes get the feeling that mysterious roadblocks are ensuring that you keep to a route not of your own choosing, but preordained by forces within or outside yourself about which you know little. And it may be that something wiser inside you is guiding you, even though the guidance may appear to come in the form of what you can't do rather than what you can. You probably do need to stand your ground at the moment, and it may be right for you to struggle to achieve a cherished goal; but this does not mean fighting against your deeper needs and nature. You may need to reflect long and deeply on what you are trying to achieve and why, so that you be sure you are fighting for something which truly matters, rather than attempting to prove that you can beat the opposition. Then you can place your strength and determination in the service of who you really are rather than on whom, in the past, others expected you to be.

This may not be a particularly good time to begin new creative ventures, because your energy and self-confidence are likely to be low. But refining skills, and finishing projects which require a period of hard and perhaps boring work, may be appropriate right now. This is also not likely to be the best time to begin a new relationship, as the people to whom you are attracted at the moment may reflect your own sense of heaviness and cynicism. If you believe that life should be hard, you may choose companions who make it hard for you, rather than those who can help you to find happiness and contentment. But working at ongoing relationships, and establishing new and more flexible roles, may prove very rewarding right now, because you are able to define yourself more clearly as an individual and can therefore be more honest with your partner. You may need to consolidate what matters to you, but you may also need to relinquish situations or relationships which are proving to be wrong for you. This is a period of weeding out, battling on, and coming to know yourself and your strengths and limits on much deeper levels. Try to have patience. Any feelings of weariness and hopelessness you experience are subjective, and the time of stress will pass. You are really fighting to discover who you are and what you want from life. Try to be clearer about this before you make major decisions. The more patient and calm you are inside, the better you will feel, physically and emotionally, and the sounder the groundwork will be that you build for the future.

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Growing up

Saturn conjunction Moon: Beginning of December 2013 until end of October 2014

The same themes are also emphasised by:

prog. Moon square Saturn: End of August 2012 until end of October 2012

prog. Moon trine Saturn: End of January 2015 until mid-March 2015

This period may be quite challenging on the emotional level. You are learning how much strength and self-sufficiency you really have, and this will prove immensely valuable in the future. But you may feel burdened in your close relationships, and could be prone to feeling lonely, misunderstood or neglected by loved ones. Your confidence is likely to be low and you may not like yourself very much at the moment; and you may feel rather sorry for yourself as well. All these feelings may or may not be mirrored by external difficulties. But even if things are going well in your outer life, you are still likely to experience them. If you do not make the effort to understand what is happening inside you now, insecurities and feelings of hurt and resentment may make you behave in an inadvertently demanding, manipulative or rejecting manner to others - who may in turn react by withdrawing their emotional support. Emotions are rising to the surface which could be important markers of internal issues which need examination. If you react blindly to these emotions, you may create further difficulties for yourself.

You may need to face the degree of emotional dependency you possess. This does not mean you should stop needing others. All human beings need each other, and every close relationship includes certain basic security needs as well as more individual feelings of love and admiration. But you may unconsciously be clinging to hurtful or self-destructive emotional patterns from your childhood, and you may suddenly begin to feel that there is no one out there who understands or cares about your needs. It is really you who needs to care about yourself and recognise how to nourish yourself emotionally. Whatever your age, and however practical, well-adapted or knowledgeable you might be about life, a secret child within you is now growing up on the emotional level, and you may not enjoy the process. You may not have much to give to others right now, and it could be important to seek peace and privacy in order to reevaluate how honest you are able to be in expressing yourself to others.

At the moment you may have to recognise that others cannot always provide you with an endless supply of warmth, love and comfort. You may also need to understand that sacrificing yourself to look after others is no guarantee that they will look after you in turn; and you might have to be more honestly and healthily self-centred, so that you can give freely and without secret emotional strings attached. These may seem harsh lessons; but if you have not learned them in the past, you might have to learn them now. Your loved ones are individuals who, like you, will try to give love and support as best they can in their own individual ways. They also have problems, limits and failings just as you do. They cannot supply all your needs, and you may need to learn to exist as an autonomous individual, without bitterness or resignation. Right now you may be like a child leaving home, learning to live without the guaranteed emotional support of loving parents. This may awaken old memories of hurt and neglect from childhood, and you may be particularly aware at the moment of what your parents did wrong rather than what they did right. Try to keep some detachment as these feelings rise to the surface. Negative criticism, of self and others, could prove your worst enemy at this time. As you become emotionally stronger and wiser, you may also discover that this time could make you more genuinely tolerant and compassionate, and more honest about your own humanity.

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Seeking the impossible

prog. MC square Jupiter: Beginning of September 2014 until mid-November 2016

You may be feeling particularly constrained in your work right now, and eager to find a new and more expansive role in life. Discontent and irritation are likely, toward those in authority as well as toward family members, and you may be aware that you have many potentials and talents which are not being used to the full. You may be angry with employers, colleagues and loved ones because they seem oblivious to your need for greater financial flexibility and a more creative use of your talents and resources. If you feel you are being thwarted or overlooked, it is possible that, without realising it, you may be communicating your wishes in a negative, demanding or imperious way. The need for change and expansion is right and valid at this time. But at the moment you may sometimes feel that other people are behaving like the American writer Ambrose Bierce's definition of an egotist: they have the audacity to think they are more important than you are. A little care in the way you articulate your goals and convey your underlying feelings about the validity of others' needs, may spare you much unnecessary conflict.

You are seeking opportunities to grow within your working and personal life, and to formulate new and more exciting goals which can give you a greater sense of meaning. But you may also feel uneasy about such changes, frightened of leaving safe and secure structures behind, and uncertain or even vaguely guilty about your right to ask for more from life. This tension and inner uncertainty may make you exacerbate your difficulties. Try to reflect carefully before you walk out of a job, pick a fight with a colleague, or leave a marriage or home behind. Just what do you really want to do and be? Do you have goals, or are you just drifting? Is your dissatisfaction due to genuine injustice or restriction, or is it due to your own reluctance to make the effort and commitment necessary to achieve real success? There are many questions you may need to ask yourself right now, so that the restless spirit which has seized you can be turned in a positive direction for the future. If an opportunity tempts you, check it out carefully; if you feel aggrieved by someone else's actions in your place of work or at home, consider whether you might be partly responsible. If you are able to keep your head and reflect on what is happening, this time could prove to be immensely creative in discovering new objectives and new hopes.

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The Years 2015 and 2016

You are continuing to change and grow, and the ongoing cycles of the planets continue to weave their unique tapestry, not as a statement of "fate", but always highlighting those dimensions of your life which are ripe for development and expression.

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Defining the boundaries

prog. Ascendant conjunction Saturn: Beginning of November 2014 until beginning of August 2017

You might have to learn some important and ultimately strengthening lessons about boundaries and self-sufficiency over the next months. Although this may not be an easy time, it could prove extremely valuable in terms of developing a solid and enduring sense of personal identity. You may need to face some feelings of loneliness or depression for a time, even if you have the support of loved ones in a sympathetic environment. In the past, you may have relied on material resources or emotional "guarantees" to define your worth to others and to yourself. You may also have clung very tightly to security, material and emotional, even if this meant stifling creative potentials or putting up with unhappy relationships. Now you have the opportunity to develop a deeper level of self-sufficiency. You may recognise that your own talents and resources can provide you with a positive means of survival, and a strong sense of self-worth can help you to avoid any situation in which your personal integrity is compromised.

During this time the foundations of your individuality are likely to be tested, and you could emerge as a more authentic and self-confident person. Any false security in your life may be challenged, and any relationship which has been inwardly unsatisfying but outwardly "suitable" or materially secure may begin to reveal its deeper deficiencies. Important commitments, even if you chose them willingly, may seem very heavy for a while, and you may feel trapped and circumscribed by too many responsibilities. You may have to face material challenges which test your faith in your own talents, and which pry you loose from dependence on others for your source of security. These experiences are likely to be more difficult if you have unconsciously expected others to carry the responsibility for your survival and purpose in life. Yet if you can meet the present challenges in a spirit of openness and willingness to learn greater self-reliance, you could benefit enormously from this time. A solid core is forming within you which can help you to cope with separateness; and this means that you can allow others to be themselves because you won't be afraid of losing them. And once you know that you have the inner resources to make your independent way through life, you need never compromise your own individual values again.

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That homeless feeling

Saturn conjunction IC: End of January 2015 until beginning of December 2015

You are likely to feel deeply dissatisfied with many things in your life right now, and it may sometimes seem as though an entire chapter of your life has come to an end. On a deeper level it has, for you are completing a cycle and have not yet launched yourself on the next phase. For the last year or so you may have felt increasingly depressed and discontented with what you are and what you have built, professionally and personally. Activities and people which once might have excited and fulfilled you may now seem devoid of pleasure and interest. You may feel as though all your energy has dropped into a hole and vanished. You may also dislike where you are living, and could feel isolated and cut off. Before you make any radical changes in your life, try to recognise that many of your perceptions could be highly subjective and coloured by the negative mood which is probably afflicting you. You may not feel so discontented when this period passes. It might be wise to wait until a clearer understanding emerges of what you must let go of and what you must preserve for the future.

You may be fed up with always having to be reasonable and rational, and may long for the chance to trust your intuitions and hunches. One of the things which may need to be examined is the role you have played for others, in both your professional and private life. On a deeper level, this role may in part have been strongly influenced by the expectations of your childhood and the ways in which you interacted with other members of your family. You may need to break some old patterns so that less obvious but equally important aspects of your nature are expressed and accepted. In this sense you are 'leaving home' on a profound psychological level, and have indeed come to the end of an inner chapter in your life.

You may experience some loss or separation during this time, or within the last year. You may also leave your job, or find that you have gone as far as you can in a particular direction and now need something new to which you can commit yourself. This may be part of a gradual relinquishing of the past; and although any such separation or change may cause you pain, grief or anxiety, you may need to to recognise that the timing is somehow deeply appropriate and the experience necessary. The decisions you make now will have a profound effect on the course of your life for many years to come. While the last year has probably been one of gradual retreat, now you may slowly begin to emerge and discover new potentials and new contributions you can make to life. Feelings of depression may be necessary and appropriate for such a rite of passage. You will probably need lots of time to yourself, and may need to give special attention to your physical and emotional needs - even if this means putting yourself first and risking antagonising those who have come to depend on your ready availability. Take your time; it is worth waiting to discover just what kind of future you really want and need.

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A time of fruition

prog. Moon opposition Sun: Mid-October 2015 until beginning of December 2015

A turning-point in your emotional development has arrived, reflecting the fruition of values and ways of relating which began around fourteen years ago. It may be a time of some tension and turbulence, but it is also a period when you can see clearly the shape of your own deepest instinctual and emotional needs, and how these accord or conflict with your direction and self-image. It is likely that you will come to these realisations within the context of a relationship, in which you must find a way of balancing your need of another person with your own separate identity. This need not be negative or unpleasant; but much depends on how able you have been over the last few years to honestly express who you are and what you need. If you have been sacrificing your emotional requirements in the name of pursuing particular life-goals, your pent-up emotional frustration may cause conflict between devotion to higher or more spiritual realities and a need to live in the everyday, ordinary world.

If you have been allowing emotional dependency on others to obstruct your urge to be a separate individual, you may also experience conflict and may be challenged to assert your own values and ideals with greater honesty and openness. The issues you are facing are concerned, ultimately, with a dichotomy between your need for closeness and your need for separateness, and external conflicts and relationship issues may highlight the fact that you need to achieve a new and more creative balance between the two. This is dichotomy which you have probably had to face many times in your life, but your tendency is to try to choose rather than to reconcile. Although you may experience many tensions, this is an extremely productive period which will put to the test all the efforts you have made in the last few years to honour and express both aspects of your personality. And if you have not got the balance right in the past, you will have ample opportunity to do so now, laying the groundwork for a more flexible and honest way of interacting with life in the years to come.

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Time to learn

prog. Mercury sextile Mercury: End of November 2015 until beginning of June 2017

Receptivity to new ideas and a flexible and inclusive way of thinking are likely to be some of the intellectual benefits of this time. Your mental energy is probably high but balanced and harmonious, and your powers of articulation and understanding may be extremely good. This could an excellent time to pursue formal education, as well as developing skills in writing, speaking, teaching, media, or business matters. Whether you are focused on financial matters or more abstract concerns, you are likely to think quickly, see things clearly and sharply, and formulate plans with a maximum of efficiency.

Try to utilise this time of mental clarity to extend your skills, learn new aptitudes, or put your business and domestic affairs in order. You might benefit from exploring the inner world, through psychotherapy, the study of psychology, artistic media, or spiritual disciplines. You may also make many new contacts at this time, who share your ideas or provide you with stimulating new intellectual challenges. This might also be a productive time in which to establish new business contacts or cooperative work ventures which require discussion and teamwork. Practical skills may also be easy to develop at this time. Even if you have never thought of yourself as a mechanically adept or technologically minded person, you may find that you can acquire these skills now without difficulty. Don't fritter the time away in restless movement. Use it wisely, because its benefits could endure over many years.

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Verbal fireworks

prog. Mercury square Mars: Mid-April 2016 until mid-October 2017

You may be somewhat fidgety and irritable right now, and inclined to say more than you mean to, in ways which others might not like. Impatience, restlessness, and carelessness may afflict your thoughts and actions, and you may be inclined to feel rather self-righteous and resentful of others' criticism or dissent. Such moods could be partly due to a conflict between your mental attitudes and your self-will. Even if you are not fully aware of this conflict, its effects may cause you to feel alternatively indecisive and overly impulsive. You may want one thing and think you want another; or you may abruptly change your mind once you have got what you wanted. You could also try to relieve yourself of tension and confusion by acting and speaking too quickly, or directing inappropriate anger at those who are voicing what you secretly feel yourself.

You may need to do some serious reevaluating of your goals and expectations. Also, try to pay attention to how you communicate your wishes, and whether you can express your feelings and desires to others in straightforward ways. Your mind is probably very active and restless at the moment, and you could take advantage of this energy to make innovative plans and develop new skills. You could make important and possibly long overdue improvements in your long-term goals and ideals, provided you slow down enough to listen to others and think carefully before you speak and act. Try to avoid confrontations, both in your personal life and at work. Be especially careful to avoid litigation, or conflict with authorities. You may also need to keep a sharp eye on physical activities such as driving, because you are inclined to be careless and may take unnecessary risks. Overconfidence would probably be most unwise right now. Try to make the best use of the heightened mental energy available to you by examining what you really want, and working out constructive ways of getting the training or opportunities required to get there. You might be wise to count to ten before you speak, because your tension and confusion are likely to be reflected in irritability, for which you may make others pay. And later on, if you pursue such an unthinking course, they may make you pay in return.

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The urge to explore

prog. Ascendant conjunction Jupiter: Beginning of May 2016 until beginning of February 2019

Distant horizons are beckoning now, and your life is likely to undergo a process of great change and expansion. It is not that you have been living the wrong life; but you are growing and developing new potentials, and your vision may now be greater than the lifestyle and structures which you have created around yourself. You probably need new opportunities to discover what you really believe in, and what talents and abilities might need developing. As a result, you are likely to feel intensely restless and discontented, and may be extremely bored with the people, situations and activities which once might have offered you contentment and satisfaction. Although impulsive or rash decisions are not recommended right now, nevertheless you need to open the windows and let the fresh air in; and you might be wise to make plans for the future which can be constructively implemented. If you do not participate consciously in the process you are undergoing, you may unconsciously provoke other people into giving you the freedom you are secretly seeking.

You may be inclined to take risks with your finances right now, for you are probably seeking ways of freeing yourself from the treadmill and creating a better and more flexible material base on which to build your future. Although sensible speculation could prove rewarding, don't gamble with what you cannot spare. Rather than hoping that you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, try to work out how you can utilise your intuitive and imaginative gifts more effectively, to earn you greater material self-sufficiency. Many subtler sides of your nature could come alive during this important time. You are able to be imaginative and practical at the same time. Your mind can make intuitive connections where, earlier, you may only have understood facts. And a sense that life is meaningful and full of potential learning experiences could prove very deep and transformative. You may be drawn to a spiritual or religious commitment during this time, if that is your inclination; but equally, you may thoroughly enjoy the material world, and discover new ways of improving your financial situation. Or you may want both levels of expansion, for they are not mutually exclusive, even if in the past you thought they were. Make the most of this time by actively pursuing goals and making them concrete. Nothing is likely to come to you for free, except opportunities and the intuition and confidence to take advantage of them. But those may be sufficient to get you moving. And a deepening faith in life may be the biggest and best reward of all.

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Chapter IV

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Your Generation Group

You are an individual, unique and special, yet you are also part of a vast human family which shares the same hopes, aspirations, and needs. Between these two extremes - the individual and the collective - you also belong to a particular age group which differs from others. The three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, define different "generations" in terms of progressive vision, spiritual and imaginative longings, and survival instincts. The well-known "generation gap" is not caused merely by differences in age, but also by the placement of these important planets in the individual's birth chart. Your Uranus generation consists of people born within a seven-year period when Uranus moved through a particular sign. Your Neptune generation consists of people born within a fourteen-year period when Neptune moved through a particular sign. And your Pluto generation consists of people born within anything between an eighteen-year and a thirty-year period (Pluto's orbit is irregular) when this outermost planet moved through a particular sign.

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The generation with Uranus in Scorpio

Because Scorpio is a sign concerned with passionate feelings and deep encounters which transform life, the innovative quality of Uranus marks you and your generation group with a somewhat unconventional attitude toward emotional bonds, sexuality, and all matters concerned with the deeper dimensions of human interaction. You will probably experience more than your share of emotional upheavals during your life, largely through your own choice, because emotional sameness may leave you feeling stale and stifled. Even if much of you longs for stability and a nice, peaceful life, nevertheless you, in common with others of your age group, have a powerful need to go to the roots of life and taste as much of its richness as you can. Don't be frightened of change and intense emotional encounters; even painful experiences are likely to be deeply rewarding, because when you are feeling intensely, you are most alive. You share with your Uranus generation group the gift of looking emotional truths in the face without flinching, and the more you are able to find the courage to trust this powerful instinct for encounters free of sentiment and hypocrisy, the more liberated you will feel within and the deeper will be your understanding of life's mysteries.

Neptune square Uranus: A transit approaching its end, from end of April 2008, remaining until beginning of February 2011

Certain cherished ideals may be challenged right now, and this could give you a chance to sift through what you think and believe in so that your fundamental values and aspirations are really grounded in your heart as well as your intellect. You share with your Uranus generation a certain view of how society and human beings "ought" to be, and while this world-view may be bright and positive, it is possible that you have not really taken into account the full complexity of human nature. Now you have the opportunity to combine ideals and convictions with a greater understanding of and compassion for your fellow creatures, and this could provide a very important balance which allows you to utilise your ideals more constructively in the world as you find it. The challenge now facing you is facing all those of your age group, and it is essentially a creative and positive challenge. Take the time to reflect on your beliefs, especially those where "rights" are concerned. Principles may need to be softened by compassion and realism, and you may also need to acknowledge your - and others' - dependency and interrelationship with the whole human family. You may have to let go of certain rigid expectations of others, and recognise that vulnerability and neediness can be as valuable and precious a dimension of the human soul as strength and self-sufficiency.

Uranus trine Uranus: A transit approaching its end, from beginning of April 2009, remaining until beginning of February 2011

You are standing at one of those quietly important thresholds where an absence of dramatic events may mislead you into thinking that not a lot is happening. But a lot is - especially in relation to a great freeing of energy within you, and a change in your outlook toward the world. You are unusually open to new ideas, and may also feel a new and unusually strong connection with others of your own Uranus generation group who share your ideals and hold a similar vision of the world. In fact ideals may be especially important to you right now, and you may feel confident that you need to pursue a direction in life which honours those ideals rather than simply working to make a living. Your eyes are turned to the future rather than the past, and you could take advantage of the positive energy of the time to see how you might wish to be involved with the larger world in some way and make a contribution which reflects not only your individual ideals and beliefs, but also those of the age group of which you are a part.

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... with Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune moved through Sagittarius between 1970 and 1984, and you, in common with others born during these years, partake of a grand vision of a cosmos full of meaning and intelligent design. Yours is essentially a philosophical and spiritual generation, always seeking to look beyond the confines of material reality to the grand plan which can reveal your particular destiny and the ultimate evolutionary purpose of life. Although on the purely personal level more pragmatic qualities may make you mistrust such an upwardly mobile mode of perception, nevertheless you share with your Neptune generation an ineradicable belief that nothing happens without a reason, and that everything can provide an opportunity for learning and growth. During the time that Neptune passed through Sagittarius, a new era dawned in terms of spiritual groups, cults, sects and societies, and this time was marked by an urgent need to explore alternative approaches to reality and a deep distaste for the hypocrisies of many conventional religious institutions. There is something of this quality of truth-seeking in all those of your Neptune generation, and you may well be part of the vanguard of those seeking new forms of worship and new interpretations of what we understand as God. Because Neptune represents a fundamental longing for redemption, and because all such dreams are doomed to compromise in this weary old world, you may experience your share of disillusionment with gurus, spiritual paths, and doctrines which purport to offer the only truth. But this is not likely to stop you searching, for one of the great gifts of your age group is an unquenchable spirit of exploration, mental and spiritual, which will always find some, if not all, of the truth if you seek it hard enough and long enough.

Uranus trine Neptune: Beginning of July 2015 until beginning of April 2017

The same themes are also emphasised by:

Neptune square Uranus: A transit approaching its end, from end of April 2008, remaining until beginning of February 2011

Your imagination and openness to the realm of the spirit may be strongly activated right now, and important inner experiences may give you a profound sense of connection with something higher and deeper that infuses your life with meaning. You may be unusually inspired in creative pursuits, and if you are an artist you may find this time particularly rewarding because you are able to touch a very deep level in others as well as yourself. This is in part because you are particularly receptive to the dreams and aspirations of your Neptune generation group, and the longings which stir your soul are also stirring many others of your age group. Spiritual pursuits may hold a strong appeal, and you may feel deeply connected with all those who share your ideals and long for your particular vision of perfection and peace. These subtle changes are not likely to herald or be precipitated by big, dramatic events. But they are important nonetheless, and to get the most from them, it might be helpful to listen to the inner voice which draws you into creative or mystical pathways. You are also likely to meet like-minded souls with whom you can share your dreams as well as your vulnerability, and this could offer you a deeply healing sense of belonging to a greater whole.

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... and with Pluto in Libra

Pluto moved through Libra from 1971 to 1984, and you are one of those born with the planet in this idealistic, aesthetically sensitive, civilised sign. Although you are a unique individual with an individual birth chart, and although your responses may often be highly subjective and personal, nevertheless this placement of Pluto means that, on the basic survival level, you share certain responses with others of your generation group which make you long for a world in which balance, compromise, adjustment, and cooperation can keep the forces of chaos at bay and tame the more savage side of human nature. Whatever you might feel on the personal level, you have a deep instinctive awareness that social rules and civilised behaviour are the only way in which human beings can have decent, peaceful lives; and this idealism means that you may often feel unhappy and dissatisfied with certain human interactions which are ordinarily deemed normal and correct. Relationships in particular are likely to concern you, for you have deep ideals of how human beings ought to interact with each other, and these ideals are not easily compromised. You may have a vision of a different kind of marriage, a different kind of family structure, a different kind of social setup where cooperation rather than hierarchy is the dominant theme. Yours is a generation which may transform old social and sexual roles, demanding greater equality and fairness in both personal life and in the world. Whatever your personal views and needs, your deepest survival responses concern the need for order and civilised human exchange, even at the expense of personal gratification. It is possible that your generation will make a great contribution to facilitating this on a global level.

Uranus opposition Pluto: Mid-June 2015 until beginning of April 2017

Some upheaval is likely in your life right now, but it is undoubtedly necessary change which is long overdue and which could free you to pursue a much more interesting and inspiring future. You are entering a new chapter of life, when you need to let go of certain attitudes from the past and try out new possibilities and potentials which you would not have thought feasible in the past. You are also likely to discover new inner resources of strength and resilience which allow you to take chances on things you might always have wanted but never before had the courage to try. These resources are not yours alone; they are part of the inner gifts of your Pluto generation, and many others are being challenged, like you, to affirm their deepest emotional loyalties. Don't cling to the past. You have outgrown certain situations or attitudes and although no human being likes to face the unknown without guarantees, you may well discover that the only real guarantee is your own inner toughness and survival instincts. This period could help you to build a deep and enduring self-confidence which arises not from dependency on external structures, but on a profound inner knowledge of your gifts and strengths, which you should have many new opportunities to discover and utilise.

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"No man is an island," wrote the English poet John Donne, and the planetary configurations over the next few years bear witness to this profound truth. We are living in an epoch when our relations with each other as part of a human family are changing our definitions of reality and providing the basis for the coming generations to perceive life in a more global and inclusive way than ever before. All births involve some struggle and suffering, and only the very naive could assume that such major changes in spiritual, social, technological and scientific spheres as we are experiencing now can flow smoothly and without pain or sacrifice. However, we are not "pawns on the chessboard of the gods". It is up to each individual to take the astrological configurations of the first decades of the 21st century and work with what they symbolise in as conscious and constructive a way as possible. No planetary aspect is intrinsically "bad", and even those which reflect a time of personal questioning and conflict can yield positive results that enhance life.

The juxtaposition of the changing of an Astrological Age with the changing of the human calendar into a new Millennium provided, and continues to provide each one of us, with enormous challenges. At worst, we may do what human beings have always done - seek our redemption through external political and spiritual authorities, blame our difficulties on others, and refuse to take responsibility for our own individual choices and dilemmas. At best, we may take advantage of the placements of the slow-moving planets to expand our vision, recognise the larger whole of which each of us is a part, and make the best individual contribution possible to that larger human unity. There is an old saying that charity begins at home - that is to say, within. Change, too, begins within, and living the dynamic spirit of these times in a creative way means, first of all, living it in one's own life in one's own way, according to one's own highest values. If each of us were able to do even a little of this, then we might truly see that giant's step in human progress of which the planetary placements now stand as a symbol and a goal.

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What is happening in your environment

The changes which are occurring around and within are likely to have specific repercussions in the country in which you are currently residing, and while you may not be directly involved in these changes, nevertheless they may affect you in subtle ways.

While in previous Long-Term Horoscopes the information on the country charts was included in the printed version, it is now available on the Astrodienst website at:

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Suggested further reading

On planetary cycles and movements:
«The Gods of Change» by Howard Sasportas (transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)
«Transits: The Time of Your Life» by Betty Lundsted
«Planets in Transit» by Robert Hand

On individual planets and their meaning:
«The Astrological Moon» by Darby Costello
«Venus and Jupiter» by Erin Sullivan
«The Inner Planets» by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas
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«Exploring Jupiter» by Stephen Arroyo
«The Outer Planets» by Liz Greene
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On the subject of fate:
«Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle» by C. G. Jung
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Other Astro*Intelligence reports written by Liz Greene can enhance the value of this report, because the greater your understanding of yourself, the more intelligently you can work with the meaning of the time. For an in-depth analysis of your birth horoscope, you can order the Psychological Horoscope Analysis. The Horoscope Career and Vocation will be very helpful to plan and develop your professional career. For deeper insight into your relationships, the Relationship Horoscope can offer a new perspective. And for a greater appreciation of the unique personality of your child or of your own childhood, you can order the Child's Horoscope.

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You can order these reports at the same sales point from which you received the report you are reading or from one of many other licensed distributors in many countries of the world.

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Technical Information
In order to create your Long-Term Horoscope, the following astrological factors have been examined:
- the transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto through signs and houses and their most important aspects to the natal chart,
- major progressed aspects of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC, Mercury, Venus, and Mars to natal planets and angles.
- the Saturn transits which are important for inner development,
- the transits of outer planets over typical generation placements.

The report which results from these considerations is assembled from selected interpretation text sections. As the Long-Term Horoscope covers a period of six years, only the most important constellations are included in the printed report, only those selected by Liz Greene's model of interpretation. Otherwise - with a more detailed coverage as for example in the Yearly Horoscope Analysis - the report would be 200 pages long and result rather in confusion than clarification.

As in all works by Liz Greene, the Placidus house system is used. In chapter III, some of the same text as in the Yearly Horoscope Analysis appears, while all other text is unique for the Long-Term Horoscope.

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The transit graphics
The timing of the transits and progressions within the focus period of this report is visually represented by 'transit bars'. They are printed in the graphical overview on page 4 and on the bottom of each page where the interpretation of a transit or progression is given.

A transit bar begins at the moment when a moving planet enters for the first time into the orb of a natal planet, and it ends when the moving planet finally leaves the orb and does not return into it (until the next full cycle). When the planet is in orb, the bar is represented by a full line. A planet can leave the orb and return later into the orb. During this time, the bar is represented by a dotted line. A planet can change its direction of movement; when it becomes retrograde, this time is marked with 'sr' for 'stationary retrograde'. When it becomes direct again, the time is marked with 'sd' for 'stationary direct'. The moment when a transit (or progression) becomes exact is market with a little ' on top of the transit bar.

Astrological Data used for Long-Term Horoscope from January 2011 until December 2016
for Roger Federer (male)
birthdate: 8 August 1981 local time: 8:40 am
place: Basel, CH U.T.: 06:40
7e35, 47n33 sid. time: 04:17:05

planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 15°37'39 in house 12 direct
Moon Scorpio 20°44'33 in house 3 direct
Mercury Leo 13°27'37 in house 11 direct
Venus Virgo 17°41'12 in house 1 direct
Mars Cancer 13°56'54 in house 11 direct
Jupiter Libra 7°18'18 in house 2 direct
Saturn Libra 6°12'11 in house 2 direct
Uranus Scorpio 26°03'29 in house 3 stationary (D)
Neptune Sagittarius 22°15'58 in house 4 retrograde
Pluto Libra 21°55'37 in house 2 direct
Chiron Taurus 22°40'11 in house 9 direct

Ascendant Virgo 11°00'32
2nd House Libra 3°32'14
3rd House Scorpio 1°54'32
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 6°08'56
5th House Capricorn 12°21'01
6th House Aquarius 14°24'33
Descendant Pisces 11°00'32
8th House Aries 3°32'14
9th House Taurus 1°54'32
Medium Coeli Gemini 6°08'56
11th House Cancer 12°21'01
12th House Leo 14°24'33

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 until 2023
Pluto in 4th house 1998 until February 2014
Pluto in 5th house February 2014 until 2032
Pluto square Saturn End of January 2010 until end of November 2012
Pluto square Jupiter Mid-March 2010 until end of October 2013
Pluto opposition Mars Mid-January 2014 until beginning of December 2016
Pluto trine Venus Mid-January 2016 until beginning of December 2018
Neptune in Aquarius 1998 until April 2011
Neptune in Pisces April 2011 until 2025
Neptune in 6th house 2004 until April 2016
Neptune trine Mars End of May 2016 until beginning of December 2019
Uranus in Pisces 2003 until May 2010
Uranus in Aries 2010 until 2018
Uranus in 8th house May 2011 until 2019
Uranus opposition Saturn Beginning of June 2011 until end of March 2013
Uranus opposition Jupiter Beginning of April 2012 until end of January 2014
Uranus trine Mercury End of May 2013 until mid-March 2015
Uranus square Mars Beginning of June 2013 until end of March 2015
prog. Mercury conjunction Saturn End of September 2010 until mid-February 2012
Saturn square Mars End of October 2010 until beginning of September 2011
prog. Mercury conjunction Jupiter Beginning of July 2011 until end of November 2012
Saturn conjunction Pluto Beginning of October 2011 until beginning of August 2012
prog. MC square Saturn Mid-June 2013 until end of August 2015
prog. Sun conjunction Venus Mid-October 2013 until beginning of November 2015
Saturn square Sun End of October 2013 until end of August 2014
Saturn conjunction Moon Beginning of December 2013 until end of October 2014
prog. MC square Jupiter Beginning of September 2014 until mid-November 2016
prog. Ascendant conjunction Saturn Beginning of November 2014 until beginning of August 2017
Saturn conjunction IC End of January 2015 until beginning of December 2015
prog. Moon opposition Sun Mid-October 2015 until beginning of December 2015
prog. Mercury sextile Mercury End of November 2015 until beginning of June 2017
prog. Mercury square Mars Mid-April 2016 until mid-October 2017
prog. Ascendant conjunction Jupiter Beginning of May 2016 until beginning of February 2019
Neptune square Uranus A transit approaching its end, from end of April 2008, remaining until beginning of February 2011
Uranus trine Uranus A transit approaching its end, from beginning of April 2009, remaining until beginning of February 2011
Uranus trine Neptune Beginning of July 2015 until beginning of April 2017
Uranus opposition Pluto Mid-June 2015 until beginning of April 2017