Color Horoscope

for Bob Dylan, born on 24 May 1941
Text by Johannes Schneider, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2013
ECOE 6212.502-22, 15.3.13

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Most likely, there are times when you feel the world is like a theater stage on which different plays are performed: tragedies, comedies, crime stories, sometimes exciting, sometimes amusing, sometimes boring you to tears. And whether you feel like it or not you play along as best you can, sometimes in this role, sometimes in that, whichever the current situation happens to require.

If you turn your attention inside yourself you discover that here too a kind of play is taking place: On the stage of your soul dialogues are being conducted, questions asked, wishes expressed, beliefs declared, doubts raised. And all these oftentimes conflicting inner voices are the living expression of your personality with all its varied facets. Some of the roles that you play on the stage of life and some of your inner actors are consciously known to you, others are not, and yet others you would indignantly reject as being no part of yourself.

If you wish to be in charge of your own life and to live at peace with yourself and the world, however, there is no way to get around getting to know yourself and accepting all the elements of your personality, even the difficult and embarrassing ones. Only in this way can you be certain that you are not ruled by your unconscious, mechanically operating emotional reactions and not doing things that you actually have no desire to do and that repeatedly cause you problems without your knowing why. If you get into the habit of observing, rationally and without passing judgment, the things that take place inside you and the roles that you play, you gain more and more healthy distance to what is happening and you are able to take everything more calmly and with more self-composure. The programs that used to run unconsciously can disintegrate when they are brought into consciousness.

In the following you will now find a description of your basic objectives, tendencies and behaviors as well as the role play you engage in and your innermost, typically unconscious or undisclosed conflicts. The recommendations included in the text present you with one possibility for reducing the tensions inherent in a specific constellation.

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Objectives and Motivations

Based on the ranking of the planets receiving a high score, your objectives and the motivations for your behavior can be described as follows:

With an alert mind, open eyes and pricked ears you observe the world and always strive to become acquainted with new things and to expand your horizon. You attain knowledge, information, contacts and relationships which bring you material or intellectual benefits as well as those that provide you with relief or an entertaining change of pace when you are plagued by negative emotions. You are outgoing and open and you deal consciously with your personal development. Stimulating contacts, instructive information and relationships with the right people help you to develop yourself and your talents to their utmost. However, this should take place in line with your own needs, interests and standards.

A crisis-proof life, stable life circumstances, wealth and sensual pleasure are some of your life goals. With tenacity and true to your own firm principles you try hard to create such a life for yourself and for those who are close to you. You believe it important to be safe from the tempests of life in order to be able to concentrate fully on the things that bring satisfaction. You are convinced of the absolute correctness of your actions. Neither difficulties nor setbacks nor criticism is enough to pull you off your chosen path. Your willful attitude can also make you blind towards good ideas from people who think differently than you.

When you want to achieve something important to you, you mobilize all your creativity and apply all your energy and resources in overcoming the difficulties. You apply equally vigorous dedication in standing your ground when someone tries to hamper or patronize you, or when someone presents you unreasonable demands or even injustices. You can go on the warpath against injustice even when it doesn’t concern you, but others instead. When you have set yourself a goal you make off for it under full steam and you do what the situation demands without ifs, ands or buts.

You stake a claim for optimum quality of life as if it were your birthright; above all, for you this means a carefree financial situation, sensual enjoyment, success and prestige as well as a meaningful and fascinating job. If your ambition adequately spurs you on you will achieve it too, whether for yourself or – what would be even better – for other people as well. When you plan to do something you carry it through despite difficulties, obstacles or the objections of others. You keep your eyes fixed steadily on your goal. High seas are no reason to turn tail; they are instead an incentive to keep an even tighter hold on the helm.

You want to be able to pursue your interests and activities in peace without being bothered by anything or anyone. You are determined to ward off everything that might damage your physical or emotional wellbeing. For this reason you critically examine people and things and you immediately notice where the problem lies and what or who does you no good. Since your independence is important to you, you always preserve a personal space in which you are free to feel comfortable and to relax without anyone interfering or bothering you in any other way. This space can be your home, a corner at your workplace or even an activity you enjoy spending time on.

Distress and Problems

The tendencies and behaviors which can cause you distress and problems can be described on the basis of the ranking of planets having a low score. However, it cannot be deduced to which degree you have become aware of your personal weaknesses and overcome them, and thus have gained a deeper understanding of the problems of others. The following statements indicate which approach you can take to improve your ability to move through life with fewer problems.

Although you have contact with many people you often feel lonely and left to look after yourself. It pains and saddens you that even the people you are close to show little understanding for your needs and little accommodation for your plans. Your need for loving company and gentle physical contact is not satisfied to the degree you would like.

Due to the fact that you consider the things you do and wish to achieve to be important and meaningful you expect others to approve of your actions, to provide moral support or to give you practical help. Your expectations are understandable but also quite egocentric; as a result others may tend to remain at a distance. You expect far too much kindness and cooperation from other people. You believe others ought to anticipate your every wish and fulfill them as a matter of course.

You are often frustrated because in your view you receive too little physical affection and you experience too little erotic adventure and enjoyment. This can mislead you into seeking consolation in other sensual pleasures or distracting yourself from your sense of lack through overwork. At best, both can provide only temporary relief. You quickly get worked up when not everything goes according to your wishes. You are particularly upset because the difficulties that may arise are usually not your fault. When you have difficulties in your dealings with other people you have the tendency to withdraw.

Due to your sensitivity you often feel someone is hampering you either because your wonderful plans are crossed, someone puts bothersome obstacles in your path or disturbs your life’s flow or because someone drives you crazy in some other way. If you don’t express your anger but store up resentment instead, this can cause you harm in the long run. It bothers you that you are often exposed to circumstances that you consider unacceptable. Since you would like to appear strong and superior you maintain your composure and stay outwardly calm. Your resentment remains, however, and causes you at times to make a mountain out of a molehill and to react too strongly when someone criticizes you. You are driven by a sense of lack and by fears to consciously do something that can bring you the desired satisfaction.

When you are burdened with serious difficulties you placate yourself by saying: No cause to be afraid, I’ll handle this alright! You convince yourself you will get everything under control and manage it in accordance with your expectations. Behind this desire for power, however, lurks the fear of being at the mercy of something or someone stronger than yourself. You can free yourself of this fear by accepting it and releasing your desire for power. From a realistic standpoint, in the end we humans have nothing under control anyway. Sometimes you find yourself confronted with difficulties that frighten you. Since you are unable to overcome them immediately you try to staunchly weather them. In doing so you consciously risk overtaxing your strength.

You enjoy being someone special, whether this be reflected in your unusual viewpoints, behaviors or special knowledge and skills or in your setting yourself apart from others. Although your individualism does bring you attention it also isolates you from other people and you run the risk losing their affection. Your egocentric behavior does nothing more than to provide you with an illusory sense of self-worth and it feeds your fears of being disliked and rejected. You often have to struggle hard to achieve what you desire: you not only have to overcome difficulties, but also the doubts and fears you carry inside which threaten to dishearten you.

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When your objectives and the motivation for your behavior are combined with your fears and the indications of your underlying issues, a psychological conclusion can be drawn that you have the following needs:

No matter what happens, you insist on your right to securing your livelihood. The fear that you could suffer loss, damage or outright ruin sits deep within you. For this reason you cling to supposed securities like possessions, status, ideas, convictions, your partner and other such things.

A good deal of effort and intermittent success result from your pursuit of recognition. It is important to you to be accepted, appreciated and recognized as competent by other people. For this reason you make an effort to have everything – even yourself – under control and to be well informed in every situation and even to take on unpleasant tasks when necessary. You believe you have to prove to yourself and others what you are capable of because your self-esteem is fragile.

You invest a great deal of energy in the attainment of an improvement in your situation. If problems are weighing you down too much you by no means hang your head over them but rather you do and undertake quite a bit to rid yourself of them as soon as possible. You set yourself a worthwhile goal and head for it without resting. Or you throw yourself into an activity which satisfies you and distracts you from the problems.

Many of your actions are driven by the urge for nurturing. It is very important to you that other people understand you, agree with your opinions and support your objectives. For this reason you enjoy cultivating friendships and you take care to foster harmony in your relationships.

Your behavior is often determined by your desire for expanding your horizons. In the search for enjoyable and enriching experiences, you are always open for contacts, for light-hearted, entertaining get-togethers and an interesting exchange of ideas. You strive to expand your horizons, to gain information, to increase your knowledge and also pass it on to others.

You have an exceptionally strong longing for prosperity. You have an ambivalent relationship with money: Normally you have a very economical approach and save where you can to keep hold of your money; but at times you are unexpectedly generous in spending it because you also wish to enjoy it.

You also have a pronounced need for freedom of action. It is very important to you to be able to make your own decisions regarding what you do or don’t do and how you behave. You want to apply your energies and skills in the manner that seems most practical to you personally. For this reason you preserve a good degree of independence and forcefully block any attempt by others to dictate to you.

Embedded deep in your soul there is a yearning for the enjoyment of life. The things that time and again entice and satisfy you and sometimes console you in your frustration are sensual pleasures, be they exquisite tidbits, fine wine, beautiful music or an erotic experience. At times you are quite aggressive in your attempts to attain what you desire.

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Your Color Horoscope indicates a variety of roles that you play on the stage of life. In the following section the role play you engage in and the motivations, objectives and behaviors associated with it are described.
The basic personality type or image you exude can be characterized as follows:

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You want to carry through your plans at all costs and you are little impressed when there are obstacles to be cleared, when objections are expressed or long-term effort is required. You focus all your attention on your objectives and plans. For this reason you barely notice that this vigorous activity is an attempt to escape your underlying fears. Your ambitious drive for achievement brings you in danger of expecting too much of yourself and overtaxing yourself.

You have conviction regarding the goals you have set yourself and you are ambitious and determined: no wonder that you eventually overcome the obstacles in your path and achieve what you were aiming at.

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The demand you make on yourself again and again is not exactly a modest one: You want to cope with everything and be able to have it under control, whether this be utilitarian objects, work methods, areas of knowledge or even the people you deal with. In the area in which you concentrate your efforts you are able to achieve an astonishing amount, even a position of influence. At the same time, however, you can stubbornly cling to an idea or objective and throw reasonable objections and recommendations to the winds. To your disadvantage of course.

Your personal style of interaction, in other words, the manner in which you deal with and have an impact on people, is typically as follows:

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Looking for Support

Your desire for attention is great: You expect other people to show concern for your needs and wishes, that they agree with your ideas and plans and that they provide moral support when you are in difficulty. You, on the other hand, do not pay a great deal of attention to the needs of others. This is why you shouldn't be surprized when your relationships are often dissatisfying and in no way run as harmoniously as you would like.

You want to be able to do in peace the things that are close to your heart. In this way you recuperate from the less pleasurable sides of daily life.

When a personal problem makes your life difficult you don’t want to let it discourage you; instead you look for an opportunity to escape from the oppressive circumstances.

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You absolutely refuse to suffer under the improper behavior of certain other people. When you find others unpleasant or they get on your nerves you resolutely retreat into your comforting private space or into the world of thoughts and fantasies. Kind attention and sympathetic support, on the other hand, are exactly what cheer you the most and motivate you to go on.

Your basic life concept, in other words, the role which was impressed upon you through genetics and upbringing or which you have adopted as a result of your own personal experiences, can be described as:

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Pillar of Strength

Due to the fact that you wish to be respected and admired by other people, you take great pains to overcome the difficulties under your own power and to remain steadfast even in threatening situations without the aid of outside help. This strong-willed attitude allows you to act independently for the most part but it may have the effect of leading even sympathetic and helpful people to consider you too stubborn and to withdraw.

You want to be sure you are able to count on pleasant life circumstances, wellbeing and sensual pleasure at all times.

You want to rule over, control and influence everything - including yourself and your fellow human beings.

When burdened with difficulties you convince yourself you will get everything under control.

Like all people you are looking for a satisfactory resolution of your tasks and problems and for compensation for the things you can’t do or have. The desired solution to your problem or the corresponding role is:

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Frightening or depressing events which you have repressed are embedded in your soul. You would prefer not to face up to them and you behave in a relaxed and carefree manner. In order to avoid sinking into a depressive state you devote yourself to activities which interest you and absorb all your attention, or you distract yourself with pursuits which bring you joy or satisfaction: an interesting exchange of ideas, stimulating reading or culinary enjoyments.

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In conclusion, here is a description of those facets of your personality which can stand in the way of your development into a free and happy person as long as you are not aware of them. These are patterns of thought and emotion whose presence inside you and whose mode of action you hardly notice; but the effects they have in your life are usually not to your advantage. Use the following interpretations as a working hypothesis for self-exploration. The recommendations given for each indicate alternative attitudes which could possibly allow you to leave the old field of negative emotions behind.

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Encouraging Yourself

When unfavorable circumstances threaten to hinder your personal development you convince yourself that you can overcome the difficulties with rigorous effort.

Self-confidence is helpful as long as we soberly take consideration of the facts and we act with care, without thinking only of ourselves and disregarding the needs and feelings of others.

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Restless Spirit

Your intellectual faculties are usually in full operation: You reflect on what you have experienced, think about what you ought to do and your thoughts jump from one to the other or constantly revolve around the same thing.

The process of thought can be a useful servant, but it can also become a nuisance, and when it does there is only one solution: Change roles from the victim to the observer of your thoughts, watch them, without passing judgment, as they come and go. When you practice this as a form of meditation it will calm your spirit.

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Expecting Admiration

You find your behavior, abilities and achievements worthy of admiration and you expect a suitable response of acknowledgment and applause.

Far more wonderful than your achievements is your true self, which is definitely loving and deserving of love. Discover this inside yourself and your fellow humans; then you no longer need applause!

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It’s possible that either now, or on reading earlier statements in this analysis, you have been thinking: “Now, that really doesn’t apply to me at all!” If the statement in question is positive, it is best that you ask a friend whether or not it applies. The answer will be: "Yes, you are that way!" If, on the other hand, it is an unflattering interpretation, then ask a person you don’t get along with well, and the answer will be “Yes, unfortunately you are that way!”

Be that as it may, observe your behavior for a few days and you will discover that though the controversial statement may not apply to you generally, it does in particular situations. Over time you will recognize ever more clearly the patterns and mechanisms which steer your behavior and moods. But keep in mind: No actor is required to play the same role for a lifetime. Take a look at your personal planet profile and examine the short color columns representing the planets with low scores. Are any of these colors ones you don’t care for? If so, you can carry out the following experiment: Get yourself a good-sized piece of paper or fabric (at least 20 x 20 cm) in this color. Relax and look at it for one to two minutes, close your eyes and observe, without having any expectations, what happens inside you. Repeat this experiment over several days or hang up the colored paper or fabric at your workplace and rest your eyes on it every now and then. In this way, the vibration this color sends out will be directly absorbed by your unconscious mind and digested and integrated as a kind of emotional food. This can mitigate negative emotions and mechanisms and can transform them into positive forces and behaviors over time.

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About this Horoscope

This interpretation of the positions of the planets at the time of your birth is based on the Astro-Color-System® developed by Johannes Schneider; in addition to the ten typical planets, this system also includes the two minor planets Chiron and Vesta. In this system Chiron is considered to rule the sign of Virgo and the sixth house of the horoscope; Vesta rules the sign of Taurus and the second house. The twelve celestial bodies are awarded points based on their position in the signs and the houses of the horoscope and on the aspects between them. These scores are used to establish a ranking of the 12 celestial bodies, called the planet profile, and four subgroups, called the basic structures. Since a typical color has been assigned to each of the celestial bodies, this ranking can also be represented as a series of these twelve colors. As you can see from the personal planet profile calculated for you, each planet has its assigned color above it; the height of the colored column indicates the number of points awarded to the planet.

Together with 13 additional colors, these same colors form the basis of the psychological color test Color-O-Scope®, which can be found here under the name "Color Oracle".The colors you select in the test indicate your current behaviors and problems, while the astrological analysis of your birth constellation describes your personality. The combination of these two interpretations makes it possible for you to compare your present situation with your intrinsic nature and to see which facets of your personality you are currently living out and which you are not. This comprehensive insight is entirely new within astrology and is impossible to achieve with any conventional method.

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Astrological Data used for Color Horoscope
for Bob Dylan (male)
born on 24 May 1941 local time: 9:05 pm
in Duluth, MN (US) U.T.: 03+05
92w06, 46n47 sid. time: 13:05:51

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Gemini 3°30'47 direct
Moon Taurus 21°30'46 direct
Mercury Gemini 23°02'40 direct
Venus Gemini 12°59'08 direct
Mars Pisces 5°58'49 direct
Jupiter Taurus 29°40'09 direct
Saturn Taurus 20°04'48 direct
Uranus Taurus 26°37'47 direct
Neptune Virgo 24°56'43 retrograde
Pluto Leo 2°22'17 direct
True Node Virgo 29°52'54 retrograde
Vesta Leo 24°25'50 direct
Chiron Cancer 27°50'55 direct

Ascendant Sagittarius 20°19'42
Medium Coeli Libra 17°51'11

Major aspects
Sun Square Mars 2°28
Sun Conjunction Jupiter 3°51
Sun Sextile Pluto 1°08
Moon Semisextile Mercury 1°32
Moon Conjunction Saturn 1°26
Moon Trine Neptune 3°26
Moon Square Vesta 2°55
Mercury Square Neptune 1°54
Mercury Sextile Vesta 1°23
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 3°02
Jupiter Sextile Chiron 1°49
Uranus Trine Neptune 1°41
Uranus Square Vesta 2°12
Uranus Sextile Chiron 1°13
Neptune Semisextile Vesta 0°31
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).