Forecast Horoscope

from January 2011
for Hillary Clinton, born on 26 October 1947
Text by Robert Hand, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
EATE 6212.502-12, 24.2.15

Enlightening experience *Neptune trine Uranus: *A transit approaching its end, from mid-March 2009, remaining until beginning of January 2011:

Personal power *Pluto sextile MC: *End of January 2010 until end of November 2011:

Alive again *Uranus conjunction Moon: *Mid-April 2010 until mid-March 2011:

Sudden separations *Uranus square Ascendant: *End of April 2010 until end of December 2011:

Negatively suggestible *Jupiter square Uranus: *A transit approaching its end, from beginning of May 2010, remaining until beginning of January 2011:

Good fortune *Uranus trine Jupiter: *Mid-May 2010 until end of January 2012:

Emotionally secure *Jupiter conjunction Moon: *End of May 2010 until end of January 2011:

On the lookout *Jupiter square Ascendant: *End of May 2010 until end of January 2011:

An opportunity *Jupiter trine Jupiter: *Beginning of June 2010 until end of January 2011:

Involuntary detachment *Saturn conjunction Neptune: *End of October 2010 until beginning of August 2011:

Unstinting labor *Saturn sextile Mars: *Mid-November 2010 until beginning of September 2011:

On target *Saturn sextile Pluto: *End of November 2010 until beginning of September 2011:

A spiritual cast *Neptune trine Ascendant: *Beginning of March 2011 until end of December 2012:

Wrapped up *Jupiter opposition Neptune: *From 12 March 2011 until 21 March 2011:

High visions *Neptune square Jupiter: *End of March 2011 until mid-January 2013:

Ethical standards *Jupiter trine Mars: *From 24 March 2011 until 2 April 2011:

Reform and remake *Jupiter trine Pluto: *From 27 March 2011 until 4 April 2011:

Clarity of intention *Jupiter trine Saturn: *From 23 April 2011 until 1 May 2011:

A favorable change *Jupiter sextile Uranus: *From 12 May 2011 until 21 May 2011:

Efforts with friends *Jupiter sextile Ascendant: *End of May 2011 until mid-January 2012:

A turning point *Jupiter opposition Sun: *Mid-June 2011 until beginning of February 2012:

Personal advancement *Jupiter sextile MC: *End of June 2011 until end of February 2012:

Limited warranty *Saturn sextile Saturn: *From 15 October 2011 until 1 November 2011:

Working for change *Saturn trine Uranus: *End of November 2011 until beginning of September 2012:

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Your Forecast Horoscope analyzes the meaning of the transits for each outer planet as it appears in your personal astrological chart. This new horoscope provides in-depth understanding of how transits can bring new patterns, new experiences and new opportunities for personal growth and self-knowledge.

Transits bring energy to each part of your personality. You can use transits to develop awareness, fulfill your potential and take more responsibility for your own life.

The Forecast Horoscope provides a reliable, fundamental tool for astrological forecasting. It covers the transits for the slower moving planets, Jupiter through Pluto. These transits last the longest and they indicate long-term psychological trends or stages of personal growth.

Your Forecast Horoscope will show you how transits affect your own sense of timing; that is, the times when it is appropriate for you to take certain kinds of action. It will provide an understanding of how transits can help you with such important issues as marriage, child rearing, career decisions, personal relationships and much more.

This horoscope includes every significant transit of the outer planets that will occur in the period covered by this analysis. It explains the meaning of each transit and lists the planets and transiting relationships on each page. Because the outer planets move slowly through your individual astrological chart, there will be months when your Forecast Horoscope includes no transits and months when transitory planets are predominant.

Your Forecast Horoscope charts the transits of the outer planets - Jupiter through Pluto - to the planetary positions and angles in your birth chart. The planets are continually moving in their orbits around the Sun, and as they do they periodically create angular relationships known as "aspects" to your natal planets.

When a transiting outer planet forms an aspect within one degree of orb with one of your natal planets or angles, the Forecast Horoscope interprets the significance of the transit and gives the dates during which the transit will be in effect. This is the "peak" time when the influence of the transit will be felt most strongly. However, it is likely that you will experience some effects of the transit before and after the dates listed in your Forecast Horoscope.

Aspects formed between transiting planets and natal planets are not to be confused with the aspects formed between two natal planets. For example, you may have a natal aspect formed between Venus and Saturn, and find that your Forecast Horoscope lists an aspect from transiting Saturn to natal Venus. Natal aspects are in effect for your entire lifetime; transiting aspects occur at various times during your life and remain in effect temporarily. However, if you have a natal aspect between two planets and one of those planets is aspected by an outer planet transit, the natal aspect between the two planets is often "triggered" so that even if the second planet in the natal combination is not directly aspected by the transiting planet it may be brought into play via the natal aspect. If you have many natal aspects being triggered simultaneously by an outer planet transit you will probably undergo many, sometimes conflicting, feelings and experiences related to the planets involved.

The outer planets move very slowly through the zodiac and aspects formed by transits from them to your natal planets can last for months, even years (Transits of the personal planets - Sun through Mars - are relatively brief in duration). For this reason, outer planet transits are frequently experienced as being quite intense. Sometimes it is possible to have several transiting outer planets aspecting a single natal planet, and such times are usually very significant. If a particular planet is prominent in your birth chart - for instance, if you have several natal planets in Saturn's sign Capricorn or many natal aspects with Saturn - transits from that planet (in this case Saturn) may be especially intense for you. Though each outer planet transit inspires changes, awarenesses, feelings and/or experiences, it does not fundamentally alter the birth chart or the basic natures of the planets or angles involved - it merely highlights a part of the birth chart so that you are made more aware of that part for a time. Outer planet transits offer important opportunities for growth, reflection, adjustment and insight.

Transits can affect you for periods longer than one calendar month. Many major transits occur no more than once in a lifetime, and the same combination of outer planet transits can never occur twice in your life. This is your horoscope and each moment of time in your life is unique. Your Forecast Horoscope helps you to understand this individuality. Use it positively and creatively in your life.

Your Forecast Horoscope is a personalized look at events, feelings, and experiences that you are likely to encounter during the time period specified. Please remember that these are not "destined" to happen, and that your own free will, level of development, socio-economic situation, age, abilities, and other factors will also play a part in how the transits affect your life.

During some months no transits may be listed. In other months you may have several. Frequently, a transit will be repeated two, three, or more times, remaining active for a full year or longer. This is because the outer planets move very slowly and their transits continue to affect your birth chart for quite awhile. When this happens, it signifies an important time when you are likely to undergo meaningful changes, insights, and/or experiences in your life.

Not every experience that could possibly happen will happen to everyone. Each planet and house in the astrological chart is associated with certain areas of life. For example, Venus is connected with art, beauty, women, love, all types of relationships, and money; the fifth house is related to love affairs, creativity, and entertainment. Therefore, a Venus transit through the fifth house might signify a happy love affair for one individual, and an artistically creative period for another. Some persons may undergo both. Some who are neither artistically inclined nor available for a love affair may not experience either - even though the energy is available if you choose to tap into it. Your Forecast Horoscope lists some of the most usual effects of planetary transits.

This horoscope, entitled 'Forecast Horoscope', is also available under the title of 'Astrotext Forecast'. Apart from the title, the two horoscopes are identical.

The report was generated for 12 months starting from January 2011 with the following birth data: female, born on 26 October 1947 at 8:00 pm in Chicago, Illinois.

Your sun sign is Scorpio. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Gemini, and your Moon is in Pisces.

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Neptune trine Uranus: Enlightening experience

A transit approaching its end, from mid-March 2009, remaining until beginning of January 2011: This influence will expose you to ways of looking at the world that are quite different from any you have known before. The alternate states of consciousness designated by this influence are not terrifying or confusing. Instead, you are much more likely to experience a widening interest in the greater depths of the universe and an increased ability to perceive them. Your intuition will be enormously heightened at this time, and if you have any innate psychic talents, they will appear now. You will be increasingly interested in the occult and astrology, and these disciplines will give you understandings that you have never had before. It is quite likely that you will have an enlightenment experience - a perception of your true place in the universe - on some level that is meaningful to you.

Idealism is also part of your life now, but its nature is very abstract. You are much more interested in philosophical truth and absolutes than in practical reforms in the world around you. The exception to this is that you could become directly and practically involved with the plight of the underprivileged. You might work to reform conditions in a hospital or other such institution.

Another consequence of this influence is that you may become involved with a religious or spiritual movement that works for social reform - a movement motivated not by political doctrines.

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Pluto sextile MC: Personal power

End of January 2010 until end of November 2011: This influence has widely varying effects upon different people. It can be a time when you make a fundamental change in your objectives. Or it can be a time when you turn inward and evaluate your spiritual progress, with the probable result of a significant change of objectives.

In terms of your life direction, it may be that forces operating behind the scenes, which you probably are not aware of, will give you a chance to exert more personal power for making changes among your fellow people. The people working on your behalf may have a conscious plan, or you may just happen to fit into a changed circumstance that presents this opportunity.

Sometimes this process may involve a change in your public life, but usually the change will take place in your present situation. But there are changes taking place in your personal life also, aimed at increasing your effectiveness in pursuing your life goals. You may improve your immediate living conditions or even change residence. At the same time there will be more emotional intensity in your most intimate relationships with your family.

This process is a reflection of the positive changes taking place within your mind. New psychological pressures are coming to the surface and transforming the way you think about yourself. Quite often emotions associated with past experiences are reactivated at this time, which affect your life very powerfully. This can be a chance to get rid of psychological complexes from your past and to live more freely and with less compulsion.

You may have to look to other people's resources of financial backing to fulfill your current plans. Feel free to do so, because other people may be in a position to help you out tremendously in making changes either in your personal and domestic life or in your public life.

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Uranus conjunction Moon: Alive again

Mid-April 2010 until mid-March 2011: This influence signifies a time of enormous psychological change and possibly emotional turmoil. Among its manifestations are the following: sudden incidents involving women; emotional upsets; emotional rashness and impulsiveness; sudden changes of mood; changes in your most intimate domestic and personal life, especially at home; and possibly sudden incidents concerning your mother or another female relative.

The effects of this influence are not so much bad as sudden and surprising. The most disturbing effect is the sense of upset, but you may also feel very excited. You can count on this influence to change your daily routine. Sudden infatuations with unusual partners are one of its consequences.

Aspects of yourself, such as your innermost emotional nature, your habits, your emotional responses, your belief that you are supported and nurtured in life, and also the possessions that you identify with them, such as your home and land, are most subject now to the surprising effects of this influence.

What is most difficult to do but most important is to maintain your sense of equilibrium. Like the other aspects of your life, your usual emotional expression can become rigid and routine to the point that you are not really experiencing your life anymore. Viewed positively and constructively, this influence can get you in touch with life again, although it may do this through some event that you consider unfortunate. No matter what occurs, if you have the courage to look, you will discover that you are feeling alive again. The feeling may be sadness if you have lost someone or something. But the aliveness that comes when you are truly in touch with your feelings is worth as much as anything this influence takes away.

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Uranus square Ascendant: Sudden separations

End of April 2010 until end of December 2011: This influence is likely to have a very disruptive effect on your relationships. Influences may enter your life that will challenge the foundations upon which your life is built. This challenge will be reflected in surprising encounters with others that upset your way of living or in sudden separations from persons who you thought would remain in your life for some time. Or it may be that you yourself are the catalyst of all these changes as you seek to become free of circumstances that have become oppressive.

During this period it is quite likely that you will do things and go to places you never would have thought of in the past. The old patterns of your life simply can no longer encompass what your life is becoming now.

From all of the above it should be obvious that this is not an "evil" influence, although anyone who is wedded to the status quo in life or to their own past will find this period difficult to contend with. Old patterns that have acquired a stranglehold over your life will break up. You may not have been aware of these patterns, because many people find their "strangleholds" quite comfortable, at least until much later on.

The people who enter your life at this time may be quite different from anyone you have known before. Some of these relationships may be quite brief. You may encounter someone for a specific purpose, which you may not be aware of at the time, and once that purpose is accomplished, the relationship ends.

If a new love interest enters your life at this point, it is likely to be exciting, free and totally unpredictable. Do not make a permanent commitment to it until well after the end of this period, for such a relationship is likely to be very unstable and brief.

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Jupiter square Uranus: Negatively suggestible

A transit approaching its end, from beginning of May 2010, remaining until beginning of January 2011: The effects of this influence can vary considerably. On the one hand, it can indicate a "bolt out of the blue" lucky chance or change in fortune, a sudden opportunity that significantly changes your life. But on the other hand, it can indicate such restlessness and impatience with restrictions that you create a major disturbance in your life in your efforts to become free.

Under any circumstances you are likely, rightly or wrongly, to see change as the only way to get ahead, and to a certain extent this is always true. But the danger here is that you will seek change for its own sake and not take the time to examine carefully which changes will be most effective. There is a strong tendency to be negatively suggestible, that is, to always go in the opposite direction from any pressure.

Freedom in general is very important to you at this time, and you will work very hard to get it in some area. In relationships, this can be disruptive because you are likely to be hostile toward anything that keeps you "in line." Also this influence can signify a time of constant change, when you cannot tell from one day to the next what you are going to do.

But opportunity will probably come, if you can maintain a certain degree of restraint without putting yourself into such a straitjacket that you cannot move when the opportunity presents itself. You do in fact need freedom from something at this time, and you will probably get exactly what and how much you need, as long as you avoid moving so quickly and impulsively that you ruin your chances for creative change. If you remain calm, you will suddenly see and be able to take an opportunity to get ahead or to become free from restriction. Be patient, and you will discover that not much more patience is required.

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Uranus trine Jupiter: Good fortune

Mid-May 2010 until end of January 2012: This influence brings about unexpected breaks and good fortune, as well as a feeling of being free and able to take on any new experience that life has to offer. You feel more daring than usual and willing to experiment with life.

Everyone's life is hedged about with certain restrictions - your social obligations, your family responsibilities, your finances - that sometimes seem to unduly limit your freedom and prevent you from growing. You cannot really afford to throw over these limitations completely, but you would like a break from them once in a while, and this influence provides that break. It may happen through a sudden windfall, a sudden opportunity for personal advancement or the sudden lifting of an onerous burden. But it may also happen in more subtle ways.

For example, you become increasingly interested in new areas of thought that open up new vistas of understanding. In this way you escape from the killing routines of your life, not by a sudden overthrow, but by a gradual change in your understanding. This period can bring about new involvement with spiritual teachings, astrology or other revolutionary techniques of mind expansion. You will revolt against narrow ways of thinking and be on the lookout for new approaches to the truth. Yet it will not be enough to understand these truths yourself; you will want to teach others what you have learned. You may become involved in groups or organizations that teach new ideas or are involved in the occult. Under this influence you are extremely conscious of the larger social order, and you always have it in mind, whatever you are doing.

You are also inclined to be less materialistic than usual. It is not that you don't value material resources, but you don't fear that you will have any shortage of them. "Cast thy bread upon the waters" is your motto while this influence is in effect.

Overall, this time represents an enormous opportunity to broaden yourself and encounter tremendous new experiences that will make your life much more interesting and rewarding.

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Jupiter conjunction Moon: Emotionally secure

End of May 2010 until end of January 2011: This is an extremely positive time. You feel emotionally secure and in touch with your feelings, which you can express clearly and honestly, both to yourself and to others. At the same time you have an enormous feeling of generosity, which enables you to give to others much more freely than usual without feeling diminished in any way. This influence relates to the nurturing function within you, the desire to protect and care for as well as the desire to be supported. You can nurture another at this time, or if you need help yourself, you will get it.

Your home and personal life are very important to you during this time, and you will work to make this area as positive as possible. You may simply make your home more comfortable and elegant, or on a more psychological level you may bring friends and neighbors to your home in order to make them feel good, as well as yourself.

At this time you will realize how your past has positively contributed to your present situation, and you will want to be surrounded by things that remind you of your past. This is a good time to go home and see old friends and loved ones.

Regardless of your own sex, you may receive some benefit from a woman who offers to help or care for you in some way. Often her function in your life will be to reveal to you what is within and to make you more self-sufficient. This person could even be a man, but he would affect you in a maternal way.

About the only negative side of this influence comes from its symbolic connection with nutrition and digestion. Psychologically, you are in a period of incorporation and assimilation, of taking into yourself whatever can nourish and support you. Obviously the physical correlate of this is gaining weight, which can happen if you are not careful. Fatty foods are especially difficult, so try to avoid them.

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Jupiter square Ascendant: On the lookout

End of May 2010 until end of January 2011: This is usually an excellent time for most kinds of relationships, but there are some pitfalls. Basically this influence signifies a desire to grow and advance through contacts with others. Probably you are willing to give as much as you get, although in some people this influence triggers a desire for advantages through others without giving anything in return. In fact as they get ahead, such people act arrogantly toward everyone, even those who helped them. This causes others to reject them, and when they hit hard times there is no one to help them out.

But this result is totally unnecessary, and all you have to do to avoid it is to keep a sense of humility and recognize what others have done for you. With this influence you have the potential to become a truly better person, but only if you keep these warnings in mind.

Quite frequently this influence brings a seemingly "lucky" chance through a friend or associate. But it is not luck so much as the fact that you are very sharply on the lookout for opportunities that can benefit you. Your sense of timing is very acute, and your sensitivity to others and their needs is greater than usual. That is one reason why it is so bad to ignore others' needs, because you don't even have the excuse of ignorance.

Benefits can come to you in either your personal and domestic life or in your public life. There may be an opportunity to make money or to make improvements in your home that will make it much more pleasant. Or you may meet people who will help you learn more about the world and expand your view of it in various ways. You have to be willing to let this happen, however, which means you must be receptive. This is another area in which being arrogant brings the risk that you will get nothing of lasting value out of this period.

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Jupiter trine Jupiter: An opportunity

Beginning of June 2010 until end of January 2011: This influence usually represents a time of optimism and positive thinking in your life. You seem to be at a quiet point of balance that enables you to look over the affairs of your life and get a good perspective on them. Therefore, it is a good time to make long-range plans and to reorganize. You should use this time to gain new perspectives through education or travel or by participating in one of the consciousness raising activities or groups that exist now.

This is a time of psychological and physical equilibrium. If you have recently been ill in either body or mind, this influence will help tremendously with the healing process.

This is also a good time to examine your ideals and your goals, for it may be possible to actualize them in various ways now. At other times there is too much tension in your life or too much resistance from others. If you are involved in any movement for reform, now is a good time to take some positive action. Or you might become more involved in religion or philosophy, because you need to know much that is beyond the apparent order of things.

It is quite possible that you will do nothing during this time, because it gives you a feeling of balance but no drive to do anything in particular. You have an unusual sense of ease and relaxation now. This is also a good time to travel, both for relaxation and for educational reasons.

The important point to remember with this influence is that it is fundamentally an opportunity. You will not feel driven by any energies, nor will you feel any resistance to your efforts to do something. You can make great use of this time, but you have to take the initiative.

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Saturn conjunction Neptune: Involuntary detachment

End of October 2010 until beginning of August 2011: During this time you may have to contend with negative moods that can be quite upsetting. This influence often results in confusion, self-doubt, uncertainty and a general tendency to look at life from the worst possible point of view. At its worst, it can make you completely uncertain about what is real in your life, resulting in a sense of fear and free-floating anxiety. However, it is important to remember that this influence usually makes things appear worse than they actually are.

Your confidence and sense of well-being are at a low at this time, and you should not take your own gloomy evaluations too seriously. You seem to be aware of only those facets of life that you are afraid of and totally unaware of those things that can comfort and reinforce you.

Strange as it may seem, there is a constructive side to this period, although most people usually experience the negative side. But if you are very well attuned to your inner needs and secure enough not to be led astray by illusions, even fearful ones, then this influence can give you the ability to make extraordinary self-sacrifices. One effect of this period is to detach you from the material universe. In that case you may become disoriented and afraid, as described already, or you may find that the demands of the material universe no longer concern you particularly, and you can sacrifice your material needs to spiritual needs.

Either way, your perception of reality at this time is quite different from what it normally is, which you should take into consideration when making any plans for the future.

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Saturn sextile Mars: Unstinting labor

Mid-November 2010 until beginning of September 2011: At this time, controlled activity in any aspect of your life can do a great deal for you. You are able to direct your effort toward building a project slowly and thoroughly, so that whatever you build at this time will probably last. Your attitude toward your objectives is reasonable and practical, which helps greatly in attaining what you want. This is not a time for big ideas, but rather for very thorough accomplishments in limited areas. Often it will help enormously to subordinate your own ego drives in order to work in groups with other people now.

Your physical efforts are more disciplined at this time. You are able to work long and hard on a task, whether it is physical or mental, and not give up until it is done. The people you deal with will admire you for this, and you may get much more credit than people who work in a grandiose style but less thoroughly. You find it relatively easy to accept limitations that are imposed upon you and to work within any framework that is presented to you. This makes it easier to work with other people.

Others may think of you as a "grind" at this time. In fact, your disciplined attitude toward work makes you a very formidable person, because you will accomplish whatever you set out to do, not by luck, but by hard, unstinting labor.

This influence favors hard work for relatively modest objectives, all forms of careful, precise work - polishing, metal work, working with stones - and work that requires very careful measurements.

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Saturn sextile Pluto: On target

End of November 2010 until beginning of September 2011: During this time you will be able to withstand great tests of strength if you have to. Your own power and internal strength form a structure that can withstand considerable difficulty. You can work hard and focus tremendous energy on the tasks before you.

Within yourself you have some understanding of the forces that make you an individual. You know exactly what you can demand of yourself, and you push yourself to the limit, but not beyond. Consequently this can be a time of great achievements.

At the same time you will voluntarily restrict the focus of your energies, which makes them even more effective. You understand what area to work on, so your focused energy hits exactly the right target. Fortunately this principle applies to work that you do within yourself as well as in the external world.

In the outer world the manifestations of this influence are many and varied. First, you will probably work harder than you have in many years, and the work will be extremely productive. People will see that your achievements have grown directly out of your inner being, that they are a product of your own growth. You apply yourself with unusual diligence to the tasks at hand, and people will be favorably impressed. They will recognize that you are someone to be reckoned with.

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Neptune trine Ascendant: A spiritual cast

Beginning of March 2011 until end of December 2012: During this time your relationships take on a spiritual cast, and you are much more inclined to idealize the people you meet. If a lover comes into your life at this time, the relationship will be so romanticized that it will be in great danger when you discover that the other person is not as perfect as you thought. Overidealization in any relationship is a danger to be watched for with this influence.

There is also a strong tendency to get caught up in an ideal philosophy, a spiritualized world view that is so abstract and removed from the real world that you are neither able nor willing to function here. You may have a strong desire to escape and withdraw from the world, which can be useful in some cases. If you are aware of this tendency and know that it is temporary, you can make positive use of it. There are times when it is important to go off by yourself and meditate upon the meaning of your life and what you are doing with it. The only problem is that you probably cannot go off for the whole duration of this influence, because it usually lasts more than a year. But for part of the time this might be a desirable plan of action.

A spiritual teacher or guide figure may enter your life at this time, and regardless of his or her personal merits you are likely to learn something valuable from the encounter. That does not mean that you should take everything you are told at face value. After this influence has passed, you will be able to reevaluate what you have learned in the light of your own intelligence and experience. At this time your ego drives are rather low, which makes you less interested in questioning what someone tells you. You reflect very strongly on your own failures and inadequacies, not destructively, but with the aim of improving yourself.

Your relationships are characterized by increased empathy and spiritual understanding of other people's situations and needs.

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Jupiter opposition Neptune: Wrapped up

From 12 March 2011 until 21 March 2011: During this time it is often difficult to keep the real and the ideal sorted out. This is an extremely spiritual influence, which may make the real world seem inadequate to you, causing you to seek an escape into a more ideal and perfect "reality." Normally this escape is not through drugs or alcohol, but if you have a predisposition toward them, it could work out that way. Usually, this influence indicates a mental state in which you become wrapped up in all manner of abstract speculations or high ideals that are difficult to actualize.

On another level, this influence may tempt you to become involved in unrealistic schemes that you could only believe if blinded by extreme optimism. You may want to gamble and take risks with your resources, and if you are not careful, wild speculations and gambling could leave you bankrupt. Oddly enough, some people are so geared that they can handle the gambling aspect of this influence very well and make seemingly wild investments pan out. Usually these people have a talent for calculating the risks, however. Remember that there is a difference between amateur and professional gamblers. The main point here is that if you are tempted to get into some investment scheme, make sure that it is within your area of personal expertise.

Under certain circumstances this influence can signify the beginning of a very idealistic kind of relationship, one in which you look to your partner as a kind of god or spiritual guide. This may or may not be an accurate picture. You must be careful here also, because you could idealize a person beyond all reason, even when he does not want you to do so.

And of course, you too could be the victim of an outright deception. Be careful to deal with people as they really are, by accepting them as they are and not demanding that they conform to an ideal in your mind.

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Neptune square Jupiter: High visions

End of March 2011 until mid-January 2013: During this period you will be impatient with the restrictions imposed by everyday existence, and you will be preoccupied with fantasies or ideas that help you escape the ordinary. Your grasp of what you can and cannot do with your life is being tested now, and it is very important that you try to accept the actual limitations on your life. If you can, this influence will expand your life by helping you perceive the tremendous possibilities that are inherent in your situation, even though it isn't ideal.

Your fantasies may take the form of an overdeveloped belief in your own strength and power. You may feel that you cannot lose, but if you succumb to this belief, the day will come when you lose very badly, and then your foolish overconfidence will be replaced with defeat and discouragement. Be particularly careful to avoid wild speculations and risks, for you will almost certainly lose out; you aren't paying enough attention to the reality of the situation, and you are seeing only what you want to see. You are more than usually gullible at this time, especially if someone flatters your sense of importance.

You may take a somewhat more exalted but equally futile path by becoming involved in a religious or spiritual movement that makes you lose all touch with reality. Either you do not see the world as it is and think that it is something altogether more beautiful, or you are disgusted with the world and reject it as unworthy of your attention. No matter how high your vision, you will benefit from your existence only insofar as you recognize what it is. Do not allow spirituality to become an illusion and an excuse for not dealing with the world.

On the plus side, this influence stimulates your desire to help others, and you can be of great benefit if you deal with situations as they really are. Starry-eyed idealists are not very useful when there is much hard work to be done.

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Jupiter trine Mars: Ethical standards

From 24 March 2011 until 2 April 2011: This influence creates an easy flow of energy that enables you to act much more effectively than usual and to take initiatives that demand foresight, careful planning and considerable self-confidence. Almost any initiative that you take now will work out as you want it to. It is a good time to start any enterprise.

Your actions are governed by a strong sense of integrity. You may be ambitious during this time, but you feel that it is very important to achieve your goals correctly and in accordance with ethical standards. Others will recognize your integrity, which will increase their confidence in you.

Under this influence you have a strong desire to make something of your self in the broadest sense of the term. For example, there is the drive to succeed, particularly in some project that you have started yourself.

This influence also signifies actions aimed at enlarging your scope of action, giving you more freedom of movement and creating opportunities for new experience.

This is a good time to approach a person with whom you do not usually get along or someone you have had a temporary dispute with and make an effort to settle it. You will find it easy to convince the other person of the integrity of your motives because it is true, and they will respect that. If you are involved in a legal controversy, this influence is a good time to settle that dispute on terms favorable to yourself.

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Jupiter trine Pluto: Reform and remake

From 27 March 2011 until 4 April 2011: Under this influence you will move to make positive changes in your personal and your social world. But the most important question you can ask is, "In whose name do I want to change things?" You should realize that under this influence it is quite easy to exert power and make changes. The energies seem to flow in the direction you want, presenting you with opportunities for taking control in some way. However, you should be motivated by something more than your own personal ambition, even though that will be favored along with any ambition in your life now. But if this power is selfish and personally oriented, you will have trouble later on, and the results will not be lasting. You have to strike a balance and adopt a philosophy of "enlightened self-interest." You must recognize that you benefit most when you can couple your own interests with those of the people you live and work with. In some way you must embody collective interests truly, not merely in your rationalizations.

You have a strong desire to reform and remake at this time, and you should be striving to improve conditions all around you, to renew and to serve as a vehicle for regeneration in your world. If you attain personal power in any way at all, use it to clear up and clean out. You may have the chance to lead or influence others, so use that influence to help everyone concerned to grow with you.

On the mundane level, this influence can coincide with political power or tremendous gains in personal wealth or resources. On a more humble level, it can give you the chance to straighten out situations in your life that have been sources of trouble for you.

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Jupiter trine Saturn: Clarity of intention

From 23 April 2011 until 1 May 2011: During this time you can work patiently and slowly to build something up. You are able to keep in mind your long-range goals while dealing with all the everyday concerns that arise. Consequently the work that you undertake now is usually very well done. You have an unusual understanding of the relationship between the parts and the whole.

This is an appropriate time to handle all manner of practical concerns. Your mind is earthbound, but you don't lack vision and foresight. After you find the most practical solution to any problem, you move immediately in that direction. Clarity of intention is one of the strongest points of this influence.

During this time you will not want to be with other people especially. It is a good time to go off by yourself and think things over so that you can arrive at the clearest idea of what you want to do. But don't worry about feeling lonely. The seclusion will be good for you and not at all unpleasant.

All your actions are governed by a strong sense of duty. You recognize the many responsibilities that you have in the world, and you are willing to live up to them as best you can. You may take a rather paternal attitude toward the people around you, wanting to protect them and take on their troubles as your own. Be careful not to overdo this, however, because even though you have good intentions, beyond a point you have no right to take over people's lives. They must deal with their own problems.

Even if you encounter setbacks during this time, they are not likely to affect you seriously. You will take them philosophically, cut your losses and move on to the next phase. You will keep in mind where you want to go, and you will not be easily dissuaded from following your objective.

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Jupiter sextile Uranus: A favorable change

From 12 May 2011 until 21 May 2011: At this time you desire to make positive changes in your life that will lead to greater knowledge and experience. While the energy of this influence is not usually disruptive, it does make you impatient with the routine limitations under which you normally live. You will probably try to make changes in your immediate environment in order to deal with this impatience. It is also quite possible that the changes will occur more or less spontaneously, with little effort on your part.

This influence can be mentally very exciting. You are attracted to new ideas that are challenging in a positive way. Not only are you receptive to them, but you can grasp them more easily than usual. Often under this influence you are able to solve difficult problems in your life because you can approach them from a fresh perspective. You may develop an interest in science or other technical disciplines.

Social reform is another area that you might be attracted to, feeling that the old solutions are not adequate. Also, sudden opportunities may arise, such as a sudden financial gain that will allow you to do much more than you have done before. This influence may also tempt you to take chances with finances by speculating or gambling.

In a larger sense, it is difficult to say precisely what you can expect during this time because the nature of this influence is so unpredictable. But you can expect some occurrence that will materially alter your plans for the immediate future, and you can expect that it will be a favorable change. Your immediate future is likely to have many more possibilities than are apparent now.

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Jupiter sextile Ascendant: Efforts with friends

End of May 2011 until mid-January 2012: This is usually an extremely fortunate influence for all kinds of social contacts. You will benefit through others, and they will probably benefit through you. If you choose to go it alone at this time, you will waste a valuable opportunity, for you will profit tremendously from team efforts with friends. Also you will have opportunities to work on projects that may be to your personal advantage; these will come from persons you encounter every day around your neighborhood, people from whom you do not expect much beyond the usual social exchanges.

At this time you will have the opportunity to expand your contacts with the larger world. Sometimes this influence is a sign of travel, but certainly you will encounter people whose backgrounds are quite different from yours and whose experience will increase your understanding of the world. Several of these people may become permanent friends whom you will benefit from knowing.

You may also benefit from old friends. A friend may tell you about a good chance to get ahead in some way.

At the same time, you feel benevolent and well disposed to your friends and acquaintances. You are willing and able to help those who need it, and generally you display an attitude of supportive kindness to the people around you, for you don't want to see people in trouble.

This basic willingness to give and to help others enables you to receive much from others as well. People sense that you will conduct all transactions fairly, so they are willing to be fair to you. Actually this is always true, but you are more able to see it at this time.

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Jupiter opposition Sun: A turning point

Mid-June 2011 until beginning of February 2012: This can be and usually is a very positive time. But you can make more or less out of it, depending upon how you handle it. In most ways it represents a period of culmination in your life, and you will be tempted to expand beyond any reasonable limit. There is no question that you have a good chance for success in any one of a number of endeavors at this time and, within reason, you should pursue them. However, you should not restrict yourself solely to material and physical growth now. Even if you don't have all the material goods that you want, you should turn your attention to spiritual and inner needs. Ultimately, nothing satisfies like satisfaction. Objects that you acquire, possessions, money, and even social prestige are merely devices to make you feel that you have satisfaction. They are not the state of satisfaction itself. It is your inner difficulties that make your life less than it could be, even if you have corresponding problems in the material world. You must look for the solutions within yourself, and this time represents a turning point, where you should begin to look for the answers.

Under this influence, the tendency is to go after everything that you want in the material world without caring especially about whoever is in your way, to gather as much stuff as you can and indulge yourself in what you want. Then, as the influence subsides, you may feel that this effort has failed, leaving your life as empty as it was before.

Do not be arrogant toward others or assume that you have everything right. Through meaningful encounters with others, especially intimate one-to-one encounters, you can find out which way you should go at this time. Work with another person and think in terms of mutual growth. By trying to achieve goals set by both of you and by trying to be a twosome, you each will become more conscious of what you are as an individual. If you can recognize the real meaning of this influence in terms of your own life, this can be an extremely productive and growth-oriented time, a period that will always have meaning for you.

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Jupiter sextile MC: Personal advancement

End of June 2011 until end of February 2012: This is a time of confidence and benevolence. You are secure in your knowledge of yourself and in the direction your life is taking. Even so, you are willing to learn more, and you will have many opportunities to do so. Your public and home life should be going quite smoothly at this time, and you may receive opportunities for personal advancement. This influence sometimes indicates an important position of leadership. Certainly your relationship with the people in power over you should be good, which will be important in your quest for personal advancement.

Your present attitude of confidence and security is not likely to degenerate into selfish pride or arrogance, unless this is part of your basic character. You are much more likely to appreciate this chance to grow in wisdom and maturity. This is a good time to pursue an education if you desire, because you are open to new ideas and will be receptive to your studies. Law, philosophy and medicine are particularly appropriate subjects to the symbolism of this influence, but you are not limited to these.

This is also a good time to get in touch with your inner feelings. You are much more willing than usual to face the inner hidden aspects of yourself that you have been afraid to face in the past. Now you see a confrontation with your inner self as another opportunity to learn, and in truth it is. Also you will be able to understand how your past has affected the present, and you will learn to gain control over parts of yourself that used to control you. This increase in self-knowledge may be accompanied by or may come to you through an increased religious or spiritual self-awareness.

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Saturn sextile Saturn: Limited warranty

From 15 October 2011 until 1 November 2011: This is a time of equilibrium and balance in your life, because now you have a pretty good idea of how to handle your own world. Events will run along more or less easily during this time. But it is important to note that it will not necessarily be an especially happy or peaceful time. Our lives are directed by our own demands much more than we realize, but very often those demands are unconscious. We would often be horrified if we knew what we are really trying to do. We try to protect ourselves and what we feel belongs to us from "threats" that often are not real threats according to adult criteria. Yet we structure our world according to them. This influence only guarantees that you will be successful in patterning your world. If you are very unhappy at this time, you had best get in touch with what you are really doing.

This can be a time when you are successfully approaching your main conscious goals in life. Or it can be a time when you are being run largely by unconscious "programs," as if you were a computer. Usually you will experience a little of both of these effects. However, in the long run the positive possibilities are more useful to know about. Concerning the negative side of this influence, suffice it to say that the difficult and unsatisfactory aspects of your life that you are experiencing now require you to look into yourself more closely.

At this time you are particularly good at working with other people. You are able to see your individuality and differentness in a way that makes it possible for you to work with others in a complementary way so that neither you nor they feel competitive. You can work just as well with people who are above you and with those at your own level.

You approach your own goals methodically and practically, for you are not particularly idealistic at this point. You are much more concerned about how to achieve what you want in concrete practical terms. Use this time well, for it gives you the opportunity to lay a foundation that will protect you in the future.

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Saturn trine Uranus: Working for change

End of November 2011 until beginning of September 2012: This is a time of stability and creative balance between the old and the new in your life. You are able to live within a structure and also engage in new and stimulating experiences, which keep you from becoming stale. Any changes you have made or any structures that have been changed in the last several years can become a permanent part of your life now. These changes are no longer challenges, but interesting aspects of your life.

You have a feeling of patience about what is happening. You can see the need for change, but you do not feel like rushing out and overthrowing everything. You can make the change in an orderly manner. You can present ideas to others in a very careful, logical way that still manages to impress them with the originality of your thinking.

Any task that requires long and disciplined application - learning a new skill, studying a new body of knowledge or simply working patiently at a long task - is favored by this influence, as long as it is leading up to some kind of creative change. Tedious tasks that leave no room for new experiences will not be so useful to you at this time. You should be working for change, even if slowly and patiently.

In fact you must not allow yourself to fall into a rut. Even change can become routine, if you go around in circles with the same changes. That is not the proper function of this influence.

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Forecast Horoscope January 2011 to December 2011
for Hillary Clinton (female)
born on 26 October 1947 local time: 8:00 pm
in Chicago, IL (US) U.T.: 02+00
87w39, 41n51 sid. time: 22:27:46

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Scorpio 2°48'23 in house 5 direct
Moon Pisces 29°11'38 in house 10 direct
Mercury Scorpio 21°19'15 in house 6 retrograde
Venus Scorpio 16°51'05 in house 5 direct
Mars Leo 14°15'54 in house 3 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 0°36'58 in house 6 direct
Saturn Leo 21°20'36 in house 3 direct
Uranus Gemini 25°55'07 in house 12 retrograde
Neptune Libra 11°22'07 in house 5 direct
Pluto Leo 14°51'15 in house 3 direct
True Node Taurus 23°32'22 in house 12 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Gemini 29°49'09
2nd House Cancer 19°30'08
3rd House Leo 10°02'40
Imum Coeli Virgo 5°06'38
5th House Libra 8°40'47
6th House Scorpio 20°35'52
Descendant Sagittarius 29°49'09
8th House Capricorn 19°30'08
9th House Aquarius 10°02'40
Medium Coeli Pisces 5°06'38
11th House Aries 8°40'47
12th House Taurus 20°35'52

Neptune trine Uranus A transit approaching its end, from mid-March 2009, remaining until beginning of January 2011
Pluto sextile MC End of January 2010 until end of November 2011
Uranus conjunction Moon Mid-April 2010 until mid-March 2011
Uranus square Ascendant End of April 2010 until end of December 2011
Jupiter square Uranus A transit approaching its end, from beginning of May 2010, remaining until beginning of January 2011
Uranus trine Jupiter Mid-May 2010 until end of January 2012
Jupiter conjunction Moon End of May 2010 until end of January 2011
Jupiter square Ascendant End of May 2010 until end of January 2011
Jupiter trine Jupiter Beginning of June 2010 until end of January 2011
Saturn conjunction Neptune End of October 2010 until beginning of August 2011
Saturn sextile Mars Mid-November 2010 until beginning of September 2011
Saturn sextile Pluto End of November 2010 until beginning of September 2011
Neptune trine Ascendant Beginning of March 2011 until end of December 2012
Jupiter opposition Neptune From 12 March 2011 until 21 March 2011
Neptune square Jupiter End of March 2011 until mid-January 2013
Jupiter trine Mars From 24 March 2011 until 2 April 2011
Jupiter trine Pluto From 27 March 2011 until 4 April 2011
Jupiter trine Saturn From 23 April 2011 until 1 May 2011
Jupiter sextile Uranus From 12 May 2011 until 21 May 2011
Jupiter sextile Ascendant End of May 2011 until mid-January 2012
Jupiter opposition Sun Mid-June 2011 until beginning of February 2012
Jupiter sextile MC End of June 2011 until end of February 2012
Saturn sextile Saturn From 15 October 2011 until 1 November 2011
Saturn trine Uranus End of November 2011 until beginning of September 2012