Personal Portrait

for Bill Clinton, born on 19 August 1946
Text by Robert Pelletier, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
EAPE 6212.502-8, 24.2.15

Sun - Moon Polarity *Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus

The Ascendant and the First House *Overall psychological attributes and general course of life *Ascendant in Libra, Venus in the First House *Venus in the First House *Venus Conjunct Mars *Venus Conjunct Neptune *Venus Sextile Pluto *Venus Conjunct Ascendant *Mars in the First House *Mars Sextile Saturn *Mars Conjunct Neptune *Mars Sextile Pluto *Mars Conjunct Ascendant *Jupiter in the First House *Jupiter Trine Uranus *Neptune in the First House *Neptune Sextile Pluto *Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

The Second House *Material acquisitions and general health *Mars Ruling the Second House

The Third House *Intellectual characteristics... *Education - applied mentation - mobility *Jupiter Ruling the Third House

The Fourth House *Domestic environment - family influences... *Inner Sanctorum *Saturn Ruling the Fourth House

The Fifth House *Emotional nature and pleasure seeking activities *Uranus Ruling the Fifth House

The Sixth House *Health - Industrial Environment Limitations *Neptune Ruling the Sixth House

The Seventh House *Ego relations with the social environment... *Marriage - other associations *Mars Ruling the Seventh House

The Eighth House *Effects of more subtle influences in your life... *Material possesions of your partner, or associates *Moon in the Eighth House *Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

The Ninth House *Your higher mental outlook - possible attitude to religion... *Nature of your own distinct philosophy of life *Uranus in the Ninth House

The Tenth House *Professional and/or public life *Influences concerning your position in society *Saturn in the Tenth House *Saturn Sextile Neptune *Saturn Sextile Ascendant

The Eleventh House *Human relationships that pertain to non-material goals *Friendships - possibilities of the luck element entering in your life *Sun in the Eleventh House *Sun Square Moon *Sun Sextile Jupiter *Sun Sextile Uranus *Mercury in the Eleventh House *Mercury Sextile Venus *Mercury Sextile Mars *Mercury Conjunct Saturn *Mercury Sextile Neptune *Mercury Conjunct Pluto *Mercury Sextile Ascendant *Pluto in the Eleventh House

The Twelfth House *The hidden side of your personality *Subconscious and semi-conscious influences *Possible negative psychological load *Mercury Ruling the Twelfth House

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Your Personal Portrait describes your personality, character traits, potential strengths and weakness, and abilities - as seen through the scientific art of astrology. It is based on your exact date, time, and place of birth, and as such is completely unique and individualized.

The Sun, Moon, planets and Ascendant (also known as the rising sign) are discussed according to their house placements in the birth chart. Besides, you will get interpretations for the sun, moon and the ascendant in the signs. Aspects - or angular relationships between two planets - are also examined. Quite likely, you will notice some contradictions in the analysis of your personality. This is because you are a complex entity, a composite of many diverse, sometimes conflicting, energies. At times these differing energies balance each other out; at other times they fight with each other, causing confusion or unrest in your life.

As you read your Personal Portrait, keep in mind that the energies interpreted here are your birth potentials. However, you may or may not choose to actualize these energies in the manner described. Your age, sex, socio-economic situation, education, environment, level of development, and many other factors contribute to the ways in which you express your natal energies. Remember, the planets do not compel you to do or be anything. They influence you, but you still have the free will to determine your own life.

This horoscope, entitled 'Personal Portrait', is also available under the title of 'Astrotext Portrait'. Apart from the title, the two horoscopes are identical.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Male, born on 19 August 1946 at 8:51 am in Hope, Arkansas.

Your sun sign is Leo. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Libra, and your Moon is in Taurus.

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Sun - Moon Polarity

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Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus

You were born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Taurus. The key words of your character are pride, self-determination, strong will, objectivity, and moral dignity. Your goals are respectability and wealth.

The Sun in Leo has influence over you individuality, the most real, inner part of your being. You are ambitious, aspiring, and very capable of taking positions of responsibility. You are one of those individuals who likes to exercise authority, and you have a good deal of dignity is threatened, you react with surprise and anger. a person should think twice before criticizing you, because you can destroy a critic with your powerful gaze.

you are generous and magnanimous, and whatever negative characteristics your temperament may have are completely compensated for your warmth and noble outlook. Your moral principles are well developed. You stand by yourself, and you do not need or want any help in order to succeed.

Privacy is another of your important and sacred principles. You dislike having people interfere in your business, and resent others trying to reach you at intimate moments. There is a aura of solitude about you that is psychological rather than physical. All the important moments of your life you reach completely by yourself.

You're clear and bright, and your view of life is well integrated. You have the ability to summarize any situations in a few words. You dislike piece-by-piece analysis and can't understand why others go into so much detail, when the answer to the problem is at their fingertips.

Outwardly, (that is, from a personality point of view), the stubbornness and fixity of purpose of your character are even more accentuated. No one can force you to change your mind about anything. You appear more quiet and less impulsive than you really are. Externally, your main consideration seems to be acquiring wealth and satisfying your pleasure-seeking instinct. You are somewhat sensuous, sociable, and of a good disposition. You may be involved in dealing with such assets of the earthly element as real estate, heavy goods, and old established businesses.

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The Ascendant and the First House

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Overall psychological attributes and general course of life

Your overall psychological attributes and the general course of your life are determined by the sign of your Ascendant and the mundane position of its ruler.

The ascending sign in a chart is utilized primordially - in astrological work - as a third, and very important, factor which complements the psychological information given by combined positions of both the Sun and the Moon. Figuratively speaking, it is the geometrical base that encloses the human triangle where its sides are represented by the individuality and the personality.

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Ascendant in Libra, Venus in the First House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Libra was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Venus is located at the first

This denotes a life in which the native adopts an attitude which is courteous, kind, and affectionate. For good or bad fate is, in the long run, in the hands of other people and the native has very little chance of altering circumstances.

People with Libra Ascendant are basically motivated by feeling and emotion rather than intellectuality. Your life will demonstrate your keenness of observation, and a tendency to effect comparisons largely of an aesthetic nature. You will not display too much energy in your actions and, therefore, there is a tendency toward following routine and the lines of the least resistance. You are a sympathetic person who seeks the approval of others and is also very adaptable. Your intuition is remarkable and you derive sensual gratification from engaging in social intercourse, by loving all social aspects of life. Associates, partners, friends, and overall acquaintances are direct factors in the most important events of your existence. If you do not control this tendency to be so involved in human relationships, you may become too attached and over dependent. Libran lives are very commonly linked closely with other lives, although most of the time you find that the association is created by an unknown process and that in reality there is little affinity with the other person.

Some restlessness, changeability and lack of persistence is noted in your life. Your main feature is that of constantly favoring the fusing of two things or people together, opposing the one to the other, comparing them and finally, reaching a decision. This trait has the disadvantage of somehow making the initiator too aggressive and outwardly causing a lack of inner depth. By means of this ability the native will one way or the other indicate his success or achievement through this relationship with others in life. Unfortunately, this involvement with harmonizing and adjusting people to one another, tends to make the native a little unrealistic and lacking in action. You will be, however, easy going and congenial, socially oriented and preoccupied with adornments, clothing, social conventions, standards, and aesthetics. In love, if you cause the relationship to be a serious one, you will find that the affair is the consequence of your own interest in flattering yourself rather than to satisfy any profound emotion. Physically, you will tend to exist in surroundings that are beautiful, simple and neat.

Professionally, you will be inclined to activities which require a high degree of culture and even artistic knowledge. If engaged in commerce it is possible that you will deal with artistic objects. Another profession in which you could become involved is that of diplomacy and public relations.

Venus, the ruler of your life events, is positioned in the first house. This position tends to support and perhaps overemphasize all the Libran characteristics defined in the previous paragraphs. It pertains to the physical realm: you will be very attractive physically and this feature will enable you to initiate interesting human relationships. This is perhaps one of the strongest positions of Venus and makes the native kind, lovable, amiable, comprehensive, understanding, attractive, and focused toward the higher emotions.

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Venus in the First House

Venus is in the first house. This is a strong position for Venus, for it adds charm to your personality and gives you an amiable and pleasant disposition. You have an intense personal magnetism, which may be accompanied by a somewhat glamorized self-image. You concentrate a great deal on your appearance, for you hate to look sloppy or unattractive. In many cases, this position indicates a youthful physical attractiveness that will remain throughout your life. Even if you are not especially beautiful or handsome, you have a quality of softness and friendliness, which endears you to many.

Your tastes are refined, and you surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing possessions. You like to keep beauty and grace around you as much as possible. You have a strong affinity with nature and prefer the quiet life of the country to the plastic constructions of city life. This is probably because of your childhood upbringing. It is likely that you grew up in an atmosphere of warmth and congeniality, one that emphasized the need for harmonious relationships with people and the environment. Now it is easy for you to project these same feelings to family and friends, and others often count on you to settle disputes and restore peace in difficult situations.

You have strong inclinations toward music, art and drama and you may wish to cultivate a form of artistic expression. Your keen sense of form and design does much to enhance the beauty of the things you create. Through creative self-expression you can apply your natural sense of beauty and balance in ways that will have a great effect on others.

You work very hard to get along with others, and you usually try to win arguments with diplomacy rather than force. In general, force is not your method. Instead, you try to get what you want with coaxing and even flattery. While this can be a very useful tool, you should avoid relying on it too much. You must learn to be self-assertive when necessary and to stand up for your own rights, forcefully if need be. Otherwise, people may think that you are weak and pliable, and they will not have much respect for you.

Relationships are important to you, and you often go out of your way to initiate them. It is vital that your associations remain harmonious, because quarrels and disputes affect you adversely. However, as discussed earlier, it is also important for you stand up for your own rights and beliefs and not yield just to avoid an argument. In time, you will learn much about yourself through the sharing and interaction that relationships provide.

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Venus Conjunct Mars

Venus conjunct Mars shows that you have a strong desire nature which you need to express at all times. You prefer to satisfy your desires through relationships, but you are willing to satisfy them through other alternatives, so that you do not have to be frustrated. These alternatives include artistic projects or social activities, can prove very rewarding to you and may provide you with opportunities to meet people with whom you can identify and relate. Your emotional warmth and generous nature attract people to you, but you may not be aware that you communicate physical suggestions both to groups and to individuals. Your intentions may be easily misunderstood because of this, and you may experience some difficulties, which could force you to bring your defenses into play.

In your eagerness to make social contact, you tend to be indiscriminate about the kinds of people with whom you associate. Generally the initiator in relationships, you may be resented for being pushy. But your aggressiveness increases your chances of success in meeting competition, because you do not give up without making every attempt to demonstrate your abilities. This planetary pairing does not of itself signify a specific professional interest, but you will gain attention for your determination to be given the same opportunities as others. You would probably work best in a job that requires you to meet and deal with the public. Working alone or without contact with the public and co-workers would deprive you of the fulfillment you need and would probably lead to boredom. You are too much of a live wire to be happy away from the busy-ness and crises of close human contact.

You are attracted to individuals who are active, aggressive, and amorous, but they must not try to exercise control over you. You consider yourself a free person and will not tolerate anyone who tries to restrict you. You do not make concessions without a lot of thought, although you expect the other person to compromise. You demand a great deal from the person you love and make demands that are difficult to meet. Because of your love'em and leave'em attitude, many potential mates will look elsewhere when seeking a lasting relationship.

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Venus Conjunct Neptune

With Venus conjunct Neptune you are a romantic idealist. Your trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceptive individuals who may try to take advantage of you. You have a kind of delicacy and aesthetic refinement that finds comfort in art, music, and literature. You are artistically imaginative and thus find beauty where others cannot.

Your tender qualities are best suited to professions in which calm conditions are the rule. Avoid any occupation in which turmoil or aggressive behavior is expected, for you would find this intolerable. Any of the nonphysical arts, such as music, writing, fashion, or cultural functions, could be suitable expressions of your creativity.

The idealism of your romantic nature may cause some problems in your personal relationships. You seek relationships that are serene and trouble-free. But you are susceptible to and defenseless against attempts by others to exploit you. It is difficult for you to see others realistically, so you can readily be victimized. This kind of behavior appalls and emotionally crushes you. Since you are not a fighter by nature, you may simply withdraw. If such experiences recur, you could resort to imaginary safe alliances. On the other hand, you may decide to protect yourself in the future by employing similar deceptive tactics.

Generally, you bring out the better qualities of your associates. Your rose-colored view of life can cause disorder in your affairs, unless you can understand that coarseness in some people and abrasive elements in the environment are natural aspects of reality.

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Venus Sextile Pluto

The sextile of Venus to Pluto gives you an understanding of the power of love. You recognize that an emotional contact always requires both parties to adjust somewhat if the relationship is to be meaningful. You consider harmony an important factor, for it allows intense physical expression to endure. Consequently, you try to establish a good level of communication with your lover before making any commitment. You may find that you are attracted to certain people because of their appearance; however, when you get to know them, you are completely turned off by their superficial attitudes.

Generally, you are able to accurately perceive and evaluate people's motives in their dealings with you. You still adhere to the strong opinions about love that you formed early in life. Perhaps you feel that superficial relationships are such a waste of time and effort that you will defer any permanent tie. You intend to make sure that this relationship is broadly based on mutual interests. In other words, you do not want and will not accept just anybody.

You respond to individuals who want to develop their potentials and themselves to ever higher levels of accomplishment. You relate best to those who have more than mere physical assets to offer and who are willing to compromise and make adjustments to other people's desires.

In the broad spectrum of society, you are impatient with insensitive public servants who fail to respond to the most basic human needs. In fact, you are temperamentally capable of going to extremes in exposing those who are guilty. Singlehandedly, you may launch a campaign to uncover the most damaging evidence and then enlist the support of the media to publicize it. You are especially keen on exposing the misuse of public funds. To you, this is just as bad as being personally robbed, and you refuse to look the other way.

You would be suited to such positions as company treasurer, financial advisor, insurance agent, or a lawyer in the field of wills and trusts. Any of these can bring you rewarding creative expression and the opportunity to enrich others.

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Venus Conjunct Ascendant

Venus conjunct the Ascendant indicates that you have a personable manner and social charm, which win you the approval of everyone you deal with. This is exactly the sanction you seek, for above all, you want to be accepted. You find it easy to make whatever compromises are necessary to get what you desire. Fond of the finer things of life, you tend to associate with people who have similar tastes, in the hope of establishing a permanent relationship with such a person. However, you may not succeed in convincing everyone that you are only acting the part of the conniver. Regardless of the image you present to observers, underneath the surface is a calculating machine on which you count the advantages and disadvantages of every association or friendship, every social contact and social function.

You are clever in exploiting your best qualities because you know how to win admirers with your charming ways. You are usually well behaved and refined, but when you can not get what you want, you become extremely aggressive and demanding. Everything has to stop until your wishes are satisfied. You provoke people to take advantage of you and then are annoyed at their presumptuous attitude. Learn to tone down your self-seeking and spend some time developing the more substantial talents that will make you worthy of the gifts you seek.

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Mars in the First House

Mars is in the first house. Mars symbolizes energy, desire and individual initiative in pursuing one's goals. This position indicates that you aggressively project yourself into all situations. You make yourself heard, and you are generally unafraid to stand up for your beliefs and opinions. You are quick to express yourself and your ideas, regardless of the circumstances in which you are placed. You may neglect to consider other people's feelings before you act, and as a result they may be offended. When you become aware of this, you will realize that other people's reactions provide valuable feedback, which can make your future activities more effective.

You have a great deal of physical energy available to you. Any field that requires dynamic effort and a forceful demonstration would appeal to you. You need freedom of movement and the chance to originate new courses of action in whatever you do. A strongly competitive person, you will not back off from a confrontation if you feel that it is necessary to the success of your project. Sometimes you are willful and view your own interests quite subjectively, often feeling that your desires and interests are the most important factors in a situation.

You have the capacity for leadership because of your drive, independence and courage. However, you must take others into account if you are to be accepted in that role. You prefer to start new undertakings and then let others be responsible for the follow-through necessary for ideas to become reality. New ideas and schemes come rather easily, if not impulsively, with a first-house Mars position, but the details involved in putting the ideas to use can bore and even discourage you.

Activities requiring physical exertion are necessary outlets for your energy. If you remain inactive, this energy may be internalized and thereby affect your emotional and mental stability. This can manifest as illness or impulsive displays of temper. In terms of health, you are subject to headaches and usually run a high fever when ill. Sexual attitudes and activities have a direct bearing on your health. This position denotes that your emphasis is on personal gratification and the desire to achieve a feeling of integration, which the sexual experience can provide. Possible difficulties with this would be the inability to distinguish between love and sexual desire, and a tendency to ignore your partner's needs.

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Mars Sextile Saturn

The sextile between Mars and Saturn indicates a blending of brain and brawn. You always try to assert yourself intelligently so you will not have to do something over again. You think before you act, which pays dividends in the results you achieve. Others can appeal to you through your logic and understanding, and you are appreciative when their proposals are reasonably acceptable. Your self-discipline and patience enable you to accomplish more than your competitors because you take the time to understand every detail of a problem before attempting to solve it.

Although your interests may be in generally physical areas, you prefer occupations that also require mental skills. Because of this you may show an inclination for fields in which both physical and mental skills are essential, such as exploration, forestry service, wildlife management, research and development in industry, or perhaps physical education.

Your pursuits can follow many interesting avenues. Ecology projects, working with groups such as the aged or shut-ins, fund-raising campaigns for the physically handicapped, and other such enterprises could enrich your private life. You may be fascinated by all kinds of crafts, and eventually a craft could become your primary source of income.

You enjoy discussion groups, and you hold forth with clever use of language. You do not have to retreat from your position in a debate, because you rarely make a statement that you cannot back up with very impressive evidence. Debate is one of your accomplishments and could lead to a life in politics, at least at the organizational level of local groups and social clubs.

In your romantic affairs you seek a partner who has both intellectual and physical interests. You need someone who has varied interests and who can complement your nature by sharing a variety of meaningful interests. In this way you will both be enriched by each other's companionship.

You respect authority and accept the law as your protection. Since you have the ability to do most anything you set your mind to, you do not accept defeat easily. You will impart this same attitude to your children and provide them with a good climate for development. You will never be too busy to listen to their problems and you will try to teach them the wisdom of your experience. You will be enthusiastic about their accomplishments although you may be conservative in displaying your emotions.

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Mars Conjunct Neptune

You have the planet Mars conjunct Neptune, indicating some conflict between your impulses to act and your willingness to accept responsibility for the results of your actions. You may not deliberately avoid the consequences, but it is often difficult for you to clearly see the burden of guilt. Your imagination is sometimes blocked because you are unable to plan ahead well enough, and you allow chance to determine the results. Things you do merely on impulse could prove disappointing. Before you act, you must realistically weigh the energy you are investing against the probable effects. You are inclined to ignore reality and the feelings of others when you assert yourself.

People are drawn by your magnetic appeal. You easily take on characteristics that will please others and not appear threatening to them. Drama and related fields are especially suited to your active imagination and great creative potential. With your acting talent, you can also successfully play the role in many professional activities. To gain acceptance in your field of interest, you may have to resort to subterfuge. However, honestly developed skills must soon replace the act, if you expect to retain your position. If other factors of your chart indicate caution, reserve, and responsibility, medicine may be the best field for your sensitive nature.

Be careful in your romantic relationships. What may seem to be true love could turn out to be merely an escapade for you or your partner. Such a disappointment would be very painful. It is easy for you to become trapped in a relationship that would be embarrassing if it were revealed. Do not deceive others, or you risk being deceived by them too. Any contacts you make must be made honestly.

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Mars Sextile Pluto

With Mars sextile to Pluto you are eager to know the truth, motivated by the realization that truth is more powerful than fiction. You are as persistent in your search for the facts as a detective seeking perfect evidence. Forceful and articulate in conversation, you command the attention of your listeners. You know how to dramatize yourself to establish your position both to large groups and to individuals. You can stimulate action to correct social injustices and will not tolerate weakness as a defense for inaction by anyone.

Because you are aware of other people's motives, you are rarely caught with your defenses down. In your personal contacts, you usually establish your position clearly so that no one has to guess about your intentions. In return you expect openness both from associates and from competitors. You deplore subtlety as unnecessary and indefensible.

You have strong physical desires, though you will not accept a merely physical relationship. To be acceptable to you, the relationship must include compatibility in other areas.

It may be necessary for you to yield occasionally to other people's opinions, for they are as valid as yours. You tend to be explicit in your expectations of others and may feel no need to make any adjustment in your attitude to compromise with theirs.

It is especially important that you do more than merely talk about your objectives. You must become actively engaged in pursuing them. You often talk as though you were involved in some activity when you have really only thought about it.

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Mars Conjunct Ascendant

Mars conjunct the Ascendant gives you an inexhaustible supply of energy. You are constantly in motion, but sometimes it is motion without meaning. Lacking self-discipline, you take daring and unnecessary risks when challenged. Your supporters regard you as courageous, but your enemies consider you pushy and arrogant. However, you are not moved by either opinion, because you want most of all for people to recognize your superiority and give you the breathing room you need. You constantly have to see that people are in awe of your aggressive superiority, because inside you are not really that sure of yourself. The image you present hides a persistent inferiority complex. You probably win your arguments by making the most noise and wearing out your opponents with unceasing harassment. But you do not need to waste energy this way, because you have enormous creative ability that merely needs to be harnessed to an objective. When you do this, no one can succeed as easily as you can, and with energy to spare.

A very physical person, you tend to brush aside any talk of compromise or concession as tactics fit only for the weak and spineless. It is almost impossible to have a simple friendly talk with you; when you think you are losing control and your position is weakening, you become angry and may resort to aggression - verbal or other. You can be sure that people who converse with you in simple yes's and no's are aware of your short fuse. On the positive side, you are independent and self-confident. You know how to mobilize people and their resources to achieve your objectives. Although you can work as hard as the best of them, you prefer to play the role of instigator, sitting back and pulling the strings to make them do your bidding.

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Jupiter in the First House

Jupiter is in the first house. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, hope and the drive for understanding. This position indicates that you project yourself with enthusiasm and warmth into every situation. Your obvious enjoyment of life and the experiences it offers affects everyone, for when you are feeling good you project your feelings with strength and expansiveness. You have the ability to uplift others who can see only the negative conditions in their lives, for your optimism and hopefulness are quite contagious. You look for the positive in all situations, and your usually pleasant disposition is comforting to everyone.

You are drawn to any form of study that can increase your understanding of yourself and of the influences and patterns that have shaped your approach to life. Religion, philosophy and psychology are all areas of interest and possible vocational opportunities. You feel strongly about self-growth, and as a result you may travel to find out what you want to know.

Your childhood was generally pleasant, and your parents tried to ensure that your outlook on life would be influenced by trust, integrity, generosity and hope. You have the ability to look back on your childhood and understand the effect that your parents and early home life have had on your present condition. You feel strongly about your family and loved ones, and often you adopt a paternalistic attitude toward them. Your generosity and desire to help your family and others you associate with makes you feel good about yourself and reinforces your self-image.

The main difficulty with this position is that you may exaggerate your importance and therefore project an inflated image of your own worth. There is the danger that you may expect others to bow down to you and respect you before you merit recognition. This is a rare expression of Jupiter in the first house, but when it does occur it can make you unpopular without your understanding why. You may tend to take a lackadaisical attitude toward life, denying those challenges that would provide valuable growth experiences. Your desire to remain in comfortable surroundings and indulge in pleasurable, activities could very well be the reason for this. Sports and related physical pleasures and exercises are important to maintain your health and figure. This position of Jupiter can bestow great wealth, but it can also make you overweight.

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Jupiter Trine Uranus

The trine between Jupiter and Uranus shows that you have enormous creative ability and can also mobilize your talents to gain whatever goals you desire. You are mentally alert to every opportunity that presents itself. There is a decided luck factor operating in your life, which enables you to accomplish more than most people do with the same creative potentials.

Your professional activities should relate to education, law, politics, religion, or related fields. In any of these you could succeed without too much effort. You also might be interested in working with young people. You have the flair for gaining their interest and stimulating their enthusiasm. Your intuition is highly developed, and your sudden flashes of inspiration enable you to work wonders, especially with children.

Your participation would actually enhance the efforts of organizations, societies, clubs, or religious groups. Just by your presence you can dramatize the purposes of such groups. You are a good leader with a deep understanding of other people and their desires. You know how to make problems seem less difficult or even disappear. Consequently you are warmly received and encouraged.

Freedom is very important to you, and you resist those who may try to fence you in. The experience of travel would broaden your development and be especially enriching.

You are warm toward your friends and sincere even with your enemies, if you have any. You have enormous faith in your own abilities and are optimistic about the potential success of other people, whom you will help when necessary. But you are impatient with pessimists who fail before they even try to succeed.

You expect honesty from your lover and offer spiritual strength and integrity with your love. People admire you for your unselfishness.

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Neptune in the First House

Neptune is in the first house. Neptune's basic function is to dissolve the boundaries of the self so that your identity may become more inclusive of others and of your environment. On the path to this goal, you may be sidetracked by delusion or escapism, but on the other hand, Neptune can provide valuable insight into your own consciousness through an experience of oneness. This position means that you project a sensitive, passive, often uncertain image to others. You may be out of touch with the concrete realities of life, and as a result others can exert a dominating influence over you. It is important that you come to terms with your present situation and not evade issues by ignoring them. Your attunement to others' feelings sometimes confuses you about your own; therefore your should practice getting in touch with your desires and emotions as you experience them.

Your early home environment affected you strongly, but the correlation between its influence and your present beliefs and attitudes is not clear to you now. You had to rely on your own resources more and more as you grew to maturity, and the transition from family security to personal independence was a difficult one for you to make. You may have been temporarily disoriented until you established your bearings. Once this happened, you took an idealistic approach to your experiences and society. You are bothered by any form of injustice that you see around you, because you so easily identify with the feelings of those who are suffering.

The impressions you so openly receive from others are easily incorporated into your own life and become part of your approach to others. For this reason, you must make certain that your actions are the result of your own feelings and do not come from those around you. You are particularly sensitive to another's negativity, and it is important for you to remind yourself that others' feelings are not your own.

Art, music and drama are all important to you, and it is possible that your vocation may be connected in some way to one of them. You often find it easier to express yourself through these mediums than through verbal communication. Music, in particular, has a calming, soothing effect and helps you regroup your energies. Your imagination is extremely well-developed, and your real talent may be in expressing your inspired ideas in a form that is pleasing to others. However, there is the possibility that you may spend too much time in your own dream world, escaping from the demands of others and making certain that you never have to face your responsibilities. Your appearance may even reflect this dreaminess in such a way that others feel you are not "all there."

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Neptune Sextile Pluto

Your generation is under the influence of a sextile between Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo. This combination took place from 1942 through 1956. The world was experiencing the terrible ordeal of global war. Pluto in Leo saw the rise and fall of powerful governments intent on world domination. Kings and queens were toppled from their thrones, and the spotlight was on the emergence of youth (Leo), which was to become a thorny element in postwar societies throughout the world. Accompanying this human development was the incredible power made available by the scientific breakthrough in harnessing atomic energy. Neptune in Libra provided advances in air power that served to alter the balance of power and thus end the global conflict when the first atomic bomb was delivered. This event stimulated a controversy that would continue for many years. The peace that followed World War II was an uneasy one, and the sextile between these planets represents the endless meetings and conferences among the victors, who displayed a sign reading PEACE that covered a sign reading WAR.

Those born during this time eventually recognize that understanding and compromise are not enough and that scientific progress must be depended upon to maintain peace. Even as hostilities ended, new leaders emerged who would continue to threaten the peace.

You will always be suspicious of your leaders. You want them to establish the kind of government that will truly serve the public and in which you can have complete confidence. Your continuing suspicions will serve to produce greater honesty in government, but with Neptune in Libra it will be difficult to really know if honesty has been achieved.

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Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

The conjunction of Neptune to the Ascendant shows that you are very sensitive and perhaps psychic. Your grip on the real world is loose; you need to grasp it more firmly. You are often away in a world of your own where you can escape the harshness of reality, which is especially painful to you. You are so physically sensitive to the injustices you observe in society that they can easily make you ill. Because your environment has such a powerful effect, you should try to make some contribution to relieve your anxieties about allowing these negative conditions to exist. You are particularly sensitive to the depressing social, economic, and inhuman conditions that plague much of the world's population. You are sympathetic toward the oppressed, understanding of the emotionally disturbed, and forgiving to those who seem guiltless in their transgressions against society.

When people fail in their dealings with you, you tend to give them the benefit of the doubt and silently bear your disappointment. You easily become distraught over conditions you are powerless to do anything about, and your feelings of guilt and failure can make you withdraw into a world that is safe from responsibility. If the harsh effect of direct encounter is severe enough, you might resort to artificial means of inducing relief from painful reality. But it is especially important to avoid drugs and alcohol, since they increase your vulnerability. You attract strong characters and are especially vulnerable to powerful individuals who can gain control over you. You should associate with people who have their feet on the ground to compensate for your aimless wandering temperament. You need to be stabilized in reality where you can do a great deal of good. There is a great need for your sympathetic understanding, and you do not have the right to turn down anyone who extends a hand for help.

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The Second House

Material acquisitions and general health

The aforementioned matters come under the rulership of the second house of the so called "mundane" houses of astrology. It is the first, however, of the "succedent" group and this denotes the preliminary magnetic force which attracts the spirit to denser states of consciousness within the continuum of life. Its corresponding zodiacal sign is Taurus. And according to tradition, it would therefore have the same potential meaning as its sign counterpart. However, it should be recognized that the signs are incessantly circling around the houses whereas the latter remain fixed for astrological purposes so that they do not change in meaning. Again, because of the correlation between the second house and Taurus, the former has regency over all the material property of human beings. From a different point of view, it is classified as a member of the temporary group, perhaps because of the impermanence of material objects. Specifically, the second house rules financial status, means of livelihood, and the accumulation or collection of things as a trait of temperament. As for any planets found in this house, we will first analyze the general influences indicating the possibilities of wealth according to that position. Secondly, we will effect an interpretation of each of the astrological aspects of the present planet, if any. You should read both categories of the second house to better visualize the opportunities given to you by the celestial bodies.

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Mars Ruling the Second House

Mars, planet of action and energetic power, is found ruling your second house at the time of birth. This indicates that most of your energy will be oriented to the acquisition of money and to the materialization of financial goals. Your earning potential is vast; at birth, Mars gave you a large reservoir of energy which, if properly channeled, could signify increased sources of income through ample turnover. Your attitude toward money, however, is not altogether favorable. Although normal and conventional in other facets of life, your views here are rather extravagant and you could be classified as belonging to the group of "quick earners and quick spenders". There is something heroic in your striving for a livelihood. You view earning a living as a battleground of human survival; in this field you are prone to apply the rules of war, figuratively speaking: "I am stronger; therefore this is mine". Having an excellent practical and realistic pose for financial matters you should succeed in business activities demanding personal courage, gallantry, diligence, dynamism, and handling of unrefined persons. You are tough and assertive with your money and you know it. Money runs swiftly through your hands, and because of your financial habits you have a tendency to become wealthy, to a reasonable degree, but to lose most of it afterward due to lack of precision, planning, and prudence. A little patience and self control could assure a comfortable and secure existence, but the solution lies in your hands only. Otherwise, life will be a continuous struggle against adversity, accidental losses, and the creation of problems in connection with earnings. What are your best financial bets? All business enterprises possessing a certain degree of originality, pioneering and intense dedication; metallurgical works, weapons, mechanics, military products, and to a lesser degree, transportation, active outdoor sports, and quick investments. Much will depend, however, on the cosmic state of Mars of which we will speak in subsequent paragraphs.

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The Third House

Intellectual characteristics
Education - applied mentation - mobility

We will now deal with the condition of the third house of your computerized horoscope. According to certain schools of astrological thought, this house belongs within the classification of mundane angles; its basic significance stems from elements borrowed from its corresponding zodiacal sign of Gemini. Among the meanings attached to the house are: applied intelligence, distant family relations and acquaintances, communication, letters, paper work, short journeys, and vehicles for transportation. Because of the combining nature of this house most of its effects do not always actually take place when alone but rather in conjunction with any of the other planets present, for it is especially open to these outside influences. In this relation, we will first analyze the planets present in the house, attempting to bring forward the general influences which will exist throughout the course of your life concretely affecting it from the viewpoint of the house under consideration. Secondly, we will effect a interpretation of each of the astrological aspects involving the planet or planets present (if any); you should read both categories of interpretation regarding the matters of this third house in a clear but open-minded manner. There may be paragraphs which appear paradoxical; but it is well to remember that the house's main signification is that of the mind, and there is nothing so ambiguous and complex as the human mind.

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Jupiter Ruling the Third House

Jupiter was found ruling the third house at the time of your birth. You should expect financial gains from all matters connected with writing, editing, publishing, advertising, communications, travel and relatives. Your mind is a little conventional, orthodox and very concerned with propriety and keeping pace with the establishment. It is also inclined to rituals and rules. Unfortunately for you, the intellect is not too desirous of hard work nor research; and therefore you do not study anything extensively, except perhaps financial matters. Your mind is easily satisfied most of the time. Nevertheless, much will depend on the cosmic condition of Jupiter (see later paragraphs). From another viewpoint, this position grants certain liberality of the mind and although conventional, it can be magnanimous and forgiving of human faults. Your judgement is usually sought and appreciated by equals and inferiors. Although your philosophical speculations could not be termed metaphysical, on many occasions you can clearly elucidate philosophical matters. However, at other times there is too much expansion, profusion and disorder for your own good. It appears that you will travel considerably for short distances and be surrounded by comfort and luxury. In doing this you may expect consideration and signs of affection from people connected with your trips. Finally, it can be stated that most of your endeavors in the fields of graphic application of thought (see first paragraph of this section) may result in a high position and substantial success. You will also gain eminent and prestigious acquaintances, elevation and a relative degree of worldly honor and recognition. Your nature, by Jupiter, is made warm, congenial and predictable, with much sympathy for less fortunate individuals. However, you often lack constancy. Your intellectual and related merits will be instrumental in elevating your social status, and may ultimately bring material wealth. As years go by, both the philanthropic and advisory functions of your intellect will expand due to the increase of rich experiences concerning human relations; consequently, the less positive tendencies which you may have had in younger years will become eclipsed slowly but surely.

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The Fourth House

Domestic environment - family influences.
Inner Sanctorum

The matters referred to immediately preceding these lines are signified by the fourth house. This house is considered to be the central angle of the psychic triangle composed of the fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses. On an abstract level, it is the magnetic center of all physical forces as well as the pole of biological currents streaming through the physical vehicle. Because of its correspondence with the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the fourth house pertains to: forces directed toward material accomplishments (this is especially so during the last epochs of life); family relations and childhood; nature and location of the home; all activities related to intimate family circles; and hereditary factors. First, however, we will analyze the planets present in this house. These will delineate the basic tendencies as they exist in relation to the house. Following this, the various astrological aspects involving each of the planets present will be analyzed, thus further determining the specific quality of each planetary influence. As has been stated in previous paragraphs, this section, too, must be viewed with the premise that "starry influences" merely incline, but man is the final master of his destiny.

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Saturn Ruling the Fourth House

Saturn was found ruling the fourth house at the time of your birth. Both the first and, especially the last epoch of your life, will be challenged with multiple duties, frustrations, and problems in general, that seem to originate from circumstances very difficult to alter. Throughout life you are going to experience many difficulties and losses concerning your family and home. A rather cold childhood, lacking in abundance, may leave deep marks on your subconscious. This could lead to a sense of fear and distrust in the world that is not conducive to success in human relations and communications. In addition, this astrological combination creates internal grief and a state of frustration caused by a need to reside in places contrary to your tastes. But you are capable of making a practical and comfortable home from very little. You can "make things do". You may still feel that your personal freedom is greatly hindered and this will cause you to suffer. Yet, everything that happens has a cause. There may be a spiritual reason for the apparently negative influences of Saturn. The solution to your problem may be "at the turn of the corner". Saturn indicates the narrow and dangerous path between our animal nature and our spiritual abode. This path is reason which can lead us from the binds of bestial attachment to the higher states of consciousness. Your unfortunate experience may be a test of fate over your reasoning powers. The manner in which you react to the test may decide the nature of things to come. Don't be "felled" by lower emotions nor be "tormented" by depressive ideas arising from the unknown. You must think and feel by your own volition.

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The Fifth House

Emotional nature and pleasure seeking activities

The interpretation of your emotional life and other sensual activities is possible through an analysis of the fifth house. This house relates to pleasure, society, emotions and feelings. It shows the character of your love events, and the affections which result from the feeling side of your nature; it also represents the seat of the magnetic attraction between human beings.

The matters pertaining to this section come under the regency of the fifth house. It is here that we find the natural expression of your temperament as it was delineated in the first house. The corresponding zodiacal sign being Leo, the house concerns itself with the Leonine, emotional nature of human beings, generative powers, and with feelings and emotions arising from the senses and from memory. It also rules children, places of entertainment, and public activity and business speculation.

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Uranus Ruling the Fifth House

Uranus was found ruling the fifth house at the time of your birth. In love matters you appear with an image of refinement, sympathy, originality, and humanity. The outcome of your relationships will depend greatly upon two factors: the nature of your friends and acquaintances which will have direct bearing on this aspect of your life, and general luck. With your lovers you will have an extraordinary ability to quickly grasp the situation and to understand the psychological attitudes of those people to whom you relate sexually. Unfortunately you will not always act upon previously received intuitions, and your sympathies may very often determine acts to your own misfortune. You were born with a disposition to develop and implement very unusual business enterprises which can lead to both unpredictable and unsuspected success and its opposite, sudden failure. Your love attachments will give you strange and very peculiar experiences. You will be inclined to conduct your romantic affairs with liberal sex standards, frequently with unconventional people. You are a free lover in a sense. You are progressive and very humane, and your natural tendencies give you an inclination to act independently and fully disregard legal and formal conventions in love. Although much will depend on the astrological aspects of Uranus (see other paragraphs), this position is not very favorable for the breeding of children and may show separation from them causing much anxiety. There are also liabilities to be involved in scandal through children unless you can exert a good degree of control in these matters. In a way, you have been born ahead of your time, for your original ideas and drive for freedom arouse controversy in today's world.

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The Sixth House

Health - Industrial Environment Limitations

As indicated previously, we now arrive at a point in your computerized horoscope where we will analyze and interpret the several influences concerning your external limitations, general health, and work as a life duty. In connection with health, we have already given you certain information at the time when the Ascendant was analyzed. Whatever information is given here should be viewed in light of the Ascendant data. The planets in the sixth house are indicative of the main significance of this section. In all cases, these occupying planets have some direct bearing upon the work in which you are engaged, the subordinates with whom you relate, and the areas in which you are liable to suffer (the latter condition is always in relationship to any basic information given in the Ascendant). Again, we must remind you that celestial bodies in our solar system only influence the Earth as to certain possibilities, but the final outcome of human destiny is a function of individual will power. Knowing the possible events and influences throughout your life, you are in a better position to prevent damage to yourself or to expedite the occurrence of favorable vibrations.

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Neptune Ruling the Sixth House

Neptune was found ruling your sixth house at the time of birth. Your psychological attitude to work is not always positive. There may be relatively long periods of time when you will be idle or in a peculiar state of inertia. But if you can find a work which allows you to use your sensitivity and imagination, you are likely to contribute to a creative and humane work environment. Your disposition should enrich your tendencies to ESP experiences and psychic phenomena but there may be a danger of having a severe reaction resulting from these activities. In your working environment you will confront challenges in dealing with subordinate employees and many times you will be torn between two opposite emotions. Intense dislike or intense sympathy will be instantaneously created in your relationship with inferiors. Most of the illnesses that people with this astrological combination have are usually from a strange source which some ascribe to the unknown planes of consciousness. There is also liability to become ill due to carelessness and dissipation.

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The Seventh House

Ego relations with the social environment
Marriage - other associations

We are able to define your relationship with the environment and all its derivatives as marriage, business associations. In every chart, this house complements the first which is that of the native, and represents the unification of all factors which appear isolated in the first house. It also points to the subjective side of the self as contrasted with the objective side, just as there is a spiritual union between the personality and the individuality when man attains the perfection which he is destined to reach. On a minor scale, at a physical level, astrology defines this union of the sexes as the beginning of that association which will eventually join you with all the other selves.

Now we turn to the subject of marriage and how its occurrence (or absence) influences your life. Although in modern times we have forgotten the original and metaphysical meaning of marriage, according to astrological tradition, the union of one's self with another is a worldly representation of a more profound and deep function. This consists of the transposition of the animal passions into divine love, also regarded to be the sacrifice of the intellectual function for the incomprehensible true wisdom of the unconscious. These are but parapsychological interpretations of marriage, and in reality what occurs is that one marries for one or several practical reasons (even the gratification of love desire could be regarded as practical). Then as years go by, there occurs gradual accommodation of the personalities of both parties so that they are better integrated. When the later does not happen, separation is inevitable. It should be remembered that any information concerning marriage must be regarded in a functional rather than in the conventional sense of hallowed awe. Astrology does not particularly recognize the formal marriage, but rather the realistic union between two beings. It is possible, as we know, that a very novel, yet stable union could occur without having had the sanction of legal marriage. As in previous sections, the planets present in the corresponding house - in this case the seventh - will have a direct bearing on the matters which were pointed out in the immediately preceding sections. When reading the interpretation of the planet present, it should be remembered that any astrological aspects affecting this planet will have a direct bearing on its final significance. Therefore, you should read with care all aspects which involve the planets present in your seventh house (since these will better indicate the outcome of matters of this house). Finally, let us point out that in addition to marriage, this section also has province over enemies and other relationships in life.

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Mars Ruling the Seventh House

Mars, the planet of energy and action, was found ruling the seventh house at the time of your birth. Your psychological disposition in the more crucial and time consuming relations throughout your life is to exert more initiatory force, activity and dynamism in relation to marriage and partnerships than in any other facet of life. Your personality projected to the environment appears as energetic, urging, assertive, and with a tendency to accomplish things quickly. You may find, however, that those participating in your more permanent relationships often appear as demanding, pugnacious, assertive, and while honest and reliable, a little difficult to satisfy. In other terms, you have a slight tendency to originate or be involved in many quarrels, and not completely pleasant circumstances during your relationship life will definitely arise. You may find that your partner is somewhat combative and a bit imposing. Although much will depend on the astrological aspects of Mars which are referred to in several paragraphs in this computerized horoscope, there is a liability for a tendency to go to extremes in affections. The structure and outcome of your relationship will really depend on your will power, intelligence, and resourcefulness.

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The Eighth House

Effects of more subtle influences in your life
Material possesions of your partner, or associates

The following will contain information concerning the importance of death and all its related events in your life. This does not necessarily apply only to your own existence but can extend to the lives of people you know or by whose death your life is affected. Death, in this context, is not restricted to the end of biological existence, but extends to all forms of endings, physical as well as psychological. Here, it will also be ascertained whether you have certain potentials for the manifestation of extra-sensory perception, miscellaneous forms of mediumship, general occultism and matters connected therewith. As in other sections of your computerized horoscope, it must be remembered that any important determination must be read with the greatest caution as one indication alone can seldom be relied upon for the sole meaning. In matters concerning death, as well as any other aspect of your life as analyzed here, you should attempt always to find a confirmation in some other section of the horoscope. Keeping these things in mind, you will better understand the several interpretations contained here, as well as elsewhere in this study. The following information is our interpretative analysis of the planets influencing your eighth house and of the astrological aspects involving those planets. Finally, it should be remembered that whatever the astrological influences may be, the final outcome lies basically in your own freedom of will and in your capacity to avert undesirable occurrences.

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Moon in the Eighth House

The Moon was found in your eighth house at the time of birth. Since the Moon has intense qualities of perception, you may find that gradually there is an awakening of interests in sexual matters, psychic and spiritualistic research, and much mental speculation and toying with ideas concerning the possibilities of existence after death. At some point of your existence there will be possibilites of inheritance through members of the female sex or the maternal side of your family. As said before, if there is any pull in the direction of esoteric subjects, you will find that this will increase considerably, and you will eventually acquire practical ability in some form of psychism, such as mediumship. Traditional astrology indicates that people like you are apt to have critical periods in their lives every seven years.

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Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

The Moon inconjunct Jupiter indicates a discrepancy between your emotional responses to stimuli and your understanding of them. You find it difficult to determine the true significance of events in your life. You know you have a lot to learn, but the process seems so utterly painful because you must endure repeated lessons before you can grasp the full meaning.

You underestimate your abilities, assuming that everyone else is more competent than you. As a result, you take the role of the second-class citizen who is willing to serve others, no matter what they ask. You lack the backbone to tell people to get lost when they attempt to take advantage of your generous nature. However, this problem will not bother you. In time you will establish personal priorities, learning to take care of your own needs before turning to the needs of others. You simply have to learn that you are worth more than you realize. As it stands, you look to others to reassure you of your competence. You feel guilty when you turn people down who ask for your help. You should not. Your guilt is largely an emotional reaction. Be generous to yourself before others.

There are many ways in which you can serve others and serve yourself at the same time. Occupations related to physical therapy, rehabilitation for the handicapped, travel, or public relations are some ways this twofold purpose can be achieved. You would enjoy some, perhaps most of these fields. You need to feel free to thoroughly exploit your creative talents. You are not afraid of hard work, but you often bite off more than you can chew. Determine exactly what your duties are and fulfill them, but do no more than that. If you allow it, you will be given tasks that others should do and those that they refuse to perform.

You desperately need interests outside those of your occupation. Develop an interest, if possible, in a hobby that really stimulates your creative ability. Whatever you do will prove beneficial as long as you are not obligated to it except when you wish. This type of activity would afford priceless relaxation and give you a chance to unwind. You might choose to conduct classes of religious instruction or work in community affairs, but the important thing is that you will decide how much you are willing to do.

Above all, make sure that people demonstrate their credibility before you become involved with them. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

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The Ninth House

Your higher mental outlook - possible attitude to religion
Nature of your own distinct philosophy of life

The matters which appear in the title can be interpreted by examination of the contents of the ninth house. This is the house of the higher mind, philosophy, and is, therefore, connected to possible religious and scientific attitudes it also contains information of the abstract and subjective aspects of the mind in contrast with the third house which stands for the less spiritual and more concrete mind that only operates in the physical plane.

As indicated in the previous section, we are going to attempt to define your involvement and disposition in all matters regarding the higher aspects of the mind. By derivation we shall see your attitude in subjects such as communications and traveling to foreign lands. We are going to deal, too, with the possible fireworks of the mind such as philosophy, metaphysics, and theology, as well as all that which concerns your scientific and religious attitudes. Here we shall inquire into your power of abstract thought contrasted with applied intellect. Materially, we will see what your connection with Sagittarius is, if any, as well as what the possibilities are in foreign lands. From a chronological point of view, in this section we shall deal more with the future than with the past or present. One of the physic regencies of this house pertains to dreams, imagination, visions, prediction, and intuition. Of course, all these facilities will be manifested in accordance with your individual development and will depend upon the level of being on which you exist. For your own information, these interpretations here are available from an analysis of possible planets influencing the ninth house.

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Uranus in the Ninth House

Uranus, the revolutionary planet, was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. Your mind is prone to discovery, change, freedom, and anything which is revolutionary. You are quick to adapt to changing situations and tend to act unconventionally, following the light of your intuition with total disregard for logical reasoning. Born with the potential for genius, fulfillment will depend on your efforts to manifest your transcendental traits. Of course, you have love for metaphysical subjects and derive gratification from concentration on the occult. However, if you do not find the path to self-knowledge and evolution, the aforementioned intellectual capabilities will do very little to improve the inner state of your being. Avoid eccentricity and unconventionality for their own sake.

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The Tenth House

Professional and/or public life
Influences concerning your position in society

As mentioned previously, we will now deal with an analysis of your computerized horoscope in terms of the possibilities of worldly success, professional activities, and overall reputation. From a material standpoint, this section may be regarded as the culmination of the horoscope, or that section of your life which will be most observed by others. You must remember that many activities or endeavors have a result which is, to a great extent, triggered by the psychological attitude of the individual. As an example, you will clearly see that an introverted person has less possibility of becoming publicly known than an extrovert because the latter exists more outside of himself. We will reiterate to state that no matter what the astrological influences are, the final outcome is decided solely by the willpower of human beings and their ability to manifest that power. Again, we will analyze the foregoing possibilities either through an interpretation of the planets positioned in house ten or through their zodiacal regency and astrological aspects. Please remember that the sections dealing with astrological aspects are to be found throughout these computerized horoscopes. They will have a marked bearing on the outcome of this possibility.

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Saturn in the Tenth House

Saturn was found in the tenth house at the time of birth. This is a very challenging position for a person who seeks worldly success. The inhibiting powers of Saturn are expressed (at least temperamentally) in a heavy, cautious, and very serious personality. Many of the limitations that will arise throughout life result from your own psychological disposition which is oriented to narrow bounds and over-rational principles. The key to a satisfactory solution of the various problems that will arise throughout life lies in your ability to endure difficulties with patience while continuing to operate as usual though you carry a burden of responsibility. Predications are that your condition could become rather precarious at some period in your existence. Remember that your public activities will be much influenced by circumstances which seem beyond your control. Inwardly there are ambitions, aspirations, and thrift; properly projected these psychological characteristics could yield power, an image of pride, and a perpetual craving for material objects and worldly wealth. You have a forceful character and opportunities will arise whereby you may triumph by virtue of your own perseverance and industriousness. Yet you may have to expect some blows of fate from which you will recover if your self is no longer dogmatic, severe, and cold. With your capability for the expression of power, you could become somewhat harsh and insensitive to the sufferings of others.

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Saturn Sextile Neptune

The sextile between Saturn and Neptune shows that your perception is keen. You use your inspiration skillfully and constructively for the benefit of yourself and others. You are deeply aware of and sensitive to your social obligations. Although you may not be prepared to actively participate in these responsibilities, you can offer your services to help others fulfill them. You may lay the foundation for action in planning or securing a sympathetic response from people in important positions. Your ideas are realistic and constructive for stemming the tide of social injustices.

In evaluating your environmental circumstances, you are thoughtful and reasonably profound, and you perceive accurately what is right and what is wrong. You deplore the waste of human resources and constantly strive for more efficient distribution of social programs and services in your community. This kind of work is especially suitable for you. You are willing to accept an unobtrusive position if the goals of the program will be better served this way.

Undercover work is something you could do well. You have the persistence and determination necessary to gather all the facts without being recognized. You can be trusted to maintain secrecy about confidential information. Your self-discipline and poise even under strain are admirable, and you would be extremely useful as a guide and advisor to individuals in power.

Your efficiency and organization may postpone permanent emotional ties, because you are preoccupied with social causes, through which you try to make a spiritual contribution. Your romance is in the broad perspective of human involvement. Your partner must feel the same way in order to gain and keep your respect. You will not sacrifice your ideals to gain anyone's approval.

Above all, you find it difficult to understand how anyone can tolerate the guilt of remaining passive to intolerable social ills.

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Saturn Sextile Ascendant

Saturn sextile the Ascendant indicates that you take pains to express yourself clearly and thoughtfully. You realize that you are responsible for your conduct, and you act with self-discipline, knowing you will have to account for any failure to do things right. You are serious about everything you do. Because of your integrity, reliability, virtue, and sound moral principles, some people consider you self-righteous, but they also respect you. Basically efficient, you plan methodically before doing anything, to make sure it is done right the first time. You are appalled by the effort others waste in nonproductive activities.

You know how to define your objectives and establish your priorities. In conversation you are a person of few but well-chosen words. People who speak without thinking seem very superficial to you. Because of your conservative manner, people may think of you as detached and indifferent. The fact is, you are busily trying to make sense from your observations, and you can do this only by being quiet and composed. Once you have formed an opinion, it is nearly impossible for others to make you change it unless they provide a compelling reason. You are very demanding but fair in your dealings, and you expect people to fulfill their agreements with you.

Your perspective may be narrower than most people's, but you are more profound in your understanding of others' motivations and deepest problems. Because you understand people so well, you can be effective in positions of leadership, matching the right person with the proper role as cleverly as a chess player.

You are quite concerned about security in your later years, so you plan to capitalize on every talent you possess to gain the optimum results. You strive for excellence in developing your personal resources.

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The Eleventh House

Human relationships that pertain to non-material goals
Friendships - possibilities of the luck element entering in your life

Before proceeding with the interpretation of your horoscope, it may be desirable to effect a clarification of the meaning of this section. It has to do with your most intimate wishes, hopes, and ideal aspirations. In a material sense it shall contain information pertaining to your acquaintances, friends, and your relationship to persons of authority. The data is obtained by analysis of the mundane condition of the eleventh house of your chart. Because of the correspondence between this house and the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the former possesses some of the psychological and eventful considerations of the sign such as the possible element of luck entering into your life and general information about physical and financial welfare. As in other sections of the chart we must remind you that whatever information you may find here should be taken as a guideline rather than as a definite fact. Much depends both on the particular cosmic status of each of the planets found influencing this house (astrological aspects) and in an ultimate sense, on your own ability to determine your own destiny.

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Sun in the Eleventh House

The Sun was found in the eleventh house at the time of birth. Your hopes and aspirations are charged with power, vitality, and are as if enfolded by a single desire. Many of your intimately nourished desires are subconscious. You are aware of others but your foremost interest is with understanding your real underlying self and its mission on this Earth. In communicating your hopes to others there is a vigor which you unconsciously emit, and your ideas and enthusiasm seem to extend to those who relate to you. In general, this is a favorable position. Throughout your life you will receive assistance from persons occupying superior positions in life. If you are ever involved in business you may elevate your financial status by associating with persons in authority, even though they may not personally be your friends. In whatever profession you may be involved, you are likely to gain and develop in position. There is a strong inner desire for power and ambition, personal and social. After middle age there are strong possibilities that you will gain in reputation and esteem through relationships with people of prominence or with those who have had important positions in government. Destiny may grant you sufficient strength of character and even opportunities to carry out your wishes to their utmost. You should not be too preoccupied with financial concerns and other material prosperity, nor for increase of reputation as these things may be forthcoming without your efforts. Spiritually, you seem to have a loyal disposition and you are straightforward and honestly oriented. You're very well aware, however, of a sense of superiority and dignity, and feel confident that your destiny will come to be fulfilled during middle age.

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Sun Square Moon

The square from the Sun to the Moon means that you may have some difficulty in using your resources to satisfy your desires. It is possible that you must make enormous adjustments in order to get what you want from life. It seems as if you never have quite the right training for what you want to do, but you make only half-hearted attempts to acquire the training you need to succeed. Although you want the good life, you are not willing to discipline yourself to get it. You are at odds with important people who will not accept you unless you can prove yourself by demonstrating a willingness to work. Your negative response distorts the information you receive, which makes it more difficult to learn from your experiences. Generally you react to stimuli in a way that is not consistent with achieving the recognition you want. The frustration you feel may have inhibited your character development and can become a problem in other areas, including domestic matters, social relationships, emotional interests, and professional affairs. If you are willing to learn from your experiences in these areas, you will be able to reap the rewards.

You must learn to bring your emotions and your will into line and subdue them with intellect and organization. You seem to think that any response will satisfy the will to achieve importance, but you have to realize that only hard work and self-control can get you what you want. What you gain from your habitual actions is inadequate to your needs. You may progress slowly to positions of increased responsibility. Also, you either have not been able to win favor with people in high places, or you have done so by making concessions to them. If you will get your ego out of the way, you can accomplish many things.

You may have some problem in relating to love partners. Comfortable domestic conditions may be difficult unless you can get that chip off your shoulder. You are argumentative and defensive, probably because of your emotional insecurity. This can be reversed if you will change your fighting attitude and become more compromising. You have a serious misalignment between what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. The possibility of realizing your dreams is in direct proportion to the investment you make.

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Sun Sextile Jupiter

The Sun sextile Jupiter shows that you are philosophical, curious, and sympathetic, and you approach your goals with enthusiasm. You understand your capabilities, and have great confidence in what you can accomplish. Your early conditioning has prepared you to strive for whatever goals you decide on. Only rarely do you indulge in pessimism. Even when you are the butt of the joke you can laugh at yourself, because you have a good sense of humor. You are serious about your life direction, but not ponderously so. You are quick to respond to opportunities, sometimes too quick for your own good. Although you have a fair appreciation of your limits, at times you push your luck.

Communication is the medium by which you put your best foot forward. For this reason, education, the news media, philosophy, law, theatrical enterprises, public relations, or religion would be excellent avenues for your creative expression. You are skillful in debate and can be devastating in an argument because you are so well armed with information. Because of your flair for theatrics, your delivery is dramatic and articulate. People will believe what you say, and you are subtly persuasive. Your role-playing is artful and convincing, and you fairly glow with the effects you produce. You are an avid conversationalist and never lack a subject for interesting discussion.

You are an idea person who needs constant opportunities to apply your creative thinking. The daily demands of routine obligations frustrate your intellectual enthusiasm and crush your creativity. You work best when you can decide for yourself how to use your talents for the best results. Rigid schedules are especially annoying to you, for they sometimes force you to submit work that does not meet your own standard of accomplishment.

Because you are an outgoing person, you probably have a wide circle of friends who enjoy your breezy manner. You usually cultivate the friendship of other individuals who are optimistic, courageous, and impatient with routine. You indulge yourself in acquiring the so-called good things in life, and you generously help others who have similar tastes. Pursuits that enable you to unwind from the demands of your career appeal to you, such as sporting events, travel, and other recreational activities. You generally get a lot out of life because you put a lot into it.

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Sun Sextile Uranus

With the Sun sextile Uranus, it is important for you to maintain communication with other people at all times. You are eager to share your experiences with others and impatient with those who are unwilling to include you in theirs. Your opinions are willful and outspoken, but you can usually justify them in such a way that they are accepted. Your attitudes are relatively uninhibited and not bound by tradition. You find life exciting, and you live every moment of every day. Boredom is something you never have to cope with because your mind is so active. In your philosophical view of life, everything has meaning. You take even negative incidents positively, so that you are rarely down in the dumps.

Your original thinking and strong will are suited to the fields of politics, science, or education. You can adapt to any profession that clearly has the objective of improving the masses. You are able to project your ideas and opinions without demanding that others yield to them unquestioningly. But you are impatient with dawdlers who continually put off making decisions. Your development is accelerated, and your intuition is so finely tuned that you can instantly evaluate facts and give a judgment.

Teaching others is probably your best avenue of expression. You can effectively dramatize knowledge to make learning easy for your students. Truth is something you insist on, and you deal harshly with those who distort it in their dealings with you.

Your restless mind and eager disposition contribute significantly to your romantic relationships. You are broad- minded and understanding of human nature. Although you will tolerate failure, you do not accept dishonesty from anyone with whom you are emotionally involved. You can easily detach yourself from an insincere or dishonest individual, as though you had never had any feelings for that person.

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Mercury in the Eleventh House

Mercury, the planet of intelligence, was found in the eleventh house at the time of birth. This indicates that your intimate hopes and aspirations are very intellectual in their very basic nature. You have a secret urge to communicate, use reason, and relate to other people. You were born with an inborn enmity against violence and you abhor all forms of human tragedy. You wait for the time when all matters of the world will be dealt with on the basis of rationality and intelligence rather than by emotions. In concrete terms you have friends who are more appealing to your intellect than to your feelings and perhaps they are of a younger age than you. There is a possibility that some member of this circle of friends may turn out to be deceitful. They are not all reliable and you should be very careful in the selection of acquaintances. There are also possibilities that at some periods in your life you may obtain entrance into some exclusive circle of intellectuals where you will make friends who are very well disposed to you and very active in literary occupations.

Note: Mercury is technically near the end of house 10 and is therefore interpreted in house 11.

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Mercury Sextile Venus

The sextile of Mercury and Venus shows that you have an affable manner and social grace. You get along well with most people because you know when you should make compromises in order to maintain harmony. But this doesn't mean that you give in when you know the other person is in error. You generally try to be fair in making judgments so that you do not offend people without just cause. You know how to express your opinions skillfully so that no one feels threatened or intimidated by you, and you are resourceful in gathering information to back up what you say. Not usually hostile or argumentative, you prefer to give everyone you deal with the benefit of the doubt when a difference of opinion arises. It is part of your refined nature that you let people have the opportunity to convince you of their point of view before you take any action.

Your gentle and easy-going personality is an asset in most professions, but you might find it difficult to cope with the harsher elements of close and direct competition. This possibility should be taken into consideration when choosing a profession. It is better to work alone or with a small group of people so you won't have to worry about troublesome competitors.

You could find enjoyment in public speaking or the dramatic arts. Writing could also prove satisfying because you have a natural talent for expressing yourself well. Your imaginative style is fresh and charming and appeals to people who want to be entertained as well as informed. You are most comfortable with subjects that are not too dense and difficult.

You are fairly clever in devising schemes for improving your financial condition. You use your talents effectively and can usually translate your ideas into cash. Your associates will support you in your enterprises, because your balanced judgment reassures them that you cannot go far wrong. You convince them you will succeed and generally win the cooperation you need. But you do not ask others to take risks you are not willing to take. Because you are careful to adequately prepare yourself in advance of any action, the element of risk is greatly reduced anyway. And you shy away from complex projects that require prolonged effort before any benefits can be obtained.

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Mercury Sextile Mars

With Mercury sextile Mars, your mentality is sharpened by an insatiable curiosity that will not rest until you have acquired all the knowledge you desire. But obviously that point will never be reached, and you will never stop learning. You make sure that you are reasonably well informed before making any statements, because you want the approval of the people you are talking to. You express yourself imaginatively, and your delivery sparkles with drama. Even people whose opinions differ from yours are convinced by your arguments and won over to your position. You know how far you can extend your ideas to people before reaching a point of diminishing returns. Usually they will concede to you long before this happens. You do not jump to conclusions without being sure of the facts on which you base them.

You are a genuinely friendly person and do not wait to be introduced to others, for you see no reason to waste time waiting for a formal introduction. You enjoy meeting people and talking with them. Although you are a persuasive talker, you are also a good listener. That is one way you have learned so much; when you need information you are never afraid to ask someone who knows.

Your friendly attitude and mental agility can bring you success in many fields. You may be inclined toward such fields as law, teaching, writing, public relations, or any occupation that requires trigger-fast mental responses. You have the mental chemistry to succeed as a reporter, and the mobility of the profession would especially appeal to you. Your eager interest in anything new would never lack stimulation in this work, and you could write interestingly and breathe life into even the most somber subjects. Communication is your strong talent, and you should always strive to exploit this ability. Politics would also stimulate your talents. You enjoy a good fight, and there would be excellent opportunities to present your opinion to those who want to be informed.

You are friendly to everyone, but heaven help the person who tries to deceive you. Your response is as sharp and incisive as a surgeon's scalpel, and that person will know better than to provoke you again. You are truthful even when it hurts, but you are also able to admit it and laugh at yourself when you make a stupid mistake.

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Mercury Conjunct Saturn

The conjunction of Mercury to Saturn shows that you are responsible, contemplative, and serious, partly because of your early training. You solve problems logically and waste little time with superficial matters. A veritable storehouse of information, you extract something meaningful from every experience. You are a good listener and cautious about voicing your own opinions in conversation. Rather than indulge in fanciful dreams, you prefer to apply yourself to goals that are well within your reach. You are sometimes pessimistic and may become severely depressed by failures.

Your professional interests could be in mathematics, engineering, architecture, conservation, teaching, or politics. In fact, there is a wide range of occupations in which you could be successful. However, you will lose interest in your job if it does not make demands on your talents. But if you know your efforts are appreciated you will make enormous contributions. As you tend to be a loner, you will work better if you can set your own pace. Generally you would rather work alone because you are irritated by distractions from associates. Your employer will always get his money's worth because you are honest and sincere and insist on fulfilling your part of the contract. You do not expect to get something for nothing.

Though you are intellectually capable and reasonably ambitious, recognition of your abilities may be delayed or overshadowed by your gregarious competitors. Be especially careful not to let your co-workers pick your brains; you are so eager to demonstrate how things should be done that you unwittingly divulge information that you should keep in reserve. However, do not be afraid to speak up when you have a good idea. If you are shy, get someone you trust to present it for you.

Because of your air of indifference, people may think that you are not interested in social contacts. Actually, you are usually engrossed in deep thought triggered by something said earlier. You may be absent-minded at times. Even in a large gathering you may become so dissociated that others do not realize you are there, nor do you.

You need to be able to confide in someone close to you whom you can trust. Your romantic interests are stimulated by a person who is mature, honest, sincere, and responsible. Tradition and custom represent security to you, and you respect them. Your religious beliefs are probably the same as your parents' and reflect your childhood training. You resist change unless it can be proven to be an improvement over the past.

Unless you take time to unwind often, you will invite tension. Take frequent holidays and just waste time doing nothing productive. Try to look at the bright side and learn to laugh at your own mistakes. It is essential to avoid becoming morbidly obsessed with the big important issues.

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Mercury Sextile Neptune

The sextile from Mercury to Neptune shows you have a fertile imagination, which you use constantly in your daily life. Your intuitive insight enables you to cope quite easily with difficult problems. In your personal encounters you are thoughtful and contemplative about your varied experiences. You are eager for knowledge and for the chance to use it to benefit yourself and others. Being aware of the dangers of accepting anything at face value, you generally seek out as many details as possible in order to get at the truth. You have an insatiable curiosity, and because of your ability to interpret events, you gain more from experience than others do.

Your creative potential permits you to choose from a variety of professions. Journalism, education, medicine, art, music, designing, and social welfare work are some of the fields in which you could succeed. Others appreciate your skills because of your sympathetic understanding and warmth. Communication in some form should be an essential part of your professional interests. Because you communicate well, people are comfortable in your presence and relate to you freely.

In order to take advantage of your imagination and inspiration, however, you should get a higher education. You are extremely perceptive of the world around you, and with training, your possibilities are unlimited. It is essential to establish your goals early in life and realistically plan a course of action to gain them. You must avoid letting others distract you, for once you digress, it is not easy to start over with the same enthusiasm.

Your personal relationships are usually warm and meaningful. You relate especially to philosophical people who are not preoccupied with material or physical things. Although you are an idealist, you do not really expect anyone to fulfill your image of perfection. You accept those who at least strive for perfection. You are spiritually hopeful and are guided by the realization of your moral and social responsibilities.

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Mercury Conjunct Pluto

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto shows that your mind is deep, penetrating, and inclined to extremes. You interpret your experiences like a detective reconstructing a crime, looking for hidden meaning in obscure details. You evaluate matters subjectively, and your psychic sense often reveals clues that are hidden from less sensitive observers. Curious almost to a fault, you go to extremes in gathering the information you need to solve your problems.

You have a genius for asserting yourself persuasively whenever it seems the only way to accomplish something. You are fearless in pursuing your objectives, and others admire your determination and persistence. Once your mind is made up, you do not change it unless the evidence is overwhelming. But because you defend your views so strongly people may find your attitude offensive.

You are fascinated by the mysterious and the occult. With your quick observation of details and understanding of their value, you could succeed as an analyst or investigator. Such fields as crime detection, chemistry, research, pathology, or surgery would enable you to apply your skills and potential constructively. You could become an explorer or a financial analyst and advisor.

You should moderate your anarchistic inclinations. Even when you are not actively vindictive toward those who defy you, you nevertheless think revenge. Social injustices are a particular irritant to you, and you could vent your hidden anger by directing your talents toward correcting them. You know how to dramatize situations to gain the attention of people in power so that changes can be made. You could easily become the spokesman for those who lack the courage to speak for themselves. Perhaps politics would give you the leverage to accomplish many worthwhile objectives for yourself and others.

In personal relationships you are demanding and sometimes extremely intolerant of weakness. Although you seek out those who will submit to you, you are contemptuous of those who do so. This is the paradox of this planetary combination and accounts for the difficulty others have in relating to you. The fact is, you admire strength and respect authority, so you challenge others to demonstrate these qualities. Ideally, your mate should be strong and be able to take a position with you so that you could contribute to each other's development and objectives. Sharing goals and motivation would produce a permanent bond between you.

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Mercury Sextile Ascendant

Mercury sextile the Ascendant shows that you are bright, witty, expressive, and extremely curious. You know exactly who you are, and you understand your capabilities and shortcomings. In dealing with people you try to accentuate your positive qualities to put others at ease. You express yourself clearly and precisely so that no one has to guess what you mean. You are not afraid to express your views because you always examine the facts in detail before giving an opinion. Because you are so eager to be well-informed on as many subjects as possible, you are never at a loss for something to talk about. Communication is one of your skills, which you probably use extensively in your career. You are good at writing and can certainly hold your own in a debate. Although you enjoy the mental exercise of a good argument, you are not generally argumentative. You prefer to regard it as an exciting discussion.

You work at developing your creative ideas in hopes that they may prove financially rewarding to you at some later date. Your friends encourage you to believe that your ideas are worthy, and they may even flatter you for your ingenuity and cleverness. You bring these qualities to your career, where you are so highly regarded for your worthwhile suggestions that you often work out the details required to implement them. But you must be wary of having your ideas stolen by superiors who feel threatened by the recognition you receive for your competence.

You understand what causes people to act the way they do even when they claim a different motivation. Analytical by nature, you instinctively know what people expect from you. You function best when your job requires you to deal with the public, for you like people. You know how to relate to them harmoniously, and they feel comfortable with you. There are few individuals you cannot successfully deal with.

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Pluto in the Eleventh House

Pluto was found in the eleventh house at the time of birth. Your goals are very difficult to define and perhaps even difficult to state in formal terms. You seem to secretly nourish the need to eliminate many of the undesirable memories in your subconscious. You also wish at times that transcendental events force a change in the course of your entire existence so that your new activities may be completely different than what they were before. In relation to acquaintances there will be two types, helpful friends and harmful ones. You may even find yourself creating relationships with individuals who are poor influences for you as they tend to effect drastic action.

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The Twelfth House

The hidden side of your personality
Subconscious and semi-conscious influences
Possible negative psychological load

We are now practically at the end of this analysis of your computerized natal horoscope. Before we end, however, it is necessary that we interpret the influences appearing in the twelfth house, the last of the circumference of mundane houses. Therefore, this section will delve into those lesser known and more deeply hidden astrological vibrations which, acting at a subconscious (or paraconscious) level, direct both your actions and your desires by seemingly invisible but very well-strung chords. They are ceaselessly and rhythmically calling up the law of cause and effect karma through which each being must work out his own destiny. This is, basically, an area in which the state of your mind is restless, ever-changing, and impermanent (yet paradoxically eternal). This house deals with the mystical, the paranormal, and your connection with the Collective Unconscious, as well as your dreams and desires. There are no rational methods nor is there a logical system that can predict a single kind of manifestation of these instantaneous thoughts. They carry their own momentum as though they were psychic comets crossing the unknown recesses of a universal mind. Materially speaking, from our ordered and formal understanding, we see all these phenomena as predictable moods that come and go at the margin of control. The events that exist in conjunction with these psychic states can be among the most challenging that a human being undergoes. Examples are confinement, limitations, restraints, prison, disgrace, bondage, inner sorrow, secret enemies, and conspiracies. More positively, it rules hospitals, asylums, and places of rest. If we look at this aspect from our usual pain-avoiding attitude, then they appear as horrible things of life, better not thought about. But these things happen and they appear to be necessities in this dualistic world. For every quality of life there must exist a parallel quality with precisely the same intensity as its counterpart, but of a quality diametrically opposite. Let us see now which astrological influences appear here and how they affect you. As always, remember that stars influence, but you can be the sole master of destiny if you follow the star that dwells in yourself - the most powerful of all the stars.

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Mercury Ruling the Twelfth House

Mercury was ruling the twelfth house at the time of birth. Psychologically you are continually trying to analyze others in order to find their motivation. A natural human researcher, you spend time projecting your interests and in faultfinding. It may be very desirable to reverse these tendencies and turn your mind's eye on your inner self. There are many good things about your mind; it is alert and subtle. It is also focused on risky activities and adventures. It is very intellectual really, but you do have some talent for understanding the exotic. Unfortunately, you lack effective opportunities to apply your talent for uncommon modes of thinking. There is not much place in the world for your practical and efficient knowledge. This can lead you to anxiety, worry, self-depreciation, and an intense absence of self esteem. Feel more, think less, work harder.

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Astrological Data used for Personal Portrait
for Bill Clinton (male)
born on 19 August 1946 local time: 8:51 am
in Hope, AR (US) U.T.: 14:51
93w35, 33n40 sid. time: 06:26:04

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 26°00'07 in house 11 direct
Moon Taurus 20°18'16 in house 8 direct
Mercury Leo 7°36'26 end of house 10 direct
Venus Libra 11°07'08 in house 1 direct
Mars Libra 6°21'13 in house 1 direct
Jupiter Libra 23°13'16 in house 1 direct
Saturn Leo 2°08'08 in house 10 direct
Uranus Gemini 21°08'42 in house 9 direct
Neptune Libra 6°51'04 in house 1 direct
Pluto Leo 11°51'23 in house 11 direct
True Node Gemini 18°16'05 in house 9 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Libra 5°30'35
2nd House Scorpio 3°03'18
3rd House Sagittarius 3°37'29
Imum Coeli Capricorn 5°58'56
5th House Aquarius 8°18'30
6th House Pisces 8°37'41
Descendant Aries 5°30'35
8th House Taurus 3°03'18
9th House Gemini 3°37'29
Medium Coeli Cancer 5°58'56
11th House Leo 8°18'30
12th House Virgo 8°37'41

Major aspects
Sun Square Moon 5°42
Sun Sextile Jupiter 2°47
Sun Sextile Uranus 4°51
Moon Quincunx Jupiter 2°55
Mercury Sextile Venus 3°31
Mercury Sextile Mars 1°15
Mercury Conjunction Saturn 5°28
Mercury Sextile Neptune 0°45
Mercury Conjunction Pluto 4°15
Mercury Sextile Ascendant 2°06
Venus Conjunction Mars 4°46
Venus Conjunction Neptune 4°16
Venus Sextile Pluto 0°44
Venus Conjunction Ascendant 5°37
Mars Sextile Saturn 4°13
Mars Conjunction Neptune 0°30
Mars Sextile Pluto 5°30
Mars Conjunction Ascendant 0°51
Jupiter Trine Uranus 2°05
Saturn Sextile Neptune 4°43
Saturn Sextile Ascendant 3°22
Neptune Sextile Pluto 5°00
Neptune Conjunction Ascendant 1°20
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).