Love Horoscope

for Hillary Clinton, born on 26 October 1947
Text by John Townley, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
EALE 6212.502-9, 24.2.15

Introduction to the Love Horoscope

Rising Sign
Ascendant in Gemini

Sun in Scorpio *Sun in the Fifth House *Sun Trine Uranus *Sun Trine Ascendant.

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Introduction to the Love Horoscope

This report presents an overview of your personal expression of love and sexuality according to the positions of the planets by sign, house and aspect for the date, time and place of your birth. The Love Horoscope is divided into eleven sections: one for each planet, including the Sun and Moon, and one for the Rising Sign or Ascendant. Each section begins with an introductory paragraph on the basic meaning of that planet.

The expression of love is of considerable importance to everyone. Few persons are completely consistent or predictable in their feelings toward their own or others' sexuality. You may find that you have contradictory feeling about a sexual situation, either all at once or in rapid succession. This is normal, for one's sexuality and personality are often an amalgam of seemingly incongruous characteristics.

As an astrological outline on this subject, your Love Horoscope also may contain some contradictory statements about your personal sexual awareness. Such statements do not cancel each other out; instead, both statements apply to you, either simultaneously or at different times. Reading your Love Horoscope from this point of view can lead to useful personal insight about areas to which you can direct your energies for enhanced sexual fulfillment and awareness.

Much of the material in this analysis deals with your potential for sexual expression, not necessarily with experiences that you have already had. Discussion in your Love Horoscope is intentionally restricted to different personality styles in the expression of love and does not touch heavily upon specific sexual techniques or methods, as these vary tremendously with experience and conditioning. We hope that by learning more about this vital area of your life, your experiences will be more rewarding.

This horoscope, entitled 'Love Horoscope', is also available under the title of 'Astrotext Love'. Apart from the title, the two horoscopes are identical.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Female, born on 26 October 1947 at 8:00 pm in Chicago, Illinois.

Your sun sign is Scorpio. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Gemini, and your Moon is in Pisces.

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Rising Sign

The Ascendant represents how your physical body appears to others, so it is quite important in the discussion of sexuality. The sign on the Ascendant at your birth colors your style of presentation to a lover and the image you project to others, especially at first meeting.

Your image may or may not be consistent with your inner personality. It is important to understand the relationship between these two areas of yourself so that you will be able to tell when others are misinterpreting you because they are judging only by superficial appearances. At times you may want to consciously alter your image to suit your inner intentions or, on the other hand, you may just wish to be aware of the impression that you make so that you can work within it.

Aspects to the Ascendant have a significant effect on your physical energy and timing in sexual and social situations. If there are difficult aspects to the Ascendant, you may have to modify your approach to others in order to become more in tune with them. Reinforcing aspects can provide valuable clues to why you are as successful as you are and what reputation you may have to live up to.

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Ascendant in Gemini

With your Ascendant in Gemini you have a talent for variety in personal relationships, and you can enjoy many different kinds of lovers. Above all else, you want variety in your love life; a stick-in-the-mud partner who liked the same thing every time would be very boring.

You prefer the more delicate and intricate styles of loving, involving a good deal of foreplay. Indeed, in some instances your enjoyment of that aspect of sex outweighs everything else. Since you are an inventive lover, you need a very sensitive partner who can respond to your delicate touch and lively imagination. In fact, imagination is the keyword to your style. To that extent, physical love is almost a mental exercise for you, and you seek a lover with whom you can intertwine in mind as well as body. You have the capacity to invent and enjoy all kinds of unusual love games, but their success lies in the communication you achieve with your partner thereby.

You are able to achieve great physical satisfaction from techniques that would leave others only half-fulfilled, while more ordinary styles may leave you bored and wanting more. In the end, you will achieve lasting fulfillment through exercising your sexual imagination and through communion with your partner.

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The Sun represents your basic inner ego energies, and its position in the chart denotes your overall inner direction. Its influence is quite general, referring to your orientation and style of life than to particular physical or mental attributes in love.

Any difficult aspects to the Sun mean that you are under a certain compulsive pressure, the effects of which depend on the nature of the planet aspected. Easy aspects, on the other hand, lend self-assurance, confidence and a feeling that you know where you are going.

Where the emphasis of the Sun by sign and house is different from that of other planets in the chart, there may be a dichotomy of inner direction and mental or social influences. For the most pleasure and reward from sexual expression, you must take into account all these factors, but in the long run the position of the Sun is likely to have a stronger effect.

Thus your eventual path of development will be fundamentally shaped by the position and aspects of the Sun, especially concerning your inner feelings about sex. However, at first your sexual habits and attitudes will probably be determined by the accepted social norms.

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Sun in Scorpio

Of all the Sun signs, yours is the one most closely identified with sexuality. This is because you feel life intensely and need to express your passions in all that you do. In a love relationship you want all or nothing, and you are quick to let a partner know that there is no middle ground.

Your basic drive for power is most clearly seen through your ability to manipulate others in less than obvious ways. You will be very tempted to use your sexual magnetism to gain material or psychological advantage over your lover. For this reason you may attract less sophisticated partners whose naivete allows you to be in command. But you will soon tire of that game and look for something more meaningful on a long-term basis.

You usually are very clear about what you desire, and you know it is worth waiting a long time to get what will satisfy you. This can make you seem quite cold to those who want to get to know you but don't understand your secretive nature. You might explain to those people that you simply need to be alone. This small courtesy will win you much support from others.

As you mature, your interest will become more fervent in any area that you focus on. You tend to immerse yourself in an activity or an affair, then you are changed by it and finally become completely detached from it. Once an affair is over, it is finished for you forever. However, neither you nor your partner will be the same as when you met.

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Sun in the Fifth House

This position indicates that you have a healthy, open attitude toward sex, that you are able to integrate the sexual experience in a creative fashion. For you, lovemaking is a positive and enjoyable form of recreation.

You should feel quite free to engage in almost any kind of sexual exploration or experimentation, as your naturally joyful attitude will turn each encounter into fun and surprises, even where others have to be more wary.

You do not sharply separate your love life from the rest of your pursuits, and much of the same pleasure you derive from sex you also get from other forms of recreation and social contact. Any creative activity in which you have developed talent, such as music, dancing, painting or photography, can provide the same kind of happy satisfaction that sex does. Because of this attitude, you are generally free of the sexual hangups and fixations that others are often afflicted with.

Because of your sunny nature, you should choose an outgoing partner who will accompany you without hesitation wherever the urge leads you. Your lover should be as much a free spirit as you, if you are to make the best use of your personal and sexual creativity. As long as you give yourself plenty of room, sex will always be a source of happiness and joy.

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Sun Trine Uranus

Inventiveness and originality in love come naturally to you without great effort. You tend to move easily from one step to another in the growth of a relationship, accepting changes effortlessly and comfortably.

Take care to remember, however, that your lover may not be able to do this. Some physical or emotional changes in a relationship may be much easier for you than for your partner, so at those times you must be particularly supportive and understanding.

In general, you may have a better sense of timing than your lover, but try not to emphasize that, for your partner may resent it. It is better to help your lover improve by demonstrating rather than by talking about it, which may have the opposite effect of what was intended.

Thus you may have to delay some innovations in lovemaking until your lover is really ready for them, so that you don't rush into things that aren't yet appropriate. You respond best by using your inner vision to temper and refine the relationship and to regulate your partner's energies.

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Sun Trine Ascendant.

Generally you have a good, easy flow of energy, and you don't have difficulty transmitting your emotions physically. Your expressive brand of body language will enable you to achieve instant communication with a potential partner and allow you to judge immediately, simply by the way a person moves, whether he or she is really interested in you.

You can transmit desire and interest to a potential lover without words, simply with movements and expressions. Needless to say, this gives you a natural advantage in love, particularly when first choosing a lover, for you will be spared much of the time-consuming rituals of courting.

But you should not take your easy ability in such matters for granted or assume that love will always arrive unbidden on your doorstep, even though it has happened before. Instead, use your native talent to meet the challenge of a lover who is not at ease, who needs extra attention and even training in the arts of love.

This kind of affair will keep your talents well-honed and in good repair so that as you get older you will retain the advantages of your youth; also you will experience a sense of achievement in helping a lover gain the abilities that you were given at birth.

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The Moon represents, in part, how you react to situations, sexual or otherwise. If this reactive style is consistent with other planetary indications, your behavior will be quite reliable and predictable. If this is not the case, your behavior will be characterized by more variety and sometimes inconsistency.

The Moon has to do with your response to love, which depends on your situation. When you are the one who is initiating activity, this factor is operating less than when you are responding to circumstances. How you feel about a certain sexual experience may depend on whether you or your partner suggested it. Being aware of this can help you to structure your relationships to take advantage of each partner's type of response to suggestions.

Some people consider that the influence of the Moon is more important than the Sun in the charts of women, but that is true only if you consider that a woman should always take the passive or receptive role, which is a somewhat dated notion now. It is better for both men and women to use both the initiative (Sun) and reactive (Moon) centers of their personalities in patterns that will provide the most enjoyment and the best communication.

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Moon in Pisces

Your emotions are very intense and finely tuned, and you can usually see into the heart of an affair more quickly than your partner. But your flashes of insight are not steady. You are likely to have considerable mood swings and changes of heart within a relationship until it has settled for a long period. Only time can give your affairs more concrete definition.

for that reason, you should find a lover who is more stable than you. Such a partner will see through to the real you underneath and won't be thrown off by your seeming inconsistencies.

Because you are more concerned with a lover's internal values than with their external expression, others may think that your friends and lovers don't match your style. But you are hardly aware of any inconsistency, because you see directly to a person's heart, ignoring their external trappings, which few others can do.

Concerning physical matters, you are likely to be rather impractical. It would be good to have a partner who can handle the bothersome petty details of existence, so that you can then attend to the more meaningful issues in life without being distracted. Under such circumstances, you can transform love into a clear, pure vehicle for personal understanding and revelation, both for you and for your lover.

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Moon in the Tenth House

Maintaining status in your social affairs is central to your lifestyle, and your reputation as a lover is important to you. At times this may keep you away from a relationship that would be very rewarding, but you fear that it would interfere with your social or professional progress.

On the other hand, you are often able to turn a love relationship to your advantage in other areas, so that you enjoy and profit from the connection. Just make sure that love is always the primary goal of the relationship; if that goes down the drain, so does everything else. A union of convenience seldom lasts and is usually emotionally damaging to both partners.

External events may play a large role in shaping your love life, in the form of unavoidable separations from a desired partner or a new relationship springing up suddenly and unexpectedly. There is little you can do to prevent this, so just relax and enjoy what fate provides.

In general you prefer a dynamic and future-oriented partner whose energies kindle your own. Such a partner will spark you to greater efforts, both in your personal relationship and in your professional life. You need plenty of action and achievement for full satisfaction in a relationship.

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Moon Trine Mercury

You should be able to express your feelings to your lover quite clearly and to let your emotions have free and easy play. While your partner may have to struggle to tell you about his or her underlying motives, you can air yours with ease.

This is a decided advantage in a relationship, for in most cases it spares you and your partner the pain of bottled-up feelings or misconstrued emotions, at least through internal misunderstanding. This gives you room to explore your partner's feelings and look for any problem areas that your lover is unaware of or can't uncover.

You should be particularly aware of your partner's problems, not only for the sake of helpfulness, but also for your own protection. Since you do not have trouble expressing yourself, you may assume that your lover is the same as you. Here you may be quite in error, and your partner may resent you or simply feel distant, thinking that you lack understanding. The best way to show you care is to get in there and help, even though that may be more trouble for you; a worthwhile relationship is worth all the effort.

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Moon Trine Jupiter

Your style is marked by an easygoing warmth that is neither extravagant nor retiring, which indicates that you have ample love and affection to give to the world. Naturally, that makes you attractive to others, and it will be quite easy for you to become involved both wisely and enjoyably with partners of your choice.

Do not let the easy flow of your emotions lead you to become lazy in love or to take your positive situation for granted, however. Building a meaningful love relationship always requires active effort and some stress and difficulty. Even though you can avoid problems more easily than most, you should be willing to work on developing an important affair.

In general, you are favored in love, and you can transfer this ability to your partner if he or she is less fortunate in this respect. You should not neglect this talent, for it will keep your creative energies in tune and enable you to be a helpful and creative force in your lover's life. If you are careful not to make your lover feel indebted to you, you will have a sparkling relationship and a partner who will be steadfast in times of need.

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Moon Square Uranus

Your attitudes toward love and your partner may be rather erratic and subject to frequent changes over time. Make very sure that there are real reasons for making any major turnaround in an affair, for unnecessary changes are likely to wreck it.

You should outline your needs and desires quite carefully to your lover, perhaps even in writing at times. That will give you a better intellectual grip on your changing tastes, so that you will be less likely to confuse or disorient your partner. Your lover should be a person who expects the unexpected and can tolerate your sometimes arbitrary shifts in attitude.

You can use this aspect of your personality most creatively by being the initiator in sexual situations, rather than altering your partner's directions. In that way your innovative spirit will be free to create, and your lover can suggest refinements as necessary.

Pay attention to what you are doing so that you can avoid going to extremes. If you take control of your emotional self, your emotions will not take control of you, at least not without your knowledge and intention.

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Moon Square Ascendant

At times you may overreact to emotional situations and expend too much psychic energy in coping with a relationship. This approach is not necessarily bad or counterproductive, but your partner may be a bit puzzled when you get so wrought up about a situation that doesn't warrant it.

The basic detriment of this attitude is the drain on your energy, leaving you unable to deal with a really demanding situation. Since your emotional overreactions tend to run in set patterns, you can get around this difficulty by relying on your partner to let you know when you are going too far. If you take note of when and where that happens, in future situations you can consciously hold back a bit and save a good deal of stress.

Part of the reason for this overexpenditure of energy may be that you feel you can't communicate effectively, that nobody understands your message unless you really assault them with it. This may be true in part, but you can solve that problem by being very verbally precise and not relying on subtler clues of expression or body language to get the message across. In your case such tactics may actually confuse or belie your words.

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The position of Mercury in your chart describes your mental style and inclinations. Since the stimulation for sexual expression is related to your attitudes and fantasies, Mercury is quite important in the discussion of sexuality. Depending on how you use imagination in the service of love, you may create a rich set of experiences or, on the other hand, you may inhibit your expression of love.

It is important to remember that the body cannot always go where the mind suggests. Some forms of sexual expression that seem exciting or enjoyable beforehand may be less interesting or even impossible in actual practice. But it is quite possible to enjoy those experiences in imagination, leaving the more practical forms of expression for real life. Your ability to do this successfully depends on how consistent the position of Mercury is with that of the other planets in your chart.

Mercury is basically an asexual planet and thus it is not a major indicator of your actual sexual expression or desires. Instead, it describes what you think about and the embellishments you dream up to add subtlety and variety to your sexual experience. To that extent, Mercury can have a powerful enriching effect, even though it is not a strong internal motivating factor, except through curiosity.

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Mercury in Scorpio

You are probably very intrigued with the physical basis of sexual expression - the relation of the different parts of the body to each other in lovemaking, the advantages and disadvantages of various sizes and shapes in any sexual situation. There is much artistry in this, which you should develop. This area is often ignored, but it can be a great help in getting the most out of sex.

The dark and powerful aspects of sexuality have great appeal for you, and you really enjoy sex most when it is rather secret and mysterious. Too much bright light on the workings of a relationship tends to take away the excitement, making it too mundane. Thus, a clandestine affair has a special appeal for you, and you may act secretive about an affair even when there is no reason to do so, except for the excitement it provides.

Don't let dated social taboos prevent you from trying every kind of physical sexual expression that appeals to you, even if it's labelled perverse or bizarre by the sexually fearful. Repressing such desires will only frustrate you, and expressing them with a willing partner will greatly enhance your sexual experience and understanding.

But you should avoid using sex or sexual attraction as a tool to gain power or influence over others. Sexuality can flourish only when it is free of other motivations.

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Mercury in the Sixth House

Depending on how flexible you are, your carefully considered approach to sex can be either a help or a hindrance to you and your lover. In terms of sexual technique, you cannot become too skilled - every new idea that might enhance lovemaking is worth learning for future enjoyment. On the other hand, do not become too technical about lovemaking and lose sight of the open communication that is at the heart of every successful love affair.

You find it quite natural to analyze your feelings and emotions about a relationship, which is necessary up to a point; it can help you understand what you are doing and thus avoid many pitfalls. But do not let your analysis get in the way of spontaneity or keep you from expressing your natural feelings for fear of upsetting the situation. Better to follow your true emotions and let the relationship restructure itself accordingly.

This is important, because you have a natural inclination to go out of your way to please your partner, even bending over backward to make everything come out right. This is very laudable and gives you a real sense of accomplishment, but don't neglect your own pleasures and desires. Repressing your own needs will only backfire later, but if you express them to your lover, it will warm and further develop your intimacy.

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Mercury Conjunct Venus

You are very good at letting your partner know about your needs and desires, so you seldom suffer frustration because of inability to communicate what you want.

You also have a good eye for aesthetic proportions, both in your surroundings and in your lover. You may express yourself artistically, most likely in the visual arts, and will gravitate toward other artistic people. You are not attracted to those who lack grace and finesse, even though they are sincere.

You may be a gifted speaker, or at least you express yourself in a gracious and charming manner. Because of this talent, you may find much satisfaction in conversation with a lover who appreciates or shares your ability.

You are quite open about discussing sex, and you use all your learning and conceptual abilities to improve your sexual expression. Similarly, conversational lovemaking may be a special pleasure. You should ignore any outmoded social convention about being strong and silent during lovemaking, for verbal expression can greatly enhance your physical enjoyment.

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Mercury Square Saturn

You may have some difficulty in communicating your needs in love to your lover. This may be because you lack verbal talents, but more likely it is because you feel inhibited, not quite approving of your own desires or feeling that your lover may react unfavorably to them.

Usually, if you say what you mean in spite of your doubts, you will be rewarded rather than scorned, and the more often you do this, the fewer communication problems you will have. Your ideas may sometimes be rather heavy, but love has room for a wide range of emotions and needs, not just hearts and flowers.

However, you should resist the temptation to criticize your partner repeatedly in love matters. If your lover won't deal with a problem after you have mentioned it several times, it may go deeper than you realized. To keep on attacking it from the same point of view will be counterproductive and seem like nagging.

When you do have an important criticism, say it and be done with it, but let the details iron themselves out without harping on them.

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The position and aspects of Venus have a direct effect on your physical and emotional desires in a receptive or passive sense. If the position of Venus is not consistent with other planets in the chart, your physical or emotional desires may be quite unrelated to your long-term inner goals or direction. For example, close friendship with a lover may be important to you as a goal, but it may not figure at all in your concern with immediate physical gratification, and vice versa.

Venus represents the basic nature of your love desires, and it is quite important to satisfy them if you are to gain consistent reward from sexual expression. You should make a place for these desires even if they do not fit neatly into the pattern of an established relationship or your inherited code of moral ethics. A relationship that does not fulfill the partners' basic physical needs will almost certainly flounder, no matter how much effort is spent on keeping it going. And while it does last, such a situation will cause only frustration and resentment, perhaps unspoken.

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Venus in Scorpio

You have a very deep, gut-level style in love, and when you set your sights on someone, you don't give up until you get what you want. When you finally do achieve your goals, your pleasure extends to the very foundations of your personality.

Indeed, it is extremity of enjoyment rather than moderation that is the key to your pleasure. You are not too demanding of a lover in terms of skill or technique as long as the experience is sufficiently intense. You are more interested in the end than the means, and for your personality, that is just right.

Do not let this view of lovemaking cause you to overlook the many methods of heightening sexual intensity, particularly when a relationship is becoming too low-key. Bedroom games in which one or both partners are sexually restrained for a time helps build the requisite intensity for an all-consuming experience.

Whatever your method, your enjoyment will be greatest if sexuality takes on the aspect of tremendous power, an uncontrollable flood in which both of you are caught up. This is ideal for the actual sexual experience, but in everyday life you should take great care to let control return to both of you individually, so that the basic equality between you is not lost.

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Venus in the Fifth House

Sex can be a source of limitless entertainment for you, if you have a lover who is active and energetic enough to provide the variety and delight you desire. For you, love is a happy, joyful experience, and your partner should share your open and optimistic approach.

You also prefer to get right down to business, so you would be impatient with a lover who insists on elaborate social courting rituals and the like. Whatever you want, you want it then and there. You will be happiest with someone who doesn't beat around the bush.

Although you value close personal communication with a partner, you feel that it is better achieved on a mental plane rather than through sex. Lovemaking is pure joy and recreation and need not be burdened with extraneous meanings or motives other than the simple pleasure of physical contact.

You enjoy an artful lover, but one who retains a sense of youthful innocence, for whom experience and technique are not ends in themselves. Love must always retain the purity and beauty of a flower. Therefore many of the more compulsive and unusual forms of loving in which others find pleasure are of little interest to you. Anything that taints the sunny radiance of love is to be avoided, and anything that furthers it will be a joy.

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Venus Square Mars

You may find it difficult, particularly while you are young, to be in the right place at the right time sexually. Opportunities for sexual encounters may arise when you aren't in the mood, or circumstances may hinder you when you're ready to go ahead.

The result of this difficulty can be a tendency to associate sex with anger or frustration. If properly channeled, this association can make sexuality very intense when you do find expression. It can also lead to arguments or recrimination within a relationship, which you would do well to avoid.

You should spend a good deal of time exploring your desires and understanding them in order to have a really fulfilling sex life. The more subconscious work you do in this area, the more control you can exercise over your needs, regulating them to coincide with opportunities for fulfilling them.

Essentially, this could be called the art of sexual self-discipline, which in the long run will make you a steady and accomplished lover. Mistakes are part of any learning process, so instead of mourning your errors in love, analyze and learn from them. The information you derive will improve you sexually and emotionally. Such opportunities for learning should never be wasted.

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Venus Square Saturn

You must do everything possible to avoid being pulled into destructive relationships of your own making. However, it is sometimes difficult for you, both physically and emotionally, to avoid them. You tend to identify love with pain, and thus you may pull a relationship into an unpleasant downward spiral, which nevertheless has certain erotic overtones.

This difficulty can be avoided in part by approaching a relationship more realistically. Your expectations of an affair tend to be so high that you can't possibly live up to them, and therefore you automatically experience failure and disappointment. Then you decide that you can never get what you want from an affair, which usually turns out to be a self-fulfilling prediction.

Instead, take love as it comes and enjoy it for what it is at the moment, without making any judgments, if possible. By taking this approach, you may be happily surprised to find that the affair turns out better than you expected.

Not expecting anything from an affair is not the same as expecting nothing from it, however. Expecting nothing means that you probably will get nothing, while not expecting anything means that your hopes are nonspecific. By taking this view, you can gain fulfillment from a variety of results, not limiting your enjoyment to a single expected desire.

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Venus Square Pluto

You probably have rather strong desires, but you may sometimes have trouble getting them properly satisfied. However, you should be especially careful in the psychological methods you use to obtain gratification.

This is particularly true if satisfying your needs might upset the quality of your relationship. You have a certain ability to manipulate others with your desires, thus gaining dominance over them. You should use this ability carefully and only at the right time and place. A certain insecurity or fear of not getting what you want can motivate you to force your partner, in ways that may be too subtle for you to notice, into fulfilling your desires. But this use of power within a love relationship is usually quite destructive in the long run, and you should do your best to avoid it. If you make your needs known, either your lover will take care of them or you can move on to a new relationship.

Another way to channel these tendencies is to act out your power fantasies, of dominance and the like, in the bedroom. This can release much built-up tension in a mutually enjoyable way and prevent it from spilling over into your daily life and interfering with equality in the relationship. Just be sure to keep the two worlds separate and agree on everything with your partner before acting out your fantasies.

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The position and aspects of Mars have to do with the style of your sexual drives in an assertive, active sense. It is important to take these drives into account, especially if they are not always consistent with your intellectual estimate of them. If Mars is in easy aspect and well positioned, your energies may be quite consistent and even overabundant. But if its position is more difficult, you may have to readjust your expectations to be more in line with the type and rhythm of your sexual energy.

Almost everyone has plenty of sexual energy for a full and rewarding sex life, but this energy should not be used casually or wasted. Like any other source of energy, it should be conserved and used intelligently to avoid unnecessary shortages and to produce the most pleasure.

If you can learn to be aware of the style and timing of your internal sexual energy, you can more easily attune yourself to your partner's style and assert yourself effectively when you choose to.

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Mars in Leo

Your approach to lovemaking is rather direct and friendly, and you may be somewhat frustrated by a lover who requires extensive courting or who insists on innumerable verbal games before approaching the physical side of love.

However, once lovemaking is assured, you make elaborate preparations, particularly in lavish surroundings and sumptuous fittings. But remember to consider your partner's ideas, because some people respond to such elaborateness by becoming self-conscious and unable to fully let go.

You are the warmest and most open of lovers, but you may tend to go through one or two basic scenarios over and over without being entirely aware of it. This may become wearing, but if you consult your partner for suggestions and new directions, this needn't become a problem.

You are generous to a fault with your lover, particularly in supplying aids for lovemaking and tokens of affection. This can be most meaningful to you, but don't be surprised if your lover requires less or does not fully appreciate all your efforts. Where the hand fails in such matters, the heart will provide.

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Mars in the Third House

You are likely to be a rather conversational lover, and your gracious or stimulating phrases add a great deal to lovemaking. From sweet nothings whispered in courting to more graphic phrases motivated by the passion of the moment, words can serve as an erotic embellishment that pleases the mind, stimulates the body and fires the imagination.

You may express this talent by writing high love poetry or just by knowing how to talk a lover into bed, which can be a valuable gift in itself. Also you are a rather inventive lover who continually devises new delights for your partner, making boredom unlikely.

On the contrary, if there is any problem here, it may be that you concentrate too much on variety and neglect to develop deeper personal communion within a relationship. This can be a particular problem if your lover is not verbally expressive.

You are a very congenial person, and you aren't likely to be overly emotional or pompous about an affair, although you may be voluble about it. Your style in lovemaking is gentle and delicate, and you are happiest with someone who appreciates tenderness in love rather than violently intense sexual expression.

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Mars Sextile Neptune

You usually approach a lover in a fairly forthright yet not too obvious way. Your ability to size up a situation intuitively enables you to move in tune with your partner's rhythms and needs.

Because of this ability, people think of you as an actively warm, empathetic person. Instead of reacting just to your lover's stated needs, you act without being asked, knowing quite accurately what will please your partner.

You are able to handle a lover who finds it difficult to make his or her wants known; with you, they will be fulfilled anyway. Indeed, spelling out what should be done too explicitly could spoil the loving spontaneity that you are capable of. The warm, mellow, friendly love that is your style is best left unspoken except by mutually understood glances or gestures. Words are often either insufficient or destructive to the flow of communication. All that needs to be said can be said with much greater impact with a single movement.

Make sure, however, that your gestures convey what you mean them to and do not simply assume that your lover will always understand. Now and again a few well-placed words will do much to reinforce communication.

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Mars Conjunct Pluto

You are likely to be quite willful in pursuing your pleasure, and when you have decided to do something, nothing can stop you. Such forcefulness may be quite stimulating to a lover who enjoys being overwhelmed or swept away, but you should choose your partners carefully, because that is not everyone's cup of tea.

Whether you play an active or a passive role, you throw yourself into loving with a will. Sex is not usually a playful matter for you, but quite all-encompassing and total. In fact, it may be a transforming experience.

As an outgrowth of the pleasure you find in going to extremes, you may enjoy lovemaking that is fairly forceful or even violent. Certainly that kind of lovemaking presents great opportunities for uplifting, ego-shattering experiences, but you must be sure that it does not get out of hand. You and your lover must be in complete agreement as to the direction and the extent to which it can be pursued and still fall within the confines of pleasure.

You should be particularly careful not to inadvertently hold too much power, either physical or emotional, over your partner, which can happen quite easily. In a way, you don't know your own strength. In order to keep the relationship on an equal basis, you should get regular feedback from your partner.

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Jupiter represents your positive and actively creative attitudes toward sexuality as well as life in general. Its position and aspects reflect the ease or difficulty of your expression of these attitudes.

Easy aspects of Jupiter indicate an even flow of creativity; you can be active without going past the limits of enjoyment. With more difficult aspects, you may go to extremes or overdo some aspect of sexuality. If this is the case, you should be aware of it so that you can have some external control over this tendency. That will help you see more realistically the difference between true enjoyment and too much of a good thing.

No matter what its position, Jupiter encourages activity and creative change in the areas governed by the aspected planets and the affairs governed by its sign and house. It is helpful to know exactly what these areas are, because you may not have had the opportunity to explore them and you may wish to direct your energies accordingly. This is especially likely when Jupiter falls in quite a different category than the rest of the planets in the chart, indicating much unexplored territory that can provide considerable pleasure if given some extra attention.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius

You are at your best when sexuality is relaxed and open, not beset by restrictions or confining demands. You find that a detailed scenario drains your sexual energies by drawing your attention to performance rather than enjoyment.

A new affair usually starts out robustly without artful technique or subtlety. You require plenty of good spirit and the assurance of warmth and friendship between you and your lover. Later you can develop different approaches to physical love, which you both may enjoy, but first you want to commit yourself to comradeship.

You are happiest with a partner who appreciates honesty, as your direct attitude may unintentionally hurt someone who is more inhibited and sensitive. In that case, you should be more restrained or seek another partner who is willing to communicate with you more directly.

Once involved in a relationship, you should make an extra effort to become aware of your lover's specific needs and faithfully fulfill them, even if they seem puzzling or superfluous at times. Although some of your lover's pleasures may not particularly excite you, mutual consideration is essential in building a stable and loving relationship.

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Jupiter in the Sixth House

In lovemaking you probably think fairly far ahead of what you are doing, so that you lead your lover in previously conceived patterns of expression rather than simply accepting whatever turns up.

For you, a carefully designed sexual exercise lends increasing excitement, like a well-written play, whereas too much offhand spontaneity may diffuse your energies or leave you at loose ends.

This can be a particularly satisfying style of loving as long as you let your lover in on what you are doing, so that he or she knows where you both are going and can enjoy the same gratifying fulfillment of expectations. Otherwise you might appear to be exercising too much control in the relationship or seem too distant and uncommunicative.

You get special pleasure from doing favors for your lover and demonstrating your affections with thoughtful gestures, making your partner's life easier. Take care to let your lover return your favors in kind so that there is a true two-way flow. If you give too much, your lover may feel unable to match the extent of your love and attentions. You should learn to enjoy receiving as much as giving.

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Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

You may tend to push yourself too hard physically in lovemaking in an attempt to make it just as good and exciting as possible. In the process you may try things that you simply can't sustain comfortably or that are a bit too much for your lover.

If you have any doubts about where to set your limits, be guided by your partner's judgment and needs and don't feel obligated to do more than that. In fact, do not feel obligated to do anything, because that approach will only hamper your enjoyment of sexuality. Physical achievement means little if you have to sacrifice physical enjoyment.

You may tend to view sex almost as a gymnastic exercise, which can take away from its emotional meaning and almost destroy it as a source of real communication. It is better to relax and do just enough to keep the physical communication flowing without going past the point at which emotional communication falters.

The lesson you must learn is to relax and take love as it comes, remembering that there are many tomorrows in which to enjoy the thousands of potential pleasures that come to mind in a single evening. Let those ideas wait until another day, when they can give you and your lover continuing, developing pleasure.

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Saturn represents sexual conservatism and, in general, inhibition. Its effects can range from healthy common sense that keeps you out of difficulties to severe repression or prudery.

Difficult aspects of Saturn usually lend a negative or self-repressive attitude toward sex in the area governed by the aspected planet or by the sign and house that Saturn is in. This effect is most likely to occur early in life before you make a real attempt to overcome these tendencies.

In easy aspect, Saturn makes for great perseverance and consistency in love, as well as a sense of honesty and honor in the friendship that is part of a long-range love affair. Easy aspects of Saturn mean sexual security, successful habits and the courage to try new directions. Difficult aspects have the opposite effect, making you feel insecure about your current mode of expression but afraid to replace it with something new.

In the long run, Saturn builds courage and character, either through the confirmation of success or through the struggle to overcome emotional difficulties, which are at last conquered. Saturn casts a rather serious light on whatever it touches, but it also lends considerable intensity.

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Saturn in Leo

You look at sexual enjoyment more systematically than most. You like to plan a love affair carefully, for you feel more at ease when you are seeking pleasure within a well-defined environment. You may find that you have a special talent for planning festive occasions or special evenings of enjoyment for your lover, for which you take the full responsibility and credit.

You probably have a fairly clear idea of exactly what sexual pleasures you prefer and the techniques to achieve them. But don't let that outlook prevent you from using your lover's imaginative suggestions and new directions. You may not want these ideas sprung on you unawares, but if you have some warning, you may find enjoyment in a good many activities that had never occurred to you.

In general, you pace your pleasures and do not bite off more than you can chew. Although you don't rush to try all the latest techniques, your enjoyments seldom backfire through overindulgence. Also you can spread your pleasures out over a long period so that you never run out of potential good times. Occasionally you may be a slow starter, but you are almost certainly a strong finisher.

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Saturn in the Third House

For you, a verbal commitment in a relationship is a serious matter, and it is very important that you and your lover say exactly what you mean. You should not back out of a previously made commitment or change your mind in midstream. This will result in more carefully thought-out verbal communication between you, talk being the crystallization of your intuitive inner feelings rather than empty banter. Indeed, you should avoid a really loquacious partner, for too much talk confuses you and leads you in contradictory directions. A word to the wise is sufficient; a flood of words is simply foolishness.

Your partner can rely on you to diagnose precisely any problems that arise, and if you can't come up with immediate answers, at least you will have a clear idea of the trouble you are facing.

Your partner should be a very honest person, for you are easily deceived. In your naivete, you may not recognize a bald-faced lie or intentional misstatement that others would catch immediately. Truth and clarity should be essential elements in any relationship; a muddy, false affair would be quite unfulfilling. It is to your advantage to know where you stand in relation to your partner at all times. Since you take verbal commitments seriously, you should mean them in the first place.

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Saturn Sextile Uranus

You can uncover a wealth of satisfying methods of sexual expression without having to venture into highly unusual or experimental territory. You are more likely to pursue a particular style or technique for some time until it unfolds special pleasures than to hop from one idea to another without exploring each one very deeply.

Since in-depth pleasure is more your style, you need a lover who has the patience to pursue this goal as well, who is not impatient to move on to something else before you have really exhausted the present possibilities. Oddly enough, a sexual adventurer would be a less enjoyable partner for you than a quiet lover who will go with you hand in hand for the extra mile that will produce really satisfying sexual expression.

At the same time, however, you need a lover who from time to time can bring new material into the relationship for you both to explore, someone who will continually refresh the affair with stimulating innovations. These will not be major changes of direction but interesting garnishes that make your loving seem new again, even though the basic style or technique has been altered significantly. In that way, each approach to love lasts longer and is more enjoyable.

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Uranus represents the principles of discovery that lie within us all, and in sexual expression it represents the quest for new and different styles of sexuality.

Uranus is rather sudden and forceful in nature, and the discoveries it brings tend to strike like lightning, particularly when it is in difficult aspect. The areas it touches will be characterized by upheaval and change. If the aspect is difficult, the changes will be upsetting; with easy aspects, the changes will bring freshness and stimulation.

The sign that Uranus is in has much to do with the attitude of everyone in your age group toward sexual exploration, since Uranus remains in each sign for a period of seven years. Depending on the aspects of Uranus in your chart, you may either accept or reject these generational attitudes. If your attitude toward sexuality differs in some way from the accepted norm, you should consider it not as a problem but as an opportunity to explore and enjoy realms of sexual expression that aren't available to your peers.

The motive behind the Uranus effects is to discover the absolute truth about sexuality, which may be found right in your own backyard, or after an endless search or never found at all.

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Uranus in Gemini

This position marks those who were born between 1941 and 1949, who approach sexual experimentation in a deliberate and intellectual way. This group introduced "swinging" as a lifestyle, which emphasized planned sexual experiences rather than those that happen spontaneously. The head leads the heart and body, rather than the other way round.

Not everyone in this generation is a soulless swinger, by any means, but this generation does tend to overintellectualize new sexual experiences, which sometimes stifles the benefits.

On the other hand, this attitude enables many who might otherwise be restricted by oppressive and archaic sexual mores to relate to new partners and techniques. Being able to reduce sexual hangups and inhibitions and accept or reject them rationally is the touchstone of sexual liberation. This generation has been able to let the sexual taboos and repression of generations out of the closet and into the light of day.

Because of the intellectual interest in sexual discovery, people with this placement enjoy all kinds of lighthearted fetishism. Unfortunately, individuals from other age groups simply cannot relate to these head trips.

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Uranus in the Twelfth House

You have a strong talent and inclination for making sudden leaps into the unknown, and you may try out something new on the spur of the moment without investigating it beforehand.

Although this habit will lead you into many interesting and rewarding paths of sexual exploration, it can also get you into situations that are not as pleasant as you had anticipated. Before committing yourself, you should gather as much information as you can, so that you won't run into unanticipated difficulties.

You enjoy ferreting out little-known or hidden motivations and drives in sexuality, which you should feel free to uncover, explore and enjoy. You will be most comfortable with a lover who is similarly inclined, someone who takes pleasure in confronting long-repressed and perhaps disapproved feelings. There is nothing like the light of understanding to chase away the demons of sexual disapprobation.

It may be that these discoveries will remain hidden from the world, that they will be known and enjoyed only by your lover and yourself, retaining a certain secrecy and mystery. At times this may be for the best, because your discoveries are usually sudden rather than systematic. It is just as well not to tie down your revelations with too many external ties or commitments. Having to verbalize them may detract from their spontaneity.

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Uranus Conjunct Ascendant

Although you may not see yourself this way, you are a very unusual person from other people's point of view. Your approach to a potential partner is out of the ordinary, which you can use to great advantage if you are aware of it.

In order to use this talent effectively, you should definitely avoid staid establishment types who may be put off by your originality. If you can find a crowd that appreciates a fresh approach, you will always be in the vanguard.

Some people may feel that you have a rather curt or brusque approach, so you might consciously soften that effect so that you appear refreshingly new but not harsh. You simply want to get right to the heart of the matter, but in social situations that is not always the best strategy.

Once involved with a lover, you prove equally original in your style and approach to loving. Probably you are willing to try anything that promises mutual pleasure, even when others would be inhibited by something so unusual. You are more concerned with the end, which is pleasure, than the means, so there is a much broader range of enjoyment open to you. Ideally, your lover should be someone who does not curtail your flights of fancy but who can offer some extra stability if you go to extremes.

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The position of Neptune reflects your inner ideals and expectations of sexuality. These can be either confining or fulfilling, depending on the aspects involved and your willingness to deal with these matters.

The greatest problem that Neptune brings, especially when it is in difficult aspect, is that of expectations that are so high and unrealistic that they cannot be fulfilled, thus leading to disappointment. In easy aspect, however, Neptune brings strong personal reinforcement and security through continuing success and achievement, which can lend much to a happy love relationship.

You share the sign that Neptune is in with everyone in your age group, since Neptune remains in a sign for almost fourteen years. The sign represents the ideals and romantic ideas about love that are held by your generation. Those ideals may not be totally realistic, however, and they apply differently to each individual. Each person must come to an understanding of how much of the generational sexual mythology is acceptable and workable and how much is unrealistic or overdemanding. In the long run these tendencies are regulated by experiences more than by conscious effort.

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Neptune in Libra

This position marks the generation of men and women born between 1944 and 1957, who founded the current struggle for sexual equality. For the first time woman's enjoyment of sex has become as important as a man's to both partners. This change in attitude has resulted in a host of joys and complications.

This generation is primarily concerned that both partners understand each other's feelings. Sex should be more than just a chore and obligation for the woman and more than an insular act of self-pleasuring for the man. This means that sex cannot be truly pleasing or successful for either partner unless it is satisfying for both, which is the triumph of liberated sexuality.

However, when the desire for equality and mutuality is carried too far, it can present problems. This is exemplified by pursuit of the myth of mandatory simultaneous orgasm. Equality does not come from each partner giving the other an exactly matched dose of pleasure, but from each one reaching sexual fulfillment in the manner that he or she finds most enjoyable according to personality and physical preferences. This is a much harder bill to fill, for it requires each partner to be intimately aware of just what pleases the other and to do the utmost to achieve it without neglecting self-pleasure in the process.

But this goal is worth every minute of learning and caring, for with Neptune in this position, it is the only path to real satisfaction.

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Neptune in the Fifth House

You may have high expectations of love, and your sexual encounters may not always give you as much as you want. For this reason, you would be happiest with a physically expressive lover who can turn lovemaking into a true art form. At the same time your lovemaking should retain an innocent, childlike quality, for the jaded world of the swinger is definitely not for you. Although you want your lover to have a good deal of experience and technique, these are not ends in themselves but rather tools to express physical love in a more refined form.

You should learn to look at sex with some humor as well, for the details of physical love sometimes get fouled up. When that happens, you might as well enjoy it and not worry about your romanticized ideals. Taking sex too seriously is a problem if your plans go slightly awry, and being able to laugh at yourself can defuse a situation that would otherwise be frustrating or disappointing. Then you can turn it to your advantage and mutual pleasure.

You will develop a romantic style of loving that transcends the physical and allows you to express sexuality at a highly developed emotional and spiritual level, which will elevate your partner and yourself.

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The position and aspects of Pluto have to do with the deep underlying motives and fears that propel you toward inner transformation and force you to come to terms with the basic issues of life and death.

On a more mundane level, Pluto governs the power motive in sexuality, the impetus for one partner, perhaps because of personal insecurity, to dominate the other. Difficult aspects of Pluto can cause serious problems in a relationship by preventing real intimacy through an irrational fear of personal invasion. Easy aspects, on the other hand, create a fundamental inner faith and security that will stand up in the face of repeated difficulties or even defeat. It can give sexuality an almost religious quality that is elevating and transforming.

You share the sign that Pluto is in with an entire generation, for it is in the same sign for at least twenty years. The sign reflects the sexual issues that each generation works to transform in order to make sexuality relevant on an individual basis.

The house position of Pluto indicates the areas in which you seek power and have a positive reforming effect on others, including your lover.

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Pluto in Leo

This position marks the generation born between 1939 and 1956 that brought sex out into the open. They are the enfants terribles of sexuality. This whole generation suddenly decided that sex was something to have fun with, a wealthy storehouse of pleasure at everyone's beck and call.

When the first members of this generation came of age in the 1960's, they flaunted sex everywhere, as if it were a brand-new discovery. The discoverers rolled and reveled in it, which changed the whole world's attitude toward sex. This is still going on, but somewhat less flamboyantly.

The precocious sexual innocence of the 1960's is gone, but those in this generation still look upon sex as something joyous and sportive, something to be enjoyed for its own sake and not for any ulterior motive. Without doubt, this is the best position for Pluto next to Scorpio, its own sign. If there is any disadvantage to this position, it may be that you sometimes put too high a value on sex, neglecting the myriad pleasures of the mind and other faculties.

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Pluto in the Third House

You probably have a talent with words, an ability to speak effectively as an extension of yourself. This enables you to make your ideas clear to others and also to gain influence or control over them.

In a love relationship you should use this talent with care. It will certainly help you to state more forcefully your view of any problems that arise, but if your lover is not as skillful at argument, his or her views may be suppressed by your force. Therefore, you should take care to listen well to everything that your partner says, to keep the affair from becoming unbalanced.

You should try to spell out the details of your relationship and to delineate all its details. You want to have an intricate and profound understanding of what makes you and your lover tick so that you know what qualities are expressed as a result of the relationship.

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Astrological Data used for Love Horoscope
for Hillary Clinton (female)
born on 26 October 1947 local time: 8:00 pm
in Chicago, IL (US) U.T.: 02+00
87w39, 41n51 sid. time: 22:27:46

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Scorpio 2°48'23 in house 5 direct
Moon Pisces 29°11'38 in house 10 direct
Mercury Scorpio 21°19'15 in house 6 retrograde
Venus Scorpio 16°51'05 in house 5 direct
Mars Leo 14°15'54 in house 3 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 0°36'58 in house 6 direct
Saturn Leo 21°20'36 in house 3 direct
Uranus Gemini 25°55'07 in house 12 retrograde
Neptune Libra 11°22'07 in house 5 direct
Pluto Leo 14°51'15 in house 3 direct
True Node Taurus 23°32'22 in house 12 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Gemini 29°49'09
2nd House Cancer 19°30'08
3rd House Leo 10°02'40
Imum Coeli Virgo 5°06'38
5th House Libra 8°40'47
6th House Scorpio 20°35'52
Descendant Sagittarius 29°49'09
8th House Capricorn 19°30'08
9th House Aquarius 10°02'40
Medium Coeli Pisces 5°06'38
11th House Aries 8°40'47
12th House Taurus 20°35'52

Major aspects
Sun Trine Uranus 6°53
Sun Trine Ascendant 2°59
Moon Trine Mercury 7°52
Moon Trine Jupiter 1°25
Moon Square Uranus 3°17
Moon Square Ascendant 0°38
Mercury Conjunction Venus 4°28
Mercury Square Saturn 0°01
Venus Square Mars 2°35
Venus Square Saturn 4°30
Venus Square Pluto 2°00
Mars Sextile Neptune 2°54
Mars Conjunction Pluto 0°35
Jupiter Quincunx Ascendant 0°48
Saturn Sextile Uranus 4°35
Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 3°54
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°29
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).