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for Hillary Clinton, født 26 Oktober 1947
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Introduction to the Youth Horoscope

Rising Sign
Gemini Rising

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Introduction to the Youth Horoscope

This report describes your character and personality traits as seen through the astrological chart. Your Youth Horoscope computes the position of the planets by sign and house for the time, date and location of your birth. The following interpretations describe your basic potentials as seen through these planetary positions.

If you are an adult reading about your child, you can learn about the important developmental issues with which he or she must deal. If you are reading about yourself, you can look back at your own childhood to discover the psychological energies behind your adult personality. If you are a young person, your Youth Horoscope will help you become aware of developing character traits, thereby giving you the opportunity to help shape your own destiny.

You may come across apparent contradictions in your Youth Horoscope report. That is, some descriptions may seem to conflict with others. Don't jump to the conclusion that one section is wrong. Human lives are full of contradictions. Two contradictory passages may both be true in different senses, in different situations or at different times in your life.

The Youth Horoscope contains eleven sections, one for each planet, including the Sun and Moon, and one for the Rising Sign or Ascendant. Each section discusses your potential as seen through the energies symbolized by each horoscope factor. We hope that your Youth Horoscope report will help you learn more about yourself, realizing, of course, that no one tool will provide you with all the answers. This chart, however, may be a good beginning to a life of continual self-discovery.

This horoscope, entitled 'Youth Horoscope', is also available under the title of 'Astrotext Youth'. Apart from the title, the two horoscopes are identical.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Female, born on 26 October 1947 at 8:00 pm in Chicago, Illinois.

Your sun sign is Scorpio. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Gemini, and your Moon is in Pisces.

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Rising Sign

The Ascendant in your horoscope indicates the ways in which you interact with the world around you, the energies you put out and the energies you receive from others. It is very important to realize that any behavior pattern that you constantly experience with others, even when you seem to have nothing to do with it, is a reflection of some part of yourself that you are unaware of. So if you have recurring social problems, look within yourself for the solution.

The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people, because it represents how your personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths, which you should develop, and weaknesses, which you should minimize. You can be successful in ways that are truly satisfying, no matter what your rising sign.

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Gemini Rising

You are a very active person who likes to get around, meet people and have as many different experiences as possible. Because you are so restless, you find it difficult to stay in one place for any length of time. If you have to be confined, as in school, you begin to feel itchy, and it is hard to keep your mind on the subject. In general you do not stay with one project for very long. You prefer activities that do not demand persistence, that enable you to do a lot in a short time. However, with your quick mind, you can learn a lot despite your lack of persistence.

You like to communicate with others, and in fact you may have difficulty keeping quiet even when you are supposed to. Instead of just sitting back and passively listening, you want to be actively engaged. Sometimes this takes the form of writing ability or a fondness for books, anything that keeps your mind going. Sometimes Gemini rising indicates ability in such fields as journalism, editing, communications or mass media. It can also be an indication of considerable ability with the hands or in science and math.

One of the virtues of this sign is that you will never really grow old. You will always look younger than you are, which may be a bother when you are young, but you will appreciate it when you get older. Even more important, you will always be open to new ideas and experiences, so that you will never grow old in your mind either.

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The Sun in your chart represents your basic personality drives and behavior patterns, the kinds of activities you prefer, and the way you assert yourself toward others. The sign occupied by your Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. However, in any sign, the Sun always represents your desire to be important in some way to the people you know and your ability to be an independent, self-reliant person. The house position of your Sun describes the area of life in which you will focus much of your attention and drive for significance.

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Sun in Scorpio

You are very intense and have extremely strong feelings, which you find difficult to talk about because they are also very complicated. As a result, you are likely to be a quiet person who spends a great deal of time brooding and thinking about your feelings. When you lose your temper, you get extremely angry; fortunately, that doesn't happen very often. And when you are angry, you don't easily forgive the person who caused your fury, even if it is someone whom you like very much. For this reason you have ambivalent feelings about many people. On the other hand, if you do love someone, your feeling is very intense. You don't commit your emotions lightly. And you have no respect for anyone who plays with other people's feelings.

You are very sensitive and your feelings are easily hurt, but you won't run off and hide if someone hurts you. Instead, you strike back and fight hard. Scorpio is one of the hardest fighters of the zodiac.

You have a great love of the mysterious and hidden. You may be attracted to the supernatural and have a great love of horror stories, crime novels and suspenseful TV programs. You also want to know what is going on in people's minds, so you make an effort to learn as much as possible about human nature.

Sometimes other people have difficulty understanding you, and for this reason you may not make friends easily. But the friends you do have will be very good ones who will probably last for your whole life.

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Sun in the Fifth House

Above all, you want to be yourself, and you will resist anyone or anything that tries to make you conform to a standard that you can't accept. You may even be a bit of a show-off who enjoys performing for people in athletic competitions, plays or other such presentations. In a way, you are always on stage. You are quite competitive and have a lot of energy, and you enjoy all kinds of games and amusements.

It may seem that you don't take anything seriously, but this is not really true. You take life itself seriously, and you want your life to be a successful performance. Because of your strong sense of pride, you get very angry when someone insults you. You have a strong sense of honesty and are very direct with people. It doesn't seem necessary to hide any fact about yourself or anyone else; consequently you can be quite blunt.

Since you enjoy being the center of attention, you can be domineering as you try to grab center stage. If you try to be the outstanding person in every group, you may get into serious conflicts with others who have the same drive. Only one person can be the leader at a time, and that one shouldn't always be you.

Nevertheless, because you are very forthright and open, other people will respect you. And as soon as you get over the more childish kinds of showing off, they will like you, too, because you are warm and emotionally demonstrative.

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Sun Trine Uranus

You are fond of anything new and want to live just the way you want, with plenty of excitement and interest. You want your life to be filled with change. The idea of spending a lifetime in one place doing one thing is very unpleasant, and you will do everything you can to prevent it. As you get older, you will probably break away from your family and your past and move out in a totally new direction. You may remain on friendly terms with your family and birthplace, but you will refuse to be tied down by them.

Also you won't be tied to the standards of behavior that have come down from the past. Even while quite young, you will work out your own code. You will always be tolerant of persons who are quite different from yourself; in fact, you may even be attracted to them because of that. You want to see as many different aspects of life as possible.

You will enjoy new and stimulating kinds of recreation, such as hang-gliding, sky-diving or other wild pastimes, even if others consider them quite risky or terrifying. You enjoy the excitement, however, and are bored by the tamer games that most people play. Although by itself this aspect does not create much danger from accidents, you should be careful that your desire for excitement does not get you into truly dangerous situations.

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Sun Trine Ascendant

As you get older, you will develop considerable self-confidence and a need to live exactly as you want. You also have a strong desire to perform in front of others, perhaps just as a show-off or as an actor or performer in games or other situations that demonstrate your talents. You enjoy games and playing, but work is a different problem. You see little reason to do anything you don't enjoy. You will have to learn to do things that are distasteful at first. The positive side of this is that when you are older you will probably find an occupation that you enjoy because you are unwilling to make the usual kinds of compromises in choosing a career. Thus you have a good chance to be happy and successful in your work.

You have pride and a sense of your own worth, which will be seen and respected by others if you deal with them fairly, as you probably will. You are usually honest because you feel that the direct approach to people and situations is best. The only problem is that you may be rather blunt, not taking time to be diplomatic when you feel you have something important to say.

You like to learn about anything that increases your understanding of the world, but you are not very patient with detailed information that seems unimportant. You want to understand on a grand scale, but you may not be so clear about the details.

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Sun Trine Midheaven

This can be a strong indication of personal success. You have a strongly developed notion of who you are, and even while you are young you will want to be an achiever. You want a great deal out of life in terms of goals and material possessions, but you are willing to work for them. Although you are quite young, you see the necessity of putting off today's pleasure to reach tomorrow's goals. At the same time, you can get others to work with and for you, so that all of you can achieve your goals.

You are probably a very practical person. You may have very strong ideals, but you are not likely to be carried away by them, unless the planetary energies in your chart are very idealistic. Even then your ideals are likely to be about matters that affect everyone in the real world. You have a strong sense of your own values, and you will not get along well with people whose values are very different.

Authority figures, starting with your father, will be very important in your life. If your father is absent from the scene, your mother may play a fatherly role. The first people in your life who act as authorities will strongly influence your ideas of success and the kind of success you will pursue. Generally speaking, you should have a very good experience with these people, and they will give you a great deal of self-confidence so that you can stand up for yourself. Eventually you will be able to make independent decisions and govern your own life as well as the lives of others.

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The Moon signifies your basic emotional patterns, your habits, unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not you feel supported within the universe. The Moon also tells a great deal about your attitude toward your own past and the historical past. The placement of the Moon often describes your relationship with your mother.

The Moon sign, which is the most important sign after those of the Sun and the Ascendant, describes how you express your emotions and how well you deal with them. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and you should try to develop the strong points.

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Moon in Pisces

You are a very sensitive person with strong feelings. If someone makes a harsh remark, you take it very hard. In fact, one of your tasks in life will be to develop a thicker skin. Not everyone is so sensitive as you or so considerate of people's feelings. But your sensitivity is good in some ways because it makes you kinder and more considerate of others and less likely to hurt anyone. You like to take care of people and animals, especially if they are sick or hurt. But you should stay away from people who are always negative, because you pick up and react to their feelings very quickly.

You have a rich and lively imagination, which can make you very creative. But you may spend too much time in your own private fantasy world and avoid dealing with the important matters of the world around you. It is much easier for you to daydream than to face up to the real world.

As you get older, you may develop an interest in the occult and supernatural, not in the horrible aspects such as witches and vampires, but in subjects such as ESP and clairvoyance. You are very interested in the mysterious aspects of the world around you.

As you get older, you should learn how to stand up for yourself and resist people who are more aggressive. You are very likely to avoid conflicts, even when you should defend your own ideas. If you do not stand up for yourself, you may attract people who will exploit you and take advantage of you.

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Moon in the Tenth House

Your mother will have a great influence upon your life, shaping your basic attitudes and, even more important, your ideas of what values are significant and what is worth doing in life. Thus your mother will have a strong hand in your decision about a career. And if your mother is not with you, another person will take that role.

Your mother will also influence you to be very sensitive to your own and other people's feelings, and you may use this sensitivity in your career later in life. Because you understand how other people feel and how they react, you can be successful in any field involving public relations and sales, in fact, any career that puts you before the public. This position is very good for a career in politics, for example, because you can win people over and get them to agree with your ideas.

This position also means that you may be interested in farming, food services, shopkeeping or some other career that involves supplies and services for the home. You may travel quite a bit in your profession.

You should be careful of your tendency to reflect other people's feelings, because it keeps you from being yourself. If you want to be successful, you will have to find out who you really are, so that you don't become what others think you are or want you to be.

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Moon Trine Mercury

You are always trying to express your emotions and inner, personal feelings to others, because it is very important to you that people really understand you. Fortunately you are willing to work at showing them what you are - you don't try to keep yourself a mystery. As a result you may develop some writing talent. You are also very sensitive to other people's feelings, and you can be a very receptive listener when friends come to you with problems. This also means that you are reluctant to hurt anyone, because you sense how that person would feel.

You consider your personal viewpoint very important, and you want to be taken seriously by adults and friends. As you get older you will become less sensitive about this, but now it is better for adults to reason with you than to ignore your opinions. You want to learn, and discussion is one way that you can. Also, because you can understand others so well, you will learn how to handle groups of people, and when you are older you should have the ability to speak before large groups. You sense the needs of a group and are willing to respond to them. This aspect would help in a political career, for example.

One of your strongest points is that along with under- standing and handling your emotions very effectively, you are able to keep them from running your life. Your mind balances reason and feeling and prevents either one from controlling the other.

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Moon Trine Jupiter

This is one of the most pleasant of all aspects. It indicates that you are an outgoing person with a great deal of self-confidence and emotional security. You aren't afraid of being yourself in any situation. Even people who don't approve of something you are doing will admire the spirit in which you do it. You should be popular and be able to make others feel good. One reason is that even when you feel sad, you have a way of laughing at your sadness, which makes you and others feel better very quickly.

This aspect means that you are usually generous and giving toward others. You want to take care of people and animals, helping those in trouble and protecting the weak. However, you do not like others to limit your freedom too much, which limits your desire to help.

Your mother or some other woman will probably help you a great deal while you are young. Because of this strong relationship, you will feel good about yourself without being arrogant or conceited.

As you get older, you will have great respect for honor and honesty, and you may develop a fairly strong interest in religion. Your faith will not be a limited puritanical kind, but one based on kindness and the desire to help people grow and move forward in their lives.

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Moon Square Uranus

You are a rather excitable person, always looking for ways to bring excitement and change into your life, although you may not be aware that you are doing this. Sometimes the excitement may come from other people who seem to disrupt your life. Often this aspect indicates that at some time when you were quite young, your home life was upset in a way that made you feel unable to depend on others for emotional support. So you have decided not to depend emotionally on anyone and to be free in as many other ways as possible. You don't want to be restricted, and you will rebel against anyone who tries to confine you.

You have a strong need to have experiences that are very unusual, so you are attracted to anything new and different. You will even do something just to shock the stuffy people around you. Or you may be fairly conventional yourself but attract friends who are offbeat.

You are not very comfortable with traditions, unless it is clear to you that they have some real use. Having to stay in a specific place annoys you, because you want to be free to move about as you want. When you are older, your love relationships will be much freer than usual, because you do not want to be emotionally tied to anyone more than you have to be.

When you are upset, you tend to act without thinking, so try not to do anything at all while you are in that mood. Wait until you cool off and can see the situation clearly.

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Moon Square Ascendant

Your feelings are quite changeable, and they influence how you feel about people. One day you really like someone, but on another day, you feel completely different. You may find it very difficult to treat others the same way all the time. You may also feel that people make demands on you that force you to hide your feelings. You believe that showing your feelings clearly to someone will hurt your relationship. This can make you feel very tense when you are with someone you like.

If your relationships with others do not go smoothly, you often withdraw into your own private world where you feel safe and secure, instead of fighting for your point of view. If you do this all the time, you won't have many friends, so make an effort to stand up for your rights and beliefs. At times, it will be necessary to go back into your own safe space, such as your room, or to your family for consolation. But don't do it every time your life is difficult.

Beliefs that you learned while you were very young may have too much influence on the way you act toward others. You will have to learn that every situation is different and should be handled differently. Even though two situations seem much the same, don't let the similarities overrule the differences in your mind. Treat each day as a new experience.

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The planet Mercury means logic and reason, as well as communication and exchanging ideas with others. However, it does not have to do with communicating feelings and emotions, for that is a function of the Moon. The sign that Mercury is in tells how your mind works and how you communicate with others. The house that Mercury is in indicates what you think about most and talk to others about.

Mercury also means being fond of playing games, but be careful that your games do not become practical jokes that hurt people. Mercury does not make you very sensitive to other people's feelings; that is a function of the Moon. Mercury can indicate a desire to move around and curiosity to see as much of the world as possible.

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Mercury in Scorpio

You like to get to the bottom of every problem and are fascinated by mysteries and unanswered questions. To you, searching for answers is almost more interesting than the answers themselves. A born investigator, you may be interested in solving crimes and detective work. Or you might want to study the secrets of nature through science. You are also interested in what goes on in people's minds. You like to find out about everyone's secrets, but you can keep a secret if you want to.

When you are emotionally upset, your thinking gets confused by your feelings, so try not to make decisions at those times. When you are angry, you can speak very forcefully, but if you are not careful, your words may hurt someone's feelings. At least you are forthright and say what you mean.

Your sense of humor is rather sharp. When you see someone pretending to be more than he or she is, you are likely to make sarcastic and biting remarks. You may say them quietly, but others will know what you mean.

You must learn to be more open with people. Something about you may make others uneasy, giving them a feeling that you have some deep dark secret, which makes them fearful. You enjoy giving this impression, but it does hurt your relations with others. To prevent this, you should try to build up a reputation for honesty with adults and friends.

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Mercury in the Sixth House

You have a very orderly mind, and you like to learn techniques for doing various kinds of work. You are quite good with tools, of which you may have many, because of your hobbies. In any kind of work, you try to be extremely careful, and you take great pride in making something as nearly perfect as possible. For this reason you are good at any task that requires discipline and skill.

Your critical mind quickly figures out how any situation could be improved. However, be careful not to be so critical that you see only flaws. Use your critical ability to improve things, not to tear them down.

Mercury in this position often describes the kind of work you will do when you get older. Your high standards and your desire for order would make you good at clerical work, typing or filing. Your job may involve writing or other creative mental skills. You may teach or train others in the skills that you have learned, or your career might be in transportation, traveling or large-scale communications. It is clear that no matter what you do for a living, using your mind will be important. While you are young, you should work to get the training you will need later. You should do quite well in school, because you have a disciplined, orderly mind for learning skills.

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Mercury Conjunct Venus

You like to be surrounded by beauty and are depressed by anything ugly or unpleasant. While you are quite young, you may show some definite artistic ability. Also you appreciate other people's artistic talents. You enjoy making things, which could mean that you will work in one of the crafts.

Perhaps the most important effect of this aspect, however, is that it takes your mind away from narrowly logical thinking. You look for form and beauty in ideas as well as in objects. If you study mathematics, for example, you should try to get a mental picture of what is happening and see the beauty in the forms. That will work better for you than working it out as an exercise in logic. Also you may think visually, by seeing images in your head rather than just connecting ideas.

You want everything you see or think about to be related artistically as well as logically. This may cause some problems in school subjects such as mathematics and science, but it will help you with music and literature.

You talk to people in a way that wins them over. You are very good at soothing hurt feelings and at helping people settle a quarrel fairly. You say what has to be said, without being dishonest, but you express yourself so well that everybody feels good about it.

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Mercury Square Saturn

While you are young, you must learn to handle the energies of this aspect very carefully to bring out their strong points and minimize the weak points. Your parents should encourage you to look at the bright side of life and avoid exposing you to situations that reinforce your feeling that life is difficult and oppressive. You should not be saddled with too much responsibility while you are young, because you have a natural tendency to be overwhelmed and depressed by the seriousness of the world. Depression may be a problem that you will always have to guard against. However, it will help when you get depressed to realize that you usually make things look worse than they are.

You should be exposed to a broad range of ideas at an early age. Otherwise, if you are brought up in the confines of a narrow morality, you will be likely to narrow it still further. With this aspect there is a tendency to focus very narrowly and concentrate all your attention on small details. For this reason, you must be encouraged to spread your attention into larger spheres of interest.

On the plus side, you can think and work with great thoroughness. You are not likely to ever leave a job half done. On the other hand, you may be inclined to overestimate the difficulty of a job, which you should try not to do. Strike a balance between a broadminded attitude and realistic, pragmatic thinking. Idealism has a place even in the most practical minds.

You will learn best in a rather structured environment, but not so structured that you lose your freedom to think and explore.

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Venus is the planet of love, and in many ways it comes into its own when you are older and more concerned with relationships. However, even while you are young, Venus is important, because it shows how you get along with people and make friends, and whether you can be warm and affectionate with others. It also indicates creativity and artistic talents. Mercury has to do with creating according to techniques, but Venus indicates your ability to think of patterns and forms, to design and to appreciate beauty.

The sign that Venus is in shows how you express your love and other emotions to people in relationships. It tells you something about the kind of people you attract. It also describes your ideas about beauty. The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which you express your artistic talents and the area in which you are likely to experience beauty.

Later in life the placement of Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will tell a great deal about your relationships.

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Venus in Scorpio

Your feelings about people are very intense; you either like them very much or not at all. And you will want to have your loved ones near as much as possible. But be careful of this possessive tendency, because you may alienate the very people whom you want as friends by not giving them enough freedom while they are around you. On the other hand, you are very faithful to those you like if they are loyal to you.

Only deep relationships have any meaning for you. As a result, you are likely to have a few very close friendships rather than lots of shallow ones. Friendships you form now may well last all of your life. You find it somewhat difficult to tell someone that you like him or her, because you are afraid of being rejected or misunderstood. It is hard to put your feelings into words, because they seem so complicated. And it is true that not everyone will understand you and your feelings, but you will just have to accept that. Only those who can understand you will make good friends anyway, and those friends will be enough.

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Venus in the Fifth House

You enjoy amusements and pleasant times, especially if you don't have to use a lot of physical energy. You like activities in which you can indulge your senses and feel good. As you get older, you will be unusually attracted to someone you love, and in any kind of pleasurable activity, you will probably prefer to be with persons you feel attracted to.

If you have artistic ability, this placement can help you express yourself artistically. Even if you do not have any artistic ability, you appreciate other people's work, and you enjoy art and music as leisure activities. Your tastes tend toward the elegant and beautiful, however, and you will not be attracted to artistic themes that are turbulent, ugly or tragic.

You may be lazy and self-indulgent, caring more about your own pleasure than about doing anything that requires some effort but provides long-lasting rewards. Also you may be inclined to indulge yourself by eating or drinking too much.

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Venus Square Mars

This aspect indicates that your feelings are very intense, particularly in relationships. It is difficult for you to like someone only a little bit. Either you like a person completely, or you are indifferent or unfriendly to them. And in all your relationships, your feelings are a mixture of love and hate, which can come out as intense anger toward those you love the most, if you have any differences of opinion. However, if you release your anger in an out-and-out fight, you quickly get over it and go back to really liking the other person.

It is very important for you to have a warm and secure relationship with your parent of the opposite sex, especially if you are a girl, although this is true of boys as well. A difficult relationship with that parent will lead to stormy relationships with partners later on. The problem is that you cannot imagine love without hate and conflict, so you will try to bring those two extremes together in your later love life. There is nothing especially wrong in that, except that it becomes difficult to have long and deep relationships. Either you or your partner will get tired of the emotional and physical bruises and will leave. At worst, your later relationships may involve physical violence, but only if that is a problem in your present relationship with your father, if you are a girl, or with your mother, if you are a boy.

But if that relationship is secure, this simply indicates that you have an intense and passionate nature, and you will become involved with lovers at an early age.

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Venus Square Saturn

This aspect is often difficult to handle in that the demands of the world always seem to get in the way of having fun and receiving love and affection from others. You often feel that persons or circumstances are forcing you to do things that you do not want to do. If this happens too often while you are young, you may become cold and indifferent toward the world. This is because it is easier to be detached from people than to have your needs constantly denied. However, you are less likely to be such a cold person if your parents give you plenty of emotional support, recognizing that you are young and that they can't demand too much of you.

Sometimes this aspect means that you feel lonely, usually because you believe you are not worthy of love. That is not true, but once this idea is fixed in your mind, it is difficult for anyone to talk you out of it. When you are older, you should be aware that your problems in love relationships occur because you feel unlovable, not because you really are.

You may suffer from extreme shyness, because you are afraid of being rejected. You may have difficulty expressing your feelings to the people you like, so they may pass through your life without ever knowing how you feel about them. You must learn not to worry so much about being rejected. Some people will not like you no matter how nice you are, and it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. That is just the way it is. More than anything else, you need to have confidence in yourself.

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Venus Square Pluto

You have very strong feelings about people, and your friendships are emotionally intense, a characteristic that will become stronger as you get older. It is very important that you find out as much as possible about yourself, your needs, what you seek from other people and why you form relationships. And it is very important to have a good opinion of yourself. This aspect signifies that you will work out many of your most important psychological problems through your relationships with others. When something goes wrong between you and a loved one, it is because of changes that are occurring within you or mental impulses that you do not yet understand. You tend to act somewhat compulsively and to follow the voice of your unconscious mind rather than your reason. Some of the attachments you form may make little sense to you or anyone else. You may even choose friends who act destructively toward you. If this happens, it is only because you have a destructive attitude toward yourself. Your inner psychological drives may also push you into unpleasant situations that you want to get out of but seem unable to. That is why it is so important to understand yourself and not lose your perspective. You always have the choice of walking away from a situation; you aren't forced to be with anyone.

Some people who master the energies of this aspect turn around and act destructively toward others, just as they were treated badly. You should avoid that course because it will isolate you from others, and eventually you will be alone.

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Mars signifies your ability to assert yourself as an individual. It is the energy that says, "I want to be what I am." Along with the Sun, it also has to do with your physical vitality. Mars means being able to take care of yourself, having self-confidence, and eventually demanding your share of what life has to offer.

The house position of Mars signifies the areas of life in which you will be most active, as well as those areas in which you could have great difficulty in getting along with others. The sign that Mars is in modifies the way you express your energies according to the tendencies of that sign. A properly developed Mars energy is extremely important because it means you can be yourself and still get along with others.

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Mars in Leo

You have a great deal of pride, and you enjoy doing things on your own initiative. An appeal to your sense of fairness brings out the best in you, and you will do anything to maintain these qualities. If you know that someone is relying on you, you work very hard to live up to that person's expectations. On the other hand, you are sometimes quite touchy about your sense of dignity. If someone makes fun of you or says something sarcastic, you get very angry and feel that you have to prove your worth to them. At times you may act arrogant and domineering toward others. You can't always be first, but you have such a need to be a leader that it may be difficult for you to accept anyone else in this role.

You demand that others let you be yourself so you can run your life as you want. You are quite stubborn about this; in fact, the harder someone pushes you, the more you resist or persevere on your original course.

You probably have considerable self-confidence and even courage, but you are not especially reckless. At best you have a good understanding of yourself, of your limitations as well as your strengths, which you emphasize, of course. In fact, you may feel uncomfortable with the softer side of your personality, your emotions and weaknesses. You would like to appear strong and self-possessed at all times.

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Mars in the Third House

You have a very aggressive intellect, so that you like to debate and argue with people, usually not to have a serious fight but a friendly argument. But you don't like it when someone really disagrees with you, and you fight very hard to bring that person around to your way of thinking. And when someone tries to change your mind, you resist very strongly. In fact, the only way anyone can easily convince you of something is to make you think it is your idea.

Fortunately your mind works quite quickly, and you have a lot of mental energy. You can work on a problem for a long time, although not always steadily. And you actually learn a great deal through arguing. Just don't lose your curiosity about getting answers by concentrating all your energy on winning the argument. That may be useful on a debating team, but not in life.

Especially while you are young, you may have a quite a few disagreements with your brothers or sisters, for they and your other relatives seem to make you more angry than anyone else.

When you are talking with people, be careful how you speak, because you tend to express yourself argumentatively even when you have nothing to fight about. Also you may easily hurt someone who is more sensitive, even when you don't intend to.

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Mars Sextile Neptune

You are not terribly self-assertive, and you tend to shy away from direct confrontations with others. Probably you feel all right about yourself, but you can't understand why some people charge out and make such a big issue of themselves and their demands. You believe that if you wait patiently and help people along, you will get whatever you deserve. You are not a very high-energy person, and you do not like to exert yourself greatly, even on your own behalf.

On the other hand, especially as you get older, if you learn about a problem that you consider very important for the world in general, you are capable of working very hard to correct it. You are motivated more by idealism than by practical concerns.

But your actions are often rather impractical, so it is important to find out where your energies can do some good and where they cannot. If you are defeated in some project, you don't usually pick yourself up and start working again right away. You need encouragement from friends, as well as the lift of personal success. Otherwise you could turn into one of those people whom life seems to run over.

You must learn to stand up for yourself, even if you don't understand why. Don't let yourself be a doormat to other people's aggressive drives. You have as much right to be as anyone else. It is fine to deny your needs in favor of others or of some good cause, but do not carry it too far.

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Mars Conjunct Pluto

You have a very strong will, although you may express it in subtle ways. If you don't get your way, you may lose your temper, but when you see that that will get you nowhere, you change your tactics. The greatest problem with this aspect is that you may decide that getting your own way is the most important thing in life and that the only way to get it is by controlling others. Unless you are taught to have a high regard for other people's rights, you may trample upon them. But in that case people are likely to gang up on you and try to stop you at every turn, which will make you feel very frustrated and even farther from attaining your objectives. Instead of manipulating people, you must learn how to handle others creatively, so that they benefit from whatever happens as much as you do.

Regardless of your sex, with this aspect you may have considerable difficulty with men. It is particularly important that your relationship with your father be close and warm, with as little conflict as possible and no physical punishment.

On the plus side, this aspect can signify that you have a great deal of positive drive and ambition. You will want to accomplish a lot in life, and you will enjoy having power over others and using it responsibly. You will want to make changes in the world, which you see as a stage where you can make the greatest possible impression. But while you are young, you must bide your time and learn everything that you will need to know to fulfill your ambitions. Then you should go far in life.

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Jupiter is a slower moving planet that stays in the same sign for about a year. Its sign has a direct personal effect on you only if Jupiter is close to opposition or conjunction with the Ascendant or Midheaven, or if it forms a conjunction, square or opposition aspect with one of the more personal planets, such as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury or Mars. Otherwise it affects you largely as part of the generation you belong to.

The house position of Jupiter tells about the areas of life in which you seek to grow and attain the most freedom. Jupiter increases the range of experience in the areas of your life that it affects and helps you grow beyond the limited world of your youth. The sign that Jupiter is in modifies your manner of growth and tells what methods you will use in trying to grow. Jupiter is closely connected to religious and spiritual concerns as well as to wisdom and higher kinds of knowledge.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Traditionally this has been considered the sign in which Jupiter is most at home, because the sign and the planet are very similar in nature. This placement indicates that very early in life you will develop strong ethical and moral principles, although they may be quite unorthodox. However, those who interpret your unorthodox beliefs as a lack of morality will be very mistaken indeed. In your own way you can be very self-righteous about what you believe is right, and you may even preach to people about it when your morals are challenged. Otherwise you are very tolerant, knowing that a variety of viewpoints and lifestyles is necessary and even desirable.

You have a strong desire to be free to experience life in your own way. Probably you resent any attempts by your parents to warn you away from doing certain things, even though you know that they mean well. You need to have a great deal of direct experience in as many different areas of life as possible. You don't want to be confined to one place or one way of living. When you settle down, it will be after trying out as many alternatives as possible.

A very idealistic person, you will develop a strong spiritual sense very early in life. You need to look up to something or someone, to know that there is something higher than yourself in the universe.

After a period in your youth of being very unconventional and free, however, you are likely to settle down and identify with the established order. Then you must remember how much you needed freedom when you were young, and grant it to those who follow after you.

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Jupiter in the Sixth House

This is a very useful placement, because it enables you to learn through working. You are able to put off getting something you want at the moment in favor of a goal that is more distant and usually more meaningful in the long run. By doing this, you grow in maturity and understanding. You will gain a great deal by giving to and working for others, which may not pay off immediately, but eventually it will bring you more than you can imagine.

You need to find work that is meaningful for you. Dull, repetitive and seemingly pointless tasks will turn you off very quickly, for you do not have as much patience as some people. But if you know that your duties are important, you will carry on with them until the very end.

As you get older, you will try to understand the world and people through work and service to others. You will be most attracted to fields that expose you to as many different kinds of people and situations as possible. You may work in a foreign country or with foreign people, or your work may concern travel and other countries. This placement can also signify working in some area of law, religion, medicine or philosophy.

Usually this placement means that you will have good health as long as you don't overindulge in anything, but you must develop disciplined health habits. Otherwise you could gain too much weight or have illnesses connected with overindulgence.

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Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect, you may discover that in order to grow and get ahead in life, you will have to put aside your own needs and do whatever the situation or other people require. At times you will go through tremendous and possibly painful creative changes in your life, in which everything that you are is replaced by a new order. Your environment may change radically, or you may lose all your old friends and find a whole set of new ones. During these times you will arrive at new understandings and realizations that make it impossible for your life to continue as before. You must always be open to new ideas and be willing to change your outlook on life.

Probably you will accomplish the most if you direct your energies to tasks that benefit others as well as yourself. It may be that much of your work will not benefit you directly, but in the long run you will gain from it. Even while you are young you need to make a useful contribution to society, and in doing this you will learn and grow as an individual. This is not merely a plea for you to be unselfish, but an assertion that you will achieve your own goals most quickly by doing work that helps others.

On the other hand, if you try to get what you want for yourself alone, especially at other people's expense, you will find it hard to get anywhere. Also you will have difficulty maintaining your friendships and other relationships. With this aspect, being selfish could have very negative results for your eventual happiness. Do not try to selfishly hold on to what you have. If you give of yourself freely, you will have more.

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Jupiter Square Midheaven

You have a lot of energy, and you want to accomplish something in life, but you will have to learn how to balance your own interests with the interests of other people in your life. If you do that, you can have good relations with others and achieve what you want as well. Sometimes this aspect indicates a selfish attitude, a feeling that you are the only one who counts in this world. If you carry this too far, you will find that everyone you meet works against you because you seem so selfish and arrogant or just because you come on too strong.

Sometimes this aspect means you have conflicts with authority figures, because they feel that you are trying to get above your proper place or that you are a threat to them. While you are young, you should avoid getting a reputation as a smart-aleck, because such people do not get many breaks from others, especially those above them.

You have a very strong belief in right and wrong, but you must learn to have more compassion for those who are on the wrong track. You are strongly tempted to preach to people who are in error, and you may do this at times. But then everyone will watch you to see what kinds of mistakes you make. If you can be more humble and realize that you do not have all the answers, you can convert the negative elements of this aspect to a very positive energy. Others will feel very good about you, knowing they can trust you to do whatever is right and necessary in a situation.

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Saturn represents the rules and limitations of your life, the things you cannot do and the places you cannot go. That may seem like a negative function, but it is extremely valuable, because no one has the resources or energies to do everything, even though your Mars and Jupiter energies may make you want to. Thus Saturn gives form to your life and a sense of discipline so that you can be more effective in the areas you concentrate on. Without this energy you would spread yourself too thin.

The effect of Saturn's placement in the signs is generational and therefore describes characteristics of whole groups of people. But Saturn's house position signifies the area of your life in which the limitations seem most severe or discipline is most called for. It also represents the area of your life where you can direct the most concentrated energies.

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Saturn in Leo

This placement indicates that you have an unusually strong feeling of isolation from others. You tend to remain alone and separate, especially if you think that the people around you are not as good as you. But you shouldn't cultivate this attitude, if only because it will make you feel very lonely, and you will lose any chance to really understand how other people work.

Sometimes you find it very difficult to express yourself, but you should be encouraged to do so as much as possible when it is appropriate. If you are allowed to follow your tendency to be extremely reserved, you will be further cut off from others.

The standards you set for yourself are probably very high, but you will adhere to them even if those around you do not. Your ideals of what is and is not worthwhile come largely from within yourself, and you feel that this should be the case with everyone. You are more of an individualist than most people your age, and if encouraged and given plenty of emotional support, you can become very self-reliant. But don't be too hard upon yourself as you grow up.

More than most young people, you need a strongly knit family. Your father is especially important, because you will look to him in particular for your standards of behavior. If he is not present, does not pay much attention to you, or does not set sufficiently high standards, you will have difficulty setting a course for yourself as you grow up.

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Saturn in the Third House

You try to think everything through very carefully. Not one to shoot off your mouth, you plan your speech quite carefully and work out your ideas in detail until they are complete.

When you are learning something new, the teaching has to be structured very carefully to make it understandable. It is not that you are at all slow witted, but ideas have to be orderly for you to understand them. Similarly, abstract ideas or those that have no obvious practical application hold little fascination for you. You ask each new idea what good it is.

When you are older, this trait will be very useful in business, but it can also cause trouble, unless you learn to be more flexible in your thinking. Often the best ideas and innovations are very loose and hazy at first, developing a firm structure later on. But unless you loosen up, you may not give such ideas much credit.

In general, you are likely to be very conservative in your thinking, or at least to hold on all your life to ideas and beliefs acquired in childhood. You may also be more serious than most people of your age, at least in your point of view. But when you are middle-aged, you may have to make some major readjustments in your thinking, because by then the world will have changed enough to force you to change your ideas.

This placement may indicate that you have difficulty in getting along with your brothers or sisters, if you have any.

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Saturn Sextile Uranus

This aspect signifies that you are able to pursue a task with persistence and endurance, even when conditions get really tough. Your approach to life is disciplined, and you have no desire to upset the apple cart with impulsive behavior or sudden moves. Yet you don't simply accept your life as it is; you recognize the need to make changes and grow, and you are willing to work hard to do it. Idealism and practicality are well balanced in your mind. You recognize the limits of freedom, but you are willing to exploit your freedom to the full within those limits.

You can learn subjects that are difficult if you feel that they provide a tool with which to master life. You are less attracted to very abstract subjects that have no obvious purpose. But difficult techniques intrigue you because they give you a chance to demonstrate your ability to persevere with precise, demanding work.

As you get older, you may be in the position of having to teach others. A teacher has to be able to revolutionize people's minds in a disciplined manner, and that is exactly what this Sextile signifies.

There will be some difficult times in your life, as in everyone else's, but you will come through better than most, because this aspect signifies unusual toughness and durability. However, this could be a problem at times, because you may persist in something long after you should have gotten out. Persistence may become a point of pride, or you may just not realize how difficult the situation has gotten. Do not overstrain yourself.

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Uranus is a planet of freedom and unconventionality. It represents the aspects of your life that cannot be fitted into the rigid patterns of Saturn, perhaps areas of your personality or behavior that are unpredictable or areas of life in which you refuse to follow the rules that others have set up. Or Uranus can be expressed outside of yourself, in the environment, as circumstances that challenge you and occasionally upset you because you had not planned for them.

The house that Uranus is in designates the area of your life in which you need the greatest freedom, or where you are most likely to experience sudden surprises, either pleasant or unpleasant. If circumstances in some part of your life continually upset you because of the energy of Uranus, you need to examine that area of your life and think about your need for freedom there, and you need to do things in your own way.

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Uranus in Gemini

This position lasted from August 1941 to June 1949. Children born during those years can be expected to have very unusual ideas and be interested in new methods of communicating. They would be strongly inclined to think in abstractions, so it might be hard to get them to deal with the practical necessities of life. Nevertheless, this placement can indicate considerable cleverness and innovative ability and possibly good understanding of the design of machines and electronic apparatus. Such people would be strongly attracted to revolutionary ideas and new approaches to life.

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Uranus in the Twelfth House

You tend to suppress your feelings of individuality in favor of living up to others' expectations. However, you must learn to be yourself as well, because secretly you resent holding yourself back. Part of you wants to be free and different, to live an exciting and unusual life, However, because of certain experiences when you were very young, you are afraid to go out on your own. It is important for you to realize that the only things holding you back are your own fears and reluctance. No one else is stopping you.

When you are alone in your own world of your imagination, or when you go off someplace to be alone, you live out your inner desires to be free and daring. As you get older, you may become interested in very unusual studies that you do entirely on your own with no one else knowing about them. You may become interested in the occult or in studying the inner workings of nature or the human mind. But you probably won't discuss this with anyone except people whom you trust completely.

Some persons with this placement suppress the drive to be a unique and different individual so much that the energy comes out only in compulsive behavior and sudden actions that don't make sense to anyone. If you have this problem, you must learn to get in touch with the part of yourself that yearns to be free. You may be afraid of some aspect of your personality, usually because you are afraid that others would disapprove if they knew you were really like that inside. Don't be afraid to express this side of yourself; it isn't that bad.

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Uranus Conjunct Ascendant

You are an unconventional person, and your relationships with others will be unconventional as well. A free spirit, you do not like anyone to make claims on you. Persons with this aspect are often regarded as rebels, but for some the rebellion is rather quiet, expressed simply as eccentricity. However, whichever group of people you belong to, your differentness in itself will challenge people's ideas and preconceptions about the world.

You are quite restless and do not like staying put for any length of time, which can cause some problems in school, for example, where you are supposed to sit still. Also, to keep things stirred up, you may enjoy playing practical jokes upon people. By and large, you are easily bored, and you want to be as active as possible.

Sometimes people with this aspect are quite high strung and nervous. If that is the case, it is very important to look for opportunities to be quiet and at rest now and then. You cannot always be on the go, even though you may feel compelled to do so.

You are original and creative in many ways because you can see things in a different light from other people. But unless you learn to stick to your work and complete the tasks you have started, you will not be able to take advantage of your creative ability. Do not scatter your energies.

Later in life you may gravitate to one of the offbeat subcultures that exist in the world today. However, even there you may not be entirely at peace, because the pressure to conform can be as great in such groups as anywhere else.

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While you are young, Neptune can be a very difficult energy to deal with, but it can also be the source of much beauty and fascination. Neptune, like Uranus, does not follow the established rules, but instead of breaking them by sudden upsets, it makes the rules unclear and vague. Neptune can often be a planet of confusion and mystery.

As Neptune goes through each sign, it denotes the area of life that the generation born then will challenge and alter in subtle ways when it grows up. For example, the whole nature of male-female relationships was changed by the generation born with Neptune in Libra.

The house placement of Neptune indicates areas of your life that you idealize, fantasize or, at worst, are confused about. In these areas also you may have to serve others in some way or give up what you want in order to learn more about life. In its highest expression, the energy of Neptune puts you in touch with the meaning of existence, and for this reason it should be mastered as much as possible.

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Neptune in Libra

This placement lasted from 1942 to 1957. This is the age group of the hippies and various countercultures. One of the main features of this generation is their interest in new kinds of relationships and the general weakening of marriage. They idealize individual relationships, but the individual's commitment to the relationship is less strong. More recently, this group has been at the forefront of the spiritual revival, which has created new kinds of social groupings, such as communes and spiritual communities.

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Neptune in the Fifth House

You like to express yourself through your imagination by playing with beautiful fantasies and dreams. This position can be a sign of great creativity in writing or art, if you can discipline yourself to master the skills involved. As an adult you may become concerned with the entertainment media, such as the theater or television, or you may have some ability as an actor.

However, this placement can signify some problems in relationships. You may see in others what you want to see rather than what they really are. As you get older this will be especially troublesome in love relationships. With your romantic imagination, you tend to imagine your lovers as romantic figures whom you might encounter in fairy tales. Or you might cast yourself in the role of someone who rescues people in trouble and takes care of them. When you are older, you may take in severely troubled or disturbed people and care for them as loved ones.

In its highest expression, this position means that you derive pleasure from helping others. But you have to learn to distinguish between those who are worth helping and those who are not. While you are young you may be very indiscriminating, so that you are continually disappointed in the people you try to help.

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Pluto is the planet of transformation and the powers that cause transformation. Its placement in your chart describes how you approach the changes that must occur in your life as you grow and develop. It also indicates your ability to use and handle power as it comes to you. This is not likely to be a large issue while you are young, but it will become important later on in life. The house placement of Pluto suggests the areas of your life that will be the sources of greatest change and most intense development. Pluto can also indicate using power or someone else using power to influence you.

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Pluto in Leo

This placement lasted from 1937 to 1958. These are the children who grew up to form the counterculture, with its ambiguities about the individual's relationship to the larger group. On one hand, these people have worked in large groups to create formidable mass movements. But at the same time many of them have returned to an earlier idea of the self-sufficient individual living off the land. They have tried to become independent of the centralized machinery of society by generating their own power, growing their own food and so forth.

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Pluto in the Third House

When you become interested in something, you try to get as deeply involved as possible. You want to understand its workings at a very profound level and from every point of view. You even try to get inside people's minds to understand how they work. Even while young, you are a better student of human nature than many adults.

You form opinions about what you study only after long and profound thought. Those who disagree with you will find it very hard to change your mind because you analyze ideas so thoroughly before arriving at an opinion. Also you are very resistant to pressure to change your mind, because you feel that you must form your opinions in your own way. You are a born investigator.

You are quite good at getting others to agree with you, as long as you do not try to force them. You often try very hard to make people agree with you, but if you put too much energy into it you will scare them off, and instead of agreeing, they will resist you. But if you state your point of view without trying to convince anyone, others will agree with you quite readily. People with this position make good teachers, because teachers shape others' beliefs.

On another level this placement can indicate an intense relationship with a brother or sister. If such a relationship is bad it will be very bad, or if it is good it will be very good. Either way the relationship will be important.

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Astrological Data used for Youth Horoscope
for Hillary Clinton (female)
born on 26 October 1947 local time: 8:00 pm
in Chicago, IL (US) U.T.: 02+00
87w39, 41n51 sid. time: 22:27:46

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Scorpio 2°48'23 in house 5 direct
Moon Pisces 29°11'38 in house 10 direct
Mercury Scorpio 21°19'15 in house 6 retrograde
Venus Scorpio 16°51'05 in house 5 direct
Mars Leo 14°15'54 in house 3 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 0°36'58 in house 6 direct
Saturn Leo 21°20'36 in house 3 direct
Uranus Gemini 25°55'07 in house 12 retrograde
Neptune Libra 11°22'07 in house 5 direct
Pluto Leo 14°51'15 in house 3 direct
True Node Taurus 23°32'22 in house 12 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Gemini 29°49'09
2nd House Cancer 19°30'08
3rd House Leo 10°02'40
Imum Coeli Virgo 5°06'38
5th House Libra 8°40'47
6th House Scorpio 20°35'52
Descendant Sagittarius 29°49'09
8th House Capricorn 19°30'08
9th House Aquarius 10°02'40
Medium Coeli Pisces 5°06'38
11th House Aries 8°40'47
12th House Taurus 20°35'52

Major aspects
Sun Trine Uranus 6°53
Sun Trine Ascendant 2°59
Sun Trine Medium Coeli 2°18
Moon Trine Mercury 7°52
Moon Trine Jupiter 1°25
Moon Square Uranus 3°17
Moon Square Ascendant 0°38
Mercury Conjunction Venus 4°28
Mercury Square Saturn 0°01
Venus Square Mars 2°35
Venus Square Saturn 4°30
Venus Square Pluto 2°00
Mars Sextile Neptune 2°54
Mars Conjunction Pluto 0°35
Jupiter Quincunx Ascendant 0°48
Jupiter Square Medium Coeli 4°30
Saturn Sextile Uranus 4°35
Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 3°54
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°29
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).